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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1728: Xiaguang Island Read Novel

Chapter 1728: Xiaguang Island – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1728: Xiaguang Island

Rejuvenating the sect is a major event. It may take decades and hundreds of years of dedication and effort. However, the top priority is that those sect families feel that they should have a good relationship with the High Heavenzong and the Shadow Moon Palace. The two horses are looking ahead.

In this catastrophe, High Heavenzong and Shadowmoon Palace quickly accumulated prestige far surpassing that of the Battle of Heaven Alliance, Leitaizong and Xingdishan, and the two forces have become the most powerful forces in Understar. representative.

It can be said that this catastrophe of the corpse spirit religion has achieved the rapid rise of the High Heaven Sect and the Shadow Moon Palace in a disguised form!

In front of the Cape Mountain Range, a light flashed, and Qian Tong and Yang Kai appeared side by side.

Qian Tong looked at Yang Kai sideways, almost speechless in shock.

He is now a strong Void King Realm, a line higher than Yang Kai’s cultivation realm, but he still hasn’t figured out how Yang Kai brought himself here.

This is definitely not a pure space secret technique!

After thinking about it, Qian Tong suddenly came up with a shocking speculation in his mind: “You refined the origin of the dark star and became the star master?”

The Lord can bring himself here from Cape Town in an instant without being noticed by himself, and then think of the subtle changes in the world that he felt some time ago, Qian Tong is almost certain that his guess is correct.

“Hehe, Elder Qian has good eyesight, I have indeed refined the origin of the Dark Star.” Yang Kai did not deny that this kind of thing can’t be concealed anyway, and Qian Tong is not an outsider.

Qian Tong lost his mind, and immediately sighed with a weird expression: “Unexpectedly, you actually walked in front of the old man, young and awesome!”

He was a little happy for Yang Kai, and a little bit The look of a blow.

“It’s just luck.” Yang Kai naturally won’t be complacent, he can refine the origin of the stars, it is entirely Yang Yan’s credit, otherwise, with his own ability, at least he will have to cultivate to the Xu Wangsan You can try every level. The source of the Dark Star has been imprisoned in the Sea of ​​Knowledge for tens of thousands of years by Yang Yan, and has long been unwilling to be lonely. With Yang Kai’s acceptance, he was naturally refined by Yang Kai very obediently.

This is indeed luck.

“In this case, the old man doesn’t need to do it anymore. It’s up to you next.” Qian Tong laughed and quickly returned to normal. He did not envy or jealous because of this, but took the initiative to go. Take a step back and wait and see quietly.

Yang Kai didn’t talk nonsense, his divine mind expanded, and he scanned every part of the Cape Mountain Range in front of him. After noticing that only the corpse spirits existed inside, he suddenly raised his hands and held up the sky. The trend slowly rises.

Along with his movements, the entire Cape Mountain Range vibrated, and a violent sound came from the inside of the mountain range, humming like a battle drum banging underground, and the sound spread to every part of the Cape Mountain Range. corner.

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Visibly with the naked eye, the entire mountain range that stretches for hundreds of thousands of miles has risen up a bit at a subtle speed.

Qian Tong took a deep breath, full of longing and longing in his heart.

This is the majesty of the star master. With a single thought, you can move through the vicissitudes of life, move mountains and add seas.

Moreover, this is the way Yang Kai did not want to destroy this mountain range, otherwise He can completely smooth this mountain range directly.

This method, even if he tried his best, could not do it.

The abnormality of the Cape Mountain Range obviously alarmed the corpse spirits hiding in it. Countless corpse spirit tribes flew out to investigate the situation, but soon, they were shocked to discover that the entire cape The mountains are imprisoned by an invisible force, they can’t fly in the air, nor can they escape from this hiding place.

The place where I used to hide and survive is now a prison.

The corpse spirit tribe yelled and screamed, in a panic, without knowing what happened.

Within ten breaths of effort before and after, the Cape Mountain Range rose by a mile, and Yang Kai breathed out gently, and slammed down the palm that was dragged upward.


The mountain range of hundreds of thousands of miles, fell again.

There was a violent shaking of the earth, and bursts of blasting sound came from the mountains densely. At this moment, the aura of heaven and earth seemed to turn into a killing blade, where the corpse spirit race raged.


One after another, the corpse spirits exploded into powder in the sound, and disappeared.

After the sound subsided, Yang Kai released his divine consciousness again. There were no traces of the corpse spirits in the Cape Mountain Range. The thousands of corpse spirits who fled here were all strangled without exception.

Qian Tong was stunned. After a long time, he exhaled: “This catastrophe, let’s end here.”

“After killing the leader of the corpse spirit, you can completely Peace of mind.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

“This matter is a lot of trouble for you, the old man is pleased, after you kill him, the old man will tell you this matter again, don’t worry for the time being.”

Qian Tong obviously has He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t want to say it now, naturally Yang Kai wouldn’t force it.

The two separated quickly. Qian Tong returned to the Shadow Moon Palace to take charge of the reconstruction of his own sect, while Yang Kai went straight to the Sea of ​​Worry. He wanted to find the Chongdi this time. Let him disappear completely in this world.

When he was searching for the corpse spirit family before, he had also noticed the aura of the insect emperor, but unfortunately he could not find it.

So he directly set his goal on the worry-free sea, and he believed that his judgment was not wrong.

The Dark Star is very large. Since the forces on the sea and the forces on the land are two different systems, each other’s warriors seldom interfere with each other’s life, so this time although the corpse spirit is taught in the dark star There was a fierce disturbance in the belly, and the major sects suffered heavy losses, but the power of the deep sea was basically not affected.

It is precisely for this reason that the people of the corpse spirit tribe want to escape into the worry-free sea and avoid the chasing and killing of the major sects.

It is not the first time that Yang Kai has come to Wuyouhai. When he came out of the Imperial Garden last time, he accidentally passed by here, but at that time he was eager to return to the sect. The Wuyouhai that he saw was nothing but an iceberg. A corner does not mean anything.

On this trip, he deliberately searched for the whereabouts of the Emperor Chongdi, walked along the road, and experienced a different human and local customs from the land.

The power of the deep sea is definitely not to be underestimated. Many islands have a powerful three-layered state of returning to the Void.

But now he has become the lord of the Gloom Star, on land and on the sea there is no difference for him, and he can easily dominate everything on the Gloom Star.

Xiaguang Island, belonging to the largest sect in the deep sea, Haidian.

The sea hall is famous in the deep sea. The residents of the deep sea may not know the High Heavenzong or Xingdi Mountain, but they will never have heard of the sea hall.

The years of inheritance of this power are definitely not shorter than those of the Battle of Heaven Alliance and Lei Taizong. The accumulation of countless years and the abundance of maritime resources have made the power of Haidian more and more powerful, almost occupying the entire Half the field of the deep sea.

In the deep ocean, the sea hall is definitely a giant.

If it weren’t for the fact that most of the techniques they practice were water-based ice systems, they would have to discount their strength on the land. I’m afraid that the Dark Star would not have had anything to do with the Celestial Alliance and Lei Taizong. The sea hall is enough to dominate the entire Gloom Star.

However, due to various constraints, the sea hall can only show off in the deep sea, and cannot extend its minions to the land.

On this day, Yang Kai came to Xiaguang Island, which covers an area of ​​about a thousand miles.

Even in the deep sea, this island is not small. Among the islands under the name of the sea hall, it can occupy the top ten positions. The islands are rich in materials and seafood. Bringing a lot of training materials to the sea hall is the sea hall and an island that it values.

Yang Kai turned into a streamer, and when he landed on this island, he was immediately noticed by the Haidian disciples.

The warriors on the land and the warriors on the sea have some obvious differences in their clothes and skin color. Therefore, as soon as Yang Kaiyou fell, he was surrounded by a team of Haidian disciples who were responsible for patrolling the island and maintaining law and order. Living.

Xiaguang Island is not a place for people to enter and exit. Anyone who wants to enter must enter from a specific location, find out their identity, and pay a certain amount of sacred crystals before they can be released.

A big thorn like Yang Kai fell from the air, it is undoubtedly a provocation to Haidian.

Therefore, each of the Haidian disciples looked bad, although they noticed that Yang Kai was very powerful, they did not have much fear.

Yang Kai didn’t mean to deal with them, but took a step forward. After one foot, the person was gone.

“Where is the kid?” Among the martial artists of this team, the person with the highest strength exclaimed and looked around, but couldn’t find Yang Kai’s trace at all.

The other people also looked at each other, a little bit creepy.

The opponent disappeared bizarrely without knowing it. This shows that if they want, they can take their lives without knowing it.

Until then, this team of Haidian disciples was a little afraid.

“Disperse, look for the trail of that guy, I will report to the island owner!” The headed warrior’s expression changed a few times, and he immediately made a decision.

Suddenly there is such a strong man on Xiaguang Island. No matter what the other party is doing, he must speak to the island owner.

The crowd suddenly agreed, and immediately dispersed.

In front of a remote seaside wooden house on the island, Yang Kai leisurely appeared, looked up, and smiled slightly.

The scenery here is good, facing the sea and backing to Xiaguang Island. At this time, when the sun sets, the afterglow of the sun will illuminate Xiaguang Island. It is indeed a good place to recuperate.

Several low-strength warriors were on guard outside the wooden house. When they saw Yang Kai appearing, they were stunned for a while, and immediately seemed to have received some instructions. Out of his own secret treasure, he rushed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai frowned, realizing that their situation was different, and did not rush to kill them, but stretched out his hand and held it in the void.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth voluntarily turns into a firm rope, which binds these weak warriors so that they cannot move.

Several warriors suddenly looked earthy, looking at Yang Kai in horror.

’Since I have come, you can’t hide, why don’t you show up openly, it doesn’t make sense to hide your head and show your tail?” Yang Kai yelled in the direction of the wooden house, standing still with his hands on his back. Waiting quietly.

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