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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1730: Deep Sea Supplies Read Novel

Chapter 1730: Deep Sea Supplies – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1730: Deep Sea Supplies

The few warriors who were not high in strength were originally controlled by the insect emperor with the Poisonous Evil Gu. After Yang Kai came here, he didn’t intend to hurt them, but just kept them in place.

Accompanied by Yang Kai’s movements at this moment, all of these people trembled, their faces twisted, as if they were suffering from huge pain. Two of them had already spit and fell down, but they were not life-threatening.

Pang Zhen looked on coldly, not as rashly as before.

Suddenly, with a squeaky movement, a few streams of light suddenly shot out of the minds of these warriors.

Yang Kai grabbed it, then spread his hands and gestured to Pang Zhen.

A few weird shapes, only the size of a fingernail, showing black and red worms constantly struggling and resisting, but they could not escape Yang Kai’s control.

Pang Zhen stared for a long time before he swallowed his saliva: “This is the Ten Thousand Toxic Evil Gu?”

He had never seen these insects before, but he learned from them. He felt a trace of wildness, as if these insects were from a very old age, giving him a sense of danger.

“Yes, if you are planted with ten thousand poisonous evil Gu, you will be controlled by the Gu master.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

“Can I take a look?” Pang Zhen saw that Lie was happy, and he was willing to take a poisonous evil gu to study and research. Although this thing is dangerous, if the research is thorough, if you understand it, you can drive it. Law, that is tantamount to one more secret technique.

Yang Kai looked at him with a non-smiling smile: “If Island Master Pang is not afraid of being drilled into the Sea of ​​Knowledge, these can be given to you.”

Pang Zhen paled and hesitated. After a long time, he shook his head cruelly and said: “Forget it, Pang Mou admits that he is not strong enough, Sect Master Yang handles these things by himself.”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, his wrist shook, and a few fighting poisons. Evil Gu was turned into a fan.

It was indeed a misunderstanding to figure out what happened before. Not only did Yang Kai not kill innocent people on Xiaguang Island, but also helped him solve a huge problem. Pang Zhen’s attitude towards Yang Kai was immediately much more enthusiastic.

Perhaps, what he is more afraid of is Yang Kai’s strength.

To be able to lift him out with gestures, no one in the entire Wuyouhai has this ability.

Pang Zhen strongly invited Yang Kai to sit in his residence.

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Yang Kai also deliberately communicated with him.

Pang Zhen is the owner of Xiaguang Island. The mansion occupies the best piece of spiritual land on Xiaguang Island, and the building is extremely majestic.

Entering the mansion, Pang Zhen immediately ordered the people to offer delicacies, delicious Yuqiong wine, and more than a dozen young girls wearing tulle and looming graceful bodies sang and danced in Guan Xuan’s vocal music.

A group of imaginary mirror masters on the island accompanied.

The atmosphere is very lively.

As for the changes that have occurred in the inland in recent years, Haidian has also heard a lot, but because it has not spread to the deep sea, Haidian is not too clear about the details.

The reason why Pang Zhen enthusiastically invited Yang Kai was because he was optimistic about Yang Kai’s strength, and on the other hand, he also deliberately explored the current situation in the interior.

Yang Kai certainly has nothing to hide.

When they learned that the Zombie Sect had been uprooted, everyone in the sea hall kept exclaiming, and when they learned that Qian Tongguo was really a powerful person in the Void King Realm, the faces of Pang Zhen and others appeared. There was a deep worry.

The Dark Star has not appeared in the Void King Realm for tens of thousands of years. This is just a realm that has been passed down from generation to generation but no one can reach. Pang Zhen and others do not know how powerful the Void King Realm can be, but This does not prevent them from having their own sense of worry.

They are afraid that Qian Tong will be ambitious and extend their magic claws into the deep sea.

Although the power of the Sea Palace in the deep sea is intertwined and extremely large, they still have no idea whether they can resist a Void King Realm.

Yang Kai knows what they are worried about, naturally knowing what they are worried about, and at the same time he is funny, he doesn’t break it.

Not to mention whether Qian Tong has this mindset, even if he really has this mindset, he may not be able to conquer the deep sea alone, and the Shadow Moon Palace does not have such a great ability.

Pang Zhen and others are a little bit unreasonable.

“Pang Island Master, Yang has something to ask, but I don’t know if Pang Island Master can accept it.” After drinking three rounds, Yang Kai suddenly said.

’Sect Master Yang, please speak.” Pang Zhen quickly raised his head and looked over.

“I would like to meet some of your sea hall masters.” Yang Kai smiled and said, taking a sip of wine.

Pang Zhen was stunned: “I don’t know what’s the matter with Sect Master Yang?”

Although with Yang Kai’s identity and status, he is already qualified to see the Hallmasters of Haidian, but Pang Zhen still has to ask about it.

The others also looked at Yang Kai curiously.

“Good thing.” Yang Kai laughed unpredictably, “This suzerain wants to open up the exchange of materials between the deep sea and the inland. You know, the island master, the deep sea and the inland are different because of the different environments. Each has its own specialties. The cultivation materials that can be easily found in the deep sea may be extremely precious in the inland. On the contrary, the things that can be easily found in the inland may also be precious in the deep sea. If we can communicate with each other, it will be of great benefit to the disciples of our respective forces!”

This is exactly why Yang Kai wants to stay, otherwise he would have left here a long time after he killed the insect emperor, so how could he waste time?

Ling Xiaozong is no more than before. In the past, there were only a few hundred people, and it was easy to feed. A random batch of materials was enough for those people to practice, but now, Yang Kai brings nearly 10,000 people from Tongxuan Continent, and he needs unimaginable materials to supply every month. Even if the High Heavenzong has accumulated a bit, it can’t help but consume for several years.

It’s like this situation, just after a battle with the corpse spirits, the entire inland is withered, and the vitality of the major sects is greatly injured. Cultivation materials are something that is extremely scarce.

Yang Kai has taken a fancy to the difference between deep-sea and inland assets. If this can be achieved, it will not only relieve temporary worries, there is no need to worry about not having cultivation materials in the future. You can quickly accumulate a lot of wealth by just reselling from the middle.

Although he is now the master of the dark star, he can travel anywhere at will, and even force Haidian to surrender, but Yang Kai didn’t want to do this.

He went to war with the army, he would rather let the inland and the deep sea exchange what is necessary for mutual benefit.

Standing on the Lord of the Dark Star At this height, he sometimes needs to consider the entire Gloom Star.

Pang Zhen listened to his proposal, and his eyes lit up, but he frowned quickly: ’Sect Master Yang is not the first person who wants to do this. Someone in my Haidian has also raised this matter. However, the transportation of some special materials is difficult and the communication is inconvenient, so this matter will not stop. Now although there are some trade exchanges between the deep sea and the inland, it is only limited to a few cities on the seaside.”

Seeing his demeanor, Yang Kai knew that the people in the Sea Palace were not interested in the inland materials, but were too troublesome and took too long, otherwise it would not be Yang Kai’s turn to consider this matter.

The most important thing is that they do not have a fixed trading partner. With the huge power of the sea hall, there are only a few sects in the interior that are qualified to sit on an equal footing with them. Other powers can only look up. The forces didn’t mean to trade with the sea hall, and the sea hall itself was also difficult to sing.

Yang Kai smiled and said: “If I can solve these troubles?”

Pang Zhen’s expression was shaken: ’Sect Master Yang can really do this?”

Yang He nodded sternly, with a serious expression.

Pang Zhen laughed and said: “If Sect Master Yang can do this, then this matter can be discussed! But I can’t do this to the Lord, I can only report to a few hall masters and let them make decisions.”

“The great name of the sea hall, Yang Mou, has also heard for a long time, and several hall masters are wise and martial arts, and they must not refuse such a good thing.” Yang Kai laughed.

Pang Zhen was in a good mood and toasted: “Then I wish this matter a successful conclusion, I am afraid that Pang will also ask Sect Master Yang to take care of me by then.”

If this matter really happens. Now, that Pang Zhen will undoubtedly take the lead, which is harmless to him. Maybe he can take this opportunity to improve his position in the sea hall, so his attitude towards Yang Kai has become more and more friendly. Treat him only as a guest of honor.

In the middle of the night, the banquet was withdrawn, and Yang Kai was arranged to rest in a luxurious wing, where a few beautiful young girls waited on their backs.

Yang Kai sent them out, and the young girls looked resentful like deep-seated wives, and Yang Kai was very embarrassed.

Yang Kai thought that the matter he had proposed was of great benefit to Haidian. Haidian should be very enthusiastic, but what he didn’t expect was that he waited for three days on Xiaguang Island. And did not see any Haidian Palace Master come to discuss with him.

This makes him a little baffling.

According to the truth, although the sea hall is huge, there are space formations between the islands. If the sea hall main hall really pays enough attention, it can be rushed to Xiaguang Island in half a day.

The delay for three days can only show that the other party does not trust their own abilities, or that they are not enthusiastic about this matter.

Yang Kai is not in a hurry. Now that the hidden dangers of the corpse spirit religion are eliminated, Ling Xiaozong has no major issues for him to make decisions. With Ye Xiyun sitting in town, it is the same whether he will go back.

With this opportunity, he carefully savored the changes after becoming the star owner.

As the Lord of the Dark Star, he can of course go anywhere at will. As long as his divine consciousness and sacred origin are enough, he can span millions or even tens of millions of miles in an instant, but if he really does this, The load on itself is also relatively large.

It’s tens of thousands of miles in an instant, and it’s still not difficult for him.

This is just a trivial convenience after becoming a star owner.

The biggest advantage is of course to practice on the dark star. The aura of heaven and earth burrows into the body fiercely and uncontrollably, so that his cultivation speed can be increased by dozens or hundreds of times than before. This is something no one can do. Arrived.

While in battle, he can easily mobilize the heaven and earth aura of the Dark Star, and kill all enemies effortlessly. This has been verified before.

But there is one thing that Yang Kai cares very much about, that is, he vaguely perceives that the Gloom Star has an invisible power enveloped. This power has the characteristics of imprisonment and seal, like a barrier, blocking it. The exploration and comprehension of warriors on higher and deeper levels of warriors on the dark star.

It is precisely because of the existence of this barrier that the Void King Realm has not been born on the Gloom Star for tens of thousands of years!

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