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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1733: Ghost Island Read Novel

Chapter 1733: Ghost Island – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1733: Ghost Island

Yang Kai suddenly got up, and his figure shook, he came directly from Xiaguang Island to the sea area where the accident occurred. The whole person was suspended in mid-air quietly, his brows furrowed, and his mind turned frantically To spread, I want to find out the real reason for the disappearance of those creatures.

Such a strange appearance appeared in this sea area, which made him puzzled and shocked as the Lord of the Dark Star.

He stood quietly in the air, without letting go of any details, but still couldn’t find any clues.

The surrounding world is filled with a creepy and mysterious atmosphere.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai’s face suddenly changed slightly and he turned his head and looked in one direction.

Over there, an island shrouded in shadows appeared strangely. The island was hazy, like the moon in the water and the flowers in the mist, making people unable to see clearly, no matter how Yang Kai condensed his spiritual thoughts, And can’t grasp its traces.

It doesn’t seem to be real, it’s close and far away, but it’s filled with an inexplicable breath.

A black lacquered hole cracked from behind Yang Kai, and there was no sound. By the time Yang Kai noticed it, it was already too late. The black lacquered hole was like an open mouth of a beast. Swallowed Yang Kai in one bite.

then disappeared.

The strong wind blows, and there are layers of waves on the sea. Within a radius of tens of thousands of miles, there is no breath of life.

The place where Yang Kai reappeared was a sandy beach, with most of the dampness and smell of the sea on the coast. I haven’t figured out what happened, so I heard it in my ears. The voices coming to kill, some of them made him feel familiar.

Looking at those voices, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that a large part of the strong human race and sea race who had disappeared in his induction before were on this beach.

Pang Zhen, Shang Ao and Qianmo are among them.

But their situation is very bad, they are being besieged by a group of warriors of unknown origin.

Although Haidian and Haishengong don’t deal with each other very well, and friction occurs every year, at least they know the bottom line. Now they suddenly find themselves in this place, naturally abandon their previous suspicions and fight together.

There are not many people besieging them, only about 30 or 40.

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But that’s it, the powerhouses of Sea Temple and Sea God Palace are still retreating steadily! If it weren’t for those of unknown origin who didn’t intend to kill them all, Pang Zhen, Shang Ao and others were afraid that they would suffer heavy losses.

Yang Kai looked strange, and found that these people did not show any signs of using Saint Yuan when they were fighting. Instead, they were all fighting the enemy with their own physical power.

This is not only the case for warriors of unknown origin, but also for Pang Zhen and Shang Ao.

Shangao people are tall and madam. As a member of the Sea Clan, their physical qualities are very strong, so even if they are besieged by four or five enemies, they can barely cope with them, and they won’t lose quickly.

Pang Zhen is not good enough. In terms of combat effectiveness, he and Shang Ao are actually not much different. However, when Sheng Yuan cannot be used, his combat effectiveness plummets, and he is stretched out for a while and complains. Not overlapping.

The same is true for other human warriors. They don’t have the natural advantage of the Sea Race’s physical strength. Not only are they inferior to the Sea Race men, but even women like Qianmo can’t compare.

Yang Kai thoughtfully, tried to run the Saint Yuan, and suddenly found that the Saint Yuan in his body did not move at all. This strange place had the power to imprison the Saint Yuan!

This discovery surprised him.

He tried to use his spiritual thoughts, and found that his spiritual thoughts could only extend a distance of fifty feet outside his body.

What the hell is this place? Why are there such strong restrictions on Shengyuan and Divine Mind? Yang Kai was puzzled.

Seeing that Yang Kai was young, two guys nearby came over while grinning.

Yang Kai hadn’t figured out the situation here yet, and didn’t want to be too eye-catching, so while dealing with these two people, he secretly looked around.

Only comparing the power of the physical body, Yang Kai can be said to be the top existence. The life jelly brought out from the Imperial Garden is not taken for nothing. There are also a lot of gold blood in his body. The cultivated indestructible Five Elements Sword, it can be said that if he only fights his physical strength, he can put him right against the strong of the Void King Realm, and he is not afraid of it!

He can now be sure that this is not the Gloom Star, or that it is out of the control of the Gloom Star.

Because even the connection between him and the dark star has been cut off, it is impossible to use the various conveniences of the star master to act. This is definitely an independent, enclosed space!

The battle is in full swing. The two sides are fighting each other. The warriors of the human race or the sea race are constantly captured, tied and twisted to the side. However, Shang Ao and others are still fighting hard, but they have injured a lot. enemy.

A long and skeletal man has been standing by and watching. Seeing that his subordinates have been unable to solve the battle for so long, he suddenly couldn’t sit still, and he gave a grinning grin: “As soon as I enter the ghost island, Heaven and human are separated. You still don’t want to resist, and follow this seat to see Lord Island Master. As long as you are obedient, Lord Island Lord will not embarrass you.”

“Ghost Island? “Pang Zhen, Shang Ao and Qianmo exclaimed at the same time, and everyone’s faces became extremely pale.

Even Yang Kai was shocked.

This is actually Ghost Island? He? I can’t believe it.

The name of the ghost island, he has heard about it. There were three forbidden areas on the dark star, one is Liuyan Sand, the other is the Imperial Garden, and the third is the ghost island.

Needless to say, Liuyan Sandland was originally opened once in hundreds of years, allowing young generations of warriors from all major forces to enter the place to experience it. Normally, it is impossible to enter.

The Imperial Garden is also a tripod The place where the name is, it is the villa of the Star Emperor. It is well-known. When it was opened last time, there was a gathering of heroes in the star field, and many people benefited from it.

And Ghost Island and the first two The first two are different. The first two are places where you can experience and gain benefits, but Ghost Island is a deadly place!

It is rumored that Ghost Island exists in the worry-free sea, but no one has actually seen it before. Those who have seen it have disappeared and have never returned, as if the world has evaporated.

Many ghost star warriors doubt whether the ghost island really exists, because no one can take it. Provide evidence to prove this.

The ghost island only exists in legends.

But now that this slender man actually says this is Ghost Island, how come Pang Zhen, Shangao and others are not shocked? They are all creatures that have lived in the deep sea for a long time, and they are familiar with the various legends of the deep sea. When they hear the three words Ghost Island, all of them turn pale.

If this is really Ghost Island, it means that the legend is also true, which means that they will never be able to return to the Wuyou Sea anymore. They can only die in this inability to use the holy yuan for their entire lives, and their spiritual thoughts will also be affected. Infinitely suppressed ghost place!

Follow the orders of an island owner from unknown origin. This is something that no strong man can tolerate.

“Yes, this is Ghost Island!” The slender man was very satisfied with the reaction of everyone. When he was in trouble here that year, when he heard the news, he also had the same reaction. Counting time, I can’t remember how long it has been.

Shang Ao and Pang Zhen looked at each other, and yelled at the same time: “A ghost believes you!”

“Huh, stubborn!” The slender man snorted coldly, and didn’t want to waste anymore. Time, one step forward, an eye-catching aura permeated the whole person’s body.

He swept out at will, and several human and sea clan powerhouses blocking the road ahead were beaten to dust by him, without the slightest resistance.

He didn’t use Saint Yuan, only his arrogant physical power!

Shang Ao’s eyes shrank, and a solemn expression appeared on his face. He also saw the strength of this slender man, and an incredible force burst out of that thin body.

The slender man only took a few steps before he came to Shang Ao.

He wanted to kill the chickens and the monkeys. Naturally, he wanted to start with Shang Ao. After all, Shang Ao was the most powerful in this group of people.

I didn’t see any special movements from him either, but simply slammed a punch and slammed it on the door of Shang Ao’s face, but his fist blasted the air and buzzed.

Shang Ao roared low, his burly body fixed in place like wooden stakes, clenching his fists with both hands, crossed in front of him to resist.


The slender man’s fists hit Shang Ao’s two arms, and the sound of broken bones rang out, and Shang Ao’s burly body flew far away like a broken paper kite. Fell to the ground.

When he stood up forcibly, his eyes and nose were full of blood, which looked terrifying. He swayed and fell on his back.

The crowd was in an uproar, and they all showed horror on their faces.

The human and sea powers who were still rebelling stopped their actions one after another.

This slender man can stun Shang Ao with a single punch. It is not too easy to kill them. Even after Pang Zhen changed his expression a few times, the warriors in the sea hall gestured a look. Let them give up resistance.

In the face of absolute power, resistance becomes meaningless and will only increase casualties.

Upon seeing this, the slender man showed a satisfied expression and laughed loudly: “The people who know the current affairs are outstanding, you are very good, don’t worry, I don’t want to kill them all. No one has come in Ghost Island for a long time, you guys. The arrival of is just to supplement the population here. The island owner does not allow anyone to kill. Of course, the premise is that you have to be obedient. Maybe soon, we can become companions. Stay here for a while and you will know that Ghost Island is a What kind of place is it.”

He smiled happily.

The strong faces of the human race and the sea race are ugly.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, his expression changed a few times, and he quickly made a decision.

He does not intend to be at the mercy of this slender man! Regardless of whether this is Ghost Island or not, the initiative must be in your own hands.

As soon as he thought of this, he made a vain move and left the battle circle directly and ran out quickly.

This action finally made the slender man notice the existence of Yang Kai, his face sank, and he snorted coldly: “I don’t know what is good or bad, go kill him!”

Yang Kai Undoubtedly, he was very annoyed, and the last sentence was directed at his two subordinates.

The two people got the order, chasing Yang Kai repeatedly and left.

The Sea Clan didn’t recognize Yang Kai, and only thought that this person was a disciple of the Sea Palace, so he just glanced at Yang Kai’s back, and there was no more. On the contrary, Pang Zhen was shocked and thought to himself. Why is Yang Kai here too?

But now he is unable to protect himself, he has no extra thoughts to think about Yang Kai’s affairs, just standing in place with a gray face.

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