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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1734: Body Tempering Pill and Hailian Read Novel

Chapter 1734: Body Tempering Pill and Hailian – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1734: Body Tempering Pill and Hailian

The slender man in the lead gave an order, and his men immediately rushed to tie all the remaining warriors of the Terran Sea Clan together, but there were rebels, and they were beaten and kicked. Battered nose and swollen face.

These people who follow the slender man, regardless of their cultivation level, without exception, their physical quality exceeds that of the outside creatures by a large amount, so they can’t tolerate any resistance from the Human Sea Clan. Soon. Was suppressed.

The lanky man smiled and said: “Being obedient is good for you, but if you dare to make a mistake, there will be a lot of people who die every year in Ghost Island. Think about it yourself.”

Pang Zhen, Qian Mo and others all had their faces sinking, and a bad feeling came out in their hearts.

A hundred miles away, Yang Kai frowned and looked at the two corpses on the ground, and sighed slightly.

He came here for the first time and didn’t want to kill him.

But the two people who were chasing after him were reluctant, as if they were going to kill them all, they had no choice but to kill Yang Kai.

Under the premise that the Saint Yuan cannot be used, the person who can fight Yang Kai with physical power, the entire star field is afraid that it will not be able to find a palm, these two little-known little ones, Where is Yang Kai’s opponent?

After three or two moves, he lay down on the ground!

Yang Kai scoured their space, then found a direction and left quickly.

Half an hour later, another warrior came here. After seeing the two corpses on the ground, his face changed and he quickly returned to Ghost Island to report the situation.

At this time, Yang Kai was already hundreds of miles away.

In a natural cave on the coast, Yang Kai sat cross-legged. The cave is relatively humid and not suitable for living, but Yang Kai can’t take this into consideration.

He sat on the ground, trying to move the Saint Yuan in his body, trying to communicate with the dark stars, without exception, all failed.

This weird place really cut off the connection between him and the dark star, and his greatest advantage disappeared.

Yang Kai’s face is a bit ugly.

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Fortunately, even though his divine consciousness was infinitely suppressed, he could still use it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even want to take out the things in the space ring, let alone use the secret treasures warmed up in his body.

Whether it is using space ring or secret treasure, a certain degree of divine consciousness is required as a bridge. Once divine consciousness cannot be used, these external forces will not be able to be used.

This made Yang Xin happy.

After thinking about it, he took the space of the two people who had been killed by him before, and began to investigate their belongings.

With Yang Kai’s current wealth, naturally he would not put the wealth of two ordinary warriors in his eyes, but he can use the items of these two people to detect some ghost island conditions from the side, so in Before leaving, he would take the space ring between the two of them.

The original cultivation base of the two of them should not be considered high, and the restriction on the space ring was easily cracked by Yang Kai.

Looking through it carefully, Yang Kai found that these two guys are relatively poor. Except for some food in the ring, there are only a few holy crystals, a few inferior secret treasures, and some Yang Kai doesn’t like it. There are also a few jade bottles in the martial arts secrets

The holy crystal is completely useless here, even the holy yuan can’t be used, how can the holy crystal play a role?

Yang Kai didn’t care about secret treasures and martial arts secret books.

He took out the jade bottles, uncovered the cap, and poured out a gray pill from the bottle.

As soon as you started, Yang Kai curled his lips.

With his current status as a Void King-level alchemist, it is natural to see at a glance that the refining of this pill is incomplete. Although it cannot be said to be a failure, it definitely did not exert all the effects of the raw materials. No matter how rough the technique is, the medicinal power of the raw materials has not been condensed.

This pill is a failed product that is formed by mixing several materials together!

But remembering that this ghost place cannot use Sheng Yuan, Yang Kai was relieved.

In the case of unable to use the holy essence, the alchemist has no way to condense the medicinal liquid and fully exert the effect of the material. It is probably because of this reason that the refining of this pill is incomplete.

Although Yang Kai’s vision and professionalism make him look down on this kind of pill, he is still very curious about the effect of this kind of pill.

None of the spirit pills he has mastered so far matched those in front of him, which made him a little bit surprised.

Waiting for a while, and sniffing the pill, Yang Kai was sure that it was non-toxic, and he simply opened his mouth and threw a pill in his mouth.

After a while, Yang Kai raised his brows, showing a look of astonishment, and murmured: ’So, no wonder the physical quality of each of them is pretty good, it turns out that this is the cause of this pill!”

After a taste, he immediately understood the purpose of this medicine.

It was actually an elixir used to temper the body!

After taking the medicine, Yang Kai clearly felt a heat flow rising from his lower abdomen, flowing into his limbs, transforming his internal organs and tendons, and let his body move towards Development in a good direction.

A pill of pill has little effect on Yang Kai, almost negligible.

But for those warriors who have not specially tempered their physical bodies, it is somewhat helpful. If you can take this kind of spiritual pill for many years, it will definitely improve the physical quality.

This is probably the fundamental reason why the warriors living on Ghost Island are generally much stronger than the Human Sea Race!

They should all have taken this kind of panacea!

There is no way to use holy essence on Ghost Island, and spirituality is suppressed by the limit, but the martial artist living here finds another way to strengthen himself. It is not without a drink and a peck at everything. It makes sense.

Yang Kai is also very interested in this kind of pill.

But he didn’t know the recipe or the raw materials, so he could only temporarily put it aside.

Out of the cave, Yang Kai looked into the distance. He could vaguely see that in the center of Ghost Island, there was a city. There should be the place where the residents of Ghost Island lived. In the center of the city, there was a building built. It is so towering that it almost rises into the sky, with no end in sight.

Yang Kai retracted his gaze and looked at the undulating sea. Without hesitation, he jumped into the sea and swam forward with his hands and feet.

Under the premise of not being able to use the holy yuan, he can only rely on this most primitive way to go to sea.

Now he can judge that Ghost Island is definitely an independent and enclosed space, just like the floating continent that he had difficulty entering when he first entered the star field, it has its own laws of heaven and earth, and it is not interfered by the dark stars.

Since it is an independent enclosed space, there should be a limit. Yang Kai wants to find that limit and try to see if he can break it and get out of trouble.

Even if he didn’t get what he wanted, he could go back and think about ways, such as going deep into the city and finding the owner of Ghost Island to ask about the situation, presumably others knew a lot more than he knew.

The sea is cold, and Yang Kai’s speed is extremely fast.

There are many sea beasts cruising in the ocean, ferocious and ferocious, exploding into powder under Yang Kai’s fist.

For several days, Yang Kai discovered that these sea beasts were different from those outside, and their physical qualities seemed to be far stronger than their fellow clan outside. Killing them in the sea really cost Yang Kai a lot. strength.

In the past few days, Yang Kai also occasionally found several ships going to sea, wandering in a certain area of ​​sea.

That should be the boats of the residents of Ghost Island. Seeing their busyness and concentration, they seem to be looking for something in the sea.

Yang Kai didn’t want to expose his whereabouts, so he tried his best to avoid them.

These ships can only move near the sea. If they are a little farther away, they will not dare to move forward. After all, the deeper the sea, the greater the danger they can encounter. Those sea beasts are in Yangkai. The inability to hold them in your hands does not mean they are weak.

After several days, Yang Kai found nothing, and gradually no longer saw the figure, but he did not give up, and still explored forward.

On this day, in the vast ocean, Yang Kai suddenly noticed something, and quickly stared forward.

A piece of colorful light, through the thin haze, imprinted into Yang Kai’s sight.

Yang Kai was full of energy, and hurried to there.

For several days, all I saw was a scene, or in other words, there was no scene at all. This was also a torment for Yang Kai. Now that there was a sudden change, he was naturally very happy.

No matter what the colorful light is, it is better than facing the unchanging sea.

After a short time, Yang Kai was there.

Yang Kai was slightly lost in the scene he saw.

In this ocean, there is a lotus!

Roughly speaking, there are at least dozens of lotus flowers of different colors vying to bloom on the sea. There are pink, cyan, silver, and gold, each of which exudes energetic aura.

“Hailian?” Yang Kai frowned.

However, this piece in front of me is obviously not an ordinary sea lotus, but a precious alchemy material.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, he swam forward, came to a blue sea lotus, reached out and put a petal off, put it in his mouth to chew.

After a while, his eyes became brighter, and he couldn’t help laughing: “It turns out that the main ingredient of the pill is this thing!”

He was very special The spirit pill was very interested, but it was a pity that I didn’t know what the raw materials were.

Thinking about it this way, the boats I encountered before should have gone out to search for this sea lotus.

It’s a pity that they can only move around near the sea and missed this sea-linked pond for nothing.

Yang Kai happily picked these sea lotuses, preserved them in a special way, and put them in the space ring.

After some investigations, he found that these sea lotuses have obvious differences in efficacy according to their colors. Pink has the lowest potency, followed by cyan, silver, and gold.

The stronger the medicine, the fewer the number of sea lotus. There is only one golden sea lotus, and some lonely flowers stand in the center of Hailian Pond.

There are not many silver ones, there are only six in total, which are very precious.

These materials can play a huge role in Yang Kai’s hands. At his level, he could infer that kind of body tempering spirit pill by himself, and he could refine it by himself.

He does not intend to let go of any sea lotus.

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Chapter 1734: Body Tempering Pill and Hailian – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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