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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1735: Little Dolphin Read Novel

Chapter 1735: Little Dolphin – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1735: Little Dolphin

Yang Kai was overjoyed when he heard the movement of fish splashing in the water from the side. He fixed his eyes and found that a dolphin with a body length of about three feet never Swim over from a distance, leaned in front of a blue sea lotus, opened his mouth, and swallowed a blue sea lotus at once.

Although most of the body is hidden in the sea, this creature that looks like a dolphin is very elegant, and even the movement of chewing sea lotus is slow.

Seeing Yang Kai looking towards it, the little dolphin blinked his eyes, but he didn’t mean to be afraid, his tail slapped on the water, and slowly swam towards another pink sea lotus.

After a while, the pink sea lotus was also eaten by it.

The little dolphin seemed to be in a good mood, and even flicked its tail faster.

Yang Kai originally wanted to drive it away, but he gave it up after hesitating. Since entering the sea, the sea beasts he has encountered are all ferocious and vicious, and attacked him without any exception.

This little dolphin is harmless to humans and animals, and Yang Kai didn’t sense any danger from it, so he let it go.

One person, one dolphin, separate operations, and quickly collect this sea lotus.

The six silver lotus and the golden lotus were all mined by Yang. The little dolphin only picked up a little leak beside him. It seemed that he was a little unhappy, so boldly he swam to Yang Kai’s side and surrounded him. Turning around, constantly making weird noises.

Yang Kai laughed dumbly. After the little dolphin arched his head once, he had to take out a green lotus from the space.

He couldn’t refuse the longing look of the little dolphin.

The eyes of the little dolphin suddenly became bright, and the mouth made a rapid sound, like a baby waiting to be fed.

Yang Kai brought Qinglian to his mouth, and the little dolphin swallowed it in one bite, and his eyes narrowed and turned into a crescent shape, which was really beautiful.

Qinglian enters her abdomen, and the little dolphin hiccups contentedly, and swims around Yang Kai faster and faster, much more intimate than before.

Yang Kai grinned. After being soaked in the sea for several days, his cold body seemed to warm up a lot.

Not far away, the sea was separated and quickly approached here in a straight line. There seemed to be some beast under the sea, smelling the breath of Yang Kai and the little dolphins, which triggered appetite.

The little dolphin has a keen sense of danger, and immediately hides behind Yang Kai, sticks out half of his head, and looks over there, with anthropomorphic panic in his eyes.

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Yang Kai stretched out his hand and patted it, beckoning it to stay calm, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he stared at the sea beast approaching him.

After a while, a huge wave rose into the sky. A terrifying-looking, shark-like sea beast leaped from the bottom of the sea, opened its big mouth, and its jagged teeth gleamed. The sharp light bit towards Yang Kai viciously.

The little dolphin’s tail flicked violently, making an anxious and hasty sound in his mouth.

Yang Kai didn’t move at all. He only waited when the sea beast was close to him about three feet before he slammed his fist and hit the sea beast’s forehead like lightning.

With Yang Kai as the center, the seawater on the nearby sea suddenly dropped downward, and a circle of ripples quickly spread around.


Visibly with the naked eye, the forehead of this majestic sea beast collapsed, and its huge body collapsed into a ball, and it flew straight out under tremendous force. Hundreds of feet away, it crashed into the sea.

Soon, red blood was spreading over there, and the huge sea beast floated up over its belly, motionless.

The little dolphin was stunned for a moment. Two extremely energetic eyes looked at Yang Kai, then at the sea beasts in the distance, and then at Yang Kai.

It didn’t seem to understand why. Why did Yang Kai beat such a big sea beast out of such a small Yang Kai? The body shapes of the two are basically of the same grade.

But it obviously didn’t think much about this issue. Instead, it looked at Yang Kai with admiring eyes, making a joyous voice, then swam to Yang Kai and arched its head. Arch Yang Kai’s body.

Yang Kai glanced at it in amazement, but didn’t quite understand what it was going to do.

The little dolphin continued to arch.

For a long time, Yang Kai finally understood, pointing to the little dolphin’s back, and asked: “Let me go up?”

The little dolphin nodded sharply.

Yang Kai had a strange expression, looking at its three-foot-long body, he hesitated and said: “Not so good, are you too small?”

He was afraid of the little dolphin. Can’t move oneself.

The little dolphin couldn’t help but said, got under the sea, and the next moment, Yang Kai felt that he was being supported by something, and slowly ascended.

After a short while, half of the little dolphin was exposed to the surface of the water, and while screaming happily in his mouth, he quickly moved forward.

Riding the wind and waves, fast and steady, Yang Kai said, “I look down on you a little bit.”

The speed of the little dolphin swimming in the sea is ten times faster than himself. More than that, as it moved forward, the sea seemed to actively separate from both sides, without adding any resistance to it.

The little dolphin turned his head triumphantly, and glanced at Yang Kai, with a look of “you praise me more”.

Yang Kai laughed and stood on top of the little dolphin with peace of mind, letting it take itself forward.

This little thing that looks like a dolphin doesn’t know what kind of creature it is. It’s very difficult to live in this kind of environment with its shrinking performance just now, but it can Understand their own words, which shows that its intelligence is not low, at least not inferior to a seven- or eight-year-old child.

But with the little dolphin as a car, Yang Kai feels a lot easier, at least not having to soak in the sea all day.

As for why it should be so affectionate to itself, and even actively ask itself to sit on it, it also knows that it is difficult to survive here without its own protection.

This can be regarded as a kind of cooperation, a win-win situation.

Yang Kai thought that the little dolphin would not be of much use other than being a car, but soon he found out that he was wrong.

Big mistake!

This little thing swims in the sea, seemingly without law and aimlessly, but it always takes Yang Kai to find some sea lotus scattered in the deep sea.

Yang Kai initially thought it was luck, but two days later, he discovered that this was the ability of the little dolphin. It seemed to be able to accurately find the location of Hailian through thousands of miles.

Yang Kai has a big harvest!

In addition to the dozens of sea lotuses that he had searched for at first, in the next few days, he had captured at least hundreds of them.

The number of pink and cyan sea lotuses is still the largest, the silver is relatively small, and there are only three golden ones.

These things are special products of Ghost Island, and you can’t find them anywhere. Using these sea lotus, Yang Kai can refine the body-strengthening pill in large quantities, which can not only enhance his own strength, You can also let your relatives and friends quickly improve the physical quality.

So Hailian is definitely the more the better.

The little dolphins have a round belly! Hailian was found by it with Yang Kai, and Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t stop it from eating.

Time flies, about half a month has passed, Yang Kai’s space ring has stored at least 500 sea lotuses, although he doesn’t know the value of sea lotus on Ghost Island, but just think about it. The production rate of sea lotus near the sea and the far sea can tell that this thing should also be a scarce material in Ghost Island.

Unless the ghost island organizes strong people to conduct far-sea exploration and collection, they can have no small gains, otherwise they can only search near the sea.

On this day, the little dolphin took Yang Kai to an island.

The area of ​​this island is not too big, it only has a radius of more than a dozen miles, which is less than one percent of the ghost island.

This is the first time Yang saw islands other than Ghost Island. He was naturally curious. The island and the sea are connected by a sea river, which leads directly to the interior of the island.

The little dolphins follow the Haihe River and enter it.

A moment later, a lake in the island appeared in front of Yang Kai. This lake was connected to the sea outside, occupying about one-fifth of the area of ​​the island, and among the lakes, counted Endless sea lotuses are blooming, and the colorful light dazzles people’s eyes. To put it roughly, this island lake at least has a thousand sea lotuses.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.

It is Yang Kai who has gained a lot these days, and he can’t help but smile.

“Good job!” Yang Kai sat cross-legged on the little dolphin, stretched out his hand and patted its head, and praised him.

The little dolphin is very happy!

After getting along these days, the little dolphin has become more and more dependent on Yang Kai, especially after Yang Kai killed many sea beasts casually, it doesn’t really adore Yang Kai too much.

Those sea beasts are like giants to it, each of them can eat it alive, but for Yang Kai, it can be killed with just one punch.

Soon, one person and one dolphin came to the island in the lake, Yang Kai jumped down, stepped on the lotus leaves, and quickly shuttled through the lake, one after another sea lotus of different colors was covered. He took in the space ring, and the little dolphin was not to be outdone, eating sea lotus like a jujube, a few flowers down, the belly became round.

Then it swims idly in the lake, looking carefree.

Only an hour before and after, Yang Kai picked more than two-thirds of the sea lotus in the lake.

Just as he was full of energy and was about to wipe out the place, a loud roar suddenly sounded in his ears. The roar was full of accusations of blood and tears and indescribable grief, as if It’s like dead parents.

“Asshole, dare to steal the old man’s Hundred Lotus!”

When the words fell, a figure rushed over from a distance, looking at Yang Kai eagerly, with both feet A kick on the ground, leaped into the air.

The earth left two deep footprints.

In the midair, the man smashed Yang Kai with a punch.

His fist was silent, seemingly light and weak, but Yang Kai’s eyes shrank, with a solemn expression on his face, he took a deep breath, gave a long whistle, and also jumped into the air with a fist to greet him. Up.

The two fists touched together without fancy, and there was a force pattern visible to the naked eye in the air, sweeping like a ripple.

The picture seems to freeze.

After a short while, there was a deafening sound, and the violent force exploded, directly distorting the space.

Yang Kai flew out, and the martial artist of unknown origin was also unable to stabilize his body. He flipped several somersaults in the air, how he came, and how he was beaten back.

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Chapter 1735: Little Dolphin – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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