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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1736: Island Master Read Novel

Chapter 1736: Island Master – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1736: Island Master

Yang Kai landed lightly on a lotus leaf and looked up to the front.

It wasn’t until this time that he had the time to look at people.

Unexpectedly, the man was actually a half-old man with a short stature. Even if he stood up straight, Yang Kai guessed that he would be short of his own head, and his complexion was dark, like the bottom of a pot, like those from Jubaolou Yan Pei’s old black face was similar, perhaps because his treasure was exploited by Yang, and his dark old face became even darker.

He is wearing a simple shirt made of unknown sea animal skins, strips of strands, looking tattered, pieces of high grave muscles exposed, full of explosive power. Eye-catching.

It can be said that, besides a little shorter stature, this old guy has a very well-proportioned body. This is the most intuitive manifestation of the physical quality.

The old man obviously did not expect that Yang Kai would be able to take his own punch without falling into the wind. After landing, he frowned slightly, and then rushed over at a faster speed. He roared: “The kid is here to take his life, Today is either you dead or the old man dead!”

Yang has mined two-thirds of the Huntian lotus. This is more serious than killing him. How could he easily let Yang Kai go?

If possible, Yang Kai didn’t want to fight with such a person, but seeing his manner and tone, he knew that this matter could not be done well, and he rarely did it. Being able to meet an opponent like the old man is naturally a bit happy, not only did not flinch, but greeted him with a big laugh.

In mid-air, the two figures separated at the touch of a touch, and a violent sound came after a long time.

The second time they played against each other, the two were still indifferent, and neither of them took advantage. There was no time to breathe, and the two rushed towards each other again.

The little dolphin is hiding in the lake in the island, looking up, both eyes are full of worry.

Boom boom boom

The sound of explosions continued on the small island, and Yang Kai and the old man gradually moved the battlefield to avoid spreading to Hailian in the lake.

At this point, both of them have the same scruples, not wanting to destroy the precious alchemy material.

After a cup of tea, the battlefield was moved to the sea.

Yang Kai has no scruples anymore, his eyes are bright, and he has exerted his physical power to the limit, entangled with the unknown old man, and fists.

This savage way of fighting made him experience unprecedented invigoration. He laughed loudly, ignoring his injuries, as if he was going to fight his life with the old man.

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There has never been a ruin!

The old man looked awe-inspiring and secretly frightened.

It has been hundreds of years since he came to Ghost Island. He already knew what kind of cultivation method he should choose to survive here. He thought that his physical attainments were extremely high enough. A young man who occupies the top position in the star field, but does not want to pop up suddenly, can actually fight him vigorously.

The physical quality of this young man is not inferior to him!

The sound of broken bones and blood spattered constantly.

The old man was surprised to find that the blood of this young man was not red, but golden.

The golden blood contains the power of qi and blood and energy fluctuations that make him dumbfounded. It seems that the blood of this young man is comparable to the most precious magical material!

“Boy, your good fortune is over!” The old man’s eyes turned, his wrist turned, and a hammer-like artifact suddenly appeared on his palm, taking advantage of Yang Kai’s gap in blocking his punch. With a fierce wave, he slammed on Yang Kai’s forehead.

Although the holy yuan cannot be used and the full power of this secret treasure cannot be exerted, this hammer is enough to open the world with the great strength of the old man.

If you really get hit, Yang Kai’s head will definitely explode.

Yang Kai didn’t expect this old guy to be so cunning. Seeing the hammer close to his body, his pupils shrank slightly and his head was quickly tilted. At the same time, his body suddenly burst into a colorful glow.

The glow of the rosy glow circulates, and gradually, the earth-yellow light occupies the main body, covering Yang Kai’s body.

Indestructible Five Elements Sword, the sword of earth!

The Earth Sword Qi cultivated by Yang Kai uses Dayan Shensha as its energy source. This rare Void King-level material has a very high defense.

Under the control of Yang Kai’s spirit, the sword energy of the earth quickly condensed into a shield shape, blocking the front of the hammer.


The khaki energy shield was blasted away, and the hammer hit Yang Kai’s shoulder. Yang Kai’s body sank slightly, but he adjusted it in the next moment, and he grinned. With a grinning grin, he was short, broke into the old man’s defensive circle, and lifted his hands upwards fiercely.

The old man screamed and hurried back, but he still couldn’t escape such a counterattack.

Yang Kai’s chin rested on his hands, and his entire head suddenly leaned back. If his physical cultivation wasn’t strong enough, just one blow would cost him his life.

This is so, the old man also stared at Venus and almost fainted.

He staggered back and withdrew more than a dozen feet. Before he could stand firm, he glanced at Yang Kai with fear, and then quickly fled!

Yang Kai frowned and stood there without chasing after him. It wasn’t until the old man’s figure disappeared from his vision that he twisted his shoulder that was hit by the hammer.

There was a clicking sound, and the dislocated bone recovered.

“This old fellow” Yang Kai thoughtfully, from beginning to end, he didn’t have time or time to ask the old man what his origin was and why he lived so far from Ghost Island.

The cry of the little dolphin came from the lake in the island. Yang Kai turned his head and looked at it, and found that the little dolphin was watching him nervously, as if he was worried about whether he was hurt.

Yang Kai cast a relieved look at it, and Shi Shiran walked over.

The remaining one-third of the sea lotus in the lake in the island has not been collected, so Yang Kai naturally didn’t plan to let it go.

The old man just called these sea lotuses Huntianlian. Yang Kai can be sure that he has never heard of this before. Like his previous guess, Huntianlian is a specialty of Ghost Island. Only circulates in the ghost island, no one can take it outside at all.

After a while, Yang Kai collected all the Huntian lotus.

If he looked up with feeling, he found that on a mountain a few miles away, the old man was standing there with a look of grief and angrily, looking at this side with helpless eyes.

That kind of feeling is as if the woman she has been caring for was easily captured by other men.

Yang Kai grinned at him.

The old man’s lungs are almost exploding, he turned around and walked away!

He can’t beat Yang Kai. Instead of taking the insult to himself, it’s better to not see.

Yang Kai found a simple wooden house nearby, which was also built by the old man.

He went in with a big thorn.

Three days later, Yang Kai was studying the medicinal effects of Huntianlian and the body-tempering spirit pill. When he hoped to improve it to the perfect level, a slight footstep suddenly heard outside the wooden house.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, put down what was on his hands, and waited quietly.

Moments later, the door of the wooden house was opened, and the old man stood in the distance with a livid face, about ten meters away from Yang Kai. He looked at Yang Kai with a very complicated look. After a long time, he solemnly said. “Are you not from Mingyue?”

Yang Kai frowned, and asked, “Who is Mingyue?”

A look of astonishment appeared on the old man’s face, serious. Looking at Yang Kai, he seemed to want to see if he was lying.

Yang Kai’s eyes were clear, and he looked back inquiringly.

The old man nodded secretly, his attitude eased a little. There is no such grief and anger of killing his father and taking his wife. He slowly said: “You don’t know Mingyue, it seems that you just entered Ghost Island. How long has it been?”

“The old man is wise!” Yang Kai casually applauded, “You are right, I have only been here for almost a month.”

“No wonder” the old man A smile was squeezed out of his face, very ugly, ’Since you are not from Mingyue, then we can have a good talk.”

“That’s what I meant.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, if not, He will not stay on this island.

He didn’t know anything about the ghost island, and he couldn’t go deep into the ghost island to inquire. He finally met a living person here, and he looked like the kind of person who has lived here for many years. It is natural to make good use of it.

“The old man can come in and talk?” the old man asked depressedly.

“Of course, this is the old man’s residence!” Yang Kai invited freely.

The old man’s mouth twitched, and he didn’t mean much to be afraid. Although he felt that he was unlikely to be Yang Kai’s opponent, but if he really worked hard, he would have the confidence to take Yang Kai’s hand. Flee.

He believes that Yang Kai will not be stupid enough to fight himself.

After the old man sat in front of him, Yang Kai asked, “Where is the sacred Moon Moon that the old man just mentioned?”

The old man snorted coldly: “A thief. !”

Yang Kai was stunned, thinking that this old guy and Mingyue seemed to have a lot of hatred, otherwise he wouldn’t even mention the name and the old man would grit his teeth.

“He is the current owner of Ghost Island!” The old man added another sentence.

“Mingyue is the island owner?” Yang Kai raised his brows. When he first came to Ghost Island, he heard the lanky man mention the word island owner. He didn’t expect to know about the island owner in the old man’s place. first name.


Yang Kai rolled his eyes and asked with a smile, “The old man said he is the current owner of Ghost Island. Could there be other owners before?”

The old man glanced at Yang Kai in surprise, secretly admiring his sharp thinking, and then proudly said: “The last island owner was the old man!”

Yang Kai was taken aback for a moment. Then clasped his fist and said: “Disrespect and disrespect!”

“Huh, the dog of the bereavement!” The old man laughed at himself unpretentiously and said to himself: “Now the old man can only hide here and steal his life. What disrespect, let alone, the old man is still defeated by you!”

“It’s just a fluke!” Yang Kai said modestly.

The old man no longer entangles in this issue, staring deeply at Yang Kai and said, “Have you practiced extremely advanced body training exercises?”

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