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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1737: I don’t need earth fire Read Novel

Chapter 1737: I don’t need earth fire – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1737: I don’t need earth fire

When he was fighting Yang Kai a few days ago, Yang Kai suddenly used the Indestructible Five Elements Sword, and he could naturally see the clues with his eyesight.

On Ghost Island, Sheng Yuan cannot be used at all. The only explanation for the colorful glow is the body exercise method. The power cultivated by the body exercise method is not within the scope of Sheng Yuan, and naturally it is not affected by the ghost island. limit.

“Yes!” Yang Kai did not hide it.

A fiery look suddenly appeared on the old man’s face.

Looking at the entire star field, the physical exercises are relatively rare, and the advanced physical exercises are even rarer.

However, it is not because of scarcity that physical exercises will become precious.

Firstly, it is more difficult to practice the physical exercises. Even if it is an ordinary physical exercises, it is difficult to cultivate to a very high level. Secondly, the martial artist has never been so in his life. More energy to practice physical exercises concurrently.

The criterion for the strength and survival of the martial artist is the power of sacred origin and divine consciousness, so even if many people know the benefits of a strong physical body, there is no way to do it.

But it’s different in Ghost Island.

This ghost place, the Holy Yuan cannot be used, and the power of divine consciousness is suppressed. The best and brightest way out for martial artists is to practice physical exercises!

For countless years, there have been countless warriors who have been living on Ghost Island. Naturally, some exercises have also poured into Ghost Island. The old man has also practiced one, but that is an extremely ordinary exercise. There is a world of difference between the five-element sword that is opened.

The reason why the Indestructible Five Elements Sword is so powerful is not because of the practice itself, but because of the materials needed for cultivation.

If the elder pays for himself, he can get Yang Kai’s body-refining exercises, he will definitely increase his strength a lot.

So as soon as he heard that Yang Kai had advanced body training techniques, his eyes became fierce.

At any rate, he is also a strong person with good strength. Knowing that there is no way to ask for something like exercises, the old man can only suppress the desire in his heart and not ask himself for boring.

“Introduce yourself, old man Shahu!” When he said this, he had a sense of self-satisfaction. It seemed that Yang Kai should have heard of this name.

Unfortunately, the result disappointed him. Yang Kai just faintly clasped his fists: “It turns out to be Mr. Sha, kid Yang Kai!”

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Sha Hu frowned and asked tentatively. : “Have you never heard of the old man’s name?”

Yang Kai laughed, “Mr. Sha was born in the deep sea?”

Sha Hu nodded and woke up: “You From the inland?”


It is clear that the warriors of the deep sea and the inland on the gloomy star belong to two systems, although everyone is not indifferent to each other. Contacts, but rarely get involved in each other’s fields and territories. It is not surprising that people from inland don’t know the names of the strong in the deep sea.

After knowing this, Sha Hu’s face turned slightly, and he chuckled: “The old man has been here for more than three hundred years. Back then, the old man was the second master of the sea hall. The situation in the sea hall is now. How?”

“The old man is the second hall master of the sea hall?” Yang Kai was shocked now, “Don’t tell me the old man, I came from near the Xiaguang Island in the sea hall, Hai The temple is now considered very powerful in the deep sea, and it can be called the first among the human races, and it is enough to fight against the Sea God Palace.”

Sha Hu listened quietly, and said gratifiedly: “Those guys are pretty good, they haven’t corrupted their ancestors! Does your kid have friendship with Haidian? Why did you go to Xiaguang Island?”

“Passing by accidentally, there is nothing to say about friendship. “Yang Kai hehe laughed.

Perhaps because of inquiring about the sea temple, Sha Hu’s expression relaxed a lot. Seeing that Yang Kai was not as aggressive as an ordinary young man, he was naturally treated to him. Satisfied.

Both of them put aside the embarrassment of the previous battle, and even chatted speculatively.

Yang Kai needs to know the situation of Ghost Island, and Shahu thought. Inquiring into the current situation in the Lower Haidian, the atmosphere became harmonious with one question and one answer.

After a long time, both of them got the intelligence and information they wanted.

Yang Kai wrinkled. Frown, this ghost island is full of weirdness. As an independent and enclosed space, no one can find a way out. As the owner of the ghost island back then, Sha Hu was unable to leave this place.

Na Mingyue was originally Shahu’s deputy island owner, and his strength was not weaker than Shahu’s, but I didn’t know what was going on. One day, Mingyue’s strength suddenly increased, and he fought against Shahu for power, and the result was Shahu. I had no choice but to escape from the ghost island and hid on this small island.

Calculating, it was almost a hundred years ago.

For hundreds of years, Shahu has tolerated the humiliation and only hoped that one day he would be able to return to Ghost Island in return for his revenge.

Unfortunately, his strength seems to have reached a certain bottleneck, and he cannot continue to improve, so he can only stay here.

Fortunately, it is far away from Ghost Island, and most people can’t reach it at all. When Shahu fled here, he was nine dead and alive. Yang Kai was the only wise creature he had seen in the past 100 years.

And how big is the independent space where Ghost Island is located, even Shahu can’t tell. He once left this small island to explore outside, but the deeper he goes, the stronger the sea beasts he encounters, even him. Not an opponent, forced to retreat.

“Is there really no way to leave Ghost Island?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Perhaps, but the old man can’t find it.” Sha Hu shook his head, “At least, I can’t find it here.”

“The old man means”

Sha Hu frowned, and he groaned for a moment and said: “This is just the old man’s guess, whether it is correct or not, the old man is not sure.”

’Senior, please tell me.”

“If there is a way out here, the ghost island main island is the only clue. There is a strange place there. The old man wanted to investigate but couldn’t enter.” Sha Hu said unhurriedly.

Yang Kai moved slightly.

Sha Hu smiled and said: “If the two of us join forces, we might be able to take the ghost island, but this is only a possibility. Mingyue was stronger than me in the past, and now a hundred years have passed, I don’t know that he is now stronger. To what extent, we may have just thrown ourselves into the net in the past.”

Yang Kai was noncommittal.

He didn’t care how strong Mingyue was. He didn’t use all his strength to fight Shahu. What’s more, he still has a killer like Stone Puppet Xiaoxiao!

Only power, who in the world can be stronger than Xiaoxiao?

As long as Xiao Xiao makes a move, no one on Ghost Island will be its opponent!

He is considering the authenticity of Shahu’s words. Although the old guy has a good temper, but God knows if he wants to use himself to achieve any purpose, and don’t let him be shameless by the time, then the gain is not worth the loss.

Yang Kai prefers to treat the gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain, rather than regretting it after bad luck.

Seeing Yang Kai’s silence, Sha Hu timely changed the subject: “You were studying Huntianlian and Huntian Dan?”

Yang Kai recovered from his contemplation and nodded. Said: “Well, this thing is a specialty of Ghost Island, right?”

“Not bad. Huntian lotus cannot be found in the outside world. Only Ghost Island can produce it. The warriors who have encountered difficulties here use the Huntian pill to enhance their own strength. Unfortunately, the old man does not know how to refine the alchemy. It is also possible to take Huntian lotus. Can’t provide any help to yourself, otherwise, do you think the old man will leave so many Huntian lotus in the lake?”

Speaking of this, Sha Hu again has a painful expression on his face.

Thousands of Huntian lotus! The entire Ghost Island, thousands of warriors, have been running for a few years. You must be able to find so many. But now, all have entered Yang Kai’s Space Ring.

Yang Kai suddenly asked, “Does Mr. Sha have a Pill of Huntian Pill?”

“This is naturally there. ’Sha Hu chuckled and said proudly: “Well, the old man was also the owner of Ghost Island back then, something like Dan Fang”

As he talked, Sha Hu’s eyes lit up, pointing to Yang Turn on, tremblingly: “Are you a alchemist?”

If Yang Kai is not an alchemist, there is no need to ask about the alchemy.

He looked at Yang Kai, his eyes hot, as if he saw an amazing treasure.

Yang Kai chuckled, “I think so!”

“You really are an alchemist? ’Sha Hu immediately stood up.

Yang Kai nodded again.

Sha Hu froze for a moment, and then laughed loudly: “The sky never stops me! The sky never stops me, so good, it’s just great!”

His strength these years The reason for the stagnation is because there is no Huntian Pill, directly taking Huntianlian has no effect at all for him. Only by refining the Huntianlian into a pill can it exert its due effect.

So when he learned that Yang Kai was really an alchemist, Sha Hu was so excited that he was a little gaffe.

But soon, he frowned, glanced at Yang Kai, and sighed deeply.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai was puzzled. The moment before Sha Hu was as happy as a child, the moment he became so desperate, the contrast was a bit big.

“Even if you are an alchemist, without earth fire, you can’t make alchemy!” Sha Hu’s face was gray and he sat down again, “The alchemists on Ghost Island are extremely rare, tens of thousands. People, I’m afraid there are only four or five alchemists, and the levels of these alchemists are also uneven, but if they want to make alchemy, they have to use the ground fire of Ghost Island. We have no ground fire to borrow.”

“I don’t need ground fire!” Yang Kai laughed.

“Nonsense!” Sha Hu sneered, “There are no alchemists who don’t need ground fire for alchemy, maybe they can be outside, but the holy yuan can’t be used here, they can only use ground fire”

As Sha Hu was talking, he was speechless.

Because he clearly felt that a scorching power spread from Yang Kai’s body. It was not the power of Saint Yuan, but the power of divine consciousness!

“The fire of divine consciousness?” Sha Hu’s face changed drastically.

Yang Kai smiled harmlessly.

Even in the outside world, he does not need to use the Holy Yuan to refine the pill, because he always uses the fire of divine consciousness.

What’s more, he still has the Firebird in his hand. Since the fusion of the dry sky thunder flame of the Huo Yaozong, the Firebird has evolved a complete intelligence, which can transform a human form and integrate her. The secret treasure alchemy furnace of his life.

She is the best ground fire in her own right!

No matter how bad it is, Yang Kai can enter the Profound Realm Bead to refine alchemy. The Profound Realm Bead is also a self-contained world. There is no restriction on Sheng Yuan.

All the advantages made him not need to worry about alchemy at all, but these didn’t need to be exposed to Shahu.

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