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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1738: Refining Huntian Pill Read Novel

Chapter 1738: Refining Huntian Pill – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1738: Refining Huntian Pill

After learning that Yang Kai is not only an alchemist, but also possesses the fire of divine consciousness, without the help of holy yuan or earth fire to make alchemy, Sha Hu was ecstatic.

This means that as long as he has a good relationship with Yang Kai, he won’t worry about not having the Huntian Pill to take in the future, and he won’t worry about his strength being unable to grow! After waiting for a hundred years, he finally saw the hope of revenge!

He unreservedly handed over the pill of Huntian Pill and let Yang Kai study it on his own.

“When you have studied the pill and started to refine the Huntian Pill, the old man has something to ask for!” Sha Hu said with a smile, deliberately trying to get closer to Yang Kai. The folds were all crumpled together, and they looked very kind.

Yang Kai was naturally not polite, and after letting him go, he plunged into the research of Huntian Pill.

He has some Huntian pills in his hand, and he can infer the approximate configuration of the pills from these pills. Now he has a complete pill, making this process easier and easier.

What’s more, his alchemy level is also top in the star field. With his eyesight and experience, he can not only understand the prescriptions of the chaotic pill, but also improve on the original basis.

It’s a matter of course to think about it. After all, the Huntian pill was researched by the alchemists who lived on the ghost island, and the alchemists who lived here were not too high in level. The pill they researched Fang, how much is it worth?

I can only say that he provided Yang Kai with some reference opinions.

Before and after, it took Yang Kai only five days to design another Huntian pill. Compared with the one Shahu gave it, it was undoubtedly countless times more sophisticated. Replace A lot of materials have been added, and some medical conflicts have also been reduced.

The pill is complete, and Yang Kai will naturally start to refine the pill.

But he still lacked a taste of medicine.

Huntianlian’s medicinal power is very overbearing. If taken directly, it may improve the martial artist’s physique in a short time and make the physical quality stronger, but if there are no other medicinal materials to neutralize the medicinal effect, you can only take In a short time, it can no longer be taken. Not only does the strong behavior do not help the warrior, but it will also damage the body of the warrior.

Yang Kai called Sha Hu.

In the past few days, Sha Hu has been guarding outside the wooden house. He hasn’t left. While meditating, he is planning his small abacus. Hearing Yang Kai’s call, he almost rushed into the wooden house with eagerness. Looking at Yang Kai.

“Mr. Sha, I still have less Houttuynia cordata”

Sha Hu laughed and waved, a lot of houttuynia cordata appeared in the wooden house. Make the air in the house become muddy immediately.

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This purple seaweed, which is only three inches long and short, is not a special product of Ghost Island. It can be collected in almost any deep-sea field, and its value is not too great, such as the sea hall and sea god palace. The forces do not bother to collect them and let them grow in the sea.

But its medicinal effect can perfectly dissolve with Huntianlian, and conflict with each other, neutralizing Huntianlian’s domineering characteristics, making Huntiandan easy to absorb by martial artists.

Seeing the countless houttuynia cordata in front of him, Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, and then looked at Sha Hu with profound meaning: “Mr. Sha is already prepared!”

Sha Hu rubbed his hands: “Yang Kai, help the old man also refine some Huntian Pills. As long as there is Huntian Pill, the old man can increase his strength again. Then we will have the opportunity to return to Ghost Island and find a way out!” p66>

Yang Kai smiled slightly. Even though he knew that he meant to seduce him, he didn’t care, and said: “It’s okay to refine it for you, but do you have a Hundred Lotus?”

Thousands of Huntian lotus in the Lake in the Island have already entered Yang Kai’s space ring, so he will no longer take it out to make alchemy for Shahu.

“You too underestimate the old man.’Sha Hu smiled like the old fox. When he flipped his palms, he took out 17 Eight Hundred Lotus Flowers, all of the silver lotus grade.

Yang Kai was stunned.

Sha Hu He smiled: “How come I don’t know why eggs can’t be put in a basket? For nearly a hundred years, the old man has not stayed here on the small island and never went out. Sometimes he went out to explore. There should be some gains. Not only these, the old man has also collected a lot of auxiliary medicinal materials for refining the huntian pill, you see. See if there is anything to use.”

While talking, Sha Hu took a lot of other medicinal materials.

Yang Kai nodded, and did not refuse, leaving the useful medicinal materials, and let him use the useless medicinal materials. He took it back and said in a deep thought: “It’s okay to help you refining, but I can’t do anything in vain”

“Five or five points! Without waiting for Yang Kai to finish speaking, Sha Hu directly quoted his price, “Tell the old man what auxiliary medicinal materials you need, and he will go out and help you find it now! The old man only takes half of the refined Huntian Pill!”

“Sale! “Yang Kai no longer talked about, nodded happily, Sha Hu was so bold, and he looked like a little scorn, and got along with this old guy for a while, Yang Kai realized that he was a little unpleasant except for the trouble with him at the beginning, In fact, I got along very well.

Seeing Yang Kai’s promise, Sha Hu smiled happily.

On that day, he left the island and went to the sea to find various auxiliary medicinal materials. Although Yang Kai had some alchemy materials in his hands, it was not enough to support a large number of refining and let Shahu go. Searching is naturally prepared.

After Shahu left the island, Yang Kai waved his hand.

A bright red flame shot out from the palm of his hand, distorted and transformed in mid-air. The next moment, a glamorous figure appeared in front of Yang Kai, with red hair flying like flames.

Qi Ling Liu Yan!

Now she can no longer be called the Firebird. She has her own intelligence and can transform a human form. She has been given a name by Yang Kai and is regarded as a special creature.

“What is the master’s order?” Liu Yanyou asked in a deep voice as soon as he appeared.

“I want to use your power to refine alchemy, you cooperate.” Yang Kai lightly ordered.

Liu Yan nodded, said nothing, and turned himself into an alchemy furnace. The shape of this alchemy furnace was exactly the same as her natal treasure, but it was completely covered by flames. The composition is even better than that of the Xuwang-class alchemy furnace.

Yang Kai concentrated all his attention, holding his breath, throwing in the prepared materials one by one, communicating with Liuyan and controlling the fire.

The process of refining the Huntian Pill is not complicated. Naturally, it can be easily refined successfully by Yang Kai’s method.

Within half a day’s work, a pill fragrant filled the wooden house. Yang Kai seized the opportunity, and his divine sense poured into the pill furnace, condensing the pill with the method recorded in the real solution of the pill.

After a short while, three flames shot up from the alchemy furnace and skyrocketed.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand, and the three streams of light were drawn by him and fell into the jade bottle that had been prepared a long time ago.

The sound of rolling grunting came from the jade bottle, and Yang Kaiding glanced at it, showing a satisfied smile.

The pill condensing technique recorded in the True Explanation of the Pill Dao is extensive and profound. If you use it well, you can condense more than one pill at a time, unlike in the past when pill refining, only one pill can be made from one ingredient.

In the past few years, Yang Kai has always tried to use this method of condensing pills to condense the pills. Sometimes he succeeded, sometimes he failed, but he had some experience.

Now condensing three pills at one time is a big breakthrough.

He took out a Huntian Pill, put it in his mouth and tasted it, feeling the medicinal effect contained in the Huntian Pill. After a while, he nodded with satisfaction and continued to devote himself to the great cause of alchemy.

Half a day later, another Huntian Pill was successfully refined, and this time Yang Kai condensed four Huntian Pills, which was even better than the first time.

With the passage of time, as the number of refining increases, Yang Kai’s techniques become more and more proficient, and the time it takes to refining a furnace of Chaotian Pill is also getting shorter and shorter, from half a day Two hours after it was released, and then another hour, it was incredibly fast.

In the process of continuous alchemy, his condensing technique is also improving.

It can be said that this rare experience in alchemy has allowed him to make another substantial breakthrough on the alchemy avenue, which is also a surprise.

A rustling sound came from behind. Yang Kai turned his head and looked around. He suddenly found that the little dolphin didn’t know when it came to the wooden house. It flapped its tail and swam in the air as if Swimming in the sea without any obstacles, graceful posture.

Yang Kai was taken aback!

There is no way to use Saint Yuan on the ghost island. Even if it is as powerful as him, you can’t fly in the air on the ghost island. You can only make long-distance jumps with the powerful physical power, but the little dolphin Obviously breaking this common sense, it can actually swim in the air, which is another way of flying, even though it does not fly very high.

The little thing was obviously attracted by the scent of pill. When he got close to Yang Kai, his nose moved lightly, staring at the alchemy furnace in front of him.

Yang Kai saw that the corners of his mouth seemed to have crystal clear saliva flowing down, dripping on the ground with a crisp sound.

Yang Kai was immediately disgusted by it, and he didn’t even have the thought of investigating why it can swim in the air.

The little dolphin made a sound that was hard to refuse, and kept his head over Yang Kai’s body, regardless of whether it would hinder him from making alchemy.

Yang Kai rubbed his temples, and could only pass it a jade bottle full of Huntian Pill.

The little dolphin took it excitedly, circled Yang Kai a few times, screamed excitedly, and left with the jade bottle in its mouth.

Yang Kai continued to refine alchemy.

Three days later, Shahu returned to the island and brought Yang Kai a large amount of auxiliary medicinal materials, and then waited quietly outside the wooden house.

Sniffing the Dan incense that diffused from the wooden house, Sha Hu was happy as if he was hundreds of years younger.

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Chapter 1738: Refining Huntian Pill – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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