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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1739: Take it? Read Novel

Chapter 1739: Take it? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1739: Take it?

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’So much? All for me?” Sha Hu stared at the jade bottle in front of him, and asked in surprise.

“En.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

“Didn’t we say good five or five points? These”

“This is the number of five or five points!”

Sha Hu was stunned, his face full of incredible.

He has provided Yang Kai with hundreds of silver lotus in total these days, which is almost all of his storage.

He thought it would be good to harvest two hundred Huntian Pills, but the jade bottles in front of him now tell him that the facts are much better than he expected.

There are at least sixty or seventy jade bottles here, and each jade bottle is filled with ten medicine pills, which means that Yang Kai gave him six or seven hundred Huntian Pills!

How did he refine so many huntian pills? As the last master of Ghost Island, Sha Hu has often visited the scenes of those crappy alchemists refining Huntian Pills, but a Huntian lotus was in the hands of those alchemists and could make two or three pill. The medicine is very good, how can it be as productive as Yang Kai?

This can only be explained from the side. Yang Kai’s alchemy level is countless times better than those crappy alchemists!

“Boy Yang, you are a friend, the old man has made it!” Sha Hu looked down and looked at Yang Kai solemnly, “If one day we can get out of here, the old man promises that the door of the sea hall will always be open for you.”

Yang Kai’s uprightness and keeping his promises moved Shahu. Yang Kai’s strength Shahu has personally verified. Such a person is worthy of his handing in, so what he said is Sincerely.

Yang Kai laughed, and said without being surprised: ’Since Mr. Sha said that, the kid is disrespectful.”

It is natural to win such an ally in Ghost Island. It was what Yang Kai wanted to see. It was better than he wandering here alone. What’s more, Shahu was still the last island owner of Ghost Island. He knew very well about Ghost Island. It would be good for the future to advance and retreat with him.

Sha Hu laughed loudly: “Unfortunately, there is no good wine here, otherwise it would be a great pleasure in life to have a drink with you! Forget it, the old man, let’s see if this huntian pill is useful for the old man. !”

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He hasn’t taken Huntian Pill for nearly a hundred years, and his strength hasn’t grown, and he is very distressed. Now that he has so many Huntian Pills, he naturally can’t wait to verify it.

He took out a jade bottle and poured out a pill from it. Without evasiveness, he put it into his mouth in front of Yang Kai.

The next moment, Sha Hu’s body shook, with an incredible look on his face, and he said in shock: “Void-level pill? Yang Kai, you are actually a virtual-level alchemist?”

He was really shocked.

Before, Yang Kai said that he was an alchemist and was able to refine Huntian Pill. He didn’t care much. He only thought that Yang Kai had some accomplishments in alchemy. But now, as soon as Huntian Pill is entered, he I noticed it was wrong.

This Huntian pill refined by Yang Kai is completely different from the one he has taken before. The biggest difference is the grade of the pill!

In an instant, Sha Hu could tell that this huntian pill was a virtual-level pill, and at least it was a virtual-level medium-grade spirit pill, and it might even be top-grade!

This shows that Yang Kai is definitely an alchemist above the virtual level!

He didn’t dare to imagine Yang Kai as a virtual king-level alchemist, because that was just a legend.

The spirit pill melts at the entrance, turning into a stream of heat, flowing into the lower abdomen, and then rushing into the limbs with the pubic area as the center.

Sha Hu’s old face turned red in an instant, which was an obvious sign of the growth of Qi and blood. His muscles rose high, and the blue veins shuttled under the flesh like earthworms.

He didn’t have time to talk to Yang Kai anymore, and quickly absorbed the power of the spirit pill.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and didn’t bother him anymore. Instead, he left the wooden house, found a quiet place on the island, and also started taking Huntian Pill.

The Huntian pill refined by his hand is completely different from the previous two dead men.

The Huntian Pill obtained before is not fully refined and has no effect on the medicine. It is a defective product. But on Ghost Island, this kind of thing is unavoidable. The level of the alchemist, the inability of the holy yuan, the quality of the ground fire, and various reasons make the alchemist on the ghost island only shoddy the sky Dan, a lot of Huntianlian was wasted in vain.

Yang Kai has made up for all the shortcomings. It is strange that the refined spirit pill is not good.

After these days of experimentation, he also came to a conclusion that the huntian pill made from silver lotus is of the virtual grade, and the one made from green lotus is of the holy king, Refined from pink Huntian lotus, it is a holy level, each grade of Huntian pill can play a role that is very different.

He didn’t use golden lotus to refine it, because the number of golden lotus was too small, and he only had about ten in his hand.

But he felt that if he was refined with golden lotus, he should be able to refine a Void King-level Huntian Pill.

Medicinal power surging through the meridians and flesh and blood, transforming the body, meridians and cells in the body, making Yang Kai’s physical quality more and more powerful.

This is the first time he has taken Huntian Pill, and the benefits he has received are beyond imagination.

Because he has taken a lot of life jelly before, he has perfected his physical body, so he can absorb the power of Huntian Pill better and faster.

Only half an hour before and after, the efficacy of a virtual grade Huntian Pill was completely absorbed by Yang Kai.

Without delay, he took out another one, threw it in his mouth, and continued to absorb it!

In the case of unable to cultivate the sacred essence and divine consciousness, using the power of huntian pill to cultivate the physical body is the ultimate way out for the ghost island martial artist.

Three days later, a burst of laughter suddenly came from the direction of the wooden house. The little dolphin swimming in the lake in the island looked up and then casually retracted his head under the lotus leaf. no longer.

A figure soared into the sky from the direction of the wooden house, and quickly ran towards Yang Kai’s direction.

After a while, Sha Hu stood in front of Yang Kai, his eyes were piercing, and his breath seemed to have changed a bit, becoming stronger.

Yang Kai opened his eyes, glanced at Sha Hu, smiled and said, “Mr. Sha seems to have made a breakthrough.”

Sha Hu looked at Yang Kai with gratitude and nodded. : “Yes, it has been dead for a hundred years, and finally brought the old man to the next level, and the old man feels that he still has room to rise, Yang Xiaozi, this kindness old man has written down.”

“Mr. Sha is polite Now.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

“Yang Kai, how about taking the old man’s punch?” Sha Hu asked with a smile. In this horrible place, he didn’t have anyone to practice his hands, so he could only hit Yang Kai with his idea.

“Okay.” To his surprise, Yang Kai actually agreed.

Sha Hu didn’t hesitate, he let out a deep cry, kicked his feet on the ground, and the whole person shot over like an arrow from a string. He was in the air and punched out.

Yang Kai sat cross-legged on the spot, motionless, just looking at him with a smile, as if he didn’t put the earth-shattering blow in his eyes at all.

Sha Hu was stunned and exclaimed angrily: “You don’t take the old man seriously, kid?”

“Mr. Sha, just use all his strength!” Yang Kai said lightly. Response.

Sha Hu’s old face was a bit unbearable. Although he was very grateful to Yang Kai, he was so despised by others, and his mood was always very subtle. Listening to Yang Kai’s words, he turned his mind and really used all his strength.

The sound of air blasting came out, and Sha Hu’s fist was like a fallen star, sandwiching the mighty power of destroying the world.

If this punch is smashed, even if it is a mountain of hundreds of meters, it will be smashed into powder.

Yang Kai just stretched out his palm and blocked it in front, his face was light and calm.

The next moment, fists intersect.

Yang Kai just shook his body slightly, still sitting on the spot, without moving.

But Sha Hu was bounced back three steps by a huge rebound force, a blush appeared on his face, and soon disappeared.

His expression changed, his previous resentment disappeared, replaced by a monster-looking look at Yang Kai, without a word for a long time.

When he fought with Yang Kai a few days ago, although the wind fell a little bit, he was not completely suppressed like he is now. Today, under the premise of increasing strength, he tried his best to not shake Yang. Open body.

This can only illustrate one problem-while his strength is growing, Yang Kai’s strength is also growing, and even faster than his own! Otherwise, such a situation would never happen.

“How much Huntian Pill do you take?” After holding back for a while, Sha Hu asked a crucial question.

“More than a hundred,” Yang Kai thought for a while.

Sha Hu took a breath, and the corners of his eyes jumped up, and said in amazement, “Your body, can you bear it?”

He only took it for the last three days. Ten Huntian Pills, the Huntian Pills refined by Yang Kai, are not comparable to those produced in Ghost Island. They are genuine virtual-grade pills. Taking too much in a short period of time, no matter how powerful the body is, it cannot withstand the medicine. It will only cause damage to the flesh and blood and meridians, and the most serious case may be an explosion.

Ten in three days is already the limit of Sha Hu, but I don’t want Yang Kai to take ten times as much!

“What can’t bear it?” Yang Kai asked strangely.

He hasn’t said that many of the Huntian Pills he took have produced pill patterns. One Huntian Pill is equivalent to two pills.

Sha Hu stood on the spot, shaking his head constantly, and said in a lonely tone: “Monster, monster!”

He is sure that he is not Yang Kai’s opponent at all now. Heavenly, he still has the confidence to escape under Yang Kai’s hands, so now he has no full confidence.

It is conceivable that, as time goes by, the strength gap between him and Yang Kai will become larger and larger.

It’s really good to have a good body practice exercise! Sha Hu sighed with emotion in his heart.

He didn’t know that the reason why Yang Kai was able to absorb the medicinal power of a hundred Huntian Pills in a short period of time was not only because of the practice of the exercises, but also because of the solid foundation laid by the previous use of life jelly.

This was a condition that Shahu could not meet.

A virtual-level alchemist, he is a monster himself, and he is kind to himself. If Sha Hu doesn’t make friends with him, he would be really stupid.

He secretly made up his mind, regardless of whether he can escape from Ghost Island in the future, Yang Kai will be his most loyal ally!

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