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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1740: It’s so mean Read Novel

Chapter 1740: It’s so mean – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1740: It’s so mean

On the waters about three thousand miles away from Ghost Island, a ship of several meters long sailed slowly, shuttled back and forth within a range, looking for the precious Huntian lotus.

There are not many warriors on the ship, there are only a few dozen of them, and a few of them are standing on the deck, looking at the sea.

But more people looked resentful and sat on the spot with gloomy eyes.

These people sometimes make eye contact, and they all show unwillingness and humiliation.

Pang Zhen of Xiaguang Island and Qianmo of Hai Clan are among them. Both of them are warriors of the Void Returning Third-layer Realm, and they are also considered to be the top powerhouse sequence on the Gloom Star, but after living on the ghost island, they found that each of the people here is stronger than themselves.

Of course, this is in terms of the physical body, but on Ghost Island, the only indicator of strength is the strength of the physical quality. Pang Zhen and Qianmo’s cultivation level of the three-level return to the virtual realm does not work here. To any effect.

It has not been a day or two to reach Ghost Island. After such a long time, it is enough for Pang Zhen and Qianmo to figure out the situation here.

A long, sharp-mouthed monkey cheek, an ugly man suddenly walked to the terraced moss, wrapped his arms around his chest, and touched his chin with one hand, scanning back and forth on the beautiful body of the qianmo with a scrutinizing gaze, eyebrows and eyes. Shining in the light.

Qian Mo looked up at him, and his pretty face immediately sank.

“Miss Qianmo, you can think about it carefully. If you obey me, I will ensure that you will be safe and secure in the future. Not only can you officially join Ghost Island and stop doing some dangerous work, but also The opportunity to get Huntian Pill is a cost-effective business. After passing this village, there will be no such shop. You know, other people are not as easy to talk as I am.”

The ghost place of Ghost Island is very It is difficult for anyone to break in by mistake, the number of people has been very small, and the entire Ghost Island has only a few thousand people in total.

There are even fewer women, especially beautiful women! Any beauty is a very precious existence, and can even be regarded as a rare commodity in exchange for a large amount of Huntian Pill.

Qianmo is undoubtedly such a person.

The sharp-mouthed man took a fancy to the rice paddies. Taking advantage of his power, he threatened and tempted to force the rice paddies to submit. Once the goal was achieved, whether it was for his own enjoyment or in exchange for the Huntian Pill, it was all A good deal.

What made him angry is that no matter what he said, Qianmo ignored his meaning.

At any rate, it is also one of the leaders of the Poseidon Palace. Even if the tiger fell in the Pingyang, Qianmo did not put the sharp-mouthed man in his eyes. If such a guy is outside, she can pinch dozens of them with one hand.

So facing the persuasion of the sharp-mouthed man, Qianmo’s answer was only one word: “Go!”

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“You” the sharp-mouthed man was furious, pointing his finger at the Qianmo, gesticulating, as if I wanted to slap her hard to relieve my anger.

Hua la la

Almost half of the people on the boat stood up, staring at the sharp-mouthed man with an indifferent gaze, and there was a fierce force in everyone’s eyes.

These people are all warriors who were killed in the sea hall and sea god palace on Ghost Island last time! Today, they have obviously abandoned their previous grievances and moved forward and retreated together, so as soon as they saw that the Qianmo was about to be punished, they all stood up. As if waiting for the sharp-mouthed man to shoot, he swarmed up and tore him to pieces.

The sharp-mouthed man finally did not slap his slap down. Although for him, Sea Temple and Sea God Palace are not to be feared. If you really want to fight, the winner must be your own side, but the Lord of the Moon Moon is a clear order. However, the residents of Ghost Island are not allowed to kill each other, and anyone who violates this order will be sentenced to capital punishment.

This is not because the Lord of the Moon Moon Island loves the people like a son, nor is it because of his generosity and kindness, but because the number of people on Ghost Island is too small.

The population on the island is not very large. If it is because of some trivial things that kill each other several times, then he, the island owner, does not have a population to command. He has really become a bare island owner, and he can do it well. No taste.

On Ghost Island, the only people who can kill are the island owner himself and a few of his cronies. Other people, no matter what their position, are not qualified to decide the life or death of another person.

When Pang Zhen, Qianmo and others just arrived on Ghost Island, they were not considered residents of Ghost Island, so naturally they were not included in this list, so the thin and long man in the lead could take the opportunity to kill a few people. Deterrence, on the other hand, is also enjoyable.

The situation is different now. Although most of the warriors in the Sea Temple and Sea God Palace have not officially joined the Ghost Island, they also have a roster. The sharp-mouthed man dare not to offend the majesty of the island owner.

“Good, good!” The sharp-mouthed man sneered, “You are so kind, dare to offend Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will make you regret your whole life, Xiao Niang Pi, you look down on Lao Tzu, right, one day, Lao Tzu I will let you come and beg me to accept you. I hope you can maintain this unwillingness to be violated by then, hehe!”

At this moment, a warrior from Ghost Island suddenly shouted on the boat. “My lord, I found a beaver beast three miles away and rushed towards us.”

“Really?” The sharp-mouthed man’s eyes lit up, he turned his head and looked over there, and he saw one. With a body length of more than ten feet, it looked like an incomparably ferocious sea beast, surrounded by huge waves approaching here.

A triumphant smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He glanced at the warriors who had opposed him before, and said leisurely: “Collecting and searching Huntianlian, the biggest danger comes from these different kinds of sea beasts. Well, it hasn’t been long since you first came to Ghost Island. It’s just the time to have a good experience. Except for the rice paddies, everyone else will welcome me to the enemy. I hope you don’t let me down!” The expressions of the dozen or so warriors in Hehaishen Palace changed drastically.

Put it outside, no one of them will put this beaver beaver in their eyes, and you can kill it with your hands, but on Ghost Island, they don’t have to be a beaver when they are tied together. The opponent of the beast.

This is the first time they have gone out to sea and participated in the search and collection of Huntian Lotus. They have not taken Huntian Pill for body tempering, and they cannot be opponents of beaver beasts at all.

The sharp-mouthed man is obviously retaliating, and he is blatant, and will not violate the order of the island owner.

“Why? Are you all deaf? My words are not good?” The pointed-mouthed man looked at Pang Zhen and the others triumphantly, his heart was filled with infinite pleasure, and his face was sullen as he spoke. Shouted: “Leave them all down for me. They won’t know the preciousness of Huntianlian without experiencing a few battles with sea beasts.”

The sharp-mouthed men’s subordinates suddenly agreed, one All of them grabbed at different targets with open eyes.

Pang Zhen and others fought hard, but where would they be their opponents?

Although the residents of these ghost islands are not as good as Pang Zhen and others in cultivation, they have taken some Huntian pills to temper their bodies, and their bodies are generally strong.

Three times, Pang Zhen and the others were beaten with blue noses and swollen faces, and they fell into the sea one after another.

The beaver beast rushing here has obviously become a lot excited, and the speed of its advance suddenly increases. The target is directly at the Pang Zhen and others who fall into the sea, and they want to treat them as fruits.

“Ban servant!” The pointed-mouthed man stood on the boat, admiring the struggling posture of Pang Zhen and others, squinting at the terraced fields, and sneered: “If they die, it will be your responsibility, hey Hey, if you had followed me earlier, it wouldn’t happen. But it’s not too late. Just kneel down and beg me to take you, and I can save them. There is a beaver beaver. Uncle Ben!”

Qianmo looked distraught with grief and anger, his silver teeth clenched, and he stared at the sharp-mouthed man fiercely.

Pang Zhen didn’t have much friendship with her. Although the warriors of Haidian and Haishen Palace had abandoned their previous suspicions and fought hand in hand after the disaster arrived here, but to say that for Pang Zhen’s life, they have bowed their knees. Not so noble.

However, among the people who fell into the water, there were also people from the Sea God Palace, and her relatives, she couldn’t just sit back and watch.

“Despicable!” Qianmo scolded angrily.

The sharp-mouthed man is not ashamed, he laughed: “I’m so mean, what’s the matter? Do you think this is still Poseidon Palace? Do you think you are still the leader of Poseidon Palace? Tsk, I thought I was outside back then. When I was in awe of you Sea God Palace, people who saw Sea God Palace had to walk around, lest they provoke you. I didn’t expect that Lao Tzu would have such a day, and the dignified Sea God Palace commander would also have to kneel. When you beg me, be happy, happy!”

Qianmo’s body was trembling, and her nails were embedded in her hands. Red blood ran down her white wrists and dripped onto the deck, but she didn’t say anything. feel.

“You don’t have much time to think about it. If you hesitate, they will all die!” The sharp-mouthed man stretched out his hand and pointed forward.

Qianmo turned his head and saw that the huge sea beast was only fifty feet away from Pang Zhen and the others. Even though the people who fell into the water fled, how could they escape the speed of the beaver beast? If the sharp-mouthed men don’t stop them, their ultimate outcome can only be swallowed by beavers one by one.

There was a look of despair on the rice paddies.

“Kneel down!” The sharp-mouthed man yelled and put pressure on the rice paddies again. He also noticed that the rice paddies were a little shaken. At this time, applying pressure is undoubtedly the best choice. Maybe you can put pressure on the paddies. Crushed.

The other residents of Ghost Island all stood by and watched the good show, and they were very envious.

The commander of the Sea God Palace, what a noble identity, they could only look up to his breath before, but now they are being humiliated arbitrarily, which gives them a kind of perverted pleasure.

Especially for such a beautiful woman with a fiery figure, when thinking of her kneeling on the ground and praying, a group of people only felt that it was worthwhile to die immediately.

Qianmo’s figure shook, his knees seemed to be bent, but he straightened his body soon, gritted his teeth and said: “You dream!”

The sharp-mouthed man face Her smile stiffened, expectations turned into disappointment, and then turned into anger.

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Chapter 1740: It’s so mean – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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