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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1741: Her Royal Highness Princess Read Novel

Chapter 1741: Her Royal Highness Princess – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1741: Her Royal Highness Princess

Qianmo ignored him, but smiled coldly: “With my identity, cultivation base, and beauty, if I recommend myself a pillow seat to the Master of the Moon Moon Island, would you say he would accept it? At that time, I can use the Huntian Pill to temper my body. Then you have to listen to my orders. Guess how I will torture you then?”

The sharp-mouthed man instantly turned pale and sweated profusely.

He can imagine such a scene, and he can also imagine his final ending, it must be no better than death.

Qianmo was dispatched to collect Huntianlian because she was unwilling to obey the control of Ghost Island, but she was right. With her identity and beauty, once she was willing to recommend herself a pillow, there was no Which man can refuse, even if it is the island owner Mingyue.

At that time, the rice paddies will jump up and become the noble lady of the island owner!

That is a scene that the sharp-mouthed man absolutely does not want to see. If he offends the future lady of the island owner, he will not end well.

The sharp-mouthed man’s expression changed, and a flash of coldness and cruelty suddenly flashed in his eyes, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Ban maid, this is what you forced me.”

While speaking, he turned towards the terraces. He walked in the direction he was in, looking bad.

He is obviously unwilling to let the things he worry about happen, and the only way to avoid it is to throw the rice paddies down! As long as the Qianmo is dead, he can sit back and relax, although he feels a pity, but compared with his own life, what is this?

The paddy moss seemed to have been expected, and did not appear flustered at all, but sneered: “You don’t need to do it!”

The words fell, the paddy moss jumped and jumped off the boat. He looks like he wants to advance and retreat with Pang Zhen and others.

She would rather die than succumb. The reason why she said she would recommend herself a pillow seat before was also in the hope that she would be able to deter the sharp-mouthed man. Since her plan did not succeed, Then you can only take the initiative to jump into the sea.

Falling into the icy water, Qianmo and Pang Zhen looked at each other, nodding slightly, even if they were about to flee in different directions.

This time, things can’t be done well. The only hope for survival is to escape from here, away from the sharp-mouthed man and others and the beaver. The hope is not great, but you have to try hard.

Marching in the sea, the sea race undoubtedly occupies an absolute advantage, after all, they are a race born in the sea.

Boom boom boom

Suddenly a muffled noise came from far and near. The noise seemed to be someone slamming the surface of the water vigorously, with rhythmic vibrations, passing The surface of the water passed over.

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At the same time, there are also layers of ripples visible to the naked eye.

The sound is getting closer, and the ripples are getting clearer and clearer, almost converging into ocean waves.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, turned their heads and looked in the direction of the sound source. They didn’t know what happened. Even the aggressive beaver seemed to have sensed the danger and stopped. Stay on the sea.

A row of water jets rising up into the sky are advancing toward this side at an extremely fast speed, and in front of the water jet, there is a figure, carrying his hands on his back, stepping over the sea.

The booming sound was exactly the impact of his feet when he stepped on the surface of the sea.

Every time he fell, he carried an indescribable mood of force. When he left, there was a water column behind him rising into the sky like a dragon.

This person is not young, he looks like he is in his 50s or 60s, and his true age is definitely more than that.

The sharp-mouthed man and the warrior of Ghost Island were dumbfounded, and their hearts were shocked.

Because it is extremely difficult to walk on the sea with the power of the flesh. Although they can also do it, there is absolutely no such power as someone, and it is impossible to continue too much. Long time.

But the old man who came here looked like walking in a leisurely courtyard. Except for his voice was a little louder, he didn’t see any tiredness or strength at all. Signs of exhaustion.

It seems that he can go on like this as long as he wants to.

How powerful is the physical force needed to sustain this way for a long time?

Looking at the entire Ghost Island, there will be no more than one palm that can do this.

Beside this old man, there is a figure who looks a little younger, a young man. The young man sits cross-legged, his whole person exposed on the sea, which is much more relaxed than the old man. Seeing what he was doing, he chased the old man so peacefully, not lagging behind.

When he got closer, the sharp-mouthed man realized that there was a sea beast under the young man’s buttocks, carrying him forward.

The “this” sharp-mouthed man was stunned. The warriors of Ghost Island have not tried to tame sea beasts, but even if the island owner himself goes out, there is no successful precedent. The sea beasts living in the waters near Ghost Island, No matter how strong or weak, each one would be rebellious and would rather die than surrender, so after trying many times that year, Ghost Island had to give up.

And now, someone is sitting on the back of a sea beast, which is more shocking than the old man walking on the sea to the sharp-mouthed man.

Pang Zhen, Qianmo and others were naturally disturbed by the disturbances of the old and the young.

“Hey, he is” Pang Zhen looked at Yang Kai seriously for a long time, suddenly his eyes lit up.

But Qianmo stared at Yang Kai’s bottom with a pair of beautiful eyes. There was some hesitation and disbelief in the beautiful eyes, but soon, she showed ecstasy and her figure was vertical. Jumped out of the sea, stepped on the sea, and quickly approached Yang Kai.

She couldn’t do a leisurely stroll like the old man, and she couldn’t last too long. All she relied on was a big push, and when the strength was exhausted, the paddy moss could no longer move on.

But she still approached Yang Kai frantically and excitedly, with a long-lost smile on her pretty face.

“Old Sha, do you know this woman?” Yang Kai, who was sitting on the back of the little dolphin, turned his head to look at Sha Hu and asked in confusion.

Sha Hu laughed: “The old man has not been out of the mountains for a hundred years, so where does he know someone? Isn’t this woman coming to you?”

“Looking for me?” Yang Kai smiled. “Not so, she is the commander of the Sea God Palace, I have nothing to do with her, eh, why does it seem to really come to me?”

As the distance narrowed, Yang Kai also found that something was wrong. Up.

This woman named Qianmo actually rushed towards her, approaching herself while constantly waving her hands, acting as if she was familiar with her.

Yang Kai scratched his forehead, puzzled, and he didn’t respond rashly, so he could only watch the changes.

The little dolphin under the buttocks suddenly made a happy and aggrieved cry, and the speed suddenly accelerated, and greeted him on the terraced rice paddies.

After a short time, the Qianmo came to Yang Kai. She didn’t mean to pay attention to Yang Kai at all. Instead, she leaned in front of the little dolphin, relieved, and screamed in a trembling voice: ” Princess!”

“Princess?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded, staring at the scene.

The little dolphins kept calling and calling with excitement. They circled around the rice paddies, and finally plunged into the arms of the rice paddies, as if a child saw his mother and acted like a baby to his heart’s content.

Sha Hu stood quietly, with his hands on his back, looked at the paddock, then at the little dolphin, and nodded: ’So, it turned out to be the porpoise family, no wonder the old man felt something was wrong.”

Yang Kai wakes up like a dream.

Qianmo called the little dolphins a princess, and Sha Hu said that the little dolphins belonged to a family of dolphins. Yang Kai immediately realized that the little dolphin he had accidentally encountered had a background. It was obviously from the sea clan. A member of the royal family is the sea princess whom Qianmo and Shang Ao were looking for. For this reason, the two sea leaders also went to Xiaguang Island to make a fuss.

It seems that Qianmo and Shang Ao didn’t lie. The sea princess did disappear near Xiaguang Island, but she was not taken captive by the Haidian people, but broke into the ghost island.

Then I was accidentally found out by myself.

Qianmo found the princess of the sea clan, and the whole person relaxed, and even his own safety now did not hesitate to worry about the little dolphin and her intimacy. For a while, he suddenly raised his head and glared at Yang Kai fiercely: “What have you done to the princess of my clan, you despicable human race? You dare to ride on the princess’s body, it’s absolutely impossible to die!”

Yang Kai looked down at her and chuckled: “What can I do to it?”

He was not angry because of the attitude of the paddock. The status of the little dolphin is supreme among the sea people. It is only natural to be so angry.

“Don’t you hurry down?” Qianmo scolded again.

Yang Kai pouted: “If it doesn’t want to carry me, I will come down naturally. Little guy, tell me, do you want me to come down?”

In the last sentence, Yang Kai said to the little dolphin. Under the gaze of the cannibalism, he also reached out and patted the little dolphin’s head.

The lungs of the Qianmo were very happy. It exploded. Although the princess was still young and could not transform a human body, she was sacred and inviolable among the sea clan. Any sea clan must respectfully salute it when seeing it, but now, a despicable human clan rides on the princess. Not only that, but also shamelessly patted the princess on the head.

What made Qianmo most annoyed was that the princess exuded a few bubbles from her mouth, her tail wagging very much. Happy.

“Look” Yang Kai spread his hands, “I didn’t force it!”

Qian Mo took a deep breath, his chest full and puffed up high, there was an urge to punch Yang Kai to death.

The little dolphin’s mouth made a strange tone, and Qian Mo focused on it. He listened for a long while, his face was a little dark, but he still stared at Yang Kai with enmity and hatred: “I don’t know what conspiracy you used to make the princess depend on you so much, but this is not over, you will remember it!”

Yang Kai shrugged, ignoring her meaningless ruthless words.

Pang Zhen also swam to Yang Kai’s side at this time, holding a fist in greeting: ’Sect Master Yang!”

“Island Lord Pang, where in your life really don’t meet each other!” “Yang Kai responded with a smile.

Pang Zhen looked down at his state, which was quite embarrassing.

Fortunately, Yang Kai changed the topic at the right time and asked: “Why are you so embarrassed? The people on the boat are not from the Sea Temple and the Sea God Palace, right?”

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Chapter 1741: Her Royal Highness Princess – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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