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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1743: Breaking Through Read Novel

Chapter 1743: Breaking Through – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1743: Breaking Through

Sha Hu laughed loudly and waved his hand: “I don’t need you, I haven’t used the Huntian Pill to temper my body. You are just going to die. This time, Yang Kai and I Just go over it. You can hide in the distance and watch the show.”

“Sect Master Yang?” Pang Zhen looked suspiciously at the stern of the ship, and said softly in the direction Yang Kai was in, ’Sect Master Yang is indeed among the people. Zhilong, the disciple has fought with him before, not his opponent, but he has only recently come to Ghost Island. What can I do to help Uncle Master?”

He has no doubt that Yang Kai is powerful, but After all, it was on the Wuyou Sea, as can be seen from the situation of him and the Qianmo, the warrior who is strong outside may not necessarily be strong here.

As long as the warriors who have lived on Ghost Island for a few years, they can knead them at will.

So when Sha Hu said that he would only bring Yang Kai forward, Pang Zhen was a little worried.

Sha Hu gave a wry smile: “What do you know? Even the old man is not his opponent. Can you help me?”

“Huh?” Pang Zhen said. Zhang was enough to lay an egg, his face was full of horror, almost suspecting that he had heard it wrong.

Looking back at Yang Kai who was standing at the stern of the boat, Pang Zhen found that Yang Kai was smiling harmlessly at his own people and animals, and couldn’t help but fight a cold war.

“Don’t doubt, he is indeed better than the old man. I tried a trick with him a month ago and was repulsed by his palm. Now,” Sha Hu did not continue, but Pang Zhen But he heard the extraneous sound.

Sha Hu’s meaning is very obvious. He was repulsed by Yang Kai a month ago, and now he may be even more unbearable.

Pang Zhen became more and more shocked.

Everyone was in trouble to Ghost Island together. After these two or three months, the strength of myself and others has not increased at all. They have been instructed by the warriors of Ghost Island to do something meaningless. Things, but Yang Kai was able to defeat Master Sha, who had lived here for three hundred years.

Is this kid a monster?

The boat is not big, but it sails very smoothly on the sea. The little dolphins push back from time to time, and the speed is not slow.

Only five days before and after, I saw Ghost Island in the distance.

“Just wait here, and wait until the old lady is done, and then pick you up.” Sha Hu commanded, and then casually threw a bottle of Huntian Pill to Pang Zhen: “Everyone One grain, absorbed and refined.”

Pang Zhen took it, overjoyed.

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He has long been coveting the Huntian Pill on Ghost Island, and he also knows that the reason why the warriors of Ghost Island are stronger than himself and the others is because of this kind of pill, but unfortunately there has been no way to get it.

Originally, they had to wait until they officially joined Ghost Island before they were eligible to receive different amounts of Huntian Pill from the island owner after performing some tasks. This process will be very long, maybe 80% of people can wait. At that time, they will die due to some reasons, and even if they are received, the quantity is very scarce, and the quality is even lower.

But now, Sha Hu threw a bottle to him.

Pang Zhen respectfully thanked him, and without delay, he uncovered the bottle cap and gave the Haidian disciple a pill.

Qianmo’s eyes were extremely hot when she was looking aside. When she was sad and depressed, she suddenly noticed something flying towards her from the corner of her eyes. He stretched out his hand and grabbed that thing on the palm of his hand.

I looked up and found that Yang Kai was looking at him with a smile, and said: “You can also share a pill.”

Qianmo blinked and snorted: “The commander will return it to you in the future.”

“I’ll talk about it later.” Yang Kai smiled, and followed Sha Hu and ran towards Ghost Island.

The little dolphin made a strange cry from the rear, seeming to be telling Yang Kai to be careful all the way.

Sending a bottle of Huntian Pill to Qianmo is not a whim, because he knows that even if he doesn’t send it, the little dolphin will ask for it. It has a very close relationship with Qianmo, so naturally. Consider for the rice paddies.

Almost all the Huntian Lotus in Yang Kai’s hand were taken by the little dolphins to find him. It can be said that Huntian Lotus and Huntian Pill have half the credit of the little dolphins, one bottle Huntian Dan was nothing but Yang Kai.

Shahu slowed down in front of him, obviously waiting for Yang Kai.

After Yang Kai got along with him, Sha Hu said with a solemn expression: “Yang Kai, the purpose of this trip is to kill the thief Mingyue. On Ghost Island, Mingyue is the most powerful, but there are also Some guys who are not weak will need you to help the old man in the battle at that time.”

“No problem.” Yang Kai readily agreed, and then asked: “Fight against Mingyue, Sha Lao has How confident is it?”

Sha Hu’s expression was serious, and after thinking about it for a while, he said: “At least 60%! Although the old man and Mingyue have not seen him in a century, his strength must have increased, but with Those inferior Huntian Pills, no matter how much his strength is increased, the old man has some confidence to kill him in his palm.”

“Then I wish Sha Laoqi a victory.” Yang Kai smiled authentically.

Sha Hu is full of spirits. Since taking the Huntian Pill refined by Yang Kai, his strength that has never been increased has been steadily increasing. Although he is not as good as Yang Kai, it is already extremely tyrannical to others.

Compared with the Huntian Pills refined by Yang Kai, Sha Hu only felt that the Huntian Pills he had taken before were simply shit! Not only is the quality extremely low, it is difficult to refining, but also the medicine is impure. While enhancing the physical quality, it also brings some hidden dangers to the physical body. Such hidden dangers cannot be seen in a short time. Dan, something will definitely go wrong.

Mingyue had no advantage over the Huntian Pill, and Sha Hu would not put him in his eyes at all.

The speed of the two is extremely fast. After a short time, they all rushed to the ghost island. Looking at the city in the center of the island, Shahu sneered, and the speed suddenly increased. An afterimage was left.

Yang Kai unhurriedly followed, and followed Sha Hu without falling behind.

Ghost City is the only city on Ghost Island. There are seven or eight thousand warriors in the city. It is also the only life base on Ghost Island. I don’t know when this city was cultivated. The ancient city wall The traces of the passage of time are engraved on it, and almost every warrior who has made trouble to the ghost island will come to this city.

In Ghost City, the highest status is Ghost Island owner Mingyue, followed by several of his confidants, who are in charge of the entire Ghost Island and control the flow of Huntian Dan.

The warriors living on Ghost Island must obey Mingyue’s rule if they want to obtain the Huntian Pill.

At the gate of the city, four or five warriors were wearing armor, monitoring the past warriors. Any warrior returning from the sea must hand over half of his income before being released.

The most precious Huntianlian lotus will be collected in its entirety, and will not be kept privately by the warriors. Any warrior who dares to keep Huntianlian privately will be punished with the most severe punishment.

A team looked exhausted, and the warriors who had returned from the sea lined up outside the city gate to wait, preparing to enter the Ghost City.

Many of these warriors had physical injuries, some even lacked arms or legs, and looked very embarrassed. Obviously, they were attacked by sea beasts when they went out to sea, and the loss was not small.

When those warriors in armor were checking the harvest of the warriors waiting to enter the city, they suddenly heard an exclamation from the crowd, and the leading warrior frowned and was about to speak. Reprimanded, but turned his head and looked into the distance seemingly feeling.

Over there, two figures are approaching quickly towards Ghost City, as fast as lightning. Both behind them are dragging long afterimages, waiting until they rushed hundreds of feet away. The afterimage gradually disappeared.

The leading warrior was shocked, winked at several of his companions, took out their own secret treasures one after another, and blocked them in front of the city gate.

When the two figures were about to approach, he shouted: “Who, stop me!”

“Get out!” An angry shout came, two. The silhouettes had already rushed through the city gate one after another, and broke into the ghost city.

The warriors who were waiting in line to enter the city were in an uproar, all showing a look of surprise.

The management of Ghost Island is so strict. It has not happened for many years for such forced entry into the city. But today, they have witnessed this scene with their own eyes. Many people can’t help but because of the two forced entry People stood in silence.

They felt that the two of them were dead, and they dared to provoke Mingyue’s authority in Ghost City. They were destined to die without a place to bury them.

But before they finished their thoughts, they heard a bang when they touched the ground, turned their heads, and found that the leading warrior wearing armor had exploded and died, leaving a large amount of blood on the spot. And minced meat.

The onlookers only felt a chill from head to toe, and they were silent. They didn’t even notice when the leading warrior was recruited.

At the same time, a roar resounding across the sky suddenly came from the city: “Mingyue, get out of the old man!”

The roar was earth-shaking and deafening, and many people couldn’t help but turn pale.

But there are also those who are afraid that the world will not be in chaos. After a moment, their expressions become extremely excited, and they move closer to the source of the sound. They want to see which bold guy actually dares to be in Ghost City. Call Mingyue’s name directly.

The whole Ghost City was hopping around, and under Shahu’s roar, countless warriors gathered towards the direction where Shahu was.

In a short time, more than two thousand people gathered around, and the number is still increasing.

Sha Hu stood quietly on a street in Ghost City, with his hands on his back, his expression indifferent.

Yang Kai is one position behind him, looking bored, looking at the surrounding environment.

The entire Ghost City looks pretty good. Although it is a bit shabby, it is a great achievement to be able to build a stronghold for life in this ghost place.

There are even some shops near the street, buying and selling daily necessities.

At this moment, the people in the nearby shops have already left the building. Under the astonishing momentum of Shahu, no one dared to stay nearby, and they were already hiding far away.

Whispering voices continued to be heard around, many warriors pointed at Yang Kai and Sha Hu, some of them were gloating, some were cold-eyed bystanders, and some were eager to move, with different expressions.

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Chapter 1743: Breaking Through – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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