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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1744: Haunted Moon Read Novel

Chapter 1744: Haunted Moon – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1744: Haunted Moon

“Old thing, you dare to offend the majesty of the lord of the island? Give me my life!” From a distance, an angry shout came over, from the end of the street, A figure rushed towards Shahu fiercely, shouting loudly while rushing, apparently a bit of an invitation for credit.

The management of Ghost Island is extremely strict, and riots or uncontrolled things rarely happen, so these warriors who follow Mingyue rarely have the opportunity to express themselves. Today is undoubtedly one There was a good opportunity, and the visitor had spotted this opportunity and prepared to take Sha Hu’s knife.

If Mingyue can be pleased, a good bottle of Huntian Pill will never escape.

So after hearing Sha Hu’s roar, he rushed over here immediately.

In the middle of the journey, a heavy knife-shaped secret treasure has been sacrificed. It is held in the palm of the hand, and it is also full of momentum. With the burly body, there is indeed a kind of person blocking murder, Buddha blocking Killing the Buddha is an unrelenting mighty force.

Sha Hu just stood quietly on the spot, looking at the tallest building in the center of the island.

There seemed to be a dark eye, coming from afar, looking at Sha Hu’s eyes, and colliding fierce sparks in mid-air. The invisible power reduced the temperature of the entire ghost island a lot. Many people can’t help but shiver.

The brawny man who came with the knife didn’t realize it, and rushed all the way to ten feet in front of Sha Hu, before he leaped high, the long knife in his hand struck a shining arc, and the corner of his mouth was pouted. With a sneer: “Old thing, your head, I have accepted it.”

Sha Hu turned his head slowly and carefully, and looked at the person.

Under this look, the person who came by took a breath of cold air, and a look of terrified horror appeared on his face. The indomitable momentum was like snowflakes under the scorching sun, instantly turning into invisible, and the throat issued a ho The weird sound of ho.

He exhaled, and the whole person fell straight down from mid-air, his feet plunged deep into the ground, staring at Sha Hu with a pair of eyes, his voice trembled and said: “Island Lord Sha Sha?”

This brawny man obviously recognized Shahu.

Sha Hu sneered coldly: “Zhou An! You haven’t seen you in a hundred years, you still haven’t made much progress.”

The brawny man who called Zhou An looked at him, and then angrily said: “Whether Zhou will grow up is not up to you, but you are the Lord of Sand Island. How come you are still alive?”

“Mingyue said I was dead? Sha Hu sneered softly, looking at Zhou An like an idiot: “Do you believe what he said?” Not only is the old man not dead, he is still alive and moisturized. Today is to take the head of Mingyue’s Xiangshang to vent the hatred of the old man!”

Zhou An’s expression flickered. Although frightened, his attitude was still tough and said: ’Sha Hu, less wishful thinking, the master of Mingyue Island has improved greatly in the past century. You were not his opponent back then. Today Still not, just obediently go with Zhou to see the island owner, maybe you can escape, otherwise”

“What else?”

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“The owner of the island could defeat you a hundred years ago, and you will still be no opponent a hundred years later! “Zhou An Shen shouted.

Sha Hu laughed: “Idiot, didn’t Mingyue tell you that the reason why he was so good back then was because he used poison? Since the old man is making a comeback today, he will definitely not be given a chance.”

He didn’t bother to pay attention to Zhou An anymore. Instead, he looked at the tallest building and whispered: “Mingyue, if you don’t have the guts to come down and fight the old man, the old man will go up. !”

When the words are over, Sha Hu’s figure is vertical, leaping out more than ten feet high, approaching the center of the island like a big Peng spreading his wings.

“Wishful thinking!” There was a loud shout from all around. At least a dozen warriors wrapped in a cloud of red light sprang out of the crowd and intercepted them towards Shahu.

The bright red light outside of these warriors is an obvious sign of vigorous qi and blood, and from the strength of that light, the fullness and deficiency of qi and blood can also be inferred.

Some ghost island warriors that Yang Kai encountered before were either too low in strength or had no real ability, so they did not show such signs, but at this moment, after learning the true identity of Sha Hu, ghost island The dozens of strong men in the country can’t even care about hiding their privates, and they have used their full strength one after another.

Sha Hu ignored the pincers of the dozen or so people, staring coldly at the front, without sorrow or joy, without fear or fear, and killing thoughts like waves.

More than a dozen people looked overjoyed, and everyone desperately urged the power in their own body to perform their own killer moves to cover the sand.

Before their killer move arrived, a young man appeared strangely behind Sha Hu, floating quietly in the air, just like flying in the air.

In the face of the fierce flanking attack of more than a dozen people, the young man still smiled lightly, and when they got close enough, he slammed his fists out quickly.

In mid-air, fist shadows poured out like a squally rain, blasting in all directions.

More than a dozen figures, the red light on their bodies burst like bubbles, everyone was hit hard, and flew back amidst screams and exclamations, some of them’s bodies, And burst open in midair.

Boom boom boom

The remaining survivors fell in the nearby houses, smashing the houses out one big hole after another, bleed, and there are broken internal organs in the blood. Blocks, falling to the ground can not afford, life is dim.

Thousands of onlookers were in an uproar, staring in horror at the young man who was still floating in the air, and everyone’s eyes were full of horror.

The dozen or so people who attacked Shahu just now, but all of them are powerful people with names and surnames on Ghost Island. No one knows how strong they are in the outside world, but in this Ghost Island, they Everyone in it is enough to rank in the top 100!

They are the capable men of Mingyue!

In the face of this youth’s offensive, more than a dozen people were killed and injured. No one could get up. It could be said that the entire army was wiped out!

Who is this young man? Why have you never seen it before?

Compared with this young man, Shahu’s name is already known to many people. In Ghost Island, Zhou An is not the only one who recognizes Shahu. Among the martial artists onlookers, there are also many who remember Shahu a hundred years ago. Husha Island Master.

One pass ten, ten pass a hundred, and soon, the warriors of the entire Ghost Island know what the situation is now, and it is the former island chief who is actually coming to avenge the current island owner! This is a once-in-a-lifetime drama, no one wants to miss it.

But the young man who just showed his power was in front of him. No one dared to chase after him to watch the excitement. Those warriors who obeyed Mingyue didn’t dare to move at all. There was a weak and miserable howling in their ears, as long as they didn’t want to die, they would not dare to touch Yang Kai’s mold.

Yang Kai glanced around, smiled and said: “Old Sha is going to challenge Mingyue, you can just look at it from a distance. If you don’t have long eyes and dared to come forward, you can stop blaming Yang for being hot. It’s ruthless.”

In normal times, no one would take care of such a little-known young man’s words, but after he shot back a combined blow from a dozen strong men, he said this. It has absolute majesty.

No one dared to provoke. The warriors who watched the excitement all stood in place from a distance, looking up, wondering which is the strong one between the former owner and the current one.

In the center of the island, a great battle has clearly broken out. Sha Hu’s anger was passed over a long distance, seeming to be the rise of killing, even if it was more than a dozen miles away, the fist and foot collision triggered The artistic conception of force can also be transmitted clearly, and the explosion and tremor of the air poured into the eardrum, making people excited and frightened.

Yang Kai stood there thinking for a while, and pointed to make a mark on the ground, and then walked towards the battlefield without looking back.

Even after he left, no one dared to cross the mark. They could only watch the earth-shattering battle over there from a distance. Even though they were unreal, they could only endure the anxiety in his heart.

At a distance of more than a dozen miles, Yang Kai only took more than a dozen breaths to reach it.

Beneath the tallest building in the center of the island, there were already some bloody corpses lying down, apparently killed by Sandhu.

Some warriors stood not far away, their expressions close in surprise.

They did not dare to intervene at will. When Sha Hu first arrived here, he killed a few people with the momentum of thunder and established his own mighty image. These people would go unless they wanted to die. Trouble with Sha Hu.

Now, Mingyue is the only one fighting Shahu.

Yang Kai didn’t pay attention to those strong people who were watching the battle, and cast his gaze towards Mingyue.

This is a gentle, book-like middle-aged man, dressed like a Confucian scholar, with a single temperament, somewhat similar to the great elder Mo Yu of Qian Tianzong.

But his physical strength is countless times stronger than Mo Yu.

The red light outside his body is extremely thick, demonstrating the tyrannical power of blood and blood, and there is the sound of dragons and tigers roaring between his hands and feet, and the power to open up the world.

The radiance of energy and blood outside of Sha Hu is no less inferior to him. When Yang Kai arrived here, the two fisted and fisted, and the sky was dark, and huge pits appeared on the ground. The surrounding buildings all collapsed, and even the most central building was swept away by a wall, leaning to the side.

Yang Kai looked at it for a moment, and couldn’t help but raise his brow.

Sha Hu regards Mingyue as his life enemy, and every time he mentions Mingyue, he is full of jealousy, which is not unreasonable.

Yang Kai can affirm that Sha Hu was definitely not Mingyue’s opponent three months ago. Judging by the strength of Sha Hu when he first met him at the time, he would definitely not insist under Mingyue. To Bai Xi Kung Fu.

But in the past three months, Sha Hu has taken a lot of Huntian Pills he made by himself, and has made a certain degree of breakthrough in physical strength, which is particularly powerful compared to three months ago. That’s why it can be evenly matched with Mingyue, without letting go.

The fighting between the two is so savage and mad, it’s almost an injury-for-injury style of play.

This style of play is most suitable for warriors with strong physical strength, because the physical body is strong and the blood is strong, the injury will not be too serious, and the recovery is easy.

Yang Kai used this style of play more than once to kill powerful enemies.

But when the physical strength of the two is balanced, this style of play really can only be replaced by injury.

The only thing that determines the final victory is your own perseverance and determination!

At this point, Sha Hu will undoubtedly have the advantage.

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