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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1747: What is the origin? Read Novel

Chapter 1747: What is the origin? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1747: What is the origin?

These holes are all similar to the existence of space cracks, and they have always existed here, but no one usually notices that only the Star Emperor Order can activate them.

The shape of the hole is also the same as the Xingdi Ling.

In the void, there are a total of nine holes, and there are some subtle and mysterious connections between each other. These nine token-shaped holes are connected end to end, forming a single hole that Yang Kai cannot see. Understand the magic circle!

Nine is the extreme, and Yang Yan once told Yang Kai that she had made a total of nine Star Emperor Orders in her heyday. If all the nine Star Emperor Orders could be collected, it would be revealed. Out of a shocking secret.

What exactly is this astounding secret, Yang Yan didn’t say clearly.

It is obviously related to this scene!

Yang Kai was thoughtful on his face, gradually linking what he had seen and heard in the past, but he could not figure out the intention of Yang Yan.

The ghost island is definitely related to Yang Yan. There is no doubt about this. Otherwise, there will be no void cracks in the shape of nine tokens, and there will not be the same number of holes as the total number of Star Emperor Orders.

In Yang Kai’s absence, that piece of Star Emperor Order has already flown into a hole, just covering the hole tightly, leaving no gaps, as if that void crack was caught by the Star Emperor. Ling Ji made up for the same.

For a moment of contemplation, Yang Kai flipped his wrist, and four more Star Emperor orders appeared on the palm of his hand.

These four Star Emperor Orders were obtained by Yang Kai by chance and coincidence over the past few decades since entering the Star Territory.

One of them was a gift from the ancestor of the ghost, and it was the only Star Emperor Order that sealed the Great Emperor’s supernatural powers. However, during the battle with Luo Hai on the Chilan Star, Yang Kai unlocked the seal and used the Star Emperor Order. Zhiwei killed Luo Hai.

Although there is no seal, the Star Emperor Order has been preserved.

The second piece was obtained by Yang Kai from the attic on the sixth floor when Yang Kai entered the Liuyan Sand for the first time.

The third piece originally belonged to Ye Xiyun, but was later transferred to Yang Kai.

The fourth piece is obtained from the altar at Xingdi Mountain.

Counting the Star Emperor Order he received today, Yang Kai already has five yuan in his hand.

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Of the remaining four pieces, Yang Kai only knows that there will be one piece of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, while the other three pieces are unknown.

After the four Star Emperor Orders were taken out, as expected, they wanted to escape from Yang Kai’s control, but Yang Kai remained calm and let them fly out.

Unsurprisingly, these four Star Emperor Orders also slid through the arc in mid-air, and each was embedded in the void to make up for the existence of those holes.

At the next moment, the five Star Emperor Orders burst into light, and a mysterious force emerged from the Star Emperor Order, covering Yang Kai.

The power of the holy yuan that has been silent for a long time, like a dam bursting a bank, rumblingly flows through Yang Kai’s flesh and blood and meridians, delivering amazing power.

Experiencing this long-lost power, Yang Kai took a deep breath and felt relaxed and happy.

Up to now, he has understood it. It is precisely because there is a Star Emperor Order in his hand that Mingyue can be able to use the power of the holy yuan to fight the sand by surprise.

As he is now.

I just don’t know if Mingyue originally had the Star Emperor Order, or if she accidentally discovered it here.

Mingyue is dead, these can no longer be explored.

Yang Kai is in the shape of a javelin, standing in place, looking up into the void, his eyes deep.

His mind pierced through the void, reaching far away.

He faintly noticed that behind this emptiness, a wider world was hidden! The splendor of this world is far beyond the star field where you are located, where there are more powerful warriors and more terrifying power of laws.

Yang Kai wandered around, unable to wake up for a long time.

He wanted to see what the world was like, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t see clearly. He only vaguely felt his soul in a channel, constantly advancing, advancing, as if It never ends.

Outside the col, Shahu held his hands on his back, quietly looking forward.

He didn’t know what happened to Yang Kai entering there, but it has been a month since he entered it. Ghost Island is now completely under his control. All the warriors who have targeted him back then, all After being killed, the remaining warriors have also been loyal to him.

Shahu once again became the owner of Ghost Island!

Pang Zhen, Qianmo and Shang Ao came together.

Shang Ao did not die, but was imprisoned by Mingyue, and suffered some torture. Without taking Huntian Pill, Shang Ao could display his excellent combat power. One can imagine how far he can grow if he takes Huntian Pill.

With such a potential subordinate, Mingyue naturally reluctant to kill. The original intention was to imprison him for a period of time, to sharpen his temperament, and then find a way to conquer, but in the end he couldn’t wait until that day.

After Mingyue’s death, Shang Ao was rescued by Qianmo.

At this moment, the three of them approached, and at the entrance of the col, the stone puppet that shook the Tianzhu and Liuyan, who was transformed into a human form, looked vigilantly.

The three of them were instantly locked by the gods of the stone puppets and Liuyan, and their bodies were instantly stiff, and they did not dare to move.

“Two of you, they are not malicious, don’t be nervous.” Sha Hu twitched the corner of his mouth and hurriedly clasped his fists.

The stone puppet’s eyes turned, unmoved, still leaning forward, maintaining a posture of attacking at any time, but Liuyan’s intelligence is slightly higher, and he glanced at Sha Hu coldly, and converged hostility.

Sha Hu was embarrassed.

I think he was one of the strongest on the worry-free sea. He had been on the ghost island for three hundred years. Although he had been unable to use the holy essence, after the body tempering of the huntian pill, he believed that he was only Strong or weak, but that’s it, he is no match for Yang Kai’s two men.

Needless to say, the stone man, at first glance, is a guy with infinite power. When he can’t use the sacred element, the ten sand shou together may not be able to wrestle with it.

The gorgeous woman is even more terrible. There are two violent powers of thunder and fire flowing in her body, her aura is compelling, and the pressure on Shahu is greater than that of stone puppets.

Faced with this woman, Sha Hu is like facing a virtual king realm-although he doesn’t know how strong the virtual king realm is.

After calming the stone puppet and Liuyan, Sha Hu turned his head to look at Pang Zhen and the others and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Shang Ao and Qianmo leaders want to come to Yang Xiang Sovereign thanks.”Pang Zhen replied respectfully.

“Yes. Sha Hu nodded, looked at Qianmo and Shang Ao, and smiled bitterly: “But I’m afraid it won’t happen now. You have also seen it. No one can pass here. You can only wait for Yang Kai to come out.”

“We just wait. ’Shang Ao snorted coldly.

After learning that he was able to get out of trouble this time, it was basically Yang Kai’s credit, Shang Ao wanted to thank him in person, and he also made a lot of effort. Shang Ao didn’t pay attention to it.

The entanglement between Haidian and Haishen Palace was very deep, and it could not be easily resolved overnight.

Sha Hu obviously knew this too. She didn’t care about Shang Ao’s indifference. Instead, she asked with interest: “By the way, the old man has been busy with Ghost Island these days and has no time to ask carefully, Pang Zhen, what is Yang Kai’s background?”

Listening to his question, Shang Ao and Qianmo couldn’t help showing an expression of interest.

The strong always only respect the stronger existence. Qianmo and Shang Ao are among the sea clan. They are both leaders at the command level, with high rankings and strong powers, but when compared with Yang Kai, the two find that they are not enough to look at them.

Living in the deep sea for a long time, they don’t know much about inland matters, even Not as good as Pang Zhen, they are naturally curious about the origins of Yang Kai.

“Sect Master Yang is the lord of Sect High Heaven! “Pang Zhen thought for a while, and replied with a serious expression.

“Ling Xiaozong?” Sha Hu was stunned, “Why haven’t the old man heard of this sect?”

Pang Zhen smiled bitterly: “Uncle Master disappeared three hundred years ago, so naturally it is not. You may have heard that this High Heaven Sect has only been established for 15 years.”

“The fifteenth year end of the year is not deep.” Sha Hu chuckled, “But there are capable people like Yang Kai. As long as it takes time, it will definitely be equal to the Battle of Heaven Alliance and Lei Taizong.”

“Uncle Master” Pang Zhen looked dumbfounded, “Lei Taizong and the Battle of Heaven Alliance are history.”

“They were destroyed?” Sha Hu’s expression was shocked and exclaimed.

“Well, it was destroyed by Sect Master Yang’s Ling Xiaozong!”

Sha Hu took a breath, Qianmo and Shang Ao looked at each other, and both saw shock in each other’s eyes. The color.

Although Qianmo and Shang Ao don’t know much about the situation in the interior, they have heard of the names of Lei Taizong and the Zhantian League. They have dominated the interior of the Undergrowth for thousands of years. Great power!

“Xingdi Mountain was also destroyed by him!” Pang Zhen threw out another shocking news.

“What?” Now Sha Hu was completely shocked, “Even Xingdi Mountain was destroyed by him?”

“That is not true, because most of Xingdi Mountain The powerhouses have been gathered by Sect Master Yang to the Highest Sect. Today, the Highest Sect is the strongest sect on the Gloom Star!”

“How does my Sea Palace compare?” Sha Hu anxiously said. ask.

“I’m afraid it’s too late.” Pang Zhen told the truth, “But because we and the High Heavenzong belong to the deep sea and inland, there is no intersection. Moreover, the rudder of the High Heavenzong is located in Liuyan Sand. It can almost be said to be solid, no one can break through.”

Sha Hu was instantly sluggish!

The Flowing Flame Sand Land, he naturally knows it. It is one of the forbidden areas of the Dark Star. Normally no one can enter it. The High Heavenzong actually set up the rudder in it. How did this happen? ?

Not only Sha Hu was dumbfounded, Qian Mo and Shang Ao were all dumbfounded and unbelievable.

Pang Zhen said nothing more wittily. He could understand the shock in the hearts of the two leaders of Shahu and the Hai Clan.

Which one of the strongest on Dark Star has not been shocked when he heard these news? When this information was transmitted to the deep sea, Haidian was also completely shocked. Several of the hall masters almost had trouble sleeping and eating, lest Yang Kai’s ambitions swell and extend their minions to the worry-free sea.

Facts have proved that Yang Kai didn’t have this plan. It took several years for the Hallmasters of the Sea Palace to gradually feel relieved.

A few days ago, Yang Kai was on Xiaguang Island and proposed to trade with Haidian to exchange information about what is needed. It is probably because of the incomprehensibility of Yang Kai’s intentions, that the few hall masters have been delayed. Yes.

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