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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1748: Conditions Read Novel

Chapter 1748: Conditions – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1748: Conditions

After a long silence, Sha Hu seemed to gradually digest the information, and then asked Yang Kai more carefully.

Pang Zhen brought together the information he knew.

Sha Hu’s expression became more and more solemn, and Qianmo and Shang Ao’s expressions also changed constantly, their eyes met, as if they were secretly communicating.

At this moment, there was a sudden change in the mountain col, and then a figure walked out of it.

It is Yang Kai!

Shang Ao, Qianmo and Pang Zhen all had their expressions shocked, and they clasped their fists. Sha Hu smiled slightly and said, “Is there something to be gained?”

Yang Kai rushed to everyone to give a gift, and then gave the stone puppet He Liuyan put away, then nodded: “A little bit.”

’So, you can also use Saint Yuan?” Sha Hu asked in surprise.

On the day of the battle with Mingyue, the opponent suddenly used the power of Shengyuan and the potential field, which really scared Shahu. Later, after thinking hard, Shahu could only blame the cause hidden in this mountain col. secret.

The deep part of the mountain col is exactly what he had told Yang Kai before, and he couldn’t even ascertain it.

There must be some secrets hidden there, maybe it is related to why Mingyue can use the holy yuan, but Sha Hu didn’t understand the whole story. Now seeing Yang Kai looking like he has gained something, he immediately There is speculation.

“There is no problem using the Holy Yuan.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, not as happy as Sha Hu imagined, and added: “I also found a way to leave here.”

“What?” Sha Hu screamed in surprise.

Pang Zhen and the other three also lost their senses for a moment. Then they all looked at Yang Kai with overjoyed expectation and asked eagerly: “Is this true?”

“Naturally.” Yang Kai nodded. “I came out to tell you this news. If any of you wants to go out with me, make preparations early, and I will leave here in a few days.”

“Sect Master Yang” Ai Ai during the period of Pang Zhen Looking at Yang Kai, “Dare to ask Sect Master Yang, how many people can you take out?”

Aside, Shang Ao heard Pang Zhen’s question, and immediately woke up and asked the same question.

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“It’s okay to take everyone out.” Yang Kai replied, “but”

“but what?” Pang Zhen immediately became nervous.

“I can take the people from the Sea Palace and the Sea God Palace out free of charge. If you like to other people, please tell those people, if anyone wants to leave this place, help me find some Huntian lotus.”

Pang Zhen was taken aback, but he reacted quickly and said with a wry smile: ’Sect Master Yang has a good calculation!”

It is conceivable that once this news spreads, those warriors who have been trapped in Ghost Island will inevitably seek out Hun Tianlian in order to leave here. At that time, Yang Kai will become the biggest winner.

Yang Kai chuckled and said, “I just charge a little bit of compensation.”

“What about the time? Yang Kai, when are you going to leave? Sha Hu asked from the side.

“It will be a month later.”

“Good! ’Sha Hu replied, “The old man will help you pass the news. As for the warriors of my Sea Palace, I won’t let you work in vain. After you leave here, Sea Palace will give thanks.”

“If Elder Sha insisted, then I would be disrespectful. “Yang Kai laughed.

“My Sea God Palace won’t let Sect Master Yang do anything for nothing. ’Shang Ao quickly stated his position.

Yang Kai glanced at him, but nodded faintly, without saying much.

The news of being able to leave Ghost Island is like a gust of wind, soon Swept the entire ghost island.

After hearing this news, nine out of ten warriors expressed their unwillingness to believe it. They only thought it was someone who told a joke. After all, if there was a way to leave Ghost Island, they would not be trapped in Among them, after so many years, there are countless warriors who have landed on Ghost Island, and many of them are amazing and brilliant. There should always be some warriors who can find some ways to leave.

But in fact, Ghost Island is a cage, trapping everyone to death here!

Suddenly popping out such a news now is really hard to believe.

Until Sha Hu came forward to clarify and protect him, the warriors of Ghost Island believed the truthfulness of the news.

For a time, almost all the warriors of the entire Ghost Island were dispatched, and they began to march towards the surrounding waters in groups, looking for the Huntian Lotus, hoping to occupy a left place.

The Ghost Island became an empty island in a very short time.

In the waters thousands of miles away from Ghost Island, Yang Kai stood on the back of the little dolphin, heading forward.

When the ghost island martial artist was scattered looking for Huntianlian, he himself did not idle, such a good thing as Huntianlian, naturally, the more the better, so on that day after let Sha Hu spread the news. He took the little dolphins and left the ghost island, tossing around in the distant waters, relying on the little dolphins’ instincts, looking for the precious Huntian lotus.

A lot of gains.

The far sea has always been a difficult place for ghost island warriors to set foot. Naturally, there are more Huntian lotus here than offshore.

After the body tempering of hundreds of Void-level Huntian Pills, Yang Kai’s physical quality is more than several times stronger than when he first entered Ghost Island. The sea beasts that he thought were powerful before are now in his The front is already vulnerable.

He went further and further away from the little dolphin, and the harvest became more and more abundant.

Assuming that the time is almost up, he just let the little dolphin return home.

When he returned to Ghost Island again, thousands of warriors on the island were already waiting.

A month’s time is not enough for all warriors to harvest enough Huntianlian. Some people are unlucky and never saw Huntianlian. While waiting at this moment, they look uneasy. I’m afraid that Yang Kai will not bring himself when he leaves.

Meeting with Sha Hu and others, after understanding the situation, Yang Kai asked the warriors of the Sea Temple and Sea God Palace to help him collect the Huntian lotus.

The warrior with the Huntianlian lotus in his hand happily turned in his income this month, and walked to the side with peace of mind to wait for the moment of leaving.

In just one day, the matter was handled properly.

The residents of the island were divided into two parts, one part was turned over to Huntianlian, the other part was not turned over.

The number of warriors who haven’t turned in Huntianlian is not too many, only seven or eight hundred.

Yang Kai stood in front of the seven or eight hundred people, looked at the anxiety, anxiety and embarrassment on their faces, smiled slightly, and said loudly: “Don’t say that Yang doesn’t give you a chance, since you don’t have the sky. Lian, then you can only redeem your freedom in other ways.”

“This little brother, dare you ask what kind of way it is?” In the crowd, a warrior who looks a little old Asked.

Others are also curious about Yang Kai, lest he make some harsh demands.

’Some of you may have a lot of backgrounds, maybe they are not low on the dark star, there must be relatives and sects on the dark star, then after leaving here, as long as you pay the corresponding price, I can also take you away. If you can’t even pay the price, then you will be a slave for ten years. Within ten years, your life will be mine. You have to do what I ask you to do.”

When he said this, the audience was in an uproar, and some of the warriors were worried, but more warriors looked happy.

Yang Kai is right. Most of these people have relatives and sects on Gloom Star. As long as they leave here, it is not a problem to raise some materials.

In exchange for their own freedom with those materials, this transaction is not a loss.

If you can’t even raise this little material, there is no big problem in being a slave for ten years. Yang Kai doesn’t look like a villain, otherwise he wouldn’t make this suggestion. Just sit back and ignore them. Just leave it on the ghost island.

After ten years, I can regain my freedom.

“Whoever is willing, please go to Sand Island Master and leave your soul mark. After you complete the agreement, Yang will return the soul mark!” Yang Kai shouted again.

At the next moment, more than half of the seven or eight hundred people swarmed in the direction where Sha Hu was, and the rest of them waited and watched for a while, and all followed like their fate.

Over there, I got Sha Hu from Yang Kai in advance and ordered Haohaidian disciples to prepare well. After these warriors came up, they took out pieces of pure white spirit jade and let those warriors let them inscribe it. Imprint of own soul.

With these imprints of souls, anyone can easily control the life and death of these warriors, and no one would dare to ignore today’s agreement.

Sha Hu squeezed out of the crowd and came to Yang Kai, watching the crowds over there, and said with a wry smile: ’Sect Master Yang’s High Heaven Sect, is there still lack of this material?”

Yang Kai laughed: “Mosquito meat is also meat.”

Sha Hu gave him a thoughtful look, he laughed, and said nothing.

He seemed to see Yang Kai’s intentions!

Yang Kai clearly intends to take out all the warriors of the entire Ghost Island, so he made such a simple request.

He did this with two motives. On the one hand, he used the warriors on the island to help him search for the Huntian lotus. On the other hand, he wanted to level a bowl of water so as not to be criticized!

The only explanation for this is that he can return to Ghost Island. He has used this place as his back garden, so he has to take everyone away!

Thinking of this, Sha Hu’s breathing became a little quick.

Not to mention the number of Hun Tianlian that Yang Kai harvested on Ghost Island these days, he said that in the future, as long as he wants to, I am afraid he can come here to collect Huntian lotus at any time.

You can imagine what a terrifying behemoth the High Peak Sect would be in time!

Yang Kai didn’t know how Sha Hu guessed in his heart, but he was so sophisticated, Yang Kai believed that Sha Hu could vaguely guess his own thoughts.

He didn’t mean to explain. He has the right and ability to do so after he has mastered the method of leaving.

He just wants to use this as his forbidden place!

The matter of seven or eight hundred people has been dealt with in just one stick of incense, and all the warriors of the entire Ghost Island have assembled.

Everyone’s eyes were on Yang Kai, wondering what method he would use to take himself away from this place, and everyone’s face showed hope and anxiety.

Even Shahu and others are the same.

Even though what Yang Kai said before was plausible, they didn’t have the slightest doubt, but at this time, they couldn’t help but become nervous.

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