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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1749: Escape Read Novel

Chapter 1749: Escape – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1749: Escape

Under all eyes, Yang Kai didn’t move much, just closed his eyes and stood quietly.

However, a pure and strong spirit power filled his body.

The power of the soul changed everyone’s awe.

The power of the soul penetrates the void and extends to an unknown location.

Yang Kai has mastered the power of space, tearing the space is always the best way to escape from the prison, but this method is not suitable for ghost island, this strange place is a space of its own, closed Independence, if he couldn’t locate the Gloom Star, even if Yang Kai used the Torn Space, he would only shuttle through the ghost island and couldn’t leave here at all.

However, after grasping part of the secrets of the ghost island, being able to use the holy yuan, and being the master of the gloom, it is not too difficult for Yang Kai to determine the location of the gloom.

His divine mind jumped and shuttled in the void, and within a short time he sensed the space barrier between the ghost island and the dark star.

He opened his eyes suddenly, the power of the space above and below him went crazy, stretched out his hands, and slammed forward.

His hands are like dragons going out to sea, and they are directly inserted into the void under everyone’s close proximity.

There was a sudden cry of exclamation. Thousands of warriors opened their eyes wide and looked at this incredible scene. What they saw was that Yang Kai’s two arms disappeared strangely. The scene is beyond their understanding.

The next moment, Yang Kai suddenly let out a deep cry.

Both arms slammed to the sides, and with his movements, the space in front of him was like a piece of cloth, torn in half, revealing a dark crack.

The cracks are getting bigger and bigger, and from that crack comes a terrifying breath, like an ancient beast, opening its mouth in a blood basin, wanting to swallow this whole world!

Yang Kai took a deep breath and stopped the tearing motion until the crack expanded to about ten feet long.

But the strong spatial power is still going up and down, gushing from Yang Kai’s body, like a sharp arrow, poured into the cracks in the space, opening up straight in the cracks of emptiness and chaos A void corridor connects a certain place between Ghost Island and Gloom Star.

Sha Hu had already been dumbfounded.

A month ago, Yang Kai said that he had mastered the way to leave. Although Sha Hu had no doubts, he did not know the inside story.

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Until now, he really understood what Yang Kai had to rely on.

He actually practiced a rare space mystery, and he is proficient in such a realm. Not only can he tear the space with his own strength, but also build a safe empty tunnel!

This ability, looking at the entire star field, I am afraid that no one can match it. Sha Hu believes that even those legendary Void King Realm powerhouses will definitely not be able to achieve this level of Yang Kai.

“Don’t leave at this time, when will you wait?”

Just in the midst of the sand frustration, Yang Kai’s low voice suddenly reached his ears, and he suddenly returned to his senses with a big hand. With a wave, he burst into his mouth and shouted: “Follow the old man!”

After finishing speaking, he was the first to rush into the empty corridor constructed by Yang Kai, and was swallowed by darkness and nothingness.

The Haidian disciples followed, disappearing one by one.

The people of the Sea Clan also hurriedly followed. The Qianmo nodded slightly at Yang Kai as he passed by. The little dolphin was shaking his tail, and Chong Yang developed a string of weird tones, which seemed to make him Also hurry up to keep up.

After the warriors of the sea hall and sea gods disappeared, the other warriors rushed forward.

The space cracks that Yang Kai tore out are ten feet long, enough to accommodate many people walking side by side, so even if there are thousands of warriors waiting, the speed is extremely fast, and it only took less than half a cup of tea before and after. Only Yang Kai was left in the entire Ghost Island.

Turning his head and looking around, after confirming that there are no more people living here, Yang Kai was the last one to rush into the void tunnel.

This empty tunnel was constructed by him himself, so Yang Kai knows the direction of the tunnel better than anyone else. Allowing himself to swim in the empty space seems to be only a moment, it seems that a long time has passed, Yang A flower in front of her eyes has come to the sky over a sea area.

The sea breeze with a unique smell is blowing towards you, and there are countless martial artists crying and yelling in their ears. It is the martial artist who has escaped from the ghost island venting their excitement.

From the moment they arrived at Ghost Island, they thought that they would never be able to get out again in this life. They would only spend their whole life alone under the pressure of Mingyue, but they didn’t want to. This moment of returning to the dark star.

So after Yang Kai appeared, many warriors looked at him gratefully.

Regardless of whether Yang Kai has charged them a certain amount of compensation, it is true that they left the cage of Ghost Island. Everyone is excited to see the sun again.

“Yang Kai!” Sha Hu Yukong flew over, and he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw that Yang Kai was safe.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, turned his head and stretched out his hand on the crack in the rear space. The crack that opened like a beast’s mouth began to collapse and soon disappeared.

Without this spatial crack, without the void tunnel, no one can use Yang Kai’s achievements to return to Ghost Island.

“Where is this place? Are you still on the worry-free sea?” Yang Kai asked.

“Pang Zhen and the people of the Hai Clan have already gone to investigate, and news will come soon.” Sha Hu replied.

Yang Kai nodded and waited quietly.

About an hour later, Pang Zhen and Qianmo appeared in the eyes of everyone.

“Uncle Shi, this is indeed the Wuyou Sea. Ten thousand miles west of this place is the Black Reef Island of My Sea Palace!” Pang Zhen reported excitedly.

“It’s good news!” Sha Hu also showed a smile on his face, “It has been three hundred years, and the old man actually has the time to go home, Yang Kai, the old man would like to thank you.”

Yang Kai smiled: “Old Sha is polite. If you really want to thank me, you might as well promise me one thing.”

“You said, as long as the old man is not allowed to deceive his ancestors, he can do anything. I promise you.” Sha Hu was extremely bold.

Yang Kai moved slightly, and smiled openly: “It’s not a big deal. It’s that I, Ling Xiaozong wants to make some material transactions with the sea hall. After all, the inland and deep sea products are completely different. I also talked to Island Master Pang the last time, but the sea hall seemed to be lacking in interest and never responded to me.”

Pang Zhen’s expression was a little embarrassed.

“What did the old man think? This little thing, the old man agreed, and such a deal is good for all of us, Haidian Will not refuse! When the old man returns to the rudder, he will preside over it himself.”

“So, thank you for Sha’s old age. “Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Sha Hu was the previous Second Hall Master of the Sea Palace. Although he has disappeared for nearly 300 years, his prestige and seniority are there. Since he has agreed to come down, then this matter will come if he wants to. There is no problem.

“Sect Master Yang, I wonder if my Sea God Palace can participate in this matter? “Qianmo suddenly smiled and asked.

“You want to participate, too? “Yang Kai looked at the rice paddies in amazement.

“Naturally. My Sea God Palace’s control of the deep sea materials is a bit stronger than that of Sea Temple. Sect Master Yang is willing to make these transactions with Sea Temple. There is no reason to reject my Sea God Temple, right?”

“Of course, I won’t refuse. The leader of Qianmo can say that, I couldn’t ask for it. “Yang Kai laughed.”

“That’s all. It’s just that the inland and deep sea are far away. I am afraid that the transportation of transaction materials will be very troublesome.”

Sha Hu is also on the sidelines. Nodding slightly, agreeing with Qianmo’s statement that the reason why the deep sea and inland materials cannot communicate on a large scale is because of the distance, which is something that the warriors on the dark star cannot solve.

“No need to worry about this. I will set up a space magic circle to connect High Heavenzong with your two families. Then the distance will not be a problem.” Yang Kai had a solution long ago.

Qianmo and Sha Hu both shined before their eyes, but when they thought of Yang Kai’s method of tearing apart the void, he was convinced of his idea of ​​arranging a space circle.

’So, this commander is waiting for the good news of Sect Master Yang!” Qianmo pursed his lips.

“The old man is also waiting for your good news!” Sha Hu said.

When everyone was talking, many warriors had already left the place. The people of Haidian and Haishengong briefly discussed, and each said goodbye to Yang Kai and returned to their main rudder.

The little dolphin is reluctant to leave Yang Kai, looking unwilling to leave.

In the end, Yang Kai gave him a few bottles of Huntian Pill, which calmed his emotions.

An hour later, only the seven or eight hundred warriors who had been slaves for ten years were left on the sea, staring at Yang Kai eagerly, waiting for his orders.

“Hurry up to the High Heaven Sect yourself. After you arrive at the High Heaven Sect, someone will welcome you and need to contact your relatives and sect. Feel free to contact you. As long as you have enough supplies, the Sect Master will pay you back. Freedom.” Yang Kai said.

“Thank you Sect Master Yang!” Hundreds of people clasped their fists.

Yang Kai nodded, did not say anything, his figure flashed, and he disappeared from the spot.

Returning to Gloom Star, he can once again dominate this world, with all the conveniences of the star owner, every time he moves, it is a distance of tens of thousands of miles or even a hundred thousand miles.

In less than half an hour, Yang Kai had already reached the periphery of Liuyan Sand.

Looking at the familiar scene, Yang Kai smiled slightly, no matter how wonderful the outside world is, when the body and mind are exhausted, it is always the best at home!

He disappeared again, and when he appeared, he had already arrived in the High Heaven Sect.

Without disturbing too many people, Yang Kai first went to visit his parents to give them peace of mind. Then he went to meet the elders of the High Heaven Sect, and asked him about the months since he disappeared. Case.

The corpse spirit religion has basically been driven to extinction, and about half of the forces in the entire Understar inland are in a state of being a waste of time, and the High Heavenzong has become Understar in a real sense The iconic sect is one of the most powerful sects with supreme prestige.

If Qian Tong of Shadowmoon Palace is not the strongest of the Void King Realm, this one can be removed.

The Shadow Moon Palace, where the Void King Realm sits, can indeed sit on the same level as Ling Xiaozong.

Besides, there are already many big powers and families on the Underdark Star, who are interested in forming an alliance with the High Heavenzong. I hope that the High Heavenzong will be the leader, and Ye Xiyun agreed.

It can be said that the current High Heavenzong has long surpassed the original Star Emperor Mountain, both in terms of strength and prestige.

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