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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1750: Slave Insect Bracelet Read Novel

Chapter 1750: Slave Insect Bracelet – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1750: Slave Insect Bracelet

In the entire High Heaven Sect, Ye Xijun is in charge of the overall situation. There is no need for Yang Kai to spend any extra effort. Even if Yang Kai is not there, everything is handled properly.

After separating from the elders, Yang Kai went to see the little elder sister again.

On this trip to Ghost Island, Yang Kai’s biggest gain is naturally the thousands of Huntian Lotuses of different colors, so many Huntian Lotuses, even if Yang Kai personally made them, It takes a lot of time.

But for Xia Ningshang, time is not an issue.

She can practice through alchemy.

Huntian lotus and Huntian pill are impossible to find outside. Xia Ningshang reported that he was very interested in it. After obtaining all the medicinal materials and pill, he immediately entered a state of retreat. Concentrate on alchemy.

It is believed that in the near future, Ling Xiaozong will have a large number of Huntian Pills. With these body-hardening pills, the overall strength of Ling Xiaozong will undoubtedly be upgraded to another level.

Yang Kai also has his own arrangements for these Huntian Pills that are about to be released. Although tens of thousands of Huntian Lotuses seem to be huge in number, if they are refined into a pill, they will only be 70 or 80 thousand It’s just a pill.

Now that there are tens of thousands of disciples of the High Heavenzong, these seven or eighty thousand pills of course cannot be divided equally per person.

Except for those who are strong in the Void Returning Mirror who are eligible to receive a certain number of Huntian Pills for body tempering, Yang Kai intends to draw out a part of the Huntian Pills as rewards to reward ordinary disciples who have contributed to the High Heavenzong.

Of course, this is only Yang Kai’s idea. If he wants to implement it, it will take some time to wait. Moreover, he doesn’t plan to handle the matter himself, he is ready to leave it to Ye Xiyun.

After coming out of Danwang Peak where Xia Ningshang was located, Yang Kai went straight to the sixth layer of Liuyan Sand, the place where Yang Yan was sleeping.

Shi Shiran entered the attic and came to the second floor. Yang Yan was aware of his soul and spirit body into the sea of ​​knowledge.

As it was when they met last time, the two souls sat cross-legged across from each other, and underneath was the roaring sun and scorching sea of ​​knowledge.

“I heard Ye Xijun say, you went after the Emperor Killing Insect? What’s the situation?” Yang Yan asked.

“Now I am the Lord of the Dark Star. What do you think he will end up with.” Yang Kai smiled.

“It looks like he’s dead.” Yang Yan nodded lightly, and sighed slightly: “The insect emperor is also a hero, but I didn’t expect that he died in your hands in the end. If this is to let his enemies know, I’m afraid I can’t believe it.”

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Yang Kai disagrees. No matter what happened to the insect emperor, it was tens of thousands of years ago. Before, his cultivation base plummeted, and he was not even in the Void King Realm, and he was on the Gloom Star with Yang. There is no way to survive in the fight.

However, the biggest reason for being able to kill the Insect Emperor this time is because Yang Yan gave Yang Kai the origin of the Dark Star. Otherwise, with Yang Kai’s current skills, There is no way to take the insect emperor.

His ability to escape is really good, even if the ordinary Void King realm wants to chase him down, he will be helpless.

“Is the harvest not small?” “Yang Yan pursed his lips and smiled, “There are many good things on Chongdi.”

“I didn’t see any good things, only a soul-cutting knife and a bracelet-like artifact.”

The soul-slashing knife and the bracelet-like artifacts are undoubtedly all of the emperor-level existence. Like the nirvana thunder orb, the mysterious world orb and the ring of fire of the three flames, Yang Kai roughly knows the function of the soul-slashing knife. Can kill the soul, unpredictable, but unfortunately the Emperor Treasure level is too high, Yang Kai can not use it, can only temporarily warm up and refine, looking forward to one day can play its role.

But that bracelet Yang Kai was at a loss for the appearance of the secret treasure. He didn’t even know its purpose.

’Slave insect bracelet? “Yangyan Dai’s eyebrows raised, and she said the name of the secret treasure.

“That thing is called a slave insect bracelet? “Yang Kai was surprised.

“Yes, the secret treasures in the hands of the insect emperor are all well-known good things. Needless to say, the soul slasher, the slave insect bracelet is the root of his foothold!”

“Oh? What’s the use of this stuff? Let’s hear it.” Yang Kai was immediately intrigued.

“The slave insect bracelet is very useful.” Yang Yan pursed his lips and smiled, “Not to mention that this secret treasure is naturally able to restrain those strange insects, even for some smaller monsters. Some deterrent effects, it is said that the small things kept by the insect emperor in the slave insect bracelet, once released, there is no problem in destroying a star field.”

Yang Kai looked solemn, and said in amazement: ’Slave There are still things in the worm bracelet?”

Yang Yan giggled, “Then where do you think the worm emperor keeps his little things? You will never keep them on your own body? The slave worm bracelet is The place where he kept the strange worms, the Chongdi possessed dozens of hundreds of extinct ancient strange worms in his hands. Each of them was extremely cruel, and each had a different purpose. Back then, I ate the slave worm bracelet. Not a small loss.”

The more Yang Kai listened, the brighter his eyes became, and he seemed to have discovered a heaven-shaking secret.

“Your heart beats?” Yang Yan teased.

“To be honest, there are some.”Yang Kai gradually reduced his excitement,” But I still think that cultivation should be people-oriented. This kind of slavery method can only be used as an auxiliary. If you really spend your mind on this, I am afraid that I will be a little bit of the last.”

Yang Yan slowly shook his head: “Three thousand avenues, slave insects are one of them. Otherwise, the insect emperor would not be able to achieve the same level as that day. You can only say that your Tao is different from that of the insect emperor.”

“Dao is different” Yang Kai thoughtfully.

Yang Yan chuckles: “These are still too early for you. You should be promoted to the Void King Realm earlier. After the king, you will see more and see farther.”

“Above the Void King Realm, is there a higher realm? “Yang Kai asked suddenly.

“Of course there is.”

“How about you? “Yang Kai stared at Yang Yan with scorching eyes.

“I’m above that realm! “Yang Yan replied faintly.

Yang Kai fell silent. From the information revealed by Yang Yan, it is not difficult for him to infer that there is indeed a higher realm above the Void King Realm, and in this higher realm. Above the realm of, there is a stronger existence, and Yang Yan is in this column.

When he didn’t know this information, Yang Kai didn’t think there was anything, but after he knew it, he felt that he It’s like standing at the bottom of a mountain, looking up at the majestic mountains, the mountains are filled with clouds and fog, making people unable to see the scenery ahead.

The road ahead is endless, and martial arts have no peak.

Yang Yan didn’t speak any more, but instead looked at Yang Kai’s reaction, and found that he didn’t get any shock due to this. Instead, after a while of silence, he breathed out gently, his expression changed. Lighten up, but those eyes that are like burning flames show the enthusiasm in his heart.

Yang Yan pursed his lips and smiled, applauding: “You have a good mentality.”

Yang Kai said dryly: ’Self-cultivation, so far for decades, step by step from the bottom. Climbing up, now it’s a small accomplishment. Even if there are thorns and obstacles on the road ahead, I will only take another hit. One day, someone who can stand as high as you and see as far as you!”

Yang Yan covered his red lips with a small hand, and smiled: “Can I say that the ruling can teach you?”

“With you!” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and teased him. : “As long as you are not afraid to call yourself old.”

Yang Yan couldn’t help but glared at him.

“By the way, that slave insect bracelet, can I use it now?” Yang Kai asked.

“It’s better not to.” Yang Yan looked solemn, “The strange worms in the slave worm bracelet are extremely fierce. With your current cultivation level, even if you release them, Unable to command and drive, it can only be taken backCan you see the insect emperor using the slave insect bracelet to deal with you?”

Yang Kai shook his head: “He has only used Ten Thousand Toxic Evil Gu from the beginning to the end to control his subordinates, and Shunjian uses the Ten Thousand Toxic Evil Gu to win homes.”

“That’s it, even the Chongdi dare not use it easily, let alone you, wait until you reach the Void King Realm.”

“is fine! “Yang Kai nodded indifferently. Anyway, he has many ways to deal with the enemy, and he doesn’t lack the help from the slave bug bracelet.

Next, Yang Kai told Yang Yan about the ghost island again. Regarding Ghost Island, Yang Yan did not deny that it had something to do with him, and told Yang Kai that she had indeed sealed the Ghost Island by her means.

It was just that what was hidden inside, Yang Yan did not explain.

“I can only tell you that Ghost Island is a gate! If you really want to open it, gather all the Star Emperor Orders, and you will naturally know it then.”

After coming out of Yang Yan, Yang Kai went to Bingxue Peak again.

Bingxue Peak is one of the eighty-one peaks of the High Heavenzong and one of the 72 auxiliary peaks. Vulgar and beautiful scenery.

The rare thing is that there is an icy ground vein under the peak, so within a radius of tens of miles, the climate is cold all year round, the temperature is extremely low, and occasionally there is heavy snow falling from goose feathers. The peaks are shaped into a silvery white color.

This situation became more obvious after Su Yan moved to Bingxue Peak.

Since Su Yan became the owner of Bingxue Peak, the ice-cold aura of the entire Bingxue Peak has almost been so strong that it cannot be dissipated. A warrior with a slightly lower strength cannot even get close to Bingxue Peak. It is a warrior with a higher strength, after entering the ice and snow peak, he also has to run the holy yuan to resist the severe cold.

But this kind of environment is extremely comfortable for Su Yan.

There are no other people on Bingxue Peak, only a few people from the original Bingzong live and practice here. Apart from Su Yan, Qingya and Qian Yue Qianhao are two brothers and sisters.

Yang Kai went straight to the southwest corner of Bingxue Peak.

On the ground, there is a thick layer of ice, light can be seen, Yang Kai’s footsteps are extremely light.

In the southwest corner, under a giant tree wrapped in silver, Su Yan sat cross-legged on the Wanzai Ice Jade Platform, with a pair of white Saint Yuan wings spread out behind her, and her pretty face was dignified. It is also sacred and awe-inspiring. She pinches a strange seal with both hands. Three feet in front of her, the Profound Frost Divine Sword she obtained from Bingxin Valley is quietly suspended in mid-air, as she breathes, the heaven and the earth The aura of the ice element swarmed into her body, like Wanxi returning to the sea, the white wings behind it also flapped with its tiny amplitude.

With Su Yan as the center, within a radius of one hundred meters, there is a peculiar artistic conception permeating, which seems to be able to freeze the world and everything in it.

The potential field is almost Dacheng!

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