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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1751: Collusion with the Sea Clan Read Novel

Chapter 1751: Collusion with the Sea Clan – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1751: Collusion with the Sea Clan

Just as Yang Kai integrated the power of space in her domain into the potential field, Su Yan also integrated the artistic conception of ice and snow into the potential field. She has clearly grasped the mystery of ice cold. The realm has reached the mystery of the potential field.

I watched quietly for a while, and found that Su Yan did not intend to regain her gong, it should be that her cultivation has reached a critical juncture.

Yang Kai did not interfere with her, but sat down cross-legged, reaching out in the void in front of her, drawing lines of spirit.

The spiritual thread condensed by the holy yuan is arranged and combined according to a certain rule, gradually forming a mysterious magic circle.

After looking at it for a while, Yang Kai showed dissatisfaction on his face, stretched out his hand, brushed away the magic circle, and portrayed in the void again.

This magic circle, which he learned from Yang Yan just now, is the basis for building a space magic circle. With this magic circle, coupled with some special materials, it can be set up for transmission. The space law array is out.

As for the formation, Yang Kai has never dabbled in it.

But he has an advantage that no one else has, that is, he is proficient in space power, so it is not a big problem to study only one space magic circle, not to mention the careful guidance of Yang Yan.

As time passed slowly, Yang Kai was completely forgetful, and his expression became more and more focused.

I don’t know how many magic circles have been portrayed. It wasn’t until a certain moment that he showed a very satisfying look. With a move of divine thought, he poured his own spatial power into that magic circle.

There was a soft buzzing sound, an astonishing light lit up on the magic circle, and the whole magic circle was spinning at a strange speed.

A trace of obvious spatial power fluctuations, ups and downs from the circle!

Yang Kai grinned and smiled.

Sure enough, after mastering the power of space, studying this corresponding magic circle has the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. If you switch to another magic circle, Yang Kai will not be able to do so in a short time even after systematic learning The internal description is complete.

After mastering this foundation, what is left is to use materials to build the frame of the magic circle, combine this foundation with the frame, and add more than two space magic circles connected to each other to achieve the distance On the teleportation.

Yang Kai exhaled gently.

“Is this a space magic circle?” Su Yan’s voice suddenly came from the side.

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Yang Kai looked up and found that she didn’t know when she had finished her cultivation. She was standing beside her quietly, staring at the shining circle in front of her, and asked softly.

“En.”Yang Kai nodded, stretched out his hand to pull Su Yan into his arms, and asked softly, “How is your cultivation?”

“Fortunately, I am about to be able to cultivate the potential field to the realm of Dacheng. ’Su Yan leaned on Yang Kai, with a satisfied look on her face, exhaling like blue: “Thanks to the domain stones you gave me, Junior Brother, without those things, I couldn’t have made such rapid progress.”

“There are many domain stones, you don’t need to save them when you use them. “Yang Kai smiled softly, relaxing to the extreme.

“Well, you came to see me this time, what’s the matter?”

“No, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Come and see you. “Yang Kai smiled hehe.”

Su Yan nodded lightly, looked up at the clouds in the sky, her eyes narrowed slightly, and her soft body arched in Yang Kai’s arms, changing to a more comfortable one. Posture.

Yang Kai embraced her without making a sound, and together with Su Yan looked up at the sky.

Under the giant silver tree, the snow fell and everything was quiet. Poetic and picturesque.

In the distance, Qingya seems to have come to see Su Yan, but before she gets closer, she sees this warm scene. After pursing her lips, she quietly turned and left.

Half a month later, on the worry-free sea, the main rudder of the sea temple is located, Black Reef Island.

Black Reef Island is one of the big islands in the worry-free sea. Its area is large enough to occupy the top three ranks. The most rare thing is that the world of Black Reef Island is extremely aura, so the sea hall will The rudder is set up on this island.

As the main rudder, it is naturally heavily guarded. On the island, there are warriors flying back and forth from time to time, patrolling the surrounding area, and at the edge of the island, there are also disciples of the sea temple, and no other people are allowed to enter.

Yang Kai flew leisurely and landed on Heijiao Island.

Immediately, a team of Haidian disciples surrounded him, and the head of them looked at Yang Kai with a bad look, and shouted: “Who is the one who is here, please sign up!”

Here they are. Yang Kai didn’t want to be too arrogant, and slightly clasped his fist and said, “Ling Xiao Sect Sect Master Yang Kai, come to visit Mr. Sha, and fulfill the agreement with Mr. Sha. Please also let a few inform you.”

“Sect Master High Heaven?”

“Come to see Master Sha?”

This team of warriors was in an uproar, and the leader looked at Yang Kai up and down, as if he wanted to see him. Whether there is a lie or not, he will not hesitate to release his spiritual thoughts and scan Yang Kai.

When I explored it, I couldn’t detect Yang Kai’s depth at all. I immediately understood that Yang Kai’s strong man was beyond his ability to probe. He couldn’t help but look a lot more solemn. It seems that I did know Uncle Sha, but it didn’t take long for Uncle Sha to return to the sea hall. Everything is busy. I will ask him if I can see him.”

“It’s okay, I’m here. Wait a minute.” Yang Kai looked kind.

The leading warrior nodded slightly and instructed the other warriors in the team to entertain Yang Kai. Only then did he take out the communication compass and pour his spiritual thoughts into it.

After a while, the communication compass in this person’s hand was ups and downs, and the person hurried to investigate. After a short while, looking at Yang Kai with a weird expression: “Wait here for a while, someone will come. See you.”

Yang Kai frowned, and said calmly: “Okay!”

He subconsciously felt that this trip might not go too smoothly. And the person who came to see him might not be Sha Hu!

After all, with his friendship with Sha Hu, if he knew the news, how could he let himself wait here? I’m afraid I have already ordered people to welcome in warmly.

There seems to be some turbulence inside the sea hall! Yang Kai was thoughtful, but other people’s affairs had nothing to do with him. He came here just to complete the agreement with Sha Hu, so that the inland and deep sea materials can be exchanged. This is for the future development of High Heavenzong. Very helpful.

Things were exactly as Yang Kai had guessed. After standing there waiting for less than a quarter of an hour, he noticed that a group of Void Returning Mirror powerhouses were flying here quickly, but under his influence, There was no sign of Shahu among this group of people.

After a while, this group of people was imprinted in Yang Kai’s eyes.

The warrior headed by

has a powerful cultivation base of the three-layer return to the Void. He is an old man with a dark red face. He landed lightly in front of Yang Kai for more than ten meters, and his eyes looked up and down with muddy eyes. After Yang Kai a few strokes, then he casually clasped his fists: “Dare to ask your Excellency, but Sect Master Ling Xiao?”

“Yes, it is Yang, the old gentleman is” Yang Kai clasped his fist and returned a salute.

“The old man’s sea hall three hall master Qi Yunhai!” the old man said lightly.

“It turns out that it was Palace Master Qi!” Yang Kai raised his brows. Although his dealings with Haidian were not too many, he also knew that there were three Palace Masters in Haidian, and Qi Yunhai was obviously one of them. One.

“I heard that Sect Master Yang is here to see my Haidian Master Sha?”

“Exactly, Yang had an agreement with Mr. Sha, I don’t know Mr. Sha.”

“Uncle Master has been missing for more than three hundred years and has just returned to the sea hall. He is exhausted physically and mentally. He is recuperating. I am afraid that he can no longer see Sect Master Yang.” Qi Yunhai looked calm, ’Sect Master Yang is a guest from far If you don’t dislike it, how about sitting inside? Although the old man has lived in the deep sea for a long time, he has also heard about the names of Sect Master Yang and Ling Xiaozong for a long time. It is regrettable that Sect Master Yang has come here to let the old man get what he wanted.”

He speaks with enthusiasm, but his tone is not lukewarm. Obviously he didn’t really want to invite Yang Kai to sit in.

Yang Kai looked at Qi Yunhai and said with a smile but a smile: “This is strange. When I separated from Old Sha half a month ago, he was fine, but now he is suddenly exhausted physically and mentally. And I had an agreement with him. This Sect Master came this time to fulfill the agreement. I dare to ask Palace Master Qi, Elder Sha cannot see me, but what does Elder Sha mean?”

Qi Yunhai is muddy His eyes flashed, and there was no direct answer, but a compelling tone: “What does Sect Master Yang mean?”

“It’s nothing.” Yang Kai curled his lips, “The agreement between me and Old Sha. Not only is of great benefit to my High Heaven Sect, it is also of great benefit to your Haidian, but you have to refuse the benefits that are given to your lips, and the Sect Master will not accompany you. Worry-free sea, it’s not just your family!”

“Do you dare to collude with the sea clan?” “Qi Yunhai thought for a moment, his face changed drastically.

“What is collusion? “Yang Kai sneered, “Major General buckled this inexplicable hat on this Sect Master’s head, and we are leaving!”

Yang Kai was annoyed. Last time on Xiaguang Island, Pang Zhen sent a message back to Haidian’s general rudder. He waited for a long time, and Haidian didn’t respond, so the matter was fine. I didn’t expect himself today. He came in person, and was hindered by others, and the person who came forward was still the Three-Hall Master. To a certain extent, he can already represent the overall wishes of the Haidian.

Since the Haidian is unwilling to interact with the High Heavenzong To do this business, Yang Kai doesn’t need to beg them.

“Collaborating with the sea clan and wanting to leave? If you don’t make it clear, boy, don’t want to leave Black Lagoon today! “A majestic anger suddenly came from not far away, and the voice fell. A sturdy middle-aged man had appeared next to Qi Yunhai, looking at Yang Kai coldly.

Yang Kai Without saying anything, there was another roar from the inside of Heijiao Island: “Presumptuous, Yang Kai is the old man’s guest. Who dares to be rude?”

Hearing this voice, Yang Kai grinned, and the unhappiness in his heart dissipated a lot. After all, he didn’t misread Sha Hu, and immediately came forward to defend it when he noticed that he had arrived.

However, the situation at the moment is a bit more complicated, and Yang Kaixin secretly thought about it.

He was not going to be nosy, he just stood there and waited quietly, wanting to hear what Sha Hu said.

Over there, Sha Hu flew in full of momentum. It only took a very short time before he fell to Yang Kai, full of anger, staring at Qi Yunhai and the strong middle-aged man.

Qi Yunhai seemed to dare not look at Sha Hu, his eyes avoiding, but the sturdy middle-aged man looked at Sha Hu without any fear.

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