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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1752: It’s just a formation Read Novel

Chapter 1752: It’s just a formation – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1752: It’s just a formation

The eyes of Sha Hu and the strong middle-aged man collided in the void, and it seemed that fierce sparks splashed into the void. All the people in the sea hall did not dare to take a breath, and frightened. Stand aside.

For a long time, Sha Hu sighed, his eyes were no longer so aggressive, and he said to the strong middle-aged humanity: “Huai’an, Yang Kai is a guest of the old man, and the old man came out to entertain you, and you take them back Let’s go down!”

When Sha Hu called the middle-aged man, Yang Kai immediately understood the identity of the other person.

The main hall of the sea hall, Jiang Huaian!

Speaking of, Yang Kai has also heard Jiang Huaian’s name before. It was the first time he participated in the Tianyun City auction, and he personally made a virtual subgrade condensing pill. It was bought by this Jiang Huaian with a lot of money.

At that time, I heard Wei Guchang said that Jiang Huaian bought the Ningxu Pill for his son.

But this is the first time we have actually met.

Yang Kai deliberately or unintentionally looked at the main hall master of the sea hall, and found that this person’s strength had also reached the peak of the Void Returning Mirror, and his aura was thicker than the original Qian Tong. Responsible for the qualifications and ability of the master of the sea hall.

And this guy is very courageous. I don’t know what contradiction is between him and Sha Hu, anyway, it seems that the relationship is not so harmonious now.

Jiang Huaian smiled and said: “Uncle Sha is wrong. Although Sovereign Yang is your guest, he wants to collude with the Sea Clan. Please forgive Nephew Master for not being able to sit back and watch. Master Uncle, you should also know how deep the entanglement between the Sea Clan and our Sea Palace is. Every year, my Sea Palace disciples have examples of tragic deaths under the hands of the Sea Clan. Those guys in the Sea God Palace say it’s my sea. It’s not an exaggeration to live and die enemies of the temple. Master, since you know this person, please avoid suspicion for a while. Let your nephew deal with it here. The nephew will give him a satisfactory explanation.”

Yang Kai raised his brows, faintly aware that he seemed to be involved in the vortex of a fight, and this fight obviously came from between Jiang Huaian and Sha Hu.

It seems that every family has a hard-to-read sutra, Yang Kai secretly sighed.

“Huai’an, do you have to be like this?” Sha Hu’s face became gloomy, and he didn’t mean to shrink.

“Master Nephew is thinking about Haidian!” Jiang Huaian was straight, showing no evasiveness or guilt, “Master, please forgive me!”

Sha Hu’s eyes were gloomy. Staring at Jiang Huai’an, there was a faint sign that Saint Yuan was about to be urged, as if he wanted to attack Jiang Huai’an. Not only was Jiang Huaian not afraid of this, but he also showed a look of eagerness, as if he was eager for Shahu to do it quickly.

“Old Sha, what is going on here?” Yang Kai asked confusedly.

Sha Hu turned his head and glanced at him, sighed: “Ashamed, it’s the kindness of some old women, so you are affected.”

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“Old Sha is serious.” Yang Kai laughed. “It’s just that you are like this, I am a little bit inexplicable.”

“Wait a moment, the old man has resolved the matter, and I will talk to you again!” Shahu said.

“Okay!” Yang Kai nodded, put on a posture of looking up from the wall, and looked around with a smile.

Sha Hu turned his gaze to Jiang Huai’an, and said with a heavy tone: “Huai’an, you were one of the unborn geniuses of my Sea Palace, but you were too narrow-minded. The old man thought it had been so many years. You are in the position of the master of the hall again, standing high and looking far away, you will somewhat change, but you let the old man down, no matter how high you climb, how deep the cultivation base becomes, Jiang Huaian is always the same Jiang Huaian of the year. Nothing will change!”

Being accused by Sha Hu in the presence of so many Haidian powerhouses, Jiang Huaian’s face was obviously a little unsustainable, and said annoyed: “The things of the nephew will not bother the uncle. Bother.”

Sha Hu slowly shook his head: “The country is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change!” The old man has been missing for three hundred years, and now that Sect Master Yang has helped him get out of trouble and returned to the sea hall, he is no longer ready to participate in the fight for power. As long as it can bring us the opportunity to develop and grow in the sea hall, who is the seat of the three main halls of the sea hall? All good, do you think the old man is going to compete with you for the position of the main hall? A joke, to say something you don’t like to hear, the old man really didn’t care about the position of the lord of the sea hall!”

Jiang Huaian’s eyes twitched slightly, staring at Sha Hu, as if trying to see if he was telling the truth or lies.

And Yang Kai on the side, but He showed a clear look, and finally understood why he was treated like this.

It was obviously because Jiang Huaian was a little bit like a gentleman, thinking that Shahu’s return threatened his status. That’s why I made things difficult for myself and suppressed Sha Hu.

As for colluding with the sea clan, it’s just a good excuse. Even without this excuse, the sea temple will look for other things. From the beginning, I can only say that he just stepped into the vortex of people’s power struggle, and was regarded as a bargaining chip that they could use.

And Sha Hu obviously didn’t want to compete with Jiang Huaian for power. He is now living on Ghost Island. For three hundred years, he has long been bearish on fame and wealth, and only pursues more powerful martial arts in this life.

But Jiang Huaian is also the Master of the Sea Palace no matter what, Sha Hu is not happy and will not take action against him, so he can only endure it.

This is why he would say that he is a woman.

Jiang Huaian came forward to threaten Yang Kai, and Sha Hu had to come forward, making him unable to bear it any longer.

All kinds of thoughts flashed through Yang Kai’s mind like sparks and flints, allowing him to guess the root cause of the situation in a very short time.

“The old man will give you one last chance! I apologize to Sovereign Yang. I will assume that this has never happened. From now on, you are still the main hall of the sea hall. As for the old man, you can stay away from the sea hall. Don’t return again!” Sha Hu looked at Jiang Huaian coldly, his tone beyond doubt.

The latter’s eyelids throbbed, and there was anger burning in his eyes.

Sha Hu leans against the old and sells the old, saying this to him in a commanding tone, obviously makes him very unhappy. If it is really like what Sha Hu said, he apologizes to Yang Kai in a low voice, then the majesty of his High Hall Master It will plummet, and when people talk about him in the future, they will only think that he is the puppet that Shahu arranged in front of the curtain.

This is something Jiang Huaian cannot tolerate.

“Uncle Shi, you are the person with the highest standing in my sea hall. My nephew has always respected you, but you disappointed my nephew. As one of the elders of my sea hall, not only did he not consider the sea hall, but instead asked the owner of the hall to apologize to an outsider? What is he? Master, the master of the palace also gives you a chance to get out and leave and stop participating in things here. Master Nephew promises to respect your old man in the future. Otherwise, I will blame Master Nephew for not being affectionate.”

“It looks like we have nothing to say. ’Sha Hu looked sad.

He didn’t expect that he would encounter these things when he returned to the long-lost sea hall happily. If he had known this, he might as well stay in Ghost Island. Come out.

“Uncle Shi is determined to fight against me, against Haidian? “Jiang Huaian squinted at Sha Hu, and couldn’t help but buckle down his big hat.

Sha Hu was silent, but his expression was a little sad.

’So, the teacher nephew You’re welcome! “Jiang Huaian suddenly shouted angrily, “Open the battle!”

The words fell, the entire Black Reef Island suddenly buzzed and trembled. The next moment, a bright light curtain enveloped the entire Black Reef Island, and the sea area within a hundred miles of turbulence surged and waved ten feet.

The incomparably rich water system aura gathered frantically toward the black reef island. In that mid-air, an alien beast composed of only the water system aura quickly formed, densely packed and invisible to the naked eye. There are many types of weapons formed by the aura of the water system.

The breath of destruction fell from the sky!

Sha Hu’s face changed drastically, and he exclaimed, “The sound of the tide and the blue wave formation! So you had planned to use this formation to embarrass the old man?”

Jiang Huaian smiled and said: “Uncle Master joked, this formation is not aimed at Uncle Master, after all, you are also a member of my sea palace.”

While speaking, Jiang Huaian turned his head to look at Yang Kai.

“Not to deal with Sha Lao, then to deal with me?” Yang Kai nonchalantly pointed his finger to his nose.

Jiang Huaian smiled coldly: “I heard that Sect Master Yang is strong, and the people at the helm of Lien Zhan Tianmeng, Lei Taizong and Xingdi Mountain are all damaged in the hands of Sect Master Yang. This Palace Master dare not be careful!”

“Dian Master Jiang has praised him, a little good name, but it’s just an error by others.”

“Humph! Sect Master Yang is the lord of the High Heaven Sect, and I did not offend the water of the Sea Palace well, but since If you dare to collude with the Sea Clan, that is my deadly enemy in the sea hall, Sect Master Yang, you can catch it!” Jiang Huaian looked at Yang Kai proudly, as if he was confident that Yang Kai would have no power to fight back under this big battle.

“Yang Kai, you go!” Sha Hu suddenly yelled, “Tide Sound and Blue Wave Formation is the great formation of our Sea Palace Town Sect. With the help of the abundant water aura in the surrounding sea, once activated, it will be endless. Under the Void King Realm, it is impossible for anyone to break through this formation! But with your ability, it is not difficult to leave. You go first, and the old man will break the post for you!”

“As expected of the uncle, The understanding of my Haidian Zhenzong Formation is indeed profound, but, Master, you said so much to an outsider, isn’t it a bit bad?” Jiang Huaian looked at Sha Hu with a sneer.

“Presumptuous, the old man has already said that the old man has no intention of competing with you, but you are so short-sighted. Sooner or later, the sea hall will decline in your hands. For the sake of the ancestors, the old man said that he must not fight with you. It’s a fight.”

“Old Sha, don’t be restless!” Yang Kai gently patted Sha Hu on the shoulder, looking calm and relaxed.

“You’re confused!” Sha Hu stomped his feet in annoyance, “Once this big battle is launched, the longer the time you accumulate, the stronger the power. If you hesitate any longer, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to leave.”

“I didn’t want to leave.” Yang Kai laughed, “It’s just a formation.”

“It’s only?” Sha Hu’s expression was dazed, and Yang Kai’s formation was lost. Such an evaluation made Sha Hu feel weird. But after seeing Yang Kai’s extremely indifferent expression, his frowning brows stretched out again, and he thoughtfully said: ’Since you say that, the old man won’t waste his tongue, so be careful.”

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