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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1753: Star Lord’s Might Read Novel

Chapter 1753: Star Lord’s Might – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1753: Star Lord’s Might

“En.” Yang Kai nodded, his expression turned a bit sullen: ’Suddenly being used as a bargaining chip against you, this suzerain is also very upset in his heart. Old Sha, this Jiang Huaian, kill Does it matter?”

After hearing this, Sha Hu sighed: “Keep him alive, and the old man will take care of it yourself!”

“As you wish!”

“Want to kill me, see if you have this ability!” Jiang Huaian stared at Yang Kai fiercely with an angry face.

Yang Kai’s calmness and unhurriedness made him extremely annoyed, and his heart was also very uneasy. I don’t know if Yang Kai really has any strong support, not afraid of the waves and blue waves. Kai, but killed a strong man who was too much at the top of the virtual mirror.

However, no matter how tyrannical a person is, it can’t be better than the formation, right? At this moment of thought, Jiang Huaian’s anxiety was calmed down a lot, and he looked at Yang Kai coldly, full of mockery.

With the passage of time, the power of the tidal sound and blue water array has grown stronger, and the surrounding abundant water aura continues to converge into the array, and the condensed monsters and weapon-like things become more and more. Come bigger.

The pressure that caused Sha Hu to change color fell from the sky.

Yang Kai still didn’t mean to do anything, so he stood still in place, as if to carefully appreciate some of the power of this tidal blue ocean array.

After a full cup of tea, the power of the tidal waves and blue waves has been raised to its peak.

The sound of a tsunami sounded by the ear, which made people uneasy. Looking around, the sky was also full of countless beasts and swords made of water and aura. A fierce beast rushed towards Yang Kai to stare at him, and only waited for a certain moment to arrive before breaking Yang Kai’s body into pieces.

A relaxed expression appeared on Jiang Huaian’s face. He knew in his heart that even if Yang Kai had the ability to reach the sky, he would not be able to escape from the sound of the tide and the blue waves.

This huge formation has been modified and enhanced by countless capable people and strangers in the Sea Palace, and it is enough to withstand the disaster of annihilation.

’Sect Master Yang, I think you are a guest of Uncle Sha’s, and you will be obediently arrested. The Lord of the Palace can consider taking it lightly, how about it?” Jiang Huaian asked slowly and carefully, pretending to be sure of Yang Kai. Tao.

“Not good!” Yang Kai shook his head and looked at Jiang Huaian with a smile, “I came here with sincerity, but I don’t want to be treated like this. Honestly speaking, your sea palace annoys this suzerain. If not, Elder Sha is here, and this sect master even intends to remove your Haidian from the Dark Star, but since Haidian is Elder Sha’s sect, I can’t do too much.”

“Only you, also want my Sea Palace to be removed from the Gloom Star? Who gives you the confidence? “Jiang Huaian roared, “Do you have this ability?”

Yang Kai smiled, didn’t make much movement, just looked at Jiang Huaian, and spit out a word gently in his mouth.

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The words fall, the blue tide array that has accumulated to the apex suddenly buzzes and trembles, and the swords of the countless strange beasts floating in the air seem to have their own wisdom, obey Yang Kai’s orders burst into bursts in a dense burst of noise.

Even the bright light curtain covering the entire Black Reef Island suddenly shattered at this moment.

The town faction of the Sea Palace was broken in an instant!

Just like the word Yang Kai spit out possesses supreme power, the aura between heaven and earth has to follow his instructions.

Sha Hu was dumbfounded, and was deeply shocked deep in his heart. He looked at Yang Kai with an unbelievable look, as if he had only met him on the first day.

Jiang Huaian was also stupid in the same place and took a look. I glanced at Yang Kai and looked around again. I couldn’t believe it. The sound of the tide and blue waves were completely broken by the other party’s words.

The three hall master Qi Yunhai was even more dumbfounded and light body. Trembling.

The remaining strong sea halls also screamed in disbelief.

“What’s going on?” After a while, Jiang Huaian suddenly reacted and roared at Qi Yunhai: “Where are the disciples who preside over the formation? Why did they stop the formation?”

He thought that the formation was broken because the disciples took the initiative to stop, rather than Yang Kai’s hands and feet.

Qi Yunhai got big head for a while, quickly took out the communication compass, poured his spiritual thoughts into it, and contacted the disciples who presided over the tidal waves and blue waves. After a while, his face was humble and said: “The main hall master, it is not the disciples The formation stopped, but they couldn’t start the big formation anymore.”

“How is it possible?” Jiang Huaian’s eyes trembled, and he looked at Yang Kai in horror.

Yang Kai grinned: “You don’t need to work in vain. Now the aura of the world within a thousand miles is under my control. Without my consent, your formation is just a display.”

“Nonsense!” Jiang Huai’an yelled, “Even if you are in the Void King Realm, it is impossible to control such a wide range of heaven and earth aura. Are you a fool as the Lord of the Palace?”

Suddenly, his hands slowly lifted up.

His movements are not fast, but very slow, but as his hands are raised, the sea near the Black Reef Island is like being boiled, fiercely boiling, and there are constantly huge bubbles from the sea Ascends down.

One after another huge whirlpool, forming near the Black Reef Island, spinning frantically.

Boom boom boom

Those thick water columns suddenly rushed out of those whirlpools. Each water column was as thick as several tens of feet, rushing straight into the sky, and even the clouds in the sky were covered. Rushed out of the hole.

The sky is shaking, everyone’s footing is unstable.

The sea surface near Black Reef Island seems to have dropped a few inches abruptly.

The water column that rushed into the sky, and returned fiercely, turning into azure water dragons. On the ferocious and huge head, the facial features are lifelike, and even the body formed by the water column is like dragon scales. General lines.

In the blink of an eye, around Black Reef Island, hundreds of water dragons made of pure seawater were formed. These water faucets shook their heads and rushed towards Black Reef Island, only dozens of them When he was ten feet long, suddenly Qi Qi stopped his figure and looked down.

The entire Black Reef Island is instantly impermeable surrounded by hundreds of water dragons. Each water dragon is thousands of meters long and several tens of meters thick. Each one gives people a devastating pressure.

It is not difficult to imagine that when these hundreds of water dragons rush down and plunder, the Black Reef Island will be reduced to ruins in a very short time.

Yang Kai, who did all of this, just raised his arms slightly, there was no sign of using Saint Yuan at all, and he didn’t use any strength.

On the Black Reef Island, there was a loud voice of people, and suddenly surrounded by so many water dragons, the disciples of the sea hall were naturally terrified. They didn’t know what was going on. Under the pressure of terror, either Lie on the ground, or flee hard, the scene is chaotic.

Jiang Huaian could no longer contain the panic deep in his heart, and trembled violently, looking at the monsters and looking at Yang Kai. He couldn’t understand how Yang Kai managed to achieve this level.

No one dared to doubt whether Yang Kai had the ability to remove Haidian from Gloom Star. This scene is the best explanation.

“Impossible, this hall master will never believe it, this is just an illusion!” Jiang Huaian was still a little unwilling to give up, thinking of a good reason, looked at Yang Kai brightly in front of him: ’So Sect Master Yang After practicing advanced illusion skills, the main hall master was almost deceived by you.”

“Stubbornness!” Yang Kai snorted, and a water dragon swooped down and rushed towards Jiang Huaian.

In the mid-air, the huge water dragon twisted and changed, incredibly transformed into a water arrow only three feet long, and immediately rushed in front of Jiang Huaian.

Jiang Huai’an roared, Sheng Yuanpei out of his body, stretched out his hands in the void and connected points, and the shield-like secret techniques condensed in front of him.

Everything was in vain. Where the water arrow passed, the shields burst one after another, and there was no sign of stagnation at all.

Jiang Huaian was shocked, realizing that everything in front of him was not an illusion at all, but a real attack.

When I wanted to avoid it, it was too late.

Water arrows pierced his body, bringing out a string of blood, shooting from his back.

Jiang Huaian’s eyes widened, and he fell on his back.

However, because of Sha Hu’s plea before, Yang Kai did not kill him. This is the case. This blow almost killed Jiang Huaian. If you don’t take care of it, you will definitely have to lose your cultivation base.

“One thought is born, the vicissitudes of life is born, the other is born, Yang Kai, you have refined the origin of the dark star?” Sha Hu asked with a trembling voice, but an astonishing light flashed in his eyes.

“What?” Qi Yunhai’s expression changed drastically, staring at Yang Kai in amazement.

Refining the origin of the stars, this is something that only exists in legends, and once the origin of the stars is refined, it means that you become the star master of the cultivation star and can control everything.

Qi Yunhai is subconsciously unwilling to believe in such unthinkable things, because if he wants to refine the origin of the stars, he needs an extremely powerful cultivation base as a guarantee. This cultivation base is rumored to be the Void King’s three-level realm!

However, there are also warriors of the Void King two-level realm. They are lucky and refine the origin of the stars and become the star master.

But this kind of thing is too far away after all, especially for the warriors of the Dark Star.

How can a three-layer Void Returning Realm be obtained by refining the origin of the stars?

But if it is not for this reason, how can we explain everything in front of you?

Ordinary Void King Realm can’t make such a big battle, right? Only the star master who dominates a cultivation star can control the aura of heaven and earth as he pleases, and converge into a dragon!

“Old Sha’s eyes are like torches, and I was just lucky.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, and did not deny it.

Qi Yunhai couldn’t help groaning deep in his heart.

He suddenly discovered that he followed Jiang Huaian to do something that would make him regret for a lifetime.

Is there any other stupid way in the world to target the master of the dark star on the dark star?

“Sure enough!” Sha Lao sighed softly, and sighed in pain: “Fuzzy, confused!”

He was obviously blaming Jiang Huaian for his short-sightedness. He was originally between him and Yang Kai. The friendship is very good, but after this incident, Yang Kai’s impression of Haidian is definitely not much better, which is extremely detrimental to the future development of Haidian.

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Chapter 1753: Star Lord’s Might – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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