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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1754: Arrange the circle Read Novel

Chapter 1754: Arrange the circle – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1754: Arrange the circle

Black Reef Island, somewhere.

Yang Kai sat cross-legged, closing his eyes and resting.

There was a slight sound of footsteps not far away. Yang Kai opened his eyes and found that it was Qi Yunhai, the master of the Third Hall of the Sea Palace, who was walking over with a group of people.

With a pair of Yang Kai’s eyes, Qi Yunhai quickly lowered his head without squinting, with a respectful look.

Since that day when he learned that Yang Kai was actually the star owner of Gloom Star, Qi Yunhai no longer dared to be presumptuous. Although his cultivation level was comparable to Yang Kai, Yang Kai was enveloped. The star master’s brilliant aura is the sum of thousands of him, and it is impossible for him to be Yang Kai’s opponent.

He immediately “pained through the past, and realized it” and apologized to Yang Kai and admitted his mistake.

Jiang Huaian has been abolished by Yang Kai, and the seat of the main hall is vacated. Although Sha Hu did not like Qi Yunhai’s greed of life and death, and compromise, he did not go for the consideration of the sea hall. Embarrassed him, personally interceded with Yang Kai for him, and saved his life.

’Sect Master Yang, I have brought you people and materials.” Qi Yunhai walked to the five feet in front of Yang Kai and stood still, and said respectfully.

Yang Kai looked up at the six people behind him, nodded slightly, and stretched out his hand: “Bring the materials.”

“Yes!” Qi Yunhai stepped forward, A space ring was handed over to Yang Kai.

Yang Kaikai swept through his mind and realized that the materials inside were no different from what he had asked for. Then he nodded and said, “Okay, you go down, tell Old Shao that the space law formation here is about the same. It takes seven or eight days to complete the construction, so he doesn’t have to worry about it. It’s important to deal with the internal affairs of the Haidian first.”

Jiang Huaian is abolished, and there will inevitably be some turbulence in the Haidian, although Shahu had no intention of getting involved. Power, but at this time only he can live in the town, so he can only work hard.

“Thank you Yang Zong’s main shirt, I will definitely bring it with you.”


Qi Yunhai quickly left, as if not daring to stay with Yang Kai for a long time Look like.

After he left, Yang Kai looked at the remaining six warriors. Among these six, there were males and females, old and young, old, looking old, old, young, It seems that the face of only seventeen or eighteen years old is a good time, and the cultivation base is not high. The most powerful one is only at the first level of the virtual mirror, and the worst is even the third level of the holy.

While Yang Kai was looking at them, the six of them were also looking at Yang Kai, and everyone’s eyes were full of curiosity.

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After all, it is rumored that this one is the star owner of the Gloom Star! He is a big man who has mastered the cultivation star where he is.

Before bringing them here, Qi Yunhai also specifically told him not to disobey Yang Kai’s meaning, he said what he said, if he makes Yang Kai unhappy, he will definitely deal with it.

“Are you the best formation mage in the sea hall?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.

Among the six, the old man stepped forward, clasped his fist and said: “Return to Sect Master Yang, the six of me are indeed the ones who have studied the methods of battle in the sea hall the deepest.”

“Okay.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Before Qi Yunhai let you over, he should have told you what to do when you get here, right?”

“The three hall masters said that he would assist Sect Master Yang in refining a space. The magic circle connects our Haidian and the High Heavenzong, and realizes the exchange of materials between the two.” The old man replied again.

“Yes, since you know, then I won’t be nonsense. In terms of materials, your sea palace is ready. The rest is only for your refining and fusion, forming the formation needed for the formation. Jiji, I believe these things shouldn’t be difficult for you.”

The old man seems to have also discovered that Yang Kai is not the fierce and evil person he imagined. Instead, he has a friendly attitude and immediately relaxes a lot. Proudly said: “As long as there is a refining method, the six of me will definitely not let Sect Master Yang down.”

“Good! “Yang Kai smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to summon the six people to his side, explained to them, and told them what kind of material should be matched with what kind of material, and what kind of appearance should be refined.

6 People have extremely high attainments in the formations, which is not comparable to Yang Kai’s half bucket of water. Yang Kai just explained it a little bit, and the six people already understood it.

Next, Yang Kai will again. The materials prepared by the sea hall were taken out one by one, divided into categories, and handed over to six people to refine different parts.

The layout of the space magic circle is extremely complicated, but before coming here, Yang Kai said A space law formation has already been set up outside the High Heaven Sect. This is the second time, so I am somewhat familiar with it.

The main work is naturally done by him himself. The reason why Yang Kai asked Qi Yunhai to bring six people here was just In order to lay hands on him, it can also save a lot of time.

He is also afraid that these six people will learn something secretly. After all, the most basic formation of the space law is still in his hands, as long as the formation is If they don’t leak it out, even if they re-arrange a gourd and draw a gourd, it won’t work.

In this clearing on Black Reef Island, seven people perform their duties.

Within five days, a spatial array covering an area of ​​about ten meters in radius has been fully arranged.

Looking around, this spatial array is not the same as those in the major cities. There are no circular arches. There is only a circular base placed on the ground, which is very simple.

But the floor area is slightly larger.

After all, if this spatial array is completed, it can span a distance of millions of tens of millions of miles, and it can even accommodate fifty people at one time to transmit at the same time.

This is incomparable to the spatial arrays in those cities.

The prototype of the magic circle has been set up. Yang Kai needs to do the rest. The six masters of the sea palace did not rush to leave. Instead, they all stood quietly on the side. Open action.

Unfortunately, no matter how they probed, they couldn’t see any clues.

Yang Kai’s spiritual thoughts shuttled back and forth among the formations of the magic array, portraying a series of mysterious and complicated lines, which gradually converged into the formation of the space magic array.

His divine consciousness is the fire of divine consciousness. It is extremely easy to leave a mark on these materials that have been refined, and to portray the array map.

There were no waves in the whole process, and it only took Yang Kai half an hour to complete the formation.

After checking carefully, after confirming that there was no error in the array, Yang Kai smiled slightly, poured the power of the space into it, activated the space array, and at the same time positioned the space array of the High Heavenzong, the two地连接。 Ground connection.

“Is this all right?” the old man asked incredulously.

“It’s almost there, as long as enough holy crystals are placed in the magic circle, this thing will be able to operate.” Yang Kai nodded and replied.

The six of them all took a cold breath and looked at Yang Kai with admiration.

Space magic circle! It took only five days to set up such a huge spatial array! I’m afraid no one would say and believe this kind of thing.

On the Gloom Star, the layout method of the space magic circle has long been lost. The remaining ones are relics of the ancient times. The warriors will only do some simple repairs, and it is impossible to rearrange them.

Moreover, even in the ancient times, when the layout method was not lost, it was impossible to spend such a short time.

It is recorded in the classics that the arrangement of a spatial array is laborious for the people and money. It not only consumes huge financial resources and material resources, but also consumes a lot of time.

In a few years, it is already a great thing to be able to arrange a space magic circle.

But here, it’s done in five days!

The six people looked at each other, and they couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement with You Rongyan. After all, no matter how you say it, there is also their hard work and dedication in this spatial array.

’Sect Master Yang, you take the liberty, can you give it a try?” the old man rubbed his hands excitedly and asked.

The first person to use the space magic circle, although there is no substantial benefit, for him, it is an honor.

“Wait first.” Yang Kai laughed, then sat down on his own, and took out some strange materials from the space ring and put them in front of him to smelt them.

Under the sacred element package, the impurities in these materials have been removed, and various materials gradually gathered together, like a hodgepodge.

The six people didn’t know what Yang Kai was going to do, they all waited in confusion, but they felt very unpredictable.

After a while, a token-like thing appeared in Yang Kai’s hand. This token was unremarkable, it looked dark, and there was no spiritual fluctuation in itself, but on the token, it was carved. A ’ling” word.

The dragon flies and the phoenix dances, as if a dragon wants to go up to the sky, full of an inexplicable mood.

Yang Kai refined a total of six such tokens, and then threw them at the six people casually.

The six people each took one piece and held it in the palm of their hand and looked at it carefully.

The old man didn’t know what he was thinking of. He looked excited, and asked Ai Ai, ’Sect Master Yang, dare to ask if this is.”

He obviously misunderstood and thought Yang Kai gave What good things did they have.

“This is a teleportation order. Without this teleportation order, the only result of activating the space circle is to be exiled into the void, and there will never be a loop!” Yang Kai explained lightly.

The expressions of the six people changed, and only then did they understand the purpose of the six tokens specially refined by Yang Kai.

The old man recovered from the feeling of loss, and soon understood the key, and said with a fist: ’Sect Master Yang is meticulous and admires the old. In this way, a large number of martial artists can be eliminated from relying on two cases. The invasion of the magic circle happened.”

When the other five people heard him say this, they suddenly realized why Yang Kai had to refine such six tokens.

Although it is convenient to connect the two places with the space magic circle, it is not easy to guard against if an enemy enters the void and invades with this method, but this teleportation order made by Yang Kai can fundamentally put an end to this. The situation happened.

Without a teleportation order, it is impossible to use the space magic circle.

Yang Kai smiled slightly and didn’t say anything. With a wave of his hand, Sheng Yuan enveloped the six people and stood on the space circle: “Let’s go, test whether this circle is useful.”

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Chapter 1754: Arrange the circle – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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