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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1755: Sea God Orb Read Novel

Chapter 1755: Sea God Orb – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1755: Sea God Orb

Before the six array mages of the sea hall had time to speak, Yang Kai had already punched the holy crystals used to activate the array into the surrounding grooves.

The formation immediately started to move. In a flash of white light, the six people only felt lightened. When they reacted, the scenery in front of them had changed drastically.

Looking around, the land in front is black and red, and the surrounding air is full of rich fire spirit, which looks a bit hot.

The environment here is completely different from the worry-free sea environment where Haidian is located.

At the foot is exactly the same existence as the space array arranged by myself and others. There are also some warriors around who are doing construction work. It seems that they are going to build a palace here. The palace is almost completed. Magnificent.

The busy warriors nearby are all wearing uniform costumes, with a small Ling character embroidered on their clothes!

A disciple of the Ling Xiaozong! The six people in the sea hall immediately reacted. They and others have already arrived near the High Heavenzong, and this place is obviously very similar to the environment of the legendary Liuyan Sand.

The abnormality of the space law formation here alarmed the nearby High Heavenzong disciples. Someone immediately came to find out what happened. When it was discovered that it was Yang Kai, they hurriedly clasped their fists and saluted.

Yang Kai waved his hand: “I’m just testing whether the magic circle over there is useful, you can go ahead and do it yourself.”

“Yes! “The disciples got orders, and they dispersed.

This spatial array of Ling Xiaozong was arranged by Yang Kai outside of Liuyan Sand. In this way, it also prevented others from directly entering the general structure through the spatial array. Disadvantages of the rudder.

This space magic circle is of great significance. It is a bridge connecting the outside and the inside of the High Heavenzong.

Yang Kai intends to be in the entire Understar, among the famous cities. Arrange the space array so that Ling Xiaozong can reach contact with all cities anytime and anywhere.

This will also be of great help to the future development of Ling Xiaozong.

’Sovereign! “A disciple of the High Heaven Sect did not leave immediately, but stood and held his fist respectfully.

“What’s the matter?”

“The great elder ordered a few days ago, if the lord appears here, please be sure to tell the lord one thing. Half a month ago, the lord Qian of the Shadowmoon Palace had sent a call to let the lord you Take the time to go to the Shadow Moon Palace and say there is something to discuss!”

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“I see. “Yang Kai nodded.

The disciple retired.

Qian Tong looked for himself, but he didn’t know what was going on, but he shouldn’t be in a hurry. Otherwise, he might have to rush himself. Come here, and now that Qian Tong is still a powerful Void King Realm, there are few things in this world that can threaten him.

Yang Kai didn’t take this matter in his mind too much, he was ready to finish what he had on hand, and then went to the Shadow Moon Palace to see Qian Tong.

After testing the unobstructed space formation, Yang Kai returned to Heijiao Island with the six members of the Sea Palace.

The six of them all have some ideas.

The old man looked extremely admired, and said: ’Sect Master Yang, the old man has also used a lot of space magic circles, but every time he uses it, depending on the length of the teleportation distance, he will feel dizzy and dizzy. The sequelae of, but this space law formation has never let the old man feel this, Sect Master Yang, the old man admires it!”

The other five people also nodded and said yes.

The space magic array is indeed convenient to use, but the space teleportation is a behavior that will load the warrior. This load not only comes from the physical body, but also targets the divine consciousness.

The farther the distance, the greater the load.

Therefore, a warrior who is not strong dare not teleport too long. If one is not good, it is very likely that the sea will be destroyed and become an idiot. Too many times in time.

Six array wizards, who has never used the space array before? It’s just a matter of how many times it is, and I am fully aware of this drawback.

The two tens of millions of mile-level ultra-long teleports just now did not make them feel any discomfort. It was as easy as visiting a neighbor’s house.

In other words, the spatial array that Yang Kai presided over has surpassed the relics of the ancient times in various degrees and reached new heights.

Of course, the elders admire them to the extreme.

Yang Kai smiled slightly: “It’s just a small trick, um, please transfer the transmission order in your hand to Elder Sha, and tell Elder Sha, if the sea hall is settled down, please send someone Let’s go to High Heavenzong. The Elder Ye will discuss material exchanges with him.”

“Sect Master Yang is leaving now? Should I stop resting for a few days and meet with Uncle Sha On the one hand?” The elder elder said to keep him.

“No, I have to go to the Sea God Palace.” Yang Kai waved his hand, his figure shook, and he disappeared from where he was.

There was a look of regret on the faces of the six people. They briefly discussed for a while and hurried to the center of the black reef island. The six yuan teleportation order was very important, and they did not dare to be careless.

The Sea God Palace is a huge force that fights against the Sea Temple on the Sea of ​​Worry, and it has swept the wise creatures in the entire deep sea.

To a certain extent, the Sea God Palace is much stronger than the Sea Palace, whether it is the cultivation realm or the number of high-level warriors.

Although the two have friction from time to time, they will not go to war on a large scale, so they can coexist without worries.

The place where the Sea God Palace is located, is actually somewhere under the deep sea. The huge group of underwater palaces are beautifully built, protected by formations, and the air inside is clear and natural.

For others, looking for the main rudder of the sea god on the huge worry-free sea is simply looking for a needle in a haystack. Even the sea hall has been unable to figure out where the sea god is located.

For Yang Kai, it is simple and easy.

After leaving Black Reef Island, it only took him one day to lock the position of the Sea God Palace and easily came here.

He didn’t encounter any difficulties here. Although the Sea Clan looked down upon the Human Race and was a different race from the Human Race, they always respected the strong.

Yang Kai undoubtedly has the capital to make them courteous.

What’s more, the little dolphin, who is the princess of the sea clan, is extremely close to Yang Kai.

The two leaders, Qianmo and Shang Ao, are also very grateful to Yang Kai.

So the cooperation with the sea clan is easier than with the sea palace.

Yang Kai personally went to meet the king of the sea clan, the father of the little dolphin, and the patriarch of the dolphins clan, Split Sky. After the opponent made a little trial and determined that Yang Kai’s strength was unfathomable, the two parties hit it off. And immediately started the cooperation.

It is still the same as in the sea hall. Yang Kai made a request, and Sea God Palace provided the materials. It took him a few days to arrange a third spatial array in the Sea God Palace and refine it. Several transfer orders.

With the two teleportation arrays of Sea Palace and Sea God Palace, Ling Xiaozong will be able to set foot in deep sea materials in a true sense from now on.

At that time, whether it is used at home or sold out, the High Heavenzong will never lose money. Instead, it can use this advantage to expand the material storage of the High Heavenzong, so that the disciples will have no worries about their cultivation and no need to worry about materials. Insufficient supply occurs.

This is an advantage that the entire Gloom Star does not have any sect!

Yang Kai didn’t intend to stay in the Sea God Palace for a long time. After everything was done, he said goodbye to the Lord of the Sea God Palace.

But before leaving, something unexpected happened to everyone.

The little dolphin wagged its tail and ran to Yang Kai’s side, and gave Yang Kai a bead that he had bitten in his mouth.

This bead is the size of a fist, and the color is blue. It is as deep as sea water. It does not look big. But when starting with it, Yang Kai discovered that it was heavy and there were waves and tsunami inside. The sound came out, and there was an extremely abundant water spirit.

After seeing this bead, the leaders of the Sea God Palace Master Likong and Qianmo Shangao who were seeing off all changed their faces and looked solemn.

Many more people showed nervous expressions.

“I can’t take this thing.” Yang Kai smiled slightly and touched the little dolphin’s head.

Although he didn’t know exactly what the bead was, he inferred from the faces of everyone that the value of this bead was definitely not trivial. He had just reached a cooperative relationship with Poseidon Palace, and he rashly accepted this. A heavy gift, I’m afraid it will make the Sea Clan unhappy.

The main reason is that it was sent by the little dolphin. The little dolphin only has the IQ of a few-year-old children, and he acts entirely on his own preferences. It simply cannot represent the wishes of the entire sea people.

If this was given by Split Kong personally, Yang Kai would not have considered so much.

Seeing Yang Kai’s refusal, the leaders of the Sea Clan all showed a relaxed expression.

The little dolphins were reluctant and let out a hurried cry, as if Yang Kai swore to give up if he didn’t accept it.

Yang Kai bitterly persuaded a few words, but the little dolphin refused to take it back all the time, tears were almost overflowing in both eyes, so he was really helpless, so he could only cast his eyes on the rift.

Splitting the sky is invisible and invisible. He stared softly at the little dolphin. After a long while, he smiled and said: ’Since Sect Master Yang has such a relationship with the little girl, then take things away. Look at this posture. If you don’t accept it, the little girl will definitely be sad. After all, Sect Master Yang is also the little girl’s lifesaver. This is a gift from the little girl, so Sect Master Yang doesn’t have to refuse.”

Yang Kai frowned and asked: “Dare to ask what is this thing? What is it?”

“This is one of the treasures of my Poseidon Palace, the Poseidon Orb, it may not be of much use to Sect Master Yang himself. The martial artist of the secret technique gets it, and the effect is great. It has a source of sea inside. The water system is full of aura, pure and pure, almost inexhaustible. It is the birthday that this seat gave to the little girl two years ago. Since the gift is the little girl’s own thing, of course she can give it to Sect Master Yang as the master.” Split Kong explained.

“The Source of One Sea” Yang Kai slightly moved, “This thing really does something to me, and that’s the case, then Yang will accept it.”

Split Kong smiled and nodded.

Several leaders have seen the matter so far, so they can’t say anything.

“However, the Sea God Orb is too precious. Let’s go. Yang would like to exchange five hundred Void-level Chaotic Pills for it. What about the idea of ​​Splitting the Sky Palace?”

“Five hundred X, virtual-level Huntian pill?” Li Kong’s eyes lit up.

The expressions of many leaders are suddenly excited.

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