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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1757: For the rule of exclusion Read Novel

Chapter 1757: For the rule of exclusion – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1757: For the rule of exclusion

“Old Qian was stabbed by thunder?” Yang Kai was surprised.

“En.” Qian Tong nodded, “Although he didn’t suffer much damage, the power of the thunder is still not to be underestimated.”

Fei Zhitu opened his mouth wide and exclaimed. Said: “I thought you were cultivating some secret technique last time that caused the sky thunder. That was not the case?”

“How can I practice some secret technique!” Qian Tong couldn’t laugh or cry, ’Shadow Moon Palace.” There are many secret techniques, you are not sure, what kind of secret techniques can cause sky thunder? Besides, even with such secret techniques, the old man has no time to practice, and now it is too late to consolidate his realm.”

“What about the fire last time?” Dong Xuan’er asked from the side.

“What kind of fire?” Fei Zhitu’s expression was stunned.

Dong Xuan’er blinked her big eyes and explained: “In the first two months, in the retreat of Master, a terrifying ground fire suddenly appeared, and the place was burned to ashes.”

“There is such a thing?” Fei Zhitu was surprised.

“It’s also the reason why the old man was rejected by the law of heaven and earth!” Qian Tong was extremely annoyed. ’Since the old man returned to the Dark Star, he has encountered this kind of thing more than once. Although he has been resolved by the old man, it is always the case. The old man can’t concentrate on practicing. Not only that, when the old man flies in the sky, there is a soul-scattering wind into the sea of ​​consciousness in the void, and consumes the power of the old man’s soul. Now the old man does not dare to fly in the sky for too long, nor dare Flying too high, for fear of unbearable consequences!”

“Heaven thunder, earth fire, and wind” Yang Kai said, “Old Qian, you have a hard life!”

Hearing Yang Kai’s ridicule, Qian Tong looked like crying without tears.

This kind of life is indeed very frightening. Fortunately, Qian Tong has not shut down these days. Otherwise, once disturbed, he is very likely to get into trouble. Even if he is a powerful Void King Realm, he will not be able to turn the danger into danger.

“How come there is such a thing! “Fei Zhitu had an incredible expression on his face, and his eyes were full of surprise, “This city lord has lived for hundreds of years. This is the first time I have heard of this.”

“This is the first time the old man. Qian Tong sighed heavily, and then looked at Yang Kai expectantly: “Yang Kai, you are now the Lord of the Dark Star, can you think of a way to relieve the old man from these worries?”

He is really troubled, and he doesn’t know when things like thunder and fire will strike, so he can no longer go to retreat. Now all his expectations can only be placed on Yang Kai, hoping that he could come up with a way.

What made him greatly disappointed was that Yang Kai slowly shook his head: “The law of the dark star is beyond my reach, but it is impossible to break it.”

Qian Tong sighed again after hearing this.

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The hall was silent for a while, and the expressions of several people were heavy.

Shadow Moon Palace has the only Void King Realm powerhouse on the Dark Star. This was originally an extremely glorious thing, but Qian Tong is now rejected by the law of heaven and earth. This is not good news.

After a while, Qian Tong suddenly said: “It seems that there is only one way to leave.”

“Old ghost Qian, you want to leave the Dark Star?” Fei Zhitu was shocked.

Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er also looked at Qian Tong with dismay, as if they wanted to say something to persuade them, but they didn’t know where to start.

“If you don’t leave here, the old man will be troubled all his life. From then on, he will never make any progress.” Qian Tong smiled slightly. At this level, the old man still wants to go higher, stand farther, and see the more exciting scenery!”

“A lot of years old, and still so ambitious.” Fei Zhitu smiled bitterly.

“Lao Fei, are you willing to stay in the mirror for the rest of your life?” Qian Tong asked rhetorically.

“How is it possible?” Fei Zhitu snorted, “If it hadn’t been the last time the realm fell, the city lord would have left the Dark Star with you, no matter whether I could snoop into the mystery of the Void King Realm, always You have to try it.”

“Yes, people go to higher places, and water flows to lower places!”

’Since you have decided, then I have nothing to say Yes, you can rest assured here at Shadow Moon Palace, I will take care of it.” Fei Zhitu said sternly.

“Yang Kai, if the old man wants to leave here, he has to rely on your strength!” Qian Tong looked at Yang Kai.

“This is naturally okay.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Actually, I originally had a plan, and I plan to implement it recently, which coincides with Qian Lao’s idea.”

“What’s your plan?” Qian Tong heard this, his eyes brightened leisurely.

“I am going to deploy the space magic circle to other cultivation stars!”

“Transmission across stars and super long distances?” Qian Tong and Fei Zhitu Qiqi exclaimed. Looking at Yang Kai extremely shocked.

Yang Kai nodded: “Dark Star has been closed for long enough, and it’s time to go out and take a look. If this thing can be achieved, the Martial Artists of the Dark Star will be able to leave the dark after their cultivation reaches the peak. Xing, go to other places to feel the mystery of the Void King Realm.”

Qian Tong and Fei Zhitu remained silent for a long time, but their eyes widened in shock.

For a long time, Qian Qiqi Ai Ai asked: “Can you do this kind of thing?”

“It’s human work.” Yang Kai laughed, “At least, space law.” I don’t think there is any problem with the layout of the array.”

“But if other experts in the cultivation star invade the Dark Star with the help of the space array you set up, then what is it good?” Qian Tong A trace of worry emerged on the surface.

“Haha, don’t worry about this.” Fei Zhitu laughed loudly, took out a few tokens with the character “Ling” from his space ring, and shook it in his hand. Shaking: “Without this thing, it would be impossible to use the space magic circle arranged by Yang Kai.”

“What is this?” Qian Tong was puzzled.

“Transportation order!” Fei Zhitu immediately explained. After Qian Tong understood the role of the teleportation order, he could not help but relieved the worries in his heart, and said thoughtfully: “Yang Kai, you do it. This teleportation order seems to have been planned.”

“Of course, arranging a space array on the gloomy star is just a practice.” Yang Kai smiled hehe.

His real goal is to connect the Gloom Star with the star field! This is not just a whim, it is something that Yang Kai has been considering for a long time.

It takes too long to get to the lively places in the star field from the gloom star, but if there is a space magic circle, these problems will not exist.

In the High Heaven Sect, there is more than one person at the top of the Void Returning Third Stage. As the Sect Master, Yang Kai is bound to make plans for their future. Even he himself has reached the third stage of returning to the Void and urgently needs to leave the Dark Star to prepare for the promotion to the Void King.

What’s more, with the help of arranging the space magic circle, Yang Kai can also cultivate the power of space.

These days, he finds that his mastery of the power of space has become more profound.

Yang Kai will naturally not let go of things that can be counted in one fell swoop.

“Well, you think so well, the old man is relieved, you can become the lord of the dark star, it is the blessing of the whole star!” Qian Tong laughed.

“Then Mr. Qian, do you leave with me, or wait for me to finish setting up the space array before sending it away?” Yang Kai asked again.

Qian Tong thought about it for a while, and said: “When you finish setting up the space magic circle, the old lady will spend more time in the Dark Star. There are still some things to deal with in the Shadow Moon Palace.”>

“Then Qian Lao waits for the good news from me.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

After the negotiation was settled, Yang Kai did not stay in Tianyun City for a long time, but returned directly to the High Sect.

To summon the major elders in the sect, Yang Kai told them about his next plan. Ye Xiyun and Yang Xiuzhu and the others looked at Yang Kai excitedly and agreed.

Needless to say, Ye Xiyun, she was originally the most promising existence of the entire Dark Star to be promoted to the Void King Realm, but the last time she had to stay at the High Heaven Sect and take care of Yang Yan, she missed her being with Yang Kai. Opportunity to leave.

If Yang Kai can really arrange the space magic circle on the cultivation star next to her, then she will have a chance to get rid of the rules of the dark star.

And Yang Xiuzhu and others also hold this mindset. Last time they failed to get promoted in the trial of the blood prison, it does not mean that they will be hopeless in their lives. It is natural that they have to spare no effort to break through the promotion. Yes, even if it breaks through the south wall, it will not look back.

’Since everyone has no objection, then the Sect Master will let go.” Yang Kai grinned and looked around, “But before that, you still need to help me raise supplies!”

“What supplies?” Ye Xiyun asked.

“Essential Crystal!” Yang Kai looked solemn, “The most critical material for arranging the Space Array is the Ethereal Crystal! And depending on the transmission distance of the two Space Arrays, the number of Ethereal Crystals is different. Since it is necessary to arrange a space array that spans the stars and super long distances, the more ethereal crystals are naturally the better!”

“Okay, let’s do this!” Ye Xiyun nodded heavily.

Now the High Heavenzong can easily contact the entire Underworld. It is not difficult to raise materials. The key is how many ethereal crystals can be raised.

After all, this thing is really rare. Even if some are found occasionally, they are all used to refine the space ring.

Yang Kai had a lot of them before, all of which were mined under Longxue Mountain, but he had long been cultivating space power and was exhausted.

The ethereal crystals used in the layout of the spatial array during this period were also searched from the warehouses of the major sects and cities.

“Three months, three months later, I will leave Understar. I hope you can help me raise enough ethereal crystals by then!”

“Yes!” The great elders promised one after another, quickly scattered, and each went to contact those sects on the Gloom Star.

I believe that after three months, Yang Kai should be able to gain a lot.

The high-levels of the High Heavenzong rushed out, and Yang Kai was idle. After spending a few days, he accompanied his parents and brothers, and then took Su Yan and Xia Ningshang, traveling around the Gloom Star.

I don’t know when I will be free when I go here. He only hopes that he can accompany these two senior sisters for more than three months, and enjoy the time with his two women.

For him, such a life is simply a luxury.

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Chapter 1757: For the rule of exclusion – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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