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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1758: 3 months Read Novel

Chapter 1758: 3 months – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1758: 3 months

“This is the Taiqing Mountain Range where the Liulimen is located?” Su Yan asked, looking at the undulating mountains below, like a crouching dragon.

“En.” Yang Kai, who was standing next to her, nodded, let go of his consciousness, and with the help of the star master, he swept across a radius of tens of thousands of miles, and said with a smile: “It looks like a corpse When the Spirit Sect was looting, the Liulimen master rudder did not experience much damage, which was similar to the time when I came here last time.”

Xia Ningchang looked into the distance and said softly: “The heaven and earth aura on Gloom Star is really not comparable to Tongxuan Continent. Any place we go these days, no matter the aura or the scenery, will surpass that of Tongxuan Continent.”

She was a little bit lost. Look like.

Yang Kai is the master of the dark stars. She is the master of the Tongxuan continent. For every star master, the cultivation star of the origin of the refined star is like his closest partner, just like Own child.

The depression and lack of aura in Tongxuan Continent made Xia Ningchang a little sad.

“The star master is closely related to the cultivation star. Little Sister, you work hard to improve your cultivation. One day, Tongxuan Continent will rejuvenate again.” Yang Kai relieved.

“En.” Xia Ning Chang nodded obediently.

“Let’s go, the palace master should get the news.”Yang Kaiyi held the small hands of the two women on the left and the right, and led them to fly forward.

Since that day, it has been almost three months since the wandering of the gloomy stars.

In the past three months, Yang Kai and the three have toured almost the entire famous scenic spot of Gloom Star. They have seen all kinds of customs, the magnificent waves of the worry-free sea, the endless silence of the desert, and the majestic and steep of many famous mountains and rivers. Human footprints and figures.

These three-month journey will surely become the most beautiful memory in the hearts of the three.

The Liulizong is the last stop set by Yang Kai!

I didn’t come here to see the scenery, but Yang Kai wanted to ask Gong Aofu for something.

Although Gong Aofu led the Liuli Gate to join the High Heavenzong when the corpse spirits were looting. She herself became one of the elders of the High Heavenzong, but after the hidden danger of the corpse spirits went, Yang Kai asked Gong Aofu to return to Taiqing Mountain.

He knew better than anyone, Shimen Meaning to the martial artist.

Just like the sect he established in Understar is called the High Heavenzong, even if Gong Aofu stays in the High Heavenzong, there will be better room for development, but she will always remember the Liulimen in her heart. Remember the sect that gave birth to her.

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What’s more, when Gong Aofu joined the High Heaven Sect, Yang Kai also said that she would allow her to rebuild the Liuli Sect in the future.

Release her back, just to fulfill her original promise.

Gong Aofu was really grateful. Although he led the warriors of the Liuli Sect back to Taiqing Mountain, he also made a heavy oath. From now on, the Liuli Sect was in charge of the High Heavenzong, and was a subsidiary sect of the High Heavenzong!

This is regarded as the first subsidiary sect of High Heavenzong! And it is a very important subsidiary sect.

When Yang Kai came here with Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, he had already sent a message to Gong Aofu.

When they were speeding up to the main peak of the Liulimen, a group of people were already standing underneath. The beautiful woman headed by her was full of style and plump appearance, and she was naturally Gong Aofu.

Dai Yuan still has a pocky face, her face is pitted, and looks extremely ugly. Just standing beside Gong Aofu, Gong Aofu is more and more beautiful.

Behind the two are the only remaining elders and elite disciples of the Liuli Sect, and Yin Sudie is also on the list.

Seeing Yang Kai’s escape light fall, the group of people below immediately looked solemn and saluted.

’Subordinate Gong Aofu, see Sovereign, I have seen two Sovereign Wives!” Gong Aofu said quickly.

“None are outsiders, the palace master doesn’t need to be so polite!” Yang Kai waved his hand, and Su Yan smiled at Gong Ao Fu and accepted her name to herself calmly. It was Xia Ning Chang, even Meng Meng. With the veil, you can still see the crimson of her face, and the delicate earlobes are like weeping blood.

After all these years, the little sister is still shy.

“Girl Dai Yuan, it’s been a long time.” Yang Kai turned his head to look at Dai Yuan again, his gaze traversed her face with profound meaning. Others didn’t know what was hidden under this disgusting face. Yang Kai was very clear about his face.

Daiyuan’s figure is indeed exquisite and uneven, but the honor is very disgusting, and it is extremely difficult for people to feel good about her.

Yang Kai and Dai Yuan are like a world. Did the dragon soaring in the sky look at the creeping ants on the ground?

So almost everyone doesn’t know why Yang Kai takes care of Daiyuan in this way.

In the face of Yang Kai’s greetings, Dai Yuan just nodded slightly, and did not show much enthusiasm.

Gong Aofu pursed his lips from the side: “The subordinates heard from the Great Elder that the Sovereign has been wandering around the Dark Star for the past few months. What can I gain?”

“Look at the scenery That’s it, how can there be any gain?” Yang Kai laughed and shook his head.

“The lord and the two wives, talented and talented women, are in perfect harmony. It seems that hand in hand is the biggest gain.”

Yang Kai turned his head and looked at each other with Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang. Look, smile knowingly.

Even though they knew Gong Aofu meant something to beat a horse, none of the three felt disgusted.

“But I don’t know why the lord came to Liulimen today? It’s just to relax by watching the scenery. If so, then the subordinates will do their best to make arrangements. The scenery of Taiqing Mountain is also good.”

“It’s not.” Yang Kai shook his head, “I came here this time, there is a ruthless please.”

’Sect Master, but it doesn’t matter!” Gong Aofu smiled.” If there is no suzerain to take care of me, my glazed gate would have ceased to exist. What does my glazed gate need from my glazed gate? It is the honor of my glazed gate. Why should I say any kind of unkind please?”

Seeing her so happy, Yang I opened my head and nodded: “Then I said clearly, I came here to want a little Qianhuan Liuli. Your Qianhuan Liuli Mountain has not been destroyed by the Zombie Sect, right?”

“Qianhuan Liuli?” Gong Aofu raised her eyebrows, “The Thousand Illusion Glazed Mountain is a wonder of the world, and the people of the corpse spirit can’t destroy it, but if the Sect Master wants Thousand Illusion Glazed, it will be a bit difficult. For so many years, there are only three and two weights, I don’t know if it is enough for the suzerain?”

“Three and two are too few!” Yang Kai laughed blankly.

“Then let Dai Yuan use the secret technique to mine some?” Gong Aofu asked inquiringly.

For the entire glazed gate, only Dai Yuan who has practiced a special secret technique can refine the thousand illusion glazed glazed glaze, and can mine out some such strange things.

So even if the Liuli Gate is sitting on a strange treasure like Qianhuan Liuli Mountain, it has not been able to use it. I have to say that this is indeed sad.

“The disciples can’t mine much, but I think Yang Kai can do it himself!” Dai Yuan looked at Yang Kai with beautiful eyes.

“Presumptuous!” Gong Aofu screamed, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Dai Yuan majesticly, “Why do you dare to call the lord’s name directly?”

Although her tone is blaming, But all the attention was placed on Yang Kai, and he found that Yang Kai didn’t mean to be angry, which relieved his heart.

“It’s okay, I have known Miss Dai Yuan for a long time, and it’s not a big deal to call out her name.” Yang Kai smiled.

Dai Yuan bit her silver teeth and glared at Yang Kai angrily.

Before the corpse spirits stalked the dark star, she and Yang Kai were already friends, and they have always called him that way, but now, this guy jumped up and became the commander of his master. people.

Daiyuan feels extremely awkward.

“There are a large number of suzerains, because the subordinates neglected to teach Dai Yuan.”Gong Aofu bowed and turned away from the topic: “Does the Sect Master himself have a way to mine Qianhuan Glazed Glass?”

“Hmm. “Yang Kai nodded.

“In this case, it will be convenient. Sect Master wants as much, even if it is mine, anyway, we don’t know how to use Qianhuan Liuli Mountain. Please come with me.”

Gong Aofu said, and immediately led the way.

Yang Kai and Su Yan Xia Ning Chang hurried to keep up.

The warriors at the Liuli Gate are also I’m very curious about what method Yang Kai will use to mine Qianhuan Liuli, and naturally they are all embellished. I want to see what happens.

“You fool! “Yin Sudie looked at the crowd going away, leaning close to Dai Yuan, hating iron and steel, and said: “When the lord took the initiative to greet you, why did you look cold?”

“Then what do I want? Post it? Dai Yuan glanced at her.

Yin Sudie was choked for a while. After thinking about it, she suddenly giggled: “If it’s me, I’ll post it. He is the darkest star. It’s a powerful person, and it’s not ashamed to post it proactively.”

“You think, but do you think you can compare to the two women next to him?” “Dai Yuan looked at Yin Sudie contemptuously.

Yin Sudie was startled, and recalled the appearance of Su Yan and Xia Ningchang. He couldn’t help but feel like a dwarf was born.

There is no need to say Su Yan. She has a cold aura and an invisible aura that is extremely powerful, making her feel pressured. With Su Yan, she doesn’t even have the courage to talk to Yang Kai.

Even the very delicate, veiled woman has a holy and inviolable temperament, which is a temperament that is enough to make people feel ashamed!

“What’s more, as long as the lord is happy, I also have a chance!” Yin Sudie snorted coldly.

“I don’t bother to tell you!” Dai Yuan gave her a white look, then she shook her body, and chased everyone away.

“Idiot senior sister, ugly woman!” Yin Sudie cursed behind her back, spreading her teeth and claws.

Dai Yuandang did not hear.

Qianhuan Liuli Mountain, as a whole, is a hill composed of Qianhuan Liuli. It is extremely heavy and looks simple and unpretentious, but in fact, Qianhuan Liuli can be born with glazed light.

The magical effect of colored glaze divine light is to restrain the five elements and restrain the soul.

Dai Yuan previously gave Yang Kai a glass bead. After she swallowed the thousand illusion glass, she formed a bead similar to the inner alchemy of the monster beast in her body. It has been refined by Yang Kai, and the Demon Eye The fusion has greatly enhanced the power of the Demon Eye.

Besides, Qianhuan Liuli still has a lot of weirdness.

It is rumored that if a thousand magic colored glaze is used to refine the secret treasure, the secret treasure can be changed when confronting the enemy, making the enemy impossible to defend.

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