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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1759: Transfer Station Read Novel

Chapter 1759: Transfer Station – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1759: Transfer Station

The Void King-class battleship of the High Heavenzong was refined with a large number of thousand illusion glazed glass, which not only greatly improved the defense of the battleship, but also can pass the battleship’s internal formation. Control, when navigating in the star field, the battleship can be disguised as a meteorite to confuse the line of sight.

This kind of method can only be produced by Yang Yan. In the entire star field, any refiner can not refine so many thousand illusion glass into the battleship.

In front of the Qianhuan Liuli Mountain, in full view, Yang Kai just released the stone puppet and let it mine on its own.

The natural magical power of the stone puppet is to devour all kinds of rare minerals and extract the mineral essence. Since the thousand illusion glass belongs to the mineral category, it will inevitably be restrained by the stone puppet.

Even the domain stone mountain in the blood prison was hollowed out by the stone puppet, how can Qianhuan Liuli Mountain resist the claws of the stone puppet!

Under the horrified gaze of Gong Aofu and others, the stone puppet quickly came to the front of Qianhuan Liuli Mountain, then opened his big mouth, squatted under the mountain, and started to eat.

Kaka Kaka

There was a crisp sound, visible to the naked eye, a hole in Qianhuan Liuli Mountain was gnawed out by a stone puppet. In such a short time, this makes the Liuli Gate a few Thousand-year-old Qianhuan Liuli Mountain has lost a lot of it.

The warriors of the Liulimen were dumbfounded.

After another moment, the whole body of the stone puppet has already penetrated into the Qianhuan Liuli Mountain. Although it is not clear what it is doing inside, the sound of the click is still lingering. Thinking of this voice, there must be many thousand magic colored glaze swallowed by it.

’Sect Master, does this puppet creature have such a magical ability?” Gong Aofu exclaimed.

She knew about the existence of stone puppets. After all, she had watched from a distance when the battle at Longxue Mountain back then. But at that time, the stone puppet just turned into a stone giant, wielding the Shaking Pillar, majestic and mighty.

But I don’t want to know that in addition to the strength of the stone puppet, it can actually eat the thousand illusion glass easily.

“Hehe, it is a very special existence, which has helped me a lot.” Yang Kai answered casually, without meaning to explain, after thinking about it, he said: “I need the thousand There are a lot of magic colored glazes”

“Sect Master let go and do it, even if the Thousands of Magical Glazed Glaze Mountains are moved away!” Gong Aofu took the initiative to express his position before he finished speaking.

“This is not enough.” Yang Kai laughed blankly, “This Qianhuan Liuli Mountain is not small, I only take one percent, it’s definitely enough.”

“If this is the case, I am afraid that it will take two or three days to wait. If the Sect Master doesn’t dislike it, how about going to the main peak to rest first? Wait two or three days before coming back.”

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“is also good. “Yang Kai nodded.

Gong Aofu immediately arranged and personally took him, Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang to the main peak and lived in the best palace.

She didn’t arrange a feast for Yang Kai, because she knew that Yang Kai didn’t care about it. She just told her disciples to serve with all their hearts and never disturb Yang Kai when she didn’t need it.

Three days later, everything was in order. The stone puppet swallowed the thousand illusion colored glaze for three days, and his stomach looked a little round, showing the huge amount.

Yang Kai asked it to spit out the thousand illusion colored glaze, and after taking it into the space ring, he went to Gong Aofu Farewell.

Before he left, he left some imaginary-level artifacts to the glazed gate, some imaginary-level spirit pills used in cultivation.

Quandang was right to take away those thousand illusion glazed glazed tiles. I’ve paid, whether it’s a Void Level Secret Treasure or a Void Level Spirit Pill, it is extremely valuable on the Gloom Star. Gong Aofu was naturally overjoyed, leading the elder and elite disciples in the door to send Yang Kai away.

Ten days later, Ling Xiaozong.

In the square of the meeting hall, a brand new spatial array, under the auspices of Yang Kai, was laid out.

This space magic circle is a little different from the ones that Yang Kai had arranged on Gloom Star before. The main difference is that it occupies a little smaller area, but the whole circle feels more solemn.

This is a magic circle that can be teleported across stars over long distances!

is also the magic circle used by Yang Kai to locate the High Heavenzong!

Just like what I did before, with this magic circle as the foundation, Yang Kai only needs to set up another magic circle on the nearby stars, locate it here, and then he can teleport.

At this point, the High Heavenzong’s two spatial arrays have been formed.

One place is arranged outside the High Heavenzong to contact the entire Gloom Star, and the other place is arranged. Yang Kai is also looking forward to where it can be connected to the star field in the future.

In three months, the entire High Heaven Sect had exhausted the power of the entire sect, and it only collected less than two thousand ethereal crystals for Yang Kai.

These ethereal crystals are almost all the storage on the Gloom Star, unless there are undiscovered ethereal crystal veins appearing, according to Yang Kai’s estimation, these ethereal crystals are used to arrange three or four interstellar regions. There should be no problem with the space magic circle.

After arranging all the trivial matters, saying goodbye to the family and friends, Yang Kai once again went to the sixth floor of Liuyan Sand Land and chatted with Yang Yan for a while. Straight up.

In the High Heaven Sect, tens of thousands of people looked up, watching the escape light rushing into the sky, and finally disappeared from the field of vision.

“Be careful all the way!” Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang were on different peaks, and they wished silently in their hearts at the same time.

Millions of miles away from the Gloom Star, invisible star-field winds are everywhere, big and small starry sky storms gather here, raging, annihilating, and then forming again and again.

The rapid speed of the sea of ​​meteorites can make any warrior or warship who break into this place smash into pieces.

This is a barrier for the Gloom Star.

The warrior of the Dark Star, call it-Deadland!

It is a million miles away, enveloping the Gloom Star, preventing anyone from leaving the Gloom Star, and preventing anyone from entering here.

If there are only these dangers, it will not be enough to stop the steps of the strong in the Void King Realm. Even if the Gloom Star is remote, there will always be a Void King Realm strong in these tens of thousands of years.

But in this dead zone, there are things that make the powerful of the Void King Realm smell and change.

The power of the emperor!

Only the power of the emperor can make the powerful of the virtual king realm discouraged.

The last time Yang Kai took Qian Tong and the others to leave the Dark Star, relying on the powerful defense of the Void King-class battleship, he rushed out from here abruptly. But this time, he was alone, and the Xuwang-class battleship also stayed in the High Heavenzong to prevent any accidents.

Yang Kai can only rely on himself.

He didn’t know how this dead zone was formed before, but after listening to Yang Yan telling so many ancient secrets, he clearly realized that this dead zone was Yang Yan and Chongdi. The battlefield left over from the Great War.

That’s why this place is full of the power of Emperor Prestige, so this place is extremely dangerous.

Fortunately, although the power of Emperor Wei is terrifying, Yang Kai has not felt it for the first time. When the Emperor Garden was opened, he even used the power of Emperor Wei to integrate the power of space in one fell swoop. In his own potential field.

Yang Kai’s resistance to the power of the emperor is no less confident than anyone.

He rushed straight into this dead zone, avoiding meteorites from all directions.

The invisible star field wind blew on him, like a sharp blade, cutting his body, sputtering dazzling firelight, and making a creaking and piercing sound.

The colorful rays of sunlight bloom outside of Yang Kai, and he has used the Indestructible Five Elements Sword to protect his body!

With the continuous use of Huntian Pill, Yang Kai’s physical strength has already sublimated to an unimaginable state.

The invisible wind that made the Void King Realm jealous, couldn’t hurt him at all. Occasionally, a meteorite hit him, and it fell apart in an instant.

He rushed into a cluster of star storms without fear, and the huge storm that could almost swallow a star quickly swamped his body.

But it didn’t take long before Yang Kai rushed out from the other side of the storm.

All the way through thorns and thorns, rampage all the way, unstoppable!

Yang Kai even had a leisurely mind, feeling the magic and mystery of Emperor Wei in this dead zone.

This is more helpful to your own growth and promotion than absorbing the energy in the domain stone.

His momentum has already reached the realm of Dacheng, and the holy origin, physical body, and divine consciousness have all reached the peak of the virtual mirror.

If it weren’t because of the suppression of the laws of the dark star heaven and earth, he could also try to break through the shackles of the virtual king realm and achieve the prestige of the virtual king realm.

The time passed slowly, and his gains were getting bigger and bigger.

But Yang Kai soon discovered some problems. It is indeed a rare experience to comprehend the power of Emperor Wei in the dead zone, but he always feels that the power of Emperor Wei is too unpredictable, not as good as the domain. The field energy in the stone is easy to grasp.

After a little thought, Yang Kai understood.

I’m now at the peak of the Void Returning Mirror. The next realm is the Void King Realm. After the Void King Realm, there is another higher realm. Above this higher realm is Yang Yan. In order to have the Emperor Prestige.

It is indeed a bit far to go to see the imperial prestige now.

It’s like a child who has to stand up and walk before he has learned how to crawl. Naturally, he is not strong enough.

It seems that to experience in the dead zone, it is best to come again in the Void King Realm!

Thinking of this, Yang Kai stopped wasting time and rushed forward.

He has a star map in the sea of ​​knowledge, so there is no need to worry about getting lost in the vast star field. And through the star map, he can also estimate the distance of different stars from the dark star. This advantage facilitates his choice of location to arrange the space magic circle.

One year later, Yang Kai descended on an icy Death Star.

There are countless dead stars in the entire star field that have no spirit of life, no spiritual aura of heaven and earth, and even the laws of heaven and earth. Maybe after hundreds of millions of years, some of these dead stars can evolve. According to the law, birth spirits can be born, but this time is too far away. Most death stars have been in this desolate and lonely state from birth to destruction.

After falling down, Yang Kai didn’t take a break immediately, but searched around 300,000 miles around.

After confirming that there is no breath of living creatures here, he found a valley-like terrain and prepared to set up the first spatial array here!

This space magic circle will become a transit point for Gloom Star to contact the outside world, and it is an indispensable existence.

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