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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1760: Unintentional Discovery Read Novel

Chapter 1760: Unintentional Discovery – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1760: Unintentional Discovery

The stone puppet was released by Yang and let it move on its own.

In the past year, Yang Kai will occasionally land on some Death Stars. At this time, he will release the stone puppet and let it explore and see if there are any other gains.

The stone puppet didn’t disappoint him either. With its extraordinary talents, it can often find some rare minerals. But the number is not too much, Yang Kai didn’t care very much, just ordered it to refining and absorb by itself.

By absorbing these mineral essences, stone puppets can strengthen themselves and become stronger and stronger.

The small body of the stone puppet quickly disappeared from Yang Kai’s vision. Only then did he take out all kinds of things from the space ring, and began to arrange the space magic circle.

The valley he chose is not small. If you look down from the void, it looks like a hole in the Death Star.

Yang Kai determined the position close to the rock wall. Various materials and minerals began to melt in his hands, turning into various shapes, one after another, large and small parts followed Appeared over time, piled up beside Yang Kai.

These things are the basis for arranging the space magic array. As long as they are completely refined, then pieced together completely, and then infused with the power of space, the array map of the space magic array can be sealed.

Yang Kai has done these things more than once, and before he came to leave the dark star, he personally arranged a space array that spans the stars and super long distances, so all this is not counted to him. Difficult.

All it takes is time.

Without help from others, it took a little longer to deal with this alone.

It took about fifteen days before and after Yang Kai completed the layout of the space magic circle. The arranged space magic circle is next to the rock wall. If you don’t search carefully, you can’t find it at all, and it is extremely concealed.

However, if this is the case, the safety of the space circle cannot be guaranteed.

As Yang Kai and a Saint Yuan entered the magic circle in front of him, this space magic circle actually began to change colors, and soon it looked exactly the same as the surrounding land.

At first glance, this space magic circle seems to be part of the earth. Only when you look closely, you will find some clues.

Before leaving, Yang Kai went to the Liulimen to ask for so many thousand illusion glazed glazes. It was not without purpose. He wanted those thousand illusion glazed glaze, the most important thing was to join the space magic circle and enhance the law. The concealment of the array.

Although this is a death star, who can guarantee that no warrior will come here? If the magic circle is too obvious to be discovered, it must be a troublesome matter.

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However, the cultivation of Qianhuan Liuli is different. Qianhuan Liuli can be transformed into a thousand illusions. Yang Kai cultivates it into the magic circle to enhance the concealment of the magic circle. It is extremely simple.

Furthermore, with the integration of Qianhuan Liuli, the solidity of the circle is greatly enhanced. In this way, even if there are occasional meteors, meteorites or storms, it will not destroy the circle.

After some investigations, Yang Kai was very satisfied to make sure that there was nothing wrong with this arrangement.

He only then began to seal the formation map inside the law formation. As the formation map was completed, Yang Kai poured the power of space into it again.

The circle buzzed instantly.

Yang Kai raised his brows, his face was delighted. With this movement, it means that the magic circle that I set up has already been connected with the one of the High Heavenzong, but whether it can be transmitted there is still to be tested and verified.

Of course, this kind of thing can only be played by him personally. He is proficient in the power of space, so even if the transmission is wrong, he will not be afraid. The big deal is to rely on the power of space to tear the void and break through the cracks in space.

Calling the stone puppet in his heart, Yang Kai stood there and waited quietly.

It took a full day for the stone puppets to arrive late.

If Yang Kai didn’t have a special spiritual connection with it, and knew it was safe and sound, I’m afraid that it would have been accidental and fell here.

Yang Kai glared at it, and when he was about to reprimand him, his gaze suddenly settled on the stone puppet’s stomach and kept looking at it.

The stone puppet’s belly is billowing. You can tell that this guy has swallowed a lot of minerals in this half month, and it is a huge amount of minerals, otherwise it is absolutely impossible to make it like a bottomless pit The belly becomes like this.

Yang Kai was surprised.

Because he walked along the way, the products on the Death Stars he encountered were extremely barren, and some Death Stars did not even have any valuable things, which could be said to be barren land.

But now the stone puppet has harvested so many minerals from this dead star, it can be seen that although there is no spiritual energy here, it definitely has minerals.

The value of minerals that can be seen by stone puppets is certainly not too low.

’Spit it out, let me see.” Yang Kai said against the stone puppet.

The stone puppet scratched his head without hesitation. With a mouth, a piece of minerals of different sizes and various colors appeared in front of it, and then piled higher and higher, and gradually formed A hill.

After vomiting, it patted its shriveled belly with an innocent expression on its face.

“This is” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, staring at a stone in the mineral mountain in front of him that emits silver brilliance, about the size of a washbasin, walked forward and touched it, letting out his mind to investigate. Whispered: “Tian Suo Yin?”

Now Yang Kai is no longer the hairy boy of the year. After so many years of exploration and experience, he has created his extraordinary vision and profound insight. He didn’t dare to say that he knew all the various cultivation materials in the domain, at least it would be fine to recognize them.

Such a piece of silver ore the size of a washbasin is obviously a virtual high-grade material, Tiansuo Silver! If this thing is added to the refined secret treasure, it can greatly enhance the flexibility of the secret treasure. As a result, the secret treasure will hardly be damaged during battle.

Simply put, Tiansuo Silver is an auxiliary material that can be added when refining secret treasures. Any secret treasure can be added. It is a universal material. The warrior regards his secret treasure as extremely valuable. If there are materials that can improve the performance of the secret treasure, it will inevitably lead to competition.

Tian Suo Silver is this kind of material, and its value is not low!

Tian Suo silver the size of a pigeon egg can sell at least one hundred thousand top-grade holy crystals.

Tensuo silver, the size of a washbasin, is worth at least several million!

Yang Kai hadn’t recovered from his surprise, his eyes were once again attracted by a piece of ore exuding golden brilliance.

“Xuan Gang Jing!”

“Colorful sand!”

“Phoenix tears and green iron!”

“Also There are so many holy crystals?”

Yang Kai checked it in the same way. After a while, he was completely stunned by the stone puppet’s harvest for half a month.

He silently estimated the value of the pile of things in front of him, and suddenly discovered that the income of the stone puppet for half a month was almost equivalent to the entire storage of a medium sect of Gloom Star.

The minerals in front of me are all good materials for refining secret treasures, and some have even reached the level of the virtual king. But what makes Yang Kai most puzzled is that the stone puppets actually swallowed a large number of holy treasures. crystal.

It is understandable that there are so many minerals on this Death Star, but there is no spiritual energy of heaven and earth in this place. How can such things as holy crystals be produced?

The holy crystals are generally only born in the cultivation stars with spiritual energy and living beings, and they will never appear on the Death Star.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, two completely different guesses appeared deep in his heart, without hesitation, after letting the stone puppet swallow the things in front of him again, he opened his mouth and said: “Where did you find these? , Take me to see!”

The stone puppet did not say a word, used both hands and feet, leading the way.

A hundred thousand miles away from the valley where Yang Kai arranged the spatial array, there was a pit-like cave. After the stone puppet came here, he jumped directly.

Yang Kai followed closely.

When setting up the spatial array before, he also investigated the situation in a radius of 300,000 miles, and found no danger, but he didn’t care much about such a cave.

The stone puppet obviously found something good from it!

The cave seems to be very deep. All the way down, there is only the whistling sound of the strong wind blowing by his ear. Yang Kai is not afraid. He releases his spiritual thoughts and investigates the situation below. Is clear.

Go down for about three thousand feet before reaching the bottom of the cave.

After being down to earth, Yang Kai immediately expanded his spiritual consciousness and surveyed the surroundings.

After this investigation, he was immediately shocked.

This underground is not a lonely crypt as he imagined, but a huge space with an incomparable area, and even his spiritual thoughts can’t sweep the end!

The air is a bit dry and does not affect breathing. However, under Yang Kai’s spiritual thoughts, he was surprised to find that in this space, there are actually broken walls after the collapse of a building, which is endless. Extend to a very far position.

It turned out to be a ruin!

Judging from the style of those buildings, it is obvious that this relic has existed for a very long time, and it is very likely that it is a relic left over tens of thousands of years ago.

And this ruin is obviously the rudder of a certain large sect!

’Sure enough!” Although Yang Kai’s expression was shocked, his heart was extremely calm.

All of this was similar to what he had guessed.

After discovering that the stone puppet brought back a large number of holy crystals, Yang Kai guessed two possibilities.

One possibility is that the Death Star is gestating its own laws, and it is about to reach the point where it is about to be formed. At this level, there is no clue from the outside, but the inside is Can produce holy crystals.

In the countless years to come, these holy crystals will emit aura and fill the world of the Death Star, making the Death Star gradually suitable for life.

This is also the process of the Death Star evolving into a cultivation star. Such a death star can be regarded as a newborn among the stars.

But in Yang Kai’s induction, he did not notice any trace of the law.

In this way, this possibility is not true.

And another kind of guessing is more likely-this death star was not a death star a long time ago, but a real cultivation star, but because of some changes, Caused the law to collapse, the aura dissipated, and became what it is now.

If Tongxuan Continent does not make changes, it may become a member of the Death Star in the next tens of thousands of years.

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Chapter 1760: Unintentional Discovery – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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