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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1762: Mine Star Read Novel

Chapter 1762: Mine Star – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1762: Mine Star

People are born, old, sick, and die, and the stars are no exception.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know what caused this star to become a dead star, he could only tell from the materials brought back from the stone puppets. Long ago, this place was obviously rich in resources. Beautiful scenery of stars! And this relic in front of him should be where the rudder of a certain sect was.

There was a call not far away, interrupting Yang Kai’s thinking, turning his head and looking around, he suddenly found that it was the stone puppet calling himself.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, shaking his figure, and chased after him.

Along the way, Yang Kai looked around from time to time, and soon he discovered that there was no danger here, because there was no aura between the heavens and the earth, so even if there were remaining formations in this ruin, even if it remained intact, It can’t be activated anymore.

In other words, this ruin is extremely safe.

After a while, the stone puppet took Yang Kai to a warehouse-like place, where a large amount of minerals, some jade bottles, and other miscellaneous things were piled up.

The contents in those jade bottles are obviously spirit pills.

Yang Kai picked up a few jade bottles to investigate, and found that the spirit pill inside had already lost its aura and turned to ashes, so he didn’t pay much attention to it, and some worthless things were obviously all Some herbs have gone through countless years, their medicinal properties have passed, and they have become useless.

There are also a lot of holy crystals, but these holy crystals are basically useless because of improper preservation. The holy crystals swallowed by the stone puppet are probably all the useful holy crystals in it.

In such a warehouse, only the minerals are really valuable!

The mineral is durable and durable, even if it is not stored in a special way, it will not lose its efficacy.

In the warehouse, there are still minerals that are almost several times the amount that the stone puppets have swallowed, all of which are rare and valuable.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and brushed it over, collecting all the minerals into his space ring, and then he took the stone puppet to explore the surroundings.

One day later, he has explored the entire ruins of the ruins.

There is no special gain. Among the ruins, the valuable things are probably kept in the warehouse. Even the space ring on the bones, because there is no nourishment of heaven and earth, has long collapsed. All the things stored inside were also destroyed.

However, Yang Kai discovered that in this huge underground space, this piece of ruins is just the tip of the iceberg.

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This underground, there seems to be another world! The area is extremely vast.

He decided to explore.

After leaving the ruins of the ruins, Yang Kai flew forward for only half a day before arriving in front of a desolate mountain range. In that mountain range, there are countless mine-like existences.

After arriving here, the stone puppet who had been following Yang Kai showed an expression of eagerness, seeming to be very interested in the interior of the mountain range.

“There are minerals in it?” Yang Kai turned his head and looked at it.

Stone puppets are particularly sensitive to minerals. The more precious things, the more it can arouse its desire. Just like wolves and dogs are naturally sensitive to smell, stone puppets have a unique sense of smell for minerals!

Hearing Yang Kai’s question, Stone Puppet nodded quickly.

“Let’s go, go and see!” Yang Kai laughed and stretched out his hand, Sheng Yuan rushed into the mountain range wrapped in a stone puppet.

After a while, Yang Kai’s whispered voice came from the mine: “Annihilation crystal vein!”

There really is a vein here, and it is an extremely rare Annihilation crystal vein!

Annihilation crystal cannot be used to refine secret treasures, because it is extremely repellent to heaven and earth aura, and it can be said to be incompatible with heaven and earth aura! If it were used to refine the secret treasure, no one could use it at all, and the secret treasure would be completely destroyed.

But its value is beyond doubt.

Because of its natural rejection of Reiki energy, it can be used to arrange formations! The formations arranged with annihilation crystals can restrict the martial artist from using the holy yuan. If you accidentally fall into it, it will be like a disaster to the ghost island, you can only rely on your own physical strength!

The famous Annihilation and Void Array needs to use the Annihilation Crystal as an array eye.

A warrior who cannot use the holy yuan, or even the secret treasure, is still called a warrior? The residents on Ghost Island use Huntian Pill to temper their physical bodies, and they can survive in that place, but not every warrior has the pill of Huntian Pill, and not every warrior pays attention to tempering the flesh.

The Annihilation of the Void Array can be said to be the nemesis of almost all warriors. Even if the Void King Realm powerhouse falls into it, it will inevitably be ashamed.

Although the great formation is powerful, the Annihilation Crystal is extremely rare, and it is rare to see it!

But here, there is actually an annihilation crystal vein, and judging from the spar exposed on the rock wall, the vein here is actually a rich ore!

There are three types of mineral veins, namely rich minerals, ordinary mineral veins, and lean minerals! Has a unique judgment standard.

Generally speaking, the mineral veins that reach the rich ore level only need to be mined at will, and the corresponding minerals can be collected. The value is astonishing and the quantity is extremely rare.

Yang Kai didn’t expect that he could actually find a rich ore of annihilation crystals here.

The stone puppet has already rushed up, swallowing it with a big mouth, and after a while, swallowing countless annihilation crystals into his belly.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, and rushed forward to search for a while.

Although this place was affected by the Oblivion Crystal, the Holy Yuan was suppressed to a large extent, but Yang Kai’s physical power was extremely strong, and the mining speed was only a thread slower than the stone puppet.

In less than a day, Yang Kai had mined at least five hundred Annihilation Crystals. As for what was swallowed by the stone puppets, it was impossible to calculate.

Five hundred annihilation crystals are enough to set up a magic circle covering a small sect. But no sect is stupid enough to do this. If you really do it, the disciples won’t have to practice anymore.

Can’t sense the aura of heaven and earth, and practice a fart!

The Annihilation Crystal is very suitable for arranging formations in some special locations, such as a forbidden area, or a trap!

The mineral veins in the belly of the mountain did not appear to decrease. Yang Kai released his spiritual thoughts, and couldn’t help but sigh. It was an impractical idea to mine this rich ore completely on his own.

He may have to delay his work here for several years.

After groaning for a while, Yang Kai didn’t continue, he greeted the stone puppet, took him away from the mountain range, and continued to explore ahead.

One day later, under the magical induction of the stone puppet, Yang Kai came to another mountain range. Looking at the internal situation, Yang Kai was very knowledgeable and couldn’t help but groan a little. : ’Sky hook jade!”

This is actually a sky hook jade vein that can warm the soul!

Sky hook jade is a very special jade, showing a green color. If inspired by the holy yuan, this jade can release a soft power, nourish the sea of ​​knowledge, and strengthen the spirit power of the warrior.

This kind of nature is somewhat similar to the colorful Wenshen lotus, but its effect is far inferior to the Wenshen lotus.

Wen Shenlian can exist in the martial artist’s sea of ​​consciousness, and it can nourish the spirit of the martial artist all the time. The reason why Yang Kai’s power is strong is because of the nourishment of the Wen Shenlian for so many years.

However, Wen Shenlian is the treasure of heaven and earth after all, how can I get it casually? This kind of thing, but even the strong of the Void King Realm coveted the existence extremely.

Tian Hook Jade is different. Even though it is much lower grade than Wen Shenlian, it is also an extremely valuable thing and the best material for cultivating the power of the soul. On the market of every star, there will occasionally be some Heavenly Hook Jade, but they are all robbed by the warriors.

Sky hook jade is a valuable material for cultivation!

But here, there is actually a vein of Heavenly Hook Jade.

Judging from the scattered aquamarine rays, this Skyhook jade vein is not too rich, but it is definitely not barren. It is the grade of a normal vein.

As usual, the stone puppet had already begun to devour the Heavenly Hook Jade when Yang was in a daze.

Yang Kai didn’t collect much. He just collected hundreds of Heavenly Hook Jade and stopped. He greeted the stone puppet, and while it was reluctant to give up, he continued to explore with it.

He faintly felt that the death star he accidentally landed on seemed to contain unimaginable wealth!

Three days later, Yang Kai discovered a Huangleibi iron ore vein again.

One month later, Yang Kai has discovered as many as eight mineral veins, and one of them is still Saint Crystal Mine!

He didn’t continue to explore anymore. In the course of a month, he had vaguely figured out that this Death Star was definitely the legendary Mining Star.

Each cultivation star has its own laws of heaven and earth. These laws of heaven and earth are roughly the same, but there are some subtle differences.

This kind of difference will cause the materials produced on the cultivation star to be very different.

Perhaps, some stars are suitable for the growth of drugs. Such stars are called drug stars.

Usually, it takes a hundred years to mature elixir. It may only take 50, 30 or even ten years to mature on this medicine star, which greatly shortens the growth time.

Some stars are suitable for the birth of minerals. Such stars are mineral stars.

On the Mining Star, there are countless rare minerals, with a dazzling variety of species, and extremely rich.

In the star field, the most powerful forces all control a certain number of mineral stars and medicine stars. For example, the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce where Xueyue is located has more than one mineral star and Yaoxing, it is precisely because of this kind of backing that the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce can do business throughout the entire star field and become famous.

The Death Star discovered by Yang Kai is undoubtedly a mineral star, and judging from the quantity and quality of those mineral veins, even among the mineral stars, this star is considered superior.

Now it’s developed!

If High Heavenzong can control this mining star, why worry that it will not develop and grow in the future?

Yang Xinxue fluctuates, but he is a little excited.

Immediately, he did not hesitate, and immediately began to set up a spatial array in the holy crystal vein he was in, connected to the array in the valley on the surface.

Because the arrangement is not a cross-star ultra-long-distance space magic array, the speed is undoubtedly much faster. After only a day’s work, Yang Kai has already arranged it completely, standing in the magic array and moving towards the array. The holy crystal was penetrated into Ji’s groove, and with a flash of white light, Yang Kai had already reached the valley on the surface.

Without any delay, Yang Kai once again took out the holy crystal and entered the super-space magic circle under his feet. Shenmin locked the light spot representing the dark star in the magic circle and activated the magic circle.

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