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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1763: Mystery is underground Read Novel

Chapter 1763: Mystery is underground – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1763: Mystery is underground

When Yang Kai appeared in the Hundred Gardens, Ye Xiyun, who was teaching the little girl Lin Yun’er to practice martial arts, was taken aback for a long time before reacting and looked at Yang Kai suspiciously: ’Sect Master, you Why did you come back so soon? Did you encounter any danger?”

After all, the last time Yang Kai left the Dark Star, it took seven or eight years to return. From Yang Xiuzhu and others, she also had to Knowing how remote the Gloom Star is, the time spent on the road alone would have taken several years.

But now, it has only been more than a year since Yang Kai left Gloom Star.

Why is he coming back this time?

“I found a mining star.” Yang Kai said concisely, and while answering Ye Xiyun’s words, he swept Lin Yun’er with his spiritual thoughts.

He was shocked to discover that this talented and powerful little girl, who was only fourteen or five years old this year, had the vigorous energy and blood in his body and had lived for hundreds of years. Mirror old monsters have a fight!

Although his petite body looks weak and weak, there is a strength that is hard to ignore in every gesture.

Compared with the last time Yang Kai saw her outside Qiantianzong’s Mohai City, Lin Yuner has grown more than a little bit longer, and even slightly stretched out, with her small chest standing tall and tall. The legs are slender, and a bunch of hair is randomly tied behind his head, looking heroic.

Seeing Yang Kai staring at herself, Lin Yun’er obediently addressed her uncle.

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Mining Star?” Ye Xijun’s eyes lit up.

Although I have been living in Gloom Star, I haven’t been able to feel the excitement of the star field, but it doesn’t mean that Ye Xijun doesn’t know what the two words Mining Star mean.

That represents wealth, strength, development, and a bright future!

Especially for a sect.

“Are you a rich mining star?” Ye Xijun asked with interest.

“Very rich, rich you can’t imagine!” Yang Kai replied in a deep voice, “I only explored there for a month, and I discovered eight mineral veins ranging from rich to poor, including annihilation. Crystal ore veins, phoenix tears, green iron, sky hook jade, chamomile ice copper, Shuiyun steel and sacred crystal mine!”

“So many?” Ye Xiyun was calm and could not help being brought back by Yang Kai. The news of this was shocked, and the beautiful eyebrows were slightly raised, and the long eyelashes were a little shaken.

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“This is just the tip of the iceberg!” Yang Kai shook his head.

“Is it dangerous there?”

“It’s not dangerous, it’s just a dead star without the aura of heaven and earth!” Yang Kai laughed, “If it’s dangerous, I won’t come back specially. Yes, I searched there for a month, not to mention the danger, I didn’t even see a living thing.”

“That suzerain means” Ye Xiyun looked at Yang Kai with bright eyes.

“Naturally, the whole sect was used to mine! “Yang Kai grinned, “However, the place is too big. We can’t eat enough for our High Heavenzong family alone. Take a look at the sects that have worked well with us recently. There are a few reliable ones to choose and let them go and settle down. benefit.”

“Since it is the command of the sovereign, the palace will naturally not resist, but although there are a few sects that cooperate well with us, everything is based on our heads, but the benefits cannot be given in vain. Let them pay 30% or 40% of the things they mine to give us High Heavenzong, and this also has to wait for us to establish a foothold before inviting them.”

“This is also okay, the great elder is considerate. “Yang Kai nodded, “But the Shadow Moon Palace is there”

“The Shadow Moon Palace is naturally not in this list!” “Ye Xiyun pursed her lips. She also knows Yang Kai’s friendship with Qian Tong, which obviously doesn’t need to be measured by profit.

“Okay, you can handle this. I went to refine some special teleportation orders. After Yang Kai finished speaking, he immediately left.

Because this time we are going to take many people to the mining star to mine minerals, the transmission order must be specially refined.

Yang Kai It took some time to refine fifty yuan of special teleportation orders.

This kind of teleportation order is different from the previous ones. Each teleportation order can ensure that fifty people can pass through the space magic circle arranged by Yang Kai. Moreover, when the teleportation order is being refined, Yang Kai He also asked Ye Xijun to use her own Saint Yuan to impose a restriction internally. In this way, if you want to use the teleportation order, you must first let Ye Xiyun pour the Saint Yuan into the teleportation order, and cancel that restriction before you can use it.

Although the method of use is a bit more cumbersome, it can ensure the safety of use, and it can also ensure that if a teleportation order falls into the hands of any enemy, the enemy cannot use it.

All those who need to use the teleportation order must be approved by Ye Xiyun first!

It took Yang Kai a lot of time to refine this special teleportation order, and it took him ten days to complete the refining.

He wanted to see Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang again, but to our surprise, Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang had both retreated.

In desperation, he had no choice but to give up. Anyway, he could return at any time after he arranged all the major spatial arrays of the communication star field in the future. The two are not in a hurry to be happy.

Qian Tong led the elites of Shadow Moon Palace to the High Heaven Sect.

He was obviously interested in the news from Ye Xiyun, so this time, he drew a full thousand disciples. For the Shadow Moon Palace, which is recuperating, the number of people is this thousand. That’s a lot.

After arriving at the High Heavenzong, after listening to Yang Kai carefully talk about the situation on the Death Star, Qian Tong immediately couldn’t wait to say: “What are you waiting for, hurry over, so many rare minerals, if they can be mined, It’s hard for you and my family to get rich.”

“Qian always wants to leave the Dark Star soon?” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile.

Qian Tong was startled, and laughed loudly: “It is true, the old man has been struck by lightning in the past few days, and with the passage of time, the law of heaven and earth here has become more and more repellent to the old man. The old man was originally afraid. If you don’t come back for decades, what should I do? Now that there is such an opportunity, the old man will naturally have to take it. Yang Kai, you can rest assured that the old man will temporarily sit on the mine star. If someone who doesn’t have eyesight finds out there, the old man will take care of it.”

“If you have money, then I really feel relieved.” Yang Kai nodded and stood up. Waved his hand: “It shouldn’t be too late, let’s go.”

In front of the super space magic circle of Ling Xiaozong, more than two thousand warriors waited in turn.

Among these two thousand people, one thousand are warriors of the Shadow Moon Palace, and the rest belong to the High Heaven Sect.

Everyone’s cultivation base is not high, but they are all above the Saint King Realm, with some Void Returning Mirror Martial Artists in between. After all, they are going to an unknown star, and some strong people must be responsible for safety.

A team of fifty people, the leader holding a teleportation order, under the auspices of Ye Xiyun, enters the super space circle one by one. Qian Tong enters with the first group of teams and goes to explore the way first, What danger is waiting over there.

The white light is constantly flickering, and the space magic circle has hardly stopped since its operation.

It took only one stick of incense, and two thousand people disappeared cleanly.

On the icy and desolate Death Star, everyone appeared in that valley, turning their heads and looking around, almost everyone was a little apprehensive.

For these two thousand people, it was the first time they experienced the vastness and horror of the star field. This dead star without the aura of heaven and earth, without living creatures, made them feel a little depressed.

Seeing Yang Kai’s last appearance, Qian Tong rushed over and asked: “This is the mining star you are talking about?”


“It’s not like being very rich.” Qian Tong was puzzled.

Yang Kai laughed and said: “The Death Star is dead, from the outside, where can I see the richness? The real mystery is here!”

While talking, Yang Kai One side stomped.


“Yes, come with me!” Yang Kai greeted him and led the way first.

Two thousand people followed him closely, guarding the surroundings while advancing forward.

When they realized that there was really nothing dangerous here, they slowly relaxed.

Without the aura of heaven and earth, it is really difficult to present any danger.

With two thousand people walking through the wilderness, it took an hour before Yang Kai came to the pit, jumped, and jumped down.

Two thousand people were orderly and descended one by one.

Soon, everyone stood in front of the ruins.

Qian Tong and Ye Xijun couldn’t help but sigh with Yang Kai’s various speculations about the ruins.

Birth, old age, sickness and death, reincarnation of the heavens, even the stars cannot escape this fate, can martial artists? Maybe they don’t know how many years later, they will also become a handful of loess, and now the powerful High Heavenzong and Shadow Moon Palace will become ruins that have not been set foot for countless years, just like the prospects.

The expressions on the two of them couldn’t help feeling a little sad.

“My idea is this, this place is just used to build a camp, anyway, the site is ready, you only need to do it. With this as the center, you spread your exploration and mining Minerals, disciples who need to rest, can also come back here to rest and recuperate. I don’t know what the two feel?” Yang Kai asked, pointing to the ruins in front of him.

“Very good! I think it’s okay.” Qian Tong nodded.

“Where is the Great Elder?” Yang Kai looked at Ye Xiyun again.

“Of course I am fine.”

“But, the materials for building the house” Qian Tong frowned.

Ye Xiyun pursed her lips and smiled: “We brought it. Since the lord had already had this idea, why didn’t he make plans? Before coming, he had his disciples ready for everything.”

“In that case, the old man followed.” Qian Tong laughed and turned around and shouted: ’Shadow Moon Hall disciples listen to the orders, and help the brothers of the High Heaven Sect, build houses here, and here will be you Temporary home.”

Thousands of Shadowmoon Palace people suddenly promised.

The ruins, which had been desolate for countless years, became lively in an instant. Two thousand people wandered in and out of them, using various materials they brought to build buildings.

Yang Kai began to set up a space magic circle here!

Since this will become a camp, it naturally needs a space magic circle to contact the outside, whether it is the super magic circle in the valley or the magic circle Yang Kai left in the vein before. Need a transit to contact each other.

In this way, it is also convenient to mine minerals and saves the disciples a lot of time to go back and forth.

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Chapter 1763: Mystery is underground – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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