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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1764: Unexpected Attack Read Novel

Chapter 1764: Unexpected Attack – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1764: Unexpected Attack

Ten days later, on the original ruins, there has been an extra piece of continuous houses. Because it is a camp that needs to live for a long time, the two disciples spared no effort when constructing them, and there was nothing sloppy.

These houses don’t look exquisite, but they are extremely practical. Living in them is just like living in their respective sects, except for the slight lack of aura in heaven and earth.

But this is not a big problem. If you really want to practice, you can rely on the holy crystal.

Around the ruins of the road, there is a night pearl hanging every some distance, exuding a soft light, brightly illuminated by the originally dark ruins, and it is very lively.

Yang Kai had already told Qian Tong and Ye Xijun about the locations of the eight mineral veins he had explored. He didn’t bother to worry about how to mine these eight mineral veins. Naturally Qiantong and Ye Xiyun were responsible for their support.

If you need more manpower, you can also replenish it from Gloom Star at any time. Yang Kai has arranged everything for them.

Not only that, but everything is in order here. After the disciples started mining minerals, Yang Kai went out alone. Within this tens of millions of miles, three more spaces were arranged in different locations. Magic circle!

In the next few decades, these space arrays arranged by Yang Kai will ensure that the warriors from Gloom Star can easily and conveniently move within a radius of tens of millions of miles.

One month later, Yang Kai was about to leave.

After all, his original intention was to open up the connection between the Gloom Star and the outside world, and found that this mining star was just an inadvertent harvest.

Since this place is on track, it doesn’t make much sense for him to stay.

Standing on the ruins, Yang Kai called the stone puppet in his heart!

He never took the stone puppet back, because this place is simply a paradise belonging to the stone puppet. By devouring various rare minerals, the stone puppet can strengthen itself. If the same kind of minerals are swallowed up to a sufficient amount, It can even derive its own magical powers.

For example, its lava armor!

is the ability it obtains after refining the real fire of the sun by devouring it.

As soon as the lava armor came out, no one within ten feet of it could approach it, and the hot temperature was enough to make those who were strong in the Void Mirror retreat.

Anyway, there are a lot of minerals on the Mining Star, no matter how much the stone puppet swallows, it can’t swallow much, so Yang Kai hasn’t paid much attention to it these days.

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But when he was calling the stone puppet at the moment, he found that the stone puppet had gone deep into the ground. I don’t know how many feet away, or if he found something good.

Perceiving Yang Kai’s call, the stone puppet came up slowly from below.

An hour later, the stone puppet reappeared in front of Yang Kai.

But when he looked at it, Yang Kai couldn’t help being stunned.

Because of the state of the stone puppet, it seems something is not right.

Before the stone puppet became bigger, it was always silly and silly, because its intelligence is not high, so it is intuitively reflected from the outside, but at this moment, it seems more I was dumbfounded, even the charm that originally existed in his eyes disappeared.

Walking up the road, it is swaying and staggering, as if drunk.

Yang Kai was taken aback. He thought that the stone puppet had swallowed something that shouldn’t be swallowed. Something happened. However, after careful investigation, he was surprised to find that the stone puppet did not appear. What’s wrong, its physical condition has never been better.

Moreover, Yang Kai also noticed a special, weird power in it.

This kind of power seems familiar, just as he refined the origin of the dark star, and after becoming the star master, he felt the law of heaven and earth that enveloped the dark star.

“The power of the law?” Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically, and he quickly investigated more carefully.

After a long while, his expression on his face was vacillating.

I didn’t feel wrong. There is indeed a trace of law in the stone puppet, but it is very slight. Compared with the law of the dark star, it is almost a world.

But the law is the law after all, it is the field that the Void King Realm cannot touch!

In the stone puppet, how can a trace of law be born inexplicably?

Recalling where it was before, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, and a bold guess emerged in his heart: “You swallowed and refined the origin of this Death Star? Does it still have origin?”

The stone puppet raised his dim eyes and looked at Yang Kai with a blank face, then raised one foot, turned around a few times, and fell to the ground with a splash of dust.

Yang Kai couldn’t laugh or cry, and realized that the stone puppet was not dangerous, but because of the faint power of the law, it was a little difficult to digest and caused some uncomfortable reactions, so he took it into the space ring. in.

But this kind of thing is still too far from Yang Kai’s expectations.

Furthermore, it is really surprising that such a dead star still has some of its origin.

It is impossible to have an origin on the Death Star, because without aura, there would be no laws of heaven and earth, and naturally there would be no origin, just like a person’s body rots and disappears after death.

But there are always exceptions.

According to Yang Kai’s own previous speculation, this Death Star was originally extremely rich, but gradually died over the passage of hundreds of millions of years. It is not impossible to say that some of its original source remains.

Before the stone puppet, he obviously ran deep underground, refining the trace of the remaining source.

This is its own blessing. If it were the origin of a true cultivation star, the stone puppet would not be able to refine it.

This refining is completely different from the refining when Yang Kai became the star master. The Star Master and the Cultivation Star are closely related, sharing honor and disgrace. After Yang Kai became the Star Master, the origin of the Dark Star still exists, and there is a mysterious connection with him, allowing him to have many conveniences on the Dark Star that others cannot have.

However, the stone puppet is directly swallowed and absorbed. Its source of refining is gone, and it will only become its powerful capital.

Various thoughts flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, and he was sure that his guess should be correct.

Since the stone puppet is fine, Yang Kai is no longer so worried. After talking to Qian Tong Ye Xiyun, he left the mining star and continued on the path forward.

Moving forward in the star field is lonely and boring, especially in the surrounding areas. There is no cultivating star at all.

Through the star map, Yang Kai was able to confirm that the nearest cultivation star is at least a year away.

He is not impatient or impatient, and sometimes falls on an advancing meteorite. While practicing, he allows the meteorite to advance with him.

Sometimes he would go to a certain death star to see if he could find anything more.

But the Death Star is the Death Star after all, and Yang Kai has searched for many Death Stars, but nothing has been gained. It was really an accident that there was such a big discovery last time.

That kind of accident should not happen a second time.

However, he left a hidden super space array on a certain death star that he passed by, which was connected to the previous one.

During this period of time, the stone puppet has been asleep in his space ring, without any movement, but Yang Kai keenly discovered that the stone puppet seems to have a thick layer outside of it, like an impurity. Something, slowly wrapped it up, forming a stone cocoon-like thing.

Just like the state before the stone puppet was born.

Can the stone puppet evolve? While Yang Kaizhong was suspicious, he was also looking forward to it, wondering what changes would happen on the day when the stone puppet emerged from the cocoon.

And after practicing these days, he also faintly perceives a barrier.

That is the shackles of the Void King Realm! Only by breaking through this barrier can the Void King Realm be the Venerable.

At this time, if you can find a cultivation star and retreat for a year and a half, Yang Kai will have the confidence to try it once and try to see if he can get promoted smoothly.

On this day, Yang Kai habitually investigated the situation of the stone puppets.

Because the stone puppet did not move during the year, he basically checked it out every once in a while. The stone puppet has always been fine, but this time, he obviously I felt that the stone puppet was about to emerge from the cocoon.

With joy, Yang Kai wanted to find a place to stay for a while, waiting for the stone puppet to complete his evolution.

Looking around, Yang Kai rushed straight into a nearby sea of ​​meteorites.

This sea of ​​meteorites is quietly suspended in the void, and there is no sign of movement, it is just used as a place to stay.

But when Yang Kai approached the sea of ​​meteorites, his brows suddenly frowned.

He noticed that there were auras of living beings hidden in the meteorite sea, and there were more than one. Although those auras were hidden, each of them was extremely powerful, and they were all strong in the mirror.

It is also thanks to Yang Kai’s power of divine consciousness, otherwise, I really can’t find it.

This group of people hides here sneakily, obviously there is something in the plan.

Yang Kai felt bad luck and didn’t want to be caught in any muddy water, so he turned around and left.

But his figure only moved, and a gleam of brilliance suddenly flashed in the distance, and then, a splendid light shot straight from behind a meteorite.

The light contains unimaginable terrifying power, even if it is dozens of miles away, it hits instantly, causing Yang Kai to feel a sense of crisis with tight skin.

“Void King Realm!” Yang Kai’s expression sank, and a powerful Void King Realm was hidden in the meteorite sea! He didn’t even notice it just now.

Although with his current strength, he is already invincible under the Void King Realm, but in the face of the Void King Realm, he still dare not take it lightly.

The Void King Realm and the Void Returning Mirror are completely different. Otherwise, there would not be so many Void Rebirth Level 3 experts, who would be stuck in the Void King Realm for a lifetime, and they would never be able to make an inch Up.

The opponent made a sudden move, obviously intending to kill Yang Kai with a single blow.

After all, those who can shoot underestimated Yang Kai’s ability. Faced with such a terrifying blow, Yang Kai let out a long whistle and waved his hand. Hundreds of golden blood threads condensed from his own golden blood shot. Out, these hundred golden blood threads twisted and squirmed, intertwined with each other, forming a golden shield directly behind Yang Kai!

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Chapter 1764: Unexpected Attack – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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