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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1765: Can we talk now Read Novel

Chapter 1765: Can we talk now – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1765: Can we talk now


There was a loud noise, and while the golden light was splashing, Yang Kai also flew upside down, a mouthful of blood in midair.

The blood shield that he was proud of was intertwined with hundreds of golden blood threads, but he couldn’t completely block the blow, which made him astounded.

But the confrontation at this moment also made him see exactly what was attacking him.

It was a long spear, a length of one foot and a foot, the size of a baby’s arm, and a spear that was radiant and glowing, and there were extraordinary spiritual fluctuations on it.

The Secret Treasure of the Void King!

Although the long spear of Secret Treasure was blocked by the blood shield, the power that leaked from the spear could not be completely blocked. It penetrated into Yang Kai’s body, and instantly made him feel like countless needles. After sticking it, the meridian veins were extremely painful, and his face was suddenly distorted.

With the cultivation strength of the person who made the sneak attack, with the terrifying power of this spear, the general Void Return three-level realm would indeed be killed immediately, but after all, Yang Kai had a strong foundation, so he just suffered. It’s just a small injury.

From the departure of Gloom Star to the present, the first time I found a place with humans, but I did not expect to be attacked by a Void King Realm with a Void King-class secret treasure.

Yang Kaixin was irritated and turned his head. Like an enraged beast, he stared fiercely at the sea of ​​meteorites, then flew into the distance quickly, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The spear that attacked Yang Kai flew back the same way after a single blow, and fell into the hands of a middle-aged man standing on a huge meteorite.

This middle-aged man has a gloomy appearance, a long body, and a navy blue robe. The place where he stands is filled with a cold breath, and no one dared to approach him in a radius of ten feet.

Holding his secret treasure, the middle-aged yin-bird showed some unexpected expressions on his face, as if he didn’t expect that his blow could not kill Yang Kai.

“It’s a bit interesting, not only can you find your hiding place early, but you haven’t been killed on the spot after taking a blow to this seat.” The middle-aged man of prey sneered and faintly sneered in the direction of Yang Kai’s escape. He glanced at it and asked: “Who do you know that person?”

There were at least twenty Void Rebirth Mirrors standing around him, and all of them were strong people above the Void Rebirth level. There was no one at the first level. Hearing this, they looked at each other, and they all shook their heads, indicating that they didn’t know Yang Kai.

“Since you don’t know him, he is not someone there anymore. It looks like he really passed the road.” The middle-aged man of prey pondered for a while, “but this matter is very important, and it’s too much to tolerate. Wrong, even if he is passing by, he can’t be let go.”

“My lord, can he survive a blow from you?” someone else asked.

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Just now, the middle-aged man of evil prey made a blow, they all saw it in their eyes, and everyone present was not confident that they could take such a blow without dying! Although the other party didn’t know the origin, it was obviously just a mirror to return to the illusion, and naturally it was no exception.

“Be careful, Zhang Fu, Liu Dong, go and bring his corpse back to this seat!” The middle-aged Yin-Yang man ordered. He obviously believed that Yang Kai was bound to die, and it would be lingering to escape.

“Yes!” The two named Void Return Third Stages immediately agreed, sacrificed the Star Shuttle, and chased after Yang Kai escaped.

Thirty thousand miles away from the place where Yang Kai was attacked, on a meteorite, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, watching the direction when he came, and waiting quietly.

Although he didn’t know why the Void King Realm just now attacked him for no reason, judging from the sneaky situation of those people, he was obviously ambushing someone, and even if he passed by accidentally, It may have disturbed their plan.

That’s why they drew the opponent’s attack, trying to kill people.

If this is the case, I am running away now, and the other party will definitely not let it go! There should be chasing soldiers.

It was precisely because of this judgment that Yang Kai deliberately stopped and did not leave in a hurry.

How can Yang Kai give up after suffering such a big loss inexplicably? Although the opponent’s attack just now was terrifying, Yang Kai also realized that the person who shot it was just a virtual king.

He has even killed Luo Hai, why is he afraid of the first level of the Void King? Although there is no Star Emperor Order in his hand to use, even if he can’t fight, there is still no problem to escape.

Luo Hai chased Yang Kai for several months in the Star Territory back then. He was extremely distressed. Is it possible that an unknown level is more powerful than Luo Hai?

His guess was correct. After waiting for less than half a cup of tea on this meteorite, two rays of light suddenly appeared, judging from the brightness and speed of the light. The coming person is two return to virtual three-level realm.

A sarcasm smile appeared at the corner of Yang Kai’s mouth. When they got close enough, they pretended to be in a panic, hurriedly jumped from the meteorite, sacrificed the star shuttle, and continued to move forward. Fly away.

It’s just that under his deliberate actions, his escape light flickers, his speed is extremely slow, and his injury is not light, and he has reached the end of a strong crossbow.

When the two warriors named Zhang Fu and Liu Dong saw this scene, they looked at each other and couldn’t help but smile with a knowing smile. They actually hung around Yang Kai unhurriedly. Mentality, not in a hurry to come forward and hurt the killer.

Fly forward, Yang Kai looked back from time to time, as if he was afraid that he would be overtaken by the opponent.

This scene made Zhang Fu and Liu Dong even more unscrupulous. Not only did they hang behind Yang Kai, they also continued to threaten them.

An hour later, after guessing that the distance was almost the same, Yang Kai suddenly stopped, turned around, and stood still in the void.

With a flash of light, Zhang Fu and Liu Dong appeared in front of Yang Kai thirty meters away, looking at him mockingly.

The taller Zhang Fu looked at Yang Kai up and down, he hehe sneered: “You’re too good to be a kid, but I didn’t die with a shot from Master Li’s soul-breaking spear. A certain good student admires it.”

“Master Li?” Yang Kai frowned, his face was gloomy and terrifying, and his face was white. When he spoke, he kept coughing: “I have no grievances with you, dare Ask Master Li, why did you attack me?”

Zhang Fu smiled coldly, and took a lot of time to play with a ring-shaped secret treasure on his hands, and his eyes picked up slightly: “We really have no grievances or hatreds. The only blame is that your kid doesn’t have long eyes, but you have to pass by here. Hey, Master Li hates that his plan is disturbed by others.”

“What plan?” Yang Kai asked.

Liu Dong, who was standing next to Zhang Fu, said impatiently: “The kid is going to die, why do you ask so much?”

“It’s because I’m dying, so I want to ask clearly, lest he The death is unknown!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

“Do you want to die to understand?” Zhang Fu looked at Yang Kai with a sneer.

“That’s right!”

“It’s not impossible to tell you, anyway,” Zhang Fu said in a joke, but he was beaten by Liu Dong before he was finished. Broken up: “What do you do with so much nonsense with him, it’s important to kill him and go back to Master Li!”

“Yes!” Zhang Fushen nodded with approval, and then glanced at the space in Yang Kai’s hands. Quit, “This kid can take a single blow to Lord Li without dying. He doesn’t seem to be a nasty guy. There must be a lot of good things for this kind of person. When we wait for the things in his ring, let’s go 50-50.”

“No problem!” Liu Dong nodded.

In a few words, the two divided up Yang Kai’s belongings. Anyway, Master Li only said that he would take the body back, but he didn’t say that he would take things back. Naturally, these things can make them fill their pockets. I believe that as a Master Li, I don’t look down on it, let alone pursue this matter.

“Want something from me?” Yang Kai raised his mouth slightly, and said coldly: “I’m afraid you will die”

“The kid is crazy!” Liu Dong snorted coldly, the next moment, Her complexion suddenly changed, her eyes protruding out, staring at the place where Yang Kai was originally, but there was no one there.

Yang Kai didn’t know what had disappeared.

Suddenly a faint chill came across the neck, and Zhang Fu screamed in horror in his ears: “Brother Liu, hide!”

Liu Dong returned anyway. The powerhouse of the third-layer virtual realm realized that when he discovered that Yang Kai had disappeared, he realized what was wrong. Hearing Zhang Fu’s reminder at this moment, there was no hesitation, Sheng Yuan urged him to escape from the place.

But what made him horrified was that the Saint Yuan in his body was madly suppressed by a force field, flowing extremely slowly, and even the void around him was completely frozen.

Such a powerful potential field? Liu Dong’s liver and gallbladder were split, and he quickly urged his own potential field to resist.

This is the method and process that must be used in the duel between the strong of the virtual mirror. Often the strength of the potential field can determine the final victory.

But the facts made him extremely desperate, his own potential field had just diffused out of his body, and it was like a snowflake that met the scorching sun, and it dissolved in an instant, and it was impossible to form!

At this moment, his neck felt cold, and his gaze suddenly turned upside down. Through his eyes, he saw a headless corpse standing in the void. The red blood spurted from the neck like a fountain, which was magnificent.

The clothes, figure, and ring on this person seem to be the same as him.

Am I already killed?

Liu Dong’s head was cold, and he realized something vaguely, but soon darkness fell, swallowing all his consciousness and vitality.

“Can I say it now?” When Yang Kai reappeared, he was already standing three feet away in front of Zhang Fu, his complexion ruddy, there was no way he was injured before.

He stared at Zhang Fu coldly, and on his fingers, a golden thread of blood flying around, like a spiritual snake that chose someone to devour, was devouring a snake core.

Zhang Fu shuddered all over, and a chill hit the soles of his feet from his head, almost making the soles of his feet cramp!

Liu Dong, who was equal to his own strength, was in a different place under the face of the opponent.

At that moment, he only saw a glimmer of golden light flashing on Liu Dong’s neck, and he didn’t even see how Yang Kai did it.

In this world, is there such a powerful Mirror of Return?

Even if Master Li wants to kill himself and others, it’s just so easy, right?

Zhang Fu stood on the spot with a pale face, big beads of sweat oozing from his forehead, and he slid down his cheeks.

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Chapter 1765: Can we talk now – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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