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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1766: Taixu Sword Body Read Novel

Chapter 1766: Taixu Sword Body – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1766: Taixu Sword Body

“Your companion is a bit ignorant, so he is dead!” Yang Kai looked at Zhang Fu indifferently, without any emotion in his eyes, making Zhang Fu sweat as follows.

I wanted to escape, but found that I couldn’t muster the courage anyway.

He has a feeling that if he really runs away, he will be the next person who has a different body and head.

“I hope your answer will satisfy me!” Yang Kai continued to put pressure on Zhang Fu, observing his words and expressions.

Zhang Fu’s face was gray, his eyes were frightened and jealous. He pursed his dry lips and said, “If I tell you something you want to know, can you let me go?”

“What do you think?” Yang Kai sneered.

Zhang Fu’s body trembled, and he said: ’Since you won’t let me go, why should I cooperate with you? It’s just a matter of death.”

“I will Give you a joy, so that you can’t notice your own death!” Yang Kai smiled softly.

The smile is like a demon crawling out of hell. Zhang Fu feels that facing this young man is more fearful than facing Master Li.

“I need to think about it!” Zhang Fu swallowed his saliva. When he spoke, his eyes drifted from side to side, obviously trying to find a way to escape.

Yang Kai looked at him with a smile, and suddenly flicked his fingers. Under the golden light, Zhang Fu suddenly screamed and hurried back.

But his body only moved, and an extremely powerful potential field enveloped him, making him unable to move anymore!

Zhang Fu’s eyes trembled violently, and his gaze moved down. He suddenly found that the front end of his left hand had an inch or so fingers cut off by some kind of sharp weapon. The incision was neat and tidy, and blood spattered into the void.

This kind of pain, for a long-time battlefield Mirror, is actually nothing. What really frightened Zhang Fu was that he had no power to fight back in front of Yang Kai.

Everyone is in the third stage of returning to the Void, but the other party is like a superior god who can easily control his own life and death!

The golden light flashed again.

Zhang Fu felt the pain again. His finger that had been cut off by an inch was cut off again. The broken finger floated in the void, slowly Floating away.

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The other party didn’t speak any more, just kept shaking his fingers, and the golden thread wrapped around his hand kept shining.

An inch, another inch

Zhang Fu’s left hand became shorter inch by inch, until the entire palm was cut off, Yang Kai still didn’t mean to stop, but continued with relish. With such an action, the size of the cut is not badly controlled.

Zhang Fu was so shocked that while the other party continued this game-like method, there was a cold voice from his mouth: “After cutting your left hand, I will cut your right hand. And then your left leg and right leg. I believe that with your cultivation level, you will not die for the time being. Then I will cut your body apart inch by inch. Don’t worry, I promise that before cutting to your heart, You will still live well. In this way, you can see clearly how you died.”

Zhang Fu could no longer contain the panic in his heart, and he was forced to endure the pain in his heart, shouting. Said: “Enough, what do you want to know, I’ll tell you all! Don’t torture me.”

It’s just a death around. Long pain is better than short pain. Zhang Fu can’t bear to see how he died with his own eyes. Yes, just thinking about that scene made him shudder.

Yang Kai paused for a moment, looked at him in time, and chuckled: “Do this earlier, and you will suffer less torture, why bother?”

Zhang Fu biting Ya, roared: “I’ll tell you if you are the winner.”

“Good! Who are you guys anyway! “Yang Kai didn’t talk too much, and asked directly.

“We are from the Sword League!”

“Sword League? “Yang Kai raised his brows.

The Sword Alliance is considered a big power in the Star Territory. He is in charge of several cultivation stars. Although not as large as the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, the strength is not to be humiliated.

Speaking of speaking, Yang Kai had also dealt with the warriors of the Sword League, but that was a matter of many years ago. In the star field, in addition to the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, the Sword League, and Zixing Such forces, as well as the ridge of the galaxy, the abandoned lair, and many other forces, each occupy a certain territory of the star field. Fighting for each other, occasionally there will be some big and small frictions.

“Are you hiding there, who are you going to ambush? “Yang Kai asked again.

Zhang Fu’s eyes flickered and he looked a little hesitant, but in the end he gritted his teeth and said: “It’s also a member of our sword league.”

Yang Kai looked at him with a weird expression.

Zhang Fu suddenly shouted: “I didn’t lie to you! What we want to ambush is only our adversary. Although everyone is from the Sword League, there are always factions!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly. From the eyes of the opponent, Yang Kai could see that he had no signs of lying, and the explanation was reasonable.

For a large force like the Sword League, it is natural that it cannot be monolithic internally. There will always be some internal struggles, but it is a little weird to get such an ambush for a sneak attack.

“To be specific.” Yang Kai asked, just to be on the safe side.

Since Zhang Fu has chosen to cooperate, it is naturally impossible to conceal anything, so he immediately talked to Yang Kai.

In the Sword League, there are several different factions, but there are two largest factions. One is the faction represented by the current leader, and the other is the faction where the deputy leader belongs. They have been fighting against each other for many years.

The lord Li whom he said before, whose real name is Li Minghai, is a strong player in the sword league and belongs to the deputy leader of the sword league.

This time they are ambushing and sneak attack here, it is the rising star of the leader of the faction, but also the descendant of the leader of the sword alliance Gu Cangyun, Gu Jianxin!

“A rising star, even the descendants of your leader, isn’t it worthy of invigorating the crowd like this? He actually sent out the Void King Realm to ambush?” Yang Kai looked at Zhang Fu in astonishment, thoughtfully: “This Is there anything worthy of you doing this?”

Zhang Fu smiled bitterly: “If it is a general Void Returning Mirror, naturally you don’t need to pay too much attention to it, but the young leader is a Tai Void sword body that has never existed in the world, and it has now arrived. The level of returning to the third level of the Void, if he is promoted to the Void King, the deputy leader will have no future. Therefore, we planned this time when there was no strong helper around the young leader. After this action, and your appearance, Master Li felt that the plan was disturbed, so he wanted to kill you.”

“Taxu Sword Body?” Yang Kai touched his chin, “This Is it a special physique? Can it make you jealous here, is it very powerful?”

“The young leader is only sixty years old this year, and he has reached the third stage of returning to the virtual state. Do you think he is amazing? “Zhang Fu looked solemnly, “I think your true age is not very big, but your strength is quite good, but if you meet our young leader, it is not certain who wins and who loses!”

“Yes.” Huh?” Yang Kai chuckled.

A martial artist who has cultivated to the third stage of the Void Returning Realm at the age of less than sixty is indeed a top talent! However, Yang Kai’s age seems to be only about fifty! After all, it was even more powerful than that Gu Jianxin.

However, when martial artists are practicing, they often don’t notice the passage of time, so they don’t care much about age.

“If you say that, I am a little interested in your young leader.” Yang Kai smiled hehe.

Zhang Fu looked at him up and down, nodded and said: “People like you will collide with each other one day, sputtering amazing sparks. However, it is necessary for the young leader to escape this chase. Okay! Okay, what you want to know, I have already told you, you can do it!”

“Go all the way!” Yang Kai nodded lightly at him.

“Do it!” Zhang Fu urged impatiently, but there was still no sign of Yang Kai doing it, but his consciousness became blurred the next moment.

There is really no pain!

Standing on the spot, Yang Kai took the space between Zhang Fu and Liu Dong, popped out two magic flames, and burned their corpses, and then he looked towards the loop thoughtfully At the last glance, the Imperial Envoy Star Shuttle rushed back.

He didn’t want to take the initiative to cause trouble, but that Li Minghai didn’t ask why, just because he passed by and directly hurt the killer, he couldn’t tolerate it. After being hit, how can there be any reason not to fight back?

He is going to join in the fun! It would be great if he could find a chance to kill Li Minghai.

In the sea of ​​meteorites, a group of warriors headed by Li Minghai waited quietly, waiting for the opportunity to move like a dormant beast.

After a long time, someone frowned and said, “Why haven’t Zhang Fu and Liu Dong come back? With their skills, they should have succeeded, right?”

“Is there any danger?”

“Where is there any danger around here? You don’t want to say that he was killed by that guy.”

“How is it possible? The person who passed by ate it. It is a fluke for Master Li to not die. How could he have the strength to kill both Zhang Fu and Liu Dong, but it is indeed a bit weird not to come back for such a long time, sir, do you want your subordinates to go out and look for it?” While speaking, he asked Li Minghai.

“No need, if they can’t even handle this little thing, it’s useless to live! Don’t act rashly. Within a day or two, the battleship of the young leader will pass here. We just wait quietly.”


After a few conversations, a group of people were silent, but occasionally glanced in a certain direction, looking forward to the arrival of the young leader battleship.

This meteorite sea is very large and easy to hide, otherwise Li Minghai would not choose to ambush Gu Jianxin’s battleship in this place.

Because it is very large, when Yang Kai sneaked around from a very far position, no one was spotted.

At this moment, Yang Kai is no more than a hundred miles away from Li Minghai and others.

He also hid on a meteorite, looking in the direction of Li Minghai and others, with a cold expression.

With his current strength, he can go forward and have a big fight. Even if there is no way with that Li Minghai, it is no problem to kill a few of his men and then retreat calmly.

But Yang Kai was not prepared to do this. It was Li Minghai who injured him before, so he naturally asked Li Minghai to settle the account.

He is also waiting, waiting for the young lord to come, waiting for the two sides to fight, and then waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack, and use his own way to treat his body!

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