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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1768: 3 swords with glory Read Novel

Chapter 1768: 3 swords with glory – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1768: 3 swords with glory

The eyes of Li Minghai and Gu Jianxin collided in the void, sputtering fierce sparks.

The former frowned slightly.

He was shocked to find that the aura in Gu Jianxin’s body seemed to be thicker than when he saw him last time.

The rumors are indeed true. If there is no accident, the young leader Gu Jianxin can attack the Void King Realm in the last three to five years!

Once he succeeds in the attack, he is promoted to the Void King Realm. With his special physique of the Supreme Void Sword Body, coupled with the left and right sword servants behind him, I am afraid that no one will be him in the Void King Level 1 Realm. Even if it is the two-level realm of the Void King, he can fight against him!

Monster! No wonder the deputy leader Wei Qianzong was eager to eradicate Gu Jianxin. Obviously, he also noticed the horror of Gu Jianxin’s growth.

Fortunately, this opportunity is rare. As long as the group of Gu Jianxin is killed, the future Jianmeng will be the world of the deputy leader. The genius who has not grown up will never be a real genius!

“Li Minghai, this young master just asks!” Gu Jianxin stood on the deck with her hands on her back, “how on earth did you know that this young master will pass by here?”

Li Minghai narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice: “The Young Master already has the answer in his heart, why should I ask the old man?”

Gu Jianxin nodded slightly: “It seems that there is something unbelievable around this Young Master. After this, the young master will catch him.”

“The young leader still don’t worry about it, you have no future!” Li Minghai said, With a wave of his hand, he sternly shouted: “Kill all, don’t let any of them go!”

If anyone walks away, they will be in great trouble. This time their actions are to hold on and not leave alive Plan.

With an order, the Void Mirror Warriors around Li Minghai took action one after another, attacking the warriors who had escaped in groups of three or five.

In the battleship where Gu Jianxin was, a large number of warriors also emerged, and they greeted him without hesitation.

For a time, the star field near the Meteorite Sea was full of colorful brilliance, and the power of secret treasures and secret arts continued to bloom.

Although the number of people on Li Minghai’s side is small, only thirty at most, all of them are strong at two levels or more, so the combat effectiveness is particularly strong. Although there were as many as two hundred people on Gu Jianxin’s side, the level of cultivation was uneven, and the high-end combat power was not as large as that of Li Minghai’s side.

More importantly, there is too much pressure on people like Li Minghai in the Void King Realm, and the Void Returning Mirror Warrior on the side of Ancient Jianxin simply cannot give full play to it.

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So as soon as the two sides contacted each other, the warriors continued to die, and it was all the hands of Gu Jianxin’s side, but Li Minghai’s side, without any casualties.

For a time, Li Minghai’s momentum was like a rainbow, and the oppressive Gu Jianxin people complained endlessly.

The battle has started, but Li Minghai didn’t rush to take action. He looked at Gu Jianxin and the two women beside him, and a serious look gradually emerged between his eyebrows.

It seems that the man and the woman in front of him are opponents worthy of his serious consideration.

He didn’t move, and the weaker Gu Jianxin naturally didn’t dare to act rashly. He could only watch his own hands fall one by one, eagerly torn apart.

After a long while, Li Minghai said faintly: “Young leader, do you do it yourself, or do you need an old man to send you a ride?”

“Li old dog, do you think you eat Is the young master of this book set?” Gu Jianxin sneered coldly.

Li Minghai slowly shook his head: ’Since Li dares to do something here, he is naturally prepared. The dragon among the masters of the Young League has a Taixu sword body, and the left and right sword attendants practice together. The hearts are connected to each other, it is indeed extremely difficult to deal with, but you have not reached the Void King Realm after all, the young lord, if you have already reached the Void King Realm, the old man is definitely not your opponent, but unfortunately, the young lord you are destined to be unable to escape today.”

“If you can escape, you will know if you try.” Gu Jianxin burst into a shout, and suddenly a white long sword appeared in his hand, wrapped in sword light, and jumped out from the deck. !

The sword light is like a round sun rising, covering the earth, majestic and majestic.

While he was moving, the two women who had been standing behind him also moved together. Like the ancient Jianxin, the two took out their long sword secret treasures and wrapped them in the sword light. Among them, immediately after Gu Jianxin.

The difference from Gu Jianxin is that the sword light of the two women presents the vision of a crescent moon and stars. As the sword light is swaying, it is like the moon and the sky is full of stars.

The three sword lights merged into one halfway, exuding a power that surpassed the mirror of return, as if to cut through the world, dragging the long sword light tail towards Li Minghai Beheaded immediately!

Li Minghai’s eyes were shining, and he seemed to be shocked by the secret technique of Gu Jianxin, and he shouted: “The secret technique of the three swords of the sun, the moon and the star is really well-deserved! It’s a blow alone. The young leader, you can hit the Void Returning Mirror invincible! Unfortunately, your left and right swordsmanship levels are a little worse, and you are not in the Void King Realm, so let the old man tell you the difference between the Void King Realm and the Void Rebounding Mirror. How big is it!”

While speaking, an invisible force spread out from Li Minghai’s body.

Domain field!

Li Minghai has been promoted to the Void King Realm for five hundred years. It can be said that he has been regarded as a veteran of the Void King Realm. Even if his cultivation level has stagnated, Yuchang’s The power is not strong, but it is a field after all!

The Void Mirror shrouded in the field is destined to be completely suppressed and will do nothing.

It’s just that Li Minghai’s field was not able to stop the Gu Jianxin trio. From the combined sword light of the trio, another different force emerged, and it was easy to break through. Li Ming’s blockade of the sea field.

Li Minghai’s eyes flashed, and he shouted in a low voice: “Minghai Domain Mirror! The leader has given you this strange treasure!”

Minghai Domain Mirror, the Secret Treasure of the Void King, After using it, it can resist the domain field of the Void King Realm powerhouse to a large extent. If the opponent is not strong enough, it is possible to disintegrate the domain field.

Looking at the entire star field, this strange treasure is also famous. After all, there are not many secret treasures that can withstand the field.

With the help of this strange treasure, Gu Jianxin and the two sword servants were not suppressed by Li Minghai’s field, and they still sent their attacks to Li Minghai.

Facing the Sun, Moon and Star Three Swords Qi Hui’s Secret Art, Li Minghai did not carelessly, flipped his wrist, and the long spear that had attacked Yang Kai before appeared in his palm, the majestic Saint Yuan Guan. Entering it, shaking up the spears, the tip of the spear shot extremely terrifying power, and actually fought a close battle with the three Gu Jianxin.

The jingle bell sounded instantly.

The shadows of the guns and the light of the swords are flooded in the huge space, and the figures of Li Minghai and Gu Jianxin are almost never seen again.

In the distance, Yang Kai stared at all this in amazement, with an expression of surprise on his face.

The ability to use the Void Returning Mirror’s cultivation base to fight against the Void King Realm is not something you can do casually, but Gu Jianxin did it, even though he used the other two women. The ability, but after all, did not lose any disadvantages in a short period of time.

Furthermore, the cultivation base of the two women is obviously inferior to that of Gu Jianxin, both of them seem to have only two levels of return to the void. But a certain secret technique practiced by the three of them can consolidate the three forces into one, and exert a strength beyond the mirror of return.

This young leader of the Sword League is really amazing!

When the two sides were fighting, Yang Kai had already ran out of the hiding place, and had been to the position closest to the battlefield, hiding his figure and spying secretly.

He focused 80% of his attention on Li Minghai, ready to see if there was any suitable opportunity to make a sneak attack.

When dealing with a Void King Realm like Li Minghai, if the timing is not grasped, it will only alert them, so Yang Kai can only wait patiently.

Originally, he was a little worried that Gu Jianxin and the others would be defeated by a blow, but now it seems that this young leader can actually fight with him for a while.

While investigating, Yang Kai found that there were a few rays of light, and he escaped towards the Meteorite Sea.

Obviously the battlefield has begun to expand, and the warriors who have been defeated are trying to escape, and this sea of ​​meteorites is undoubtedly the best place to escape.

Fleeing in the front are two warriors with a slightly weaker strength. Judging from their size, they should be women. And the one who was chasing in the rear was a martial artist from Li Minghai’s side.

From the perspective of the escape light, the cultivation base of the two women who escaped is actually only the Saint King’s third level. Such cultivation level really has no effect in this kind of battle.

The warriors chasing behind them have two levels of return to virtuality, and their strengths are very different from each other. It is a miracle that the two of them can escape from the battle circle.

Because of Li Minghai’s order not to stay alive, the Void Returning Stage Martial Artist did not intend to let go of these two women, chasing after them, and the distance between the two was quickly shortened.

The relationship between the two women is obviously good. Even when they were on the run, they did not abandon each other and still guarded each other closely. What made Yang Kai feel helpless was that the direction they were moving forward turned out to be The location where you are hiding.

If nothing happens, they will fly past them in a moment.

Secretly sighed, Yang Kai was ready to take action.

After a while, the two women who were running ahead really flew past the meteorite where Yang Kai was hiding. At such a close distance, plus the two women looking around from time to time, looking for a suitable hiding place. Naturally, Yang Kai’s existence was discovered.

The eyes collided with each other, and Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, and the two women on the opposite side were obviously stupid for a while.

At this moment, the two-layer Void-Returning Realm martial artist who had been chasing finally arrived here. Suddenly, Dao Xuanguang shot out from his hands, heading towards the silly two women.

Judging by the power of these attacks, even if the two women resisted with all their strength, they would probably be seriously injured.

But the mysterious light disappeared inexplicably in the middle, as if it had never appeared before.

“What’s going on?” The chasing two-layer Void Warriors looked startled. Before they could react, they saw a flash of golden light in front of them, and there was a vaguely golden thread-like thing from his own. Cut over the neck.

The holy yuan of the bodyguard was like paper paste, and it did not play any defensive role at all. A sense of pain came, and the warrior’s eyes were completely dark.

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