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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1770: Early grass seedlings Read Novel

Chapter 1770: Early grass seedlings – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1770: Early grass seedlings

In the sea of ​​meteorites, Yang Kai stared at the two women not far away in amazement, seemingly surprised.

The two women were undoubtedly more surprised than Yang Kai. After the phantom mirror who was chasing over died inexplicably, the two women screamed and turned around, seeming to want to see if it was. Who is helping.

There was no one around, they finally turned their gazes back to Yang Kai again, they had already guessed in their hearts, and both pairs of beautiful eyes showed incredible expressions.

“What are you still waiting for? Come here now!” Yang Kai whispered, shouting and beckoning.

Only then did the two women react, looked at each other, turned around, and fell three feet away in front of Yang Kai, constantly looking at Yang Kai, their expressions uncertain.

Yang Kai looked at them with a grin, raised his eyebrows and said: “Why? I haven’t seen you for many years, so you don’t recognize me?”

Listening to him, those two women were so cruel. He breathed a sigh of relief to confirm that the guess in his heart was not wrong, but because of this, they felt more and more incredible. The woman in the lead stretched out her hand to cover her small mouth and whispered: “Yang Kai?”

“Really you? Did you kill that person just now? How did you become so powerful? Why are you here?” Another woman who seemed to be a little younger asked in a whisper. After asking many questions, she suddenly became alert again, gritted her teeth and said: “Are you from Li Minghai?”

She seemed endless when she spoke, and Yang Kai didn’t have time to answer her questions.

The older woman led by

looked at Yang Kai seriously, and slowly shook her head: ’Sister, don’t talk nonsense, if he is from Li Minghai, how could he help us just now?”

Yang Kai smiled, staring at the younger woman, teasing: “He Miao, you are still so reckless.”

He Miao blushed when he heard the words and twisted a bit. Said: “I’m sorry, I’m a little frightened.”

“It’s okay.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, looked at the two women, and said with emotion: “I didn’t expect to be here for so many years. See you somewhere again.”

These two women are indeed the first batch of martial artists that Yang Kai encountered when he first entered the Star Territory, He Zao and He Miao sisters.

After many years, since then After leaving the Hanging Continent, they never saw each other again, so Yang Kai was surprised at first sight. However, after thinking about it carefully, the two Sisters Hezao and Hemiao are warriors of the Sword League, and they will appear. It’s not impossible here.

It’s just that the sisters are involved in this kind of thing. The luck of the two sisters is pretty back.

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“Yeah, it’s really been gone for many years. He Zao sighed, “I didn’t expect you to be so powerful now. You killed the person just now, right?”


Seeing Yang Kai admit that even though there was a guess in her heart, the two sisters were still a little speechless.

When they met Yang Kai for the first time, Yang Kai was nothing but The cultivation base of entering the holy first level is only, the two sisters are higher than Yang Kai’s cultivation, one entering the holy three-level realm, and the other entering the holy two-level realm.

In the past thirty years, they have already Qi Qi grew up to the cultivation base of the Saint King’s three-level realm, and his qualifications were impressive, and his cultivation progressed extremely fast.

Compared with Yang Kai, it seems that it is still not enough!

The ability to instantly kill a Void-Returning two-layer realm, even under the premise of a sneak attack, shows that Yang Kai has at least reached the level of Void-Returning Mirror! Maybe it’s the three-level realm of returning to the virtual world!

Because at the moment when Yang Kai started his hand, He Zao felt the energy fluctuation that was no weaker than that of Young League Master Gu Jianxin.

The two sisters were deeply shocked.

Suddenly, He Zao’s expression changed again, and he said, “Yang Kai, can you please help me?”


“Help My master!”

“Your master?” Yang Kai frowned, and quickly realized that what He Zao said should be the beautiful woman Yue Xi!

When the trouble hit the Hanging Continent that year, Yuexi, the master of the two sisters Hezao, was also there. Yang Kai had some dealings with her, and it was not too pleasant to get along with her, because of Yang Kai’s background. The land is too remote and his cultivation level is not high, so Yue Xi looks down on Yang Kai very much.

Furthermore, Yang Kai also killed an apprentice of Yue Xi at the time, which caused Yue Xi to hate Yang Kai even more.

However, for various reasons, Yue Xi changed her perception of Yang Kai. Finally, she successfully left the Hanging Continent with the help of Yang Kai’s power. It turns out that her apprentice is not a good thing either. Death is not a pity.

“Yue Xi is here too?” Yang Kai glanced at the battlefield again, only to see a large area of ​​brilliance flashing in his eyes, and he couldn’t tell who was fighting.

There was an anxious look on Hezao’s face: “We were able to escape, thanks to the master delaying the enemy, but her situation is not optimistic, I don’t know how long she can hold on, Yang Kai, Can you”

She obviously also knows that her request is a bit too much. The battlefield is in chaos right now, and there are even more powerful players in the virtual king realm. Anyone who breaks into it may be caught up in it.

But she is a Saint King at the third level, unable to assist Yue Xi at all, so she can only bite the bullet and ask Yang Kai for help.

“Big Brother Yang” He Miao shouted in a low voice, with a pleading look on her face. Now she has no usual clever energy, and she appears to be a little overwhelmed. He Miao almost burst into tears when he thought that the master who raised him might fall in that battlefield.

Perhaps it was because of the experience of escaping from the floating continent, or Yang Kai just killed a two-layer warrior with a single blow, causing the sisters to have inexplicable confidence in Yang Kai. They seem to think As long as he makes a move, Master will be safe and sound.

Yue Xi had a bad impression of Yang Kai at the beginning, but she had nothing to say about her two apprentices. Otherwise, she would not take the risk alone and delay the enemy, allowing He Zao Hemiao to escape.

Yang Kai pondered.

Seeing this, Hezao Hemiao didn’t dare to urge anything, but waited anxiously.

After a moment, Yang Kai raised his eyes and said seriously: ’Speaking of which, the reason why I am hiding here is mainly to attack that Li Minghai!”

He Zao Hemiao suddenly exclaimed With a sound, looking at Yang Kai in shock, an incredible brilliance appeared in his beautiful eyes.

A Void Returning Mirror, unexpectedly wants to attack the Void King Realm! This kind of thing is like an ant hiding in the corner, stretching out a leg to trip an elephant, which is unbelievable.

“I’m not kidding, I was attacked by him when I passed by here before, so I will stay here!” Yang Kai looked at them lightly, ’So it is not convenient for me to come forward now.”

The brilliance in the eyes of the sisters quickly dimmed.

“However, since He Miao even yelled out his eldest brother, I can’t just sit back and watch.” Yang Kai chuckled.

He Miao looked at Yang Kai in surprise, always pale and bloodless, with a hint of shyness and blush on his palpitating face.

“Come out!” Yang Kai suddenly yelled. The next moment, a fiery red streamer shot out of Yang Kai’s body. Then, the streamer turned into a human form.

In the blink of an eye, a glamorous woman with a hot body appeared strangely in front of Hezao and He Miao.

This glamorous woman has fiery red hair, which is as gorgeous as a burning flame, and the clothes she wears are also fiery red. At such a close distance, both He Zao He Miao can feel this woman’s body There is a palpitating energy fluctuation.

That is a destructive power!

“Master, what’s your order?” As soon as the woman Yu appeared, she asked Yang Kai respectfully, without even looking at Hezao Hemiao, as if in her eyes, the two women are like air, so they can be ignored. The presence.

“Along with them, protect their safety!” Yang Kai pointed to the sisters of Hezao Hemiao.

The woman then turned her attention to the two sisters and nodded lightly.

“Yang Kai, she is” He Zao asked hesitantly.

“My friend, you can call her Liuyan!” Yang Kai replied.

Even Yang Kai didn’t notice. When he introduced Liu Yan to the two sisters of He Zao He Miao, there was a subtle but extremely bright light in Liu Yan’s beautiful eyes.

“It turned out to be Sister Liuyan, I will have Sister Lao on this trip.” Although He Zao saw that Liuyan was not a physical creature, she didn’t dare to behave in a very intelligent manner. There is a slight negligence.

“Master’s order, Liu Yan will obey it!” Liu Yan didn’t say much, but he said it concisely.

“Go.” Yang Kai rushed to Liu Yan nodded faintly, Liu Yan knew, his body twisted, and turned into a streamer again, before He Zao hadn’t reacted, he got into her body.

He Zao exclaimed, but soon, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

Because she felt that there was a terrifying power dormant in her body. Although this power was not under her control, it even brought her a hint of hot discomfort, but if there was such a power Strength, then you can rescue Master from that battlefield!

She looked at Yang Kai gratefully: “Thank you!”

“Be careful!” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

The two sisters of Hezao and Hemiao looked at each other before they flee to the battlefield.

With the assistance of Liu Yan, the safety of the two sisters will be no problem. Since the group of dry sky thunder flames that swallowed Huo Yaozong, Liu Yan has not only evolved wisdom, but also its strength has skyrocketed!

Before swallowed, she was able to single-handedly challenge the Void-Returning Three-layer Realm powerhouse.

After being swallowed, she can fight with ordinary Void King level 1st realm powerhouses.

On that battlefield, there is only Li Minghai in the Void King Realm, and none of the rest are opponents of Liu Yan. It is conceivable that He Zao He Miao, who returned to the battlefield with Liu Yan, will What changes will it bring to that one-sided battlefield.

Converging his mind, Yang Kai turned his attention to the battle between Gu Jianxin and Li Minghai again.

Their battle is the fiercest in the entire battlefield, and the energy fluctuates the most, so it is very convenient to find it. Yang Kai can see it at a glance.

Gu Jianxin and his left and right sword servants are still three people together, wrapped in sword light, the three visions of the sun, moon and star are Qi Hui, the sword light is lasing, and Li Minghai has a long spear. Back and forth, as smart as a snake.

Up until now, the two sides have been in a close match!

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Chapter 1770: Early grass seedlings – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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