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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1771: You have no chance Read Novel

Chapter 1771: You have no chance – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1771: You have no chance

Yang Kai only glanced at it, and he saw that there was something wrong with Gu Jianxin.

When he and the two women performed this secret technique before, the three visions of the sun, moon, and stars were extremely bright. The crescent moon and the stars lingered around the sun and were nourishing to each other, but now, that The vision of the Sun, Moon and Stars had some signs of dissolution, and the momentum of the three of them was not as good as before.

On the contrary, Li Minghai, as always, shows no signs of decline.

It seems that if nothing happens, Gu Jianxin will eventually lose.

Taking advantage of the fierce fighting between them, Yang Kai also began to move, approaching over there.

It is not easy for Gu Jianxin to do this step. Even if Li Minghai cannot be hit hard at the last moment, I am afraid it will cause some obstacles to him. No matter how bad, it can still be done to attract Li Minghai’s attention of.

As long as Li Minghai’s attention is distracted, Yang Kai can take the opportunity to take action.

After a while, Yang Kai has already gotten to some place ten miles away from the battle circle! This is already the limit position he can approach, and if he goes further, Li Minghai will definitely notice it.

Just as soon as he hid his figure, Li Minghai’s voice came over: “Leader, if you only have this ability, then the old man will send you on the road!”

Gu Jianxin didn’t speak, and didn’t know if he didn’t have the skill to speak or didn’t want to pay attention. The sword light carried by the left and right swordsmen suddenly skyrocketed, and in an instant it became a huge sword light as long as one hundred meters. Cut down towards Li Minghai.

Li Minghai laughed loudly: ’Small bugs! Do you want to fight back now?”

The words fell, the soul-breaking gun in his hand flicked, from the gun. A dark mysterious light shot out from the tip, greeted with a huge sword light.

The white and black rays of light collided in mid-air, and the circles of halo spread around like ripples. In that halo, there is a terrifying power that makes the mirror of returning to the virtual world have to retreat. It can be seen the intensity of the confrontation this time.

The two distinct rays of light remained deadlocked in the void, but soon this situation was broken.

I don’t know what secret technique Li Minghai used, the dark light actually skyrocketed, directly suppressing Jian Mang.

There was a loud bang.

The sword light burst apart, and in the muffled hum, the three shadows shot in different directions.

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Gu Jianxin’s face was pale, and there were signs of bleeding from the corners of his mouth, and he had obviously suffered some trauma.

And his left and right sword servants are even more unbearable. As the servants who practiced with Gu Jianxin from childhood to large, the left and right sword servants originally existed for Gu Jianxin, and the cultivation base is always lower than that of Gu Jianxin. cut.

In addition to the share of more damage just now, the left and right sword servants are all trembling and shaky at the moment, and a lot of blood overflows from the mouth and nose, which stains the clothes red.

Li Minghai’s eyes flashed a man, and he didn’t take the opportunity to take the life of Gu Jianxin. Instead, he shook his body, shook his spear, and killed the nearest Zuo Jian.

As a powerful Void King Realm, his combat experience is naturally extremely rich. Although this is the best time to kill Gu Jianxin, Gu Jianxin’s identity is extraordinary after all, he even Minghai All the strange treasures of the domain mirror are carried on him, so he can’t guarantee that he has other more powerful secret treasures.

Li Minghai did not have the confidence to kill him with a single blow.

So he will choose Zuo Jianshi as the target. As long as there is no help from Zuo Jianxin, Gu Jianxin will not be able to perform the sun, moon and star three swords with the secret technique. At that time, he can only rely on grinding. Jianxin is grinding to death!

Li Minghai’s actions were in sight, a trace of determination and anxiety surged in the beautiful eyes of the right sword servant, and he hurriedly stabilized his backward stature, urged his own Saint Yuan, carrying the sword light, and using Do your best to rush towards Zuo Jianshi.

And Gu Jianxin yelled hysterically: “Lingyue, hide away!”

At the same time as he shouted out these words, he was also desperately facing there like You Jiansi. Rush to the side.

With three escapes, they chased Zuo Jianshi together, and the distance was quickly drawn closer.

A sarcasm smile appeared at the corner of Li Minghai’s mouth, realizing that the time was almost here, he suddenly killed a carbine, threw the soul-breaking gun in his hand, and killed him to the right sword servant.

Everyone was taken aback.

Until this time, everyone understood that Li Minghai’s initial goal was not Left Sword Servant, but Right Sword Servant!

Or he chose a better target to attack according to circumstances.

After flying out of Li Minghai’s control, the Soul Breaker shook its head and tail and turned into a giant python, Zhang He opened the blood basin and took a big mouth, and the hostility was soaring, and he immediately came to the Attendant You Jian, and he wanted to swallow her in one bite as soon as he saw it.

This is the real secret treasure of the Void King level. It can’t be taken by the right sword alone to serve a person. It can’t be taken anyway. If it is hit from the front, only Xiang Xiaoyu will die.

At this moment, somewhere in Gu Jianxin’s body, there was a flash of brilliance. He didn’t know whether it was a secret technique or a secret treasure. He unexpectedly appeared in front of the right sword attendant with one hand. He hugged the body of the Right Sword Servant, and protected her to the side of the body. A cyan treasure composed of pieces of scale armor emerged from the body.

On the treasure armor, the radiance is flowing, and it is an excellent defensive treasure at a glance. After being urged by the ancient sword heart sage, a layer of energy light film appears outside the treasure armor, which looks solid. Incomparable.

As soon as all this was done, Li Minghai’s attack was already over.

The giant python swayed and bombarded the treasure of Gu Jianxin.

The bright energy light film became dim at a speed visible to the naked eye. It only persisted for less than two breaths before bursting to pieces, and the remaining power bombarded Gu Jianxin’s body, and the Gu Jianxin was bloody. Fortunately, he flew out backwards, and even the right sword servant who was guarded by him spewed a mouthful of blood, his face pale and bloodless.

“The young leader really has a lot of love and righteousness, and the old man admires it, but can you save the next one, can you save the second one?” Li Minghai’s triumphant voice sounded, with a hint of sarcasm and foolishness.

Gu Jianxin, who was flying backwards, stared at him, and suddenly discovered that Li Minghai had no idea when he would hit Zuo Jiansi again, and was raising a hand to pat Zuo Jiansi.

On that palm, the holy yuan surged, forming a vortex visible to the naked eye!

With the power of the whirlpool coupled with the coercion of the strong of the Void King Realm, the suppressed Left Sword Servant could not move at all, and could not make any resistance.

But the death fell. She didn’t worry about her safety. Instead, she looked towards Gu Jianxin with her worried beautiful eyes, and saw that Gu Jianxin had not been killed, but suffered a heavy injury. A smile of relief was revealed, and his red lips squirmed.

I couldn’t hear her voice, but Gu Jianxin knew that she was letting herself escape!

“Li Minghai!” Gu Jianxin roared like a wounded beast, resounding through the void. At this moment, his eyes became crimson.

“Young Master, go!” The Right Sword Servant held in Gu Jianxin’s arms firmly grasped Gu Jianxin’s arm, and shouted in Gu Jianxin’s ear with a crying voice: ” Sister Lingyue won’t want you to go desperately, as long as you leave, Sister Lingyue will die worthy!”

Gu Jianxin remained motionless, but his ferocious face was distorted. A look of utter astonishment emerged, and a light of surprise immediately burst out, looking behind Li Minghai.

He discovered that he didn’t know when, a figure appeared behind Li Minghai. This person was like a ghost, bullying him to a place less than three feet away from Li Minghai, and Old Dog didn’t even notice it.

Immediately, the person stretched out his hand to point forward, and a series of pitch-black as ink, crescent-shaped attacks suddenly took shape, and storms hit Li Minghai like a storm.

In those attacks, there are profound and obscure power fluctuations, even if they are far away, Gu Jianxin can detect them.

As soon as the attack came out, Li Minghai finally noticed it. While sipping “someone” in his mouth, he hurriedly turned his head and slapped the person who attacked him.

Something that shocked and excited Gu Jianxin appeared. With this palm, Li Minghai failed to disperse all the attacks. Some crescent-like attacks still struck Li Minghai’s arm.

Old dog Li’s arm disappeared a little bit strangely!

As if it never existed, and as if being swallowed by the void

The pain came, Li Minghai roared frantically, another intact hand stretched out his hand, and the Soulbreaker flew back. He stared at the young man who attacked him with fire-breathing eyes, and said grimly: “Junior, I want you to pay the price!”

“You have no chance!” The young man snorted coldly, flipping his wrist and holding a handle. Without edge and blade, the green long sword appeared. The long sword trembled and twisted slightly, transforming into the image of a green dragon, and rushed towards Li Minghai.

The roar of the dragon shook the sky, the power of the dragon filled the sky, and the Li Ming sea monster screamed, hurriedly activated the power of the soul-breaking gun, and turned into a giant python to meet again.

Two monsters transformed by secret treasures collide and confront in the void, but how can a giant python beat a dragon? Only persisted for a while, and was destroyed by the dragon!

Li Minghai finally showed a look of horror in his eyes. He wanted to find the trace of the young man who attacked him, but he was shocked to find that he had not found it! Just as he appeared ghostly, after offering the secret treasure, he disappeared ghostly again.

A ray of murderous intent hits behind, Li Minghai’s heart suddenly burst, and he quickly released his domain in an attempt to restore the decline.

Although it was only a moment of confrontation with the youth who sneaked on him, he keenly noticed that the opponent only had the third stage of the Void Return. To deal with the Void Mirror, Domain Field was undoubtedly the best support!

Not every one of them is like Gu Jianxin, possessing an extraordinary treasure that restrains the field like the Minghai Domain Mirror.

Li Minghai made a good calculation, but what surprised him again was that when his own field filled out, another potential field began to take shape, not only was it not suppressed by his own field. On the contrary, he can fight against his own field.

There is a mysterious power in that potential field.

The surrounding space began to collapse and collapse, and a series of space cracks like hairsprings filled the surroundings of Li Minghai, enveloping him in an airtight manner!

“The power of space!” Li Minghai exclaimed in exclamation.

At this moment, the emerald dragon that destroyed the giant python rushed in front of him, opening his blood basin and biting him towards Li Minghai.

Behind, the chill is pressing, and murderous intent is like a tide that envelops Li Minghai.

He was embarrassed and desperate!

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Chapter 1771: You have no chance – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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