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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1772: The Fall of the Void King Read Novel

Chapter 1772: The Fall of the Void King – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1772: The Fall of the Void King

“Old dog Li!” Gu Jianxin didn’t know when he would also kill him. The sun-like sword light dazzled and dazzled people, as falling stars slammed into Li Minghai.

At the same time, golden light suddenly shined around, and golden silk threads danced like a group of snakes, cutting the void.

The cracks in the space around Li Minghai’s body also began to grow larger, squeezing towards him.

In an instant, Li Minghai, who was at a loss, was overwhelmed by various forces.

A dazzling bright light burst out of the place where Li Minghai was located, and the surrounding star fields were all visible. In that light, there were ups and downs of energy that ruined the world.

Gu Jianxin once again flew out on his back, faster than the attack, the right sword attendant who had been prepared eagerly greeted him and caught Gu Jianxin.

With a wow, Gu Jianxin leaned in the arms of You Jianshi, spouting a mouthful of blood mist.

“Young Master!” You Jian Shijiao exclaimed, her beautiful eyes full of worry.

Gu Jianxin didn’t have the time to answer, his eyes just stared straight ahead.

He didn’t know if Li Minghai was dead, but the feeling that the sword pierced out just now was clearly already pierced, and even pierced Li Minghai’s vital position.

But after all, that is the powerhouse of the Void King Realm! This was also the first time that Gu Jianxin had a life-and-death game with a Void King Realm powerhouse. He was inexperienced. He didn’t dare to be careless until he saw Li Minghai’s body with his own eyes.

The light gradually dissipated, and a figure still stood in the void.

Gu Jianxin’s eyes shrank suddenly.

Li Minghai!

In such a terrifying attack, Li Minghai didn’t even die, but withstood the impact of such energy. This Void King Realm powerhouse is now disheveled and looks embarrassed. He is in ragged clothes. I don’t know when There was an extra layer of protective armor outside his body, but that armor was also destroyed.

What made Gu Jianxin overjoyed was that Li Minghai’s injury was obviously not light, because his body turned out to be tattered, like a piece of rags, big and small, with odd-shaped holes almost All over the body, looking through those holes, you can even see Li Minghai’s bones and squirming flesh and blood.

And Li Minghai’s face was full of anger and fear.

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He is scared! He felt the threat of death, so he was afraid!

Sure enough, Li Minghai looked around, his eyes only stayed on Gu Jianxin and You Jianshi for a moment, then moved away, and continued to search in the void.

Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything. He didn’t find the trace of the mysterious young man who attacked him before.

“Junior, one day the old man will make you pay!” Li Minghai yelled inwardly, then turned into a streamer, and continued to flee towards the distance, leaving behind a large amount in the void along the road Blood.

“Can’t let him run!” Gu Jianxin shouted into the void, panting and gossamer.

His voice just fell, and somewhere in the void, a colorful glow burst out. The colorful light bursts straight towards Li Minghai like an indestructible sword energy.

Li Minghai was horrified and used secret techniques to resist.

But he is undoubtedly an outsider at the moment, and the means he has displayed can’t even block the colorful glow of the sword energy. The glow and Li Minghai’s body intertwined and disappeared into the void. A shining meteor.

But Li Minghai’s body stiffened in place, his eyes widened, and he didn’t move anymore.

The vitality in his body and the look in his eyes quickly dissipated.

A dignified Void King Realm powerhouse died here!

Gu Jianxin, who was watching from a distance, couldn’t figure out the situation. After being severely injured, he didn’t dare to act rashly, just staring at Li Minghai’s body vigilantly. It wasn’t until the frightened Zuo Jian attendant flew away not far away and came to Li Minghai to check it out, and then happily converged in the direction where Gu Jianxin was.

When Zuo Jianshi returned, Gu Jianxin asked eagerly: “What?”

“Li Minghai is dead!” Zuo Jianshi replied.

Gu Jianxin exhaled a long breath, and the whole person could no longer hold on to it. She slumped into the arms of the right sword servant who had been supporting him, and said with lingering fears: “It’s good if you die. Good!”

“Young Master, that person just now” Zuo Jianshi looked suspicious.

“It’s not from our sword alliance.” Gu Jianxin shook his head, reached out and took out some spirit pills from the space ring, stuffed it into his mouth, and said: “Don’t care about this, you go to support others first. Old dog Li brought a lot of powerhouses, they might not be able to.”

When Gu Jianxin spoke, he turned his head and looked at the battlefield, and suddenly noticed a strange scene.

There are still many warriors on his side, but Li Minghai’s men were almost killed and injured. He had been fighting with Li Minghai just now, so he didn’t have the time to investigate the situation there. Looking at it at this moment, it suddenly felt a little weird.

Comparing the strengths of the two sides, Gu Jianxin is naturally well aware of it. His own side is obviously weaker than Li Minghai’s side.

After all, Li Minghai was prepared for a sneak attack and ambush, how could he not make perfect preparations?

This time I was able to kill Li Minghai by chance, and thus escaped a catastrophe. It was really because of the help of the nobles, but how could my men be so brave?

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

But after watching it for a while, he finally understood what it was all about.

It turned out to be because of the three masters and apprentices Yue Xi!

Yue Xi and He Zao He Miao, Gu Jianxin knew each other, anyway, the three masters and apprentices were martial artists who followed him. Although Yue Xi only had the cultivation base of the first stage of returning to the Void, it was also a mirror of returning to the Void, and Gu Jianxin naturally had some impressions of them.

At this moment, the three masters and apprentices rushed to the forefront, facing an enemy whose realm was much stronger than them, and their faces remained unchanged.

Whenever there is a confrontation with each other, a bunch of red light blooms in Hezao’s body, and then the enemy falls inexplicably

What is this red light? Gu Jianxin couldn’t understand it. He never knew that there was such a weird warrior among his men, who could accomplish such an incredible feat!

The overall situation has been set there. Li Minghai is defeated like a mountain and is fleeing in a hurry, being chased by his own men.

Gu Jianxin felt confident and took a deep breath, then clasped his fists into the void and yelled: “Dare to ask my friend Gao’s name, just now for the kindness of his helping hand, Gu is very grateful, if it is convenient, can you? See you when you come out?”

“Hehe, the young lord is polite.” A hearty laughter came from somewhere, and Gu Jianxin turned his head and saw that the young man he had seen before was taking a step forward. Step by step from the void.

Gu Jianxin’s eyes lit up, and both the left and right sword servants looked at Yang Kai with a curious and grateful look.

If Yang Kai suddenly ran out of the sky, I didn’t care if the two of them were dead, but the young master must be more fierce, so for Yang Kai who turned the tide, the left and right sword servants are grateful to Dade, hope Yang Kai’s beautiful eyes were full of kindness.

Gu Jianxin just looked at Yang Kai for a while, and determined that the other party, as he had discovered before, was really only a three-layer return to the Void. But the combat power he showed just now was far beyond this realm.

Maybe, if you join forces with the left and right swordsmen, they are not necessarily the opponent’s opponent! Gu Jianxin was shocked.

As the young leader of the Sword League, he has an advantage that ordinary people cannot have since he was a child. He is not the kind of second generation ancestor with no ambitions. He has lofty ideals and a broad future, so these He has been practicing assiduously for many years.

He thinks that at the level of Returning Mirror, few people in the entire star field are his opponents!

But today, he saw one! A martial artist of the same generation who made him feel a great deal of pressure.

“Xueyue three young masters?” Gu Jianxin asked suspiciously.

Yang Kai twitched the corners of his mouth: “Do I have such a mother?”

Gu Jianxin smiled awkwardly, and the left and right sword servants also couldn’t help laughing, and the more charming Zuo Jian servant was even more scornful. He laughed out, and seemed to feel something wrong again, and quickly covered his small mouth with his jade hand.

“Sorry, Gu and the Third Young Master Xueyue have been friends for a long time and haven’t met each other.” Gu Jianxin explained, “Your Excellency is Zidonglai?”

“That is Who?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“Young Master Zixing” Gu Jianxin was at a loss.

“Why, in the eyes of the young leader, only young leaders from these big forces are qualified to talk to you?” Yang Kai smiled and looked at Gu Jianxin.

“Gu Mou didn’t mean that.” Gu Jianxin said sternly, “It’s just that Gu is hard to imagine. Without the support of these big forces, someone would be so strong! If there is something abrupt, still Please forgive me, friends.”

“It’s okay.” Yang Kai smiled, “I am not from a big power, my name is Yang Kai.”

Gu Jianxin was taken aback. He really hadn’t heard of the name Yang Kai. What is certain is that it was definitely not from a big power. Because of this, Gu Jianxin was even more shocked.

Once again clasped his fists solemnly: “It turned out to be Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and looked into the distance. Over there, the battle seemed to have settled down. With the help of Flowing Flames, where are the people under Li Minghai’s opponents? They were all killed, and No one escaped.

“Brother Yang, Gu has a question, I don’t know if it should be asked. “Gu Jianxin suddenly said again.

“When I passed by here before, Li Minghai attacked me a bit, so I was lying in ambush here. “Yang Kai glanced at him, and gave the answer like a prophet.

“Brother Yang is so brave, so bold, and so good! “Gu Jianxin brows brows.

The normal Void Returning Mirror was attacked by a Void King Realm. If you can get a chance to survive, it must be how far and how far you have run, you can only grit your teeth in the back. Vented his anger with a few words, but this Yang Kai actually dared to kill a carbine and attack others in turn.

Will do such a thing, either he is bold, or he has Relied on.

From the results, it is obviously the latter reason!

It seems that he hasn’t used all his strength in the previous battle.

Furthermore, this guy is obviously a must-see master!

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Chapter 1772: The Fall of the Void King – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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