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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1773: Together Read Novel

Chapter 1773: Together – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1773: Together

“Since it’s a sneak attack, why didn’t Brother Yang wait for a better time? For example, when Old Dog Li killed me and relaxed, Brother Yang chose to take action at that time. It will take a little more trouble.” Gu Jianxin asked.

“A lot of trouble does not mean that he can’t be killed.” Yang Kai smiled confidently, “The young leader wants to ask, why should I save you?”

Gu Jianxin nodded.

“It’s a pity that a man who can work hard for his own woman just died like this.” Yang Kai replied.

Before, Gu Jianxin personally resisted Li Minghai’s blow for the sake of You Jianshi. Yang Kai saw that it was a real danger. If one is not good, he and You Jianshi must go together. Huangquan.

Yang Kai also fought hard for Su Yan, and because of this, he collided head-on with a strong man like Luo Hai, so Gu Jianxin’s approach gave him a sense of identity.

A man who can work hard for his beloved woman is definitely not a cunning and sinister man.

Gu Jianxin was startled.

The sword servants on the left and right were pretty blushing, and he glanced at Gu Jianxin with affection, and his beautiful eyes were full of sweetness.

Gu Jianxin laughed, the vigilance in his eyes finally disappeared, and he said with great arrogance: “It looks like Brother Yang is also a man of temperament. It is a great blessing for Gu to be here to strengthen Brother Yang!”

Yang Kai touched his nose: “Another reason is that I know someone from your sword league.”

“Oh? Brother Yang knows someone from our sword league?” Gu Jianxin was overjoyed. Asked.

Let’s not mention that Yang Kai saved his life and was kind to him. Yang Kai alone made Gu Jianxin feel good and thought about making friends. Listen to Yang Kai at this moment. The people of the Sword League are naturally very happy.

“Who does Brother Yang know?”

“They are here.” Yang Kaichong gestured.

Gu Jianxin turned his head to look, and suddenly found that it was the three masters and disciples Yue Xi who had shined in the previous battle.

“It turned out to be them!” Gu Jianxin was surprised.

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He thought that the people Yang Kai knew must be the top experts on his side, but he didn’t want to be such a three-person master and apprentice.

In a short while, Yue Xi and He Zao Hemiao flew to a short distance ahead. The three saluted Gu Jianxin and asked about his situation. After learning that the young leader was fine. This was a sigh of relief.

“Brother Yang.”He Zao Hemiao and Yang Kai have had a lot of contact. This time they also relied on Yang Kai’s help to save them. So they didn’t see anything outside, and they yelled in a sweet voice when they came back.

Yang. Kai nodded slightly, stretched out his hand, and a red light shot out from He Zao’s body and was sucked into the palm of his hand.

“Thank you, Yang Kai, if it wasn’t for you this time, we might be afraid After the catastrophe, the three concubines, masters and apprentices are grateful! “Yue Xi sincerely thanked him.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything, but he accepted the other party’s gratitude calmly.

“Brother Yang actually knew Mrs. Yue and his apprentice, this is really fate. “Gu Jianxin laughed, “If Brother Yang doesn’t give up, how about going to Gu’s battleship to rest for some time, so that Gu can have a good reception.”

Yang Kai groaned, but didn’t immediately agree.

The reason why he stayed here was mainly because he wanted to attack Li Minghai. Now he has already killed this guy. Nothing special needs to be done.

Seeing that he was silent, Gu Jianxin did not urge. But He Zao Hemiao looked at Yang Kai eagerly, hoping that he would stay.

“I don’t know where is the destination of the young leader’s trip? “After a long while, Yang Kai raised his head and asked.

“Brother Yang can call me Brother Gu, but the young leader is a little out of the ordinary when he shouts three words.”Gu Jianxin smiled, “Don’t hide it from Brother Yang, this time Gu is going to Qingmuxing.”

“Aoju Star?”

“Well, it’s a cultivation star under the jurisdiction of my sword league, and it’s only a month away from here.”

“That’s it.” Yang Kai thought for a while, as if he had thought of something, nodded and said: “Also, if you accept the invitation of Brother Mongolia, then Yang will bother you.”

Seeing Yang Kai’s promise, Gu Jianxin’s eyes were bright and seemed extremely happy. He didn’t see it, walked forward, took Yang Kai’s arm, and took him to the direction of the battleship. It looks like Yang Kai has known it for a long time.

Under the attack of Li Minghai and others, one of the three battleships burst directly and the other was destroyed. Now only Gu Jianxin remains. The largest battleship on which it is located can still sail. Although there is a certain degree of damage, it only needs to be repaired.

When it is on the battleship, Gu Jianxin asked Yang Kai to stay, and he himself He went to heal his wounds. He fought with Li Minghai. It was thrilling. Although he was not fatally injured, there were many damages. This kind of damage can not be healed by taking the pill. It must be meditation and recuperation.>

Yang Kai could understand this, and naturally wouldn’t care about it.

After a day’s repair and inspection, the battleship sailed again.

Yang Kai was arranged by Gu Jianxin in an extremely luxurious wing. The room was huge, with thick fluff stalls on the floor, and hundreds of night pearls inlaid around it, and the indoor light was soft and warm.

There is also an incense burner in the room, which ignites the fragrance and relaxes the mind.

Yang Kai also had his own considerations for agreeing to Gu Jianxin’s invitation.

He walked this way, and the space arrays he arranged were all left on the dead stars as a transit point. Now is the time to connect with the real stars of cultivation, otherwise the dark stars The warrior who came out didn’t have a clear goal either.

According to Yang Kai’s own observation in the star chart, this Green Jupiter is still a good cultivation star.

If Ye Xijun and others come here through the space magic circle, they can use the aura and laws of the sky and earth of Qing Juxing to try to break through the Void King Realm.

Another point is that there are not many ethereal crystals left in Yang Kai’s hand.

Although Ye Xijun and others searched almost the entire Gloom Star’s ethereal crystal storage before they left, the share required to deploy the super space magic circle was too much.

On the ethereal crystal in his hand, there is only one space magic circle left!

Must find a way to add.

Qing Juxing is the cultivation star of the Sword League, Yang Kai is now in contact with Gu Jianxin, the young leader, but can use his power to purchase some ethereal crystals for backup.

Before that, he could take the time to go back to the mining star to see if Qian Tong, Ye Xiyun and others have found ethereal crystal veins. If there are, it will save a lot of trouble.

Stayed in the wing, Yang Kai counted his gains.

Not much. After all, in this conflict, he only killed three people. Needless to say, the space between Zhang Fu and Liu Dong, but Yang Kai basically doesn’t see what’s stored inside. Above, it would be nice to stay as the treasure of the High Heavenzong.

Li Minghai’s space ring has a lot of wealth.

Especially that virtual king-class secret treasure soul-breaking gun, now also fell in Yang Kai’s hands.

The virtual king-level secret treasure, looking at the entire star field, is also a good thing with no market! However, Yang Kai didn’t have a cold with this secret treasure, and it seemed that there was no suitable person who could use it among the people he knew.

For the time being, I can only put it aside.

While counting, there was a knock on the door. Yang Kai was startled and said casually: “Come in.”

The door opened and two beautiful shadows walked in one by one.

“Brother Yang!” He Miao greeted him crisply, and He Zao put the things he held on the table aside.

Yang Kai took a glance and found that it was some exquisite food and wine, but he didn’t care too much. At his level of strength, all the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, the fine wines and wines, are nothing more than satisfying the appetite, and it doesn’t make much sense, unless it is the kind of special food that can increase the strength.

“Isn’t it bothering you?” He matured a little earlier, and when he saw that Yang Kai seemed to be in trouble, he asked worriedly.

“No.” Yang Kai smiled slightly and motioned: ’Sit down.”

“No need.” Hezao waved his hand, “We are here to serve you, standing. That’s it. If you have any instructions, you can tell us.”

“Gu Jianxin asked you to come?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

“En.” He Zao lowered his head and looked around, but He Miao looked around, looking curious.

Apparently she also entered such a noble wing for the first time.

’Sit down first, this is my order.” Yang Kai laughed.

He Zao hesitated for a moment, then lightly nodded and sat down with his sister. However, the sitting posture was extremely restrained. Seeing He Miao’s restless look, he gave her a vicious look.

He Miao spit out his fragrant tongue and finally calmed down.

“It seems that every time you meet you, your situation is not so good.” Yang Kai said with a smile.

The first time I met these two sisters in the star field, they were being chased by the warriors of Zixing, and now they were ambushed by Li Minghai for the second time. The same, but the situation is very similar.

Hearing Yang Kai’s jokes, He Zao’s face turned red, and He Miao muttered: “We should be right about this.”

“He Miao!” He Zao immediately stared. The younger sister glanced at him, and He Miao said dissatisfied: “Tell me, Brother Yang won’t care.”

He Zao looked at Yang Kai apologetically with a helpless look: “The little girl is spoiled. Brother Yang should not be familiar with her.”

“It’s okay, don’t be so nervous.” Yang Kai waved his hand. When meeting the two sisters back then, because everyone was almost the same in strength, their realm was even better. He is above himself, so he can still get along with the same generation. Now that the gap is so big, He Zao is somewhat difficult to adapt.

After all, even their masters only have the first level of Void Return, but Yang Kai suddenly became a powerhouse of the third level of Void Return, and he was even more like a brother to the young leader.

Seeing her like this, Yang Kai could only divert the topic and asked them about their situation over the years.

There is nothing to hide, He Zao immediately said.

After coming out of the floating continent that year, everyone separated. Yue Xi took the two sisters back to the Sword League. Because of the huge losses in that operation, not only a warship was destroyed, but the warriors of the Sword League were also killed and injured. As the principal at the time, Yue Xi almost caused a disaster. In the end, it was a high-level warrior of Jianmeng who said good things for them and exempted them from punishment.

For this reason, the three masters and apprentices of Yue Xi began to follow Gu Jianxin, because the senior who spoke for them was the supporter of Gu Jianxin.

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