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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1775: Yuexi’s Request Read Novel

Chapter 1775: Yuexi’s Request – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1775: Yuexi’s Request

According to the rules of the league, in a situation like Yuexi, the most important thing is to kill directly, in order to emulate you, and at the same time, you have to abolish the cultivation base and expel the sword league. And Hezao Hemiao must be destined to become a handyman.

At the last moment, it was a high-level Jianmeng named Qin Wuhui who spoke good words for them and saved their lives and status.

Qin Wuhui is a strong follower of Gu Jianxin. In this way, the three masters and apprentices of Yue Xi also indirectly connected with Gu Jianxin.

Qin Wuhui is a very good person. Although he said good things for Yuexi and others, he didn’t threaten them because of this. Over the years, he has taken care of the three masters and apprentices. People are grateful.

However, Qin Wuhui has an ineffective son named Qin Qiyang. This guy relied on his father’s power and power to dominate the sword alliance leader. Although it cannot be said that he does not do any evil, it is indeed not a good thing.

Qin Wuhui worked with Gu Jianxin all day long, and neglected to discipline his son, so he could only let him go.

On the star of the sword alliance, there are more and more powerful people. One day, Qin Qiyang provokes an opponent that is difficult to deal with. Although he was not dead, his soul was wounded and he almost became an idiot.

Although his son has never been a weapon, he is his own flesh and blood after all. Qin Qiyang has become an idiot, and Qin Wuhui is also extremely distressed, but in this way, this kid has become peaceful. There is no longer the kind of nonsense and bullying behavior before.

As soon as many years passed, Qin Wuhui thought about a marriage for his son Zhang Luo, so that his heir would be promising.

Who can see Qin Qiyang who has become an idiot? Coupled with his bad behavior when he was normal before, no woman was willing to agree to this marriage.

Qin Wuhui’s status is not low, but he looks down on ordinary women.

In desperation, Qin Wuhui could only hit his idea on the two sisters He Zao He Miao. When he thought about it, as long as the sisters could marry Qin Qiyang and give birth to Qin Qiyang heirs, it would be a concern for him.

He also prepared a lot of compensation for this!

He didn’t go directly to Yue Xi to discuss the matter, but reported the matter to Gu Jianxin.

In a sense, this approach is very despicable, and Qin Wuhui also considered it for a long time before doing this without his old face.

Qin Wuhui has been following Gu Jianxin for so many years, working hard, and loyal. Now he only wants a grandson to extend his blood. How can Gu Jianxin not agree? When she summoned Yue Xi, let her tell the sisters Hezao Hemiao, let them discuss by themselves, which one to marry Qin Qiyang at will.

With Gu Jianxin intervening in the matter, there is almost no room for maneuver.

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For more than a year, Yue Xi has been procrastinating. Qin Wuhui also knew that he was not doing authentically, but he did not urge.

But it’s not a solution to keep delaying like this, one day Hezao or Hemiao will be forced to submit.

The appearance of Yang Kai gave Yue Xi hope! She couldn’t ask Gu Jianxin to take her life back. Qin Wuhui was also kind to their masters and apprentices. She couldn’t handle this matter, but Yang Kai was different. Yang Kai was not from the Sword League, and in this incident, Gu Jianxin was right. Yang Kai has the heart to make friends, and perhaps only a word from him can resolve the tragic future of the two sisters.

It is precisely because of this consideration that Yue Xi secretly visited Yang Kai and asked him to come forward.

After listening, Yang Kai nodded gently: ’So it was like this!”

He somewhat understood what he wanted to say and stopped just before Hezao left. I’m afraid it is too. Because of this, I just didn’t feel embarrassed to say it.

“Young Master Yang, can you please show me compassion and save the two girls? The two of them have a bleak life experience, no father and no mother. The concubine took them from childhood to adulthood, and regarded them as their own, The concubine body really can’t bear to see any of them jump into the fire pit!” Yue Xi pleaded, happily weeping, “Master Qin is kind to our masters and apprentices. The body will not frown, but this matter is related to the future of the two girls, and the concubine body really cannot agree.”

“Well, you are not to blame for this.” Yang Kai said mildly. After a lot, Yang Kai had some misunderstandings when he heard her request before, and now after listening to Yue Xi’s explanation, he realized that this was not something she could control at all.

With Gu Jianxin pressed there, how did she resist?

For Gu Jianxin, satisfying Qin Wuhui’s wish is naturally a priority. After all, he is not very familiar with Hezao Hemiao, not to mention that Qin Wuhui also prepared a lot of compensation.

As the powerhouse of the Third Stage of Returning to the Void, the compensation he can take out must be extremely generous. For ordinary women, marrying into the Qin family is no less than flying on a branch to become a phoenix.

It can be said that Gu Jianxin had not considered this matter, but in terms of his position, the decision made was reasonable.

However, this kind of thing, I rushed into it, it seemed a bit uncomfortable, Yang Kai frowned secretly.

“Young Master Yang” Yue Xi saw Yang Kai knocking his hands on the table. He groaned for a long while without saying a word. He couldn’t help but said: “If Young Master Yang can let the young lord cancel this marriage, his concubine will definitely be devastated. Swear to die in return.”

“Needless to say it is so serious.” Yang Kai waved his hand, “It’s just that if I really come forward, what should you do in the future?”

Yue Xi heard this. For a while, it seemed that some didn’t react.

“Let’s put it this way, that Qin Wuhui is kind to you. If this matter is really disturbed by me, then the three of you master and apprentice may carry a reputation for ungratefulness. What will happen to you in the future? A foothold in the Sword League?”

Not everyone knows the truth. People who don’t know the truth can only see the surface. What Yang Kai said is very likely to happen.

Those irrelevant warriors will definitely feel that the three masters and apprentices Yue Xi are repaying virtue with grievances.

“This” Yue Xi remembers that the warriors of the Sword League will poke their spine and point at a moment. Her body was chilling. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something, gritted her teeth and said: “If Young Master doesn’t dislike it, you might as well ask the two girls directly from the Young League Master. They only have the cultivation base of the Saint King’s third-level realm, the Young League Master. I won’t refuse you even if I want to come. In the future, I will be a slave or a concubine. It is up to you.”

“Forget this kind of thing.” Yang Kai was startled.

Yue Xi pursed her lips and smiled: “You can see the concubine body. The two girls still have some good feelings for Young Master. Presumably they will not reject you. After all, Young Master Yang is just like the young leader. The Dragon of the Middle.”

“You master,” Yang Kai twitched at the corner of his mouth.

“Then Young Master, this matter” Yue Xi looked at Yang Kai nervously, and she couldn’t rest assured until she got Yang Kai’s exact answer.

“This nosy is not easy to manage.” Yang Kai frowned.

Yue Xi’s heart sank.

“Well, tell me, what is the situation of Qin Qiyang? And Qin Wuhui, what is his character, and what is his position next to Gu Jianxin?”

Half an hour later, Yue Xi left Yang Kai’s wing. The sorrow that haunted her eyebrows for the past year has disappeared, and her footsteps have become lighter. Obviously, she got a good answer.

For the next two days, there was no surprise, and the battleship sailed in the void towards the direction of Green Jupiter.

Yang Kai was also practicing in the wing, and by the way, he took the time to refine a pot of spirit pills.

Two days later, there was a beeping sound from outside the door.

After getting Yang Kai’s answer, the door opened, and the Hezao Hemiao sisters walked in together.

“Brother Yang, the young leader set a banquet and invite Brother Yang to come over to the banquet.” He Zao said.

“Okay.” Yang Kai nodded and stood up, “Lead the way ahead.”

“Come here!” He Zao Hemiao immediately walked ahead.

After traveling for a while inside the battleship, I soon came to a magnificent hall. In the hall, there were warriors sitting in two rows, and everyone had food in front of them. And fine wine.

And Gu Jianxin is in the position directly above, with a ruddy complexion, and the left and right swords stand behind him.

It seems that the breathing adjustments in the past few days have restored Gu Jianxin as before.

Seeing Yang Kai, Gu Jianxin immediately got up and greeted each other with a smile. The other warriors also stood up quickly, holding their fists and saluting.

Many of them may only know the existence of Yang Kai. They only know that they were able to reduce the danger and kill Li Minghai a few days ago. They have Yang Kai’s credit. They have not seen him personally, but even Gu Jian The hearts are so enthusiastic, they naturally dare not be negligent.

Yang Kai is not lacking in etiquette, with a smile on his face, holding his fists and greetings all the way, with a peaceful smile, which makes many reversing mirrors feel good, and feels that this young man is strong, but he is not arrogant or impatient, no wonder he can The lesser leader looked differently.

“Brother Yang, come here!” Gu Jianxin yelled.

He Zao He Miao led Yang Kai to the table beside Gu Jianxin, and then he withdrew a step back and stood obediently.

When Yang Kai took the seat, Gu Jianxin smiled heartily: “Brother Yang, these few days, Gu has been treating his wounds and adjusting his breath, and he has been negligent. I hope Brother Yang will not be offended.”

“Brother Gu is serious, naturally it is important to heal his injuries.” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

“Brother Yang, a lot! Today’s feast is just to thank Brother Yang for saving me in the fire and water. Without you, Lingyue Dark Star and I would have been poisoned by the old dog. From then on, Brother Yang is Gu’s friend and benefactor!”

There are strange lights flashing in the eyes of many virtual mirrors below.

Gu Jianxin is really bold, but he doesn’t easily say the word friend.

Now that he has said it, it means that he really wants to befriend Yang Kai.

Furthermore, Gu Jianxin also added such a weighty word as benefactor after the word “friend”. Naturally, these virtual mirrors smelled the unusual taste in it.

“This cup, I respect brother Yang!” Gu Jianxin held the full glass and drank it in one go.

He Zao immediately stepped forward, filled Yang Kai’s wine glass, and then returned it again with the wine jug, fully and dutifully acting as a maid.

Yang Kai picked up the wine glass and smiled and said, “Brother Gu is bold, then Yang is also welcome.”

Toast and drink, and drank it in one go.

“Okay, I won’t be drunk today! “Gu Jianxin laughed.

The wind music rang, and some young girls stepped in lightly dance steps from the outside one by one, singing and dancing, and waiters came in with delicious food and placed them on the table.

The whole hall is instantly bustling.

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Chapter 1775: Yuexi’s Request – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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