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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1777: It’s OK for Wanli Read Novel

Chapter 1777: It’s OK for Wanli – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1777: It’s OK for Wanli

A few days ago, a thought suddenly came to my mind with complacency: I haven’t caught a cold for a long time, and my body has really become stronger.

Then yesterday, a tragedy happened: a blocked nose, dizziness, throat inflammation

What kind of dream come true! ! !

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “Brother Gu even believes this kind of rumors? The Qiqiao Linglong Pill is indeed a good spirit pill, but it’s not as good as that. According to me I know that this spirit pill is useless for enhancing understanding and improving aptitude, but it has an unexpected miraculous effect in repairing spirits.”

“It turns out that Brother Yang knows the alchemy so well, is he still a man? Alchemist?” Gu Jianxin’s eyes lit up.

Yang Kai chuckled and shook his head: “I’m not an alchemist. These two spirit pills are just what I brought out from the Imperial Garden.”

He has already been responsible for these two spirit pills. I found an excuse for the source.

“Emperor Garden!” Qin Wuhui whispered, and he realized the preciousness of these two spirit pills.

’So that’s the case.” Gu Jianxin also looked relieved, “This kind of ancient spirit pill is only available in places like the Emperor Garden. It seems that when the Emperor Garden was opened a few years ago, Brother Yang has been there?”

“Not bad.”

A fascinating color appeared on Gu Jianxin’s face, but he sighed: “The day that the Emperor Garden was opened, when Gu was in retreat, it is a pity. Otherwise, I am afraid that it will be possible a few years ago. Make friends like Brother Yang.”

“It’s not too late. “Yang Kai smiled.

“So too. “The regretful expression on Gu Jianxin’s face was instantly swept away.

“Young Master Yang” Qin Wuhui stood below, with an expression on his face, ’Such a gift, Qin deserves to be ashamed.” !”

“Seniors don’t have to say that. “Yang Kai interrupted him, “I will give you the Qiqiao Linglong Pill, but there are actually places that require you.”

“Young Master Yang, please speak! “Qin Wuhui hurriedly said, he was afraid that Yang Kai would not ask himself for anything. The so-called no merit is not rewarded. Two Qiqiao Linglong Pills are invaluable. They can’t be taken casually. Now I listen to Yang Kai like this. When he said that, he was relieved a lot.

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“That’s it. “Yang Kai pondered for a moment, “As the predecessors know, sisters He Zao He Miao and I have known each other decades ago. This time we met by chance in the vast star field, and it is also destined. Besides, I heard that they There seems to be an agreement with the noble son, and the content of the agreement”

Yang Kai didn’t say any more, I believe that this kind of clear thing Gu Jianxin and Qin Wuhui have already understood what they mean.

It is the Hezao Hemiao sisters who have been standing behind him. After a moment of stunned expressions, their expressions stunned, their eyes widened, and there was a look of surprise in their beautiful eyes, and they even breathed slightly.

“It turned out to be like this.” Gu Jianxin smiled, his smile was meaningful, as if he had learned some incredible secret.

Qin Wugui showed some embarrassment and guilt, and clasped his fists, saying: “This is the old man too selfish. He didn’t ask He Zao Hemiao about their wishes and made his own opinion. It is the old man’s not. Young Master Yang is very benevolent and righteous, and since he has given Dogzi two ancient spirit pills to help him recover, the old man promised that the previous agreement will be cancelled.”

“Thank you, senior.” Yang Kai picked up the glass and got up and laughed: ” The predecessor speaks quickly, and the boy respects the predecessor.”

“I dare not dare.” Qin Wuhui also raised his glass quickly, with a solemn expression: “The dog is ignorant, and he deserves it when he suffers a disaster. Now he deserves it. The son rescued him, and the old man thanked the son Yang, and the old man will also strictly discipline him in the future, so that he will go on the right path, and he will never fail the good intentions of the son!”

The two drank their glasses, Yang Open this to take a seat.

In a seat at the corner of the hall, Yue Xi cast a grateful look at Yang Kai.

She didn’t expect that Yang Kai could solve the matter so easily. Originally, this kind of matter was very offensive. No matter how Qin Wuhui speaks, no matter what Yang Kai thinks in Gu Jian’s heart. No matter how high the status is, this is always a matter of sweeping others’ face.

On the premise that Yang Kai’s two ancient spirit pills cleared his way, Qin Wuhui not only didn’t lose face, but also gained a lot.

It can be said that everyone is happy.

It’s just this price, and only Yang Kai can take it out casually.

“He Zao, He Miao!” Qin Wuhui stood still and did not take a seat immediately. Instead, he greeted him, then stretched out his hand and flew two streams of light towards the sisters.

The two sisters haven’t recovered from the excitement and joy, they just reflexively grasped the two streamers in their hands, and then raised their heads to look at Qin Wuhui.

“The old man worried you for a while, and these two things are the right to compensate. I hope you can help the young master in the future and don’t remember to hate the old man.” Qin Wuhui said sincerely.

“The disciples dare not, the disciples would like to thank Elder Qin for the reward.” He Zao He Miao bowed together, and then began to look at the things in his hands.

Glancing at it, I suddenly found that both are the secret treasures of the virtual intermediate grade! Both are scimitars, and it seems that they can be combined into one, making a round of round blades, and the brilliance is flowing, which looks like a lot of value.

Based on their level of cultivation, under normal circumstances, it is impossible to obtain the secret treasure of the virtual grade, unless it is given by the master or elders.

But Yuexi is not too rich, so how can there be too many secret treasures? Only people like Qin Wuhui can take out two virtual-level middle-grade secret treasures at will.

Both sisters know that this kind of treatment is all due to Yang Kai! Without Yang Kai, how could Qin Wuhui give them two secret treasures casually?

Standing behind Yang Kai, staring at his back, both pairs of beautiful eyes are overflowing with gratitude.

“Brother Yang” Gu Jianxin smiled bitterly on the side, holding his forehead and saying: “You do this, so Gu doesn’t know how to compensate you. We haven’t finished talking about the soul-breaking gun. Well.”

Before he had to compensate Yang Kai for the loss of the Soul Breaker, Yang Kai did not immediately ask for it. Although the matter between him and Qin Wuhui seems to be a fair deal, as long as it is Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Yang Kai suffered a big loss!

After all, whether it is Qin Wuhui or Hezao Hemiao, they are all members of the Sword League. Yang Kai sent out two spirit pills, but he didn’t get anything, and they were still two ancient spirits that had long since disappeared. Dan.

So Gu Jianxin suddenly felt that he owed Yang Kai a lot.

“Brother Yang, let’s talk about it, what kind of compensation do you want, brother, I am ready to be slaughtered by you.” Gu Jianxin joked.

“This is not necessary.” Yang Kai smiled, “Actually, I have already thought about compensation, and it is easy for Brother Gu.”

“Oh? I want to hear about it. Details.” Gu Jianxin put on a serious posture, and everyone else also looked at Yang Kai, wondering what he needed, especially Qin Wuhui, with a very focused expression. It seemed that as long as Yang Kai said the conditions, he I am willing to do my best to satisfy.

“Our trip is going to Green Jupiter, right?” Yang Kai asked.

“Not bad.”

“Ask, is this Green Jupiter under the control of the Sword Alliance?”

“Yes! The whole cultivation star of Green Jupiter is my sword. “Alliance.” Gu Jianxin said proudly, “As for the cultivation stars like Green Jupiter, my sword alliance controls three!”

“That’s easy.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “I think We need a site covering an area of ​​10,000 li. Well, I won’t occupy the rich ground, as long as it’s not too barren.”

“Ten thousand li?” Gu Jianxin raised his brows.

“Five thousand miles is also fine.” Yang Kai added.

“Haha, Brother Yang, you are too polite, don’t say ten thousand li, one hundred thousand li is fine!” Gu Jianxin laughed and patted Yang Kai on the shoulder. For Green Jupiter, it’s not a big deal. Well, that’s it. When it comes to Green Jupiter, Gu will let people negotiate with you. As for where to choose, you can make your own decision!”

Yang Kai was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t have much reaction. He smiled and said, ’Since Brother Gu said that, then I’m not welcome.”

After all, he is the star of Gloom Lord, the boundary of a mere 100,000 miles is not too big an impact for him.

“You don’t need to be polite between you and me!” Gu Jianxin stretched out his hand and Lingyue immediately stepped forward and filled the cups for him and Yang Kai.

“Brother Yang, can I ask, what do you want this site for? Do you want to settle in Qingmuxing?” Gu Jian asked with joy and expectation.

If Yang Kai really thinks so, it is undoubtedly good news for Gu Jianxin. He is still worried about not being able to win over Yang Kai, but if Yang Kai wants to settle in Greenwood Star, he is afraid that he will not have a chance to interact with him in the future. Does he move around a lot?

“It doesn’t have to be settled, it’s also good to be a residence.” Yang Kai smiled.

“Brother Yang is very ambitious!”

“Brother Gu, what about another business with you?”

“Brother Yang, please say.”

“I need a lot of ethereal crystals, I don’t know if Brother Gu can get it? Of course, I can use the holy crystal to buy it or exchange it with some other things, and I will never let your sword league suffer.”

“Brother Yang is serious. Since it’s a deal, Gu will naturally not refuse to agree, but the ethereal crystal is a scarce material in the entire star field, so let’s wait for Green Juxing, I will help you inquire.”

“Okay, that’s a lot of work.”

A banquet lasted for a whole day, and it was only after the whole day.

Yang Kai returned to the wing, took a shower, and dispersed him The scent of alcohol.

After that, Yue Xi and the three masters and apprentices of He Zao He Miao visited and thanked him.

For him, this kind of thing is just a trivial matter. The materials used to refine Qiqiao Linglong were also collected by him over the years. The only precious thing was the inner alchemy of the colorful elk.

That was when he killed a colorful elk in the imperial garden. The harvest of the mutant monster queen has no place to store it so far. It happens to be used this time to refine the spirit pill.

But for the three masters and apprentices, it is a big matter for the future.

Yang Kai could sense the gratitude from the three masters and apprentices, which made him feel a little bit emotional.

The position is different, the power possessed is different, and the things that everyone can do are also very different. Just like an iron rod that an ant can’t shake with all its strength, a mortal can pick it up by reaching out.

Sending away the three masters and apprentices, Yang Kai closed the door and thanked the guests, taking advantage of the time left on the road, began to practice his various secret techniques.

Whether it is the golden bloodshot, the indestructible five-element sword, or the space power, it takes time to accumulate and settle.

The road ahead was safe. After being attacked by Li Minghai and others, the battleship did not encounter any waves until more than 20 days later, it finally arrived at Greenwood Star!

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Chapter 1777: It’s OK for Wanli – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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