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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1778: Green Jupiter Read Novel

Chapter 1778: Green Jupiter – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1778: Green Jupiter

In the star field, many cultivation stars have their own different laws of heaven and earth, so there is still a big gap between them.

Whether it is the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, the materials produced, or the number of warriors living on it and the achievements that can be achieved, there is a huge contrast between the stars of cultivation.

For example, in the Tongxuan Continent, where the heaven and earth aura is extremely thin, the warriors can only practice until they reach the holy realm to their limit.

On some cultivation stars, the limit of warriors is the Holy King Realm. The Void Returning Mirror

Although the dark star is full of aura, enough for the warrior to be promoted to the Void King Realm, it can be because of the law. The suppression made the warrior unable to sense the mystery of the Void King Realm, and he could only sigh with joy.

Among the many cultivation stars, the richest ones will be regarded as the main stars of the major forces.

For example, the water moon star of the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, the sword star of the sword alliance, and the purple star of the purple star

These main stars surpass other cultivation stars in various aspects.

And Green Jupiter can only be regarded as an ordinary cultivation star. Compared with the gloomy star, it is almost the same, and its area is about twice as small.

In front of the Greenwood Palace, the warship of Gu Jianxin slowly landed, and below, the warriors of the sword alliance had already welcomed them.

The leader is a woman with a nice face and a graceful figure. She is wearing an ink-colored robe with an amicable smile on her face. There are thousands of styles in her cut water pupils, and she is a mature pair. The breath lingers around.

As soon as Gu Jianxinyou got off the battleship, he greeted enthusiastically: “Aunt Lan, it’s been a long time.”

The woman called Aunt Lan smiled and said: ’See you Too few leaders, the subordinates have been waiting for a long time.”

As he said this, he gave a salute, and the warriors behind her also bowed to greet her.

“None are outsiders, what aunt Lan is doing so politely.” Gu Jianxin smiled and said, it can be seen that he has a good relationship with this woman.

“The etiquette can’t be abandoned!” Aunt Lan smiled slightly, her beautiful eyes that seemed to be able to speak turned around behind Gu Jian’s heart, and she nodded to Qin Wugui lightly, which was regarded as a greeting. On Yang Kai’s body, there was a hint of suspicious expression on his face.

There are people around Gu Jianxin, she is naturally very clear, but Yang Kai’s face, she is very strange, she swept through her mind, and found that Yang Kai was a martial artist in the third stage of returning to the Void, she Naturally some doubts.

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“The wind is strong outside, go ahead and talk about it.” Gu Jianxin did not immediately introduce the origin of Yang Kai to the woman, but said such a sentence.

Aunt Lan’s beautiful eyes flashed, and she pursed her mouth and smiled: “Yes, here is the young leader.”

Speaking like this, you should lead the way first.

Aoki Palace is a symbolic building of the Green Jupiter. It is the general rudder of the Sword Alliance on the Green Jupiter and manages The place of the Green Jupiter.

Yang Kai followed silently and observed the woman named Aunt Lan.

Although he did not release his spirit to investigate carefully, But judging from the feeling this woman gave him, the other party is amazingly a powerful Void King!

Think about it, Greenwood Star is very important to the Sword Alliance, and there will be a Void King strong here too. There is nothing wrong with it. This woman named Aunt Lan should be a warrior at the first level of the Void King, because the aura on her body is almost the same as that of Li Minghai, but it is far from the level of Luo Hai.

Qingmu Gongzhan The land area is very large. Entering inside, dispelling the miscellaneous people, etc., Gu Jianxin introduced Yang Kai.

Through Gu Jianxin’s introduction, Yang Kai learned that the woman was named Luo Lan. As he expected, is indeed a virtual king level.

“Aunt Lan is the star master of Green Jupiter, responsible for all matters concerning the sword alliance here! “Gu Jianxin said.

“Star Lord? “Yang Kai’s face changed slightly.

“Haha, Brother Yang shouldn’t be surprised. “Gu Jianxin seems to have known what kind of reaction Yang meeting will have, and said with a smile: “This star lord is not the kind of star lord you think, it’s just a name.”

“It turned out to be just a name. “Yang Kai was relieved. After all, in his scope of understanding, any star master is a powerhouse in the three-layer virtual king, and it seems that only the three-layer virtual king has the ability to refine the origin of the stars.

Luo Hai can become the star lord of Cuiwei Star, it is only luck, and he can become the star lord of Gloom Star, and it is Yang Yan who has helped a lot.

Luo Lan is just a virtual king. At the first level, if she can become the star master, then she can only say that she has great opportunities!

But if it is just a title, then it’s not a big deal. Anyone sent by the Sword Alliance to Green Jupiter The Void King Realm in charge of everything here can be called a star master.

This star master is just a position, a title, without the convenience and advantages that a real star master should have.

“What about the unexpected look of the little brother? Have you seen a certain star master before? “Luo Lan has a woman’s natural keen intuition, and immediately inferred something from the change in Yang Kai’s expression.

“Well, a few years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Master Luo Hai once on Cuiwei Star.” “Yang Kai casually explained.

“Luo Hai” Luo Lan murmured, “A few years ago? It seems that the little brother went to participate in the trial of the blood prison?”


“Brother Yang, have you even participated in the Blood Prison Trial?” “Gu Jianxin was shocked immediately, staring at Yang Kai in amazement.

In this way, Yang Kai’s achievement is not just good luck. He had learned from Yang Kai before that the time the Emperor Garden was opened, he had been to the blood prison to test him. Have been there too.

Retiring from the two fierce lands one after another, without any skills, just luck is not enough.

“Admire, admire!” Gu Jian sent out from the bottom of his heart, clasping his fists again and again, with a look of admiration on his face.

“Haha.” Yang Kai pulled the corner of his mouth.

“Unfortunately, less than two years after the trial of the blood prison, Luo Hai seemed to be killed. This incident shocked the entire star field.” Luo Lan said quietly.

“The young master also heard about this. I really didn’t expect that people like Luo Hai would also be killed. I don’t know if it was done.”

Yang Kai remained silent. His face was calm.

“By the way, Aunt Lan, when I came here this time, I was ambushed by Li Minghai.” Gu Jianxin changed the subject.

“What?” Luo Lan Huarong paled, “Are you injured?”

“The injury has been healed, thanks to Brother Yang’s help, otherwise, I’m afraid I will be in trouble.”

“He? “Luo Lan glanced at Yang Kai suspiciously. Although she is not sure what happened in it, since Gu Jianxin said that Yang Kai helped to get out of danger, she naturally wouldn’t question her, and said with a serious expression: “Thank Xiao Xiao. The kindness of brothers helping hands is rewarded by the concubine.”

“Seniors are polite. Brother Gu and I also hit it off right away. It’s a trivial matter. “Yang Kai said modestly.

“Little Thing” Luo Lan’s expression is extremely weird.

It is not a trivial matter to be ambushed by a strong Void King Realm. She can almost imagine what it is. An astonishing risk, one is not good, Gu Jianxin is afraid that he will not stand in front of him at this moment, and has long been buried in an unknown corner of the star field.

“Where is that bastard Li Minghai? “Luo Lan turned his gaze to Gu Jianxin again, with a cold expression, shooting a murderous intent in his beautiful eyes, “He actually dared to do such a thing, there will be no place for him to stand in the star field!”

“He is dead! “Gu Jianxin said in a deep voice.

Luo Lan opened her mouth and asked for a while: “How did you die?”

Gu Jianxin took a look at Yang Kai.

Luo Lan turned his suspicious gaze.

Yang Kai smiled, his face harmless and authentic: “I gave him a secret while he was fighting with Brother Gu in full swing.”

Luo Lan was a little speechless for a while. It took a long time before she suddenly smiled: “Little brother hides her secretly.”

“He was a little too smug at the time. “Yang Kai shrugged.

Seeing his casual expression, Luo Lan immediately knew that Yang Kai didn’t want to talk more about this topic, and said very witty and authentic: “Li Minghai is seeking his own death, no wonder everyone else.” , But the young master was able to get out of danger this time, and he was also helped by the nobles.”

“Got it. “Gu Jianxin nodded solemnly, “Well, Aunt Lan, I brought Brother Yang here this time, mainly to tell you something.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Brother Yang wants to build a palace on Green Jupiter, and he needs a piece of 100,000 miles. Does Aunt Lan have a suitable place?”

“One hundred thousand miles.” Luo Lan pondered for a moment, and said, “There are many places, but I don’t know what kind of position the little brother likes. Let’s do it, tomorrow I will let Jiang Qing Juxing Bring your map, how do you choose?”

“Okay, then I’ll take care of seniors.”

“You don’t have to be polite, little brother, you saved the young master’s life. This 100,000-mile boundary is nothing to the Sword League.”

“The kid will say goodbye first, and I will come back to harass seniors tomorrow.”Yang Kai knew that Gu Jianxin brought him here just to meet Luo Lan, so that they could discuss about the 100,000-mile site. Next, they must also have confidential matters to discuss. It would be inappropriate to stay by themselves.

“I will give it to you. “Gu Jianxin stretched out his hand and gestured, and took Yang Kai out.

Outside, her own maid led Yang Kai to a wing of the Qingmu Palace to rest.

Wait until Yang Kai left. Luo Lan just let out his spiritual sense, and then stretched out his hand to turn on the many restrictions in the room to ensure that no one can spy on this place, and then said with a serious expression: “Young Master, that young man named Yang Kai is credible?”

“Well, according to my observation along the way, he has nothing to do with my sword league. He will appear at the place where Li Minghai ambushes me. It was just a coincidence, because when he passed by before, he was caught Li Minghai took a sneak attack.”

“I was attacked by Li Minghai, but he didn’t die? “Luo Lan’s expression changed slightly.

“I can’t even imagine how he resolved it. “Gu Jianxin slowly shook his head, “However, his strength is indeed beyond doubt. He said that before, just to give me face. The reason why Li Minghai died is almost his own power. Although there is a suspicion of a sneak attack, you have lived for so long. Have you ever heard of it? Is there any thing that the Returning Mirror can kill the Void King?”

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