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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1779: Enclosure Read Novel

Chapter 1779: Enclosure – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1779: Enclosure

“No!” Luo Lan shook his head solemnly, and then glared at Gu Jianxin again, “What? Did Aunt Lan live for a long time? Is Aunt Lan old?”

“Uh” Gu Jianxin scratched his head awkwardly, and soon said solemnly: “Furthermore, according to my observation, he used the power of space in his sneak attack and killing Li Minghai!”

Luo Lan was really distracted, and whispered: “The power of space? Can he use this power to confront the enemy?”

“More than that!” Gu Jianxin recalled that time. The scenes and expressions are constantly changing, and his voice gradually becomes low: “His knowledge of space power seems to have reached an unprecedented level. He can condense space power into a blade and swallow the body of Li Minghai!”

Luo Lan couldn’t help covering her small mouth with her hand.

“In short, I just want to make friends with this person, and I don’t want to offend him, so I will ask Aunt Lan to have a lot of him in the future.”

“Don’t worry, since he wants a hundred thousand miles to pass, There will always be opportunities for contact in the future.” Luo Lan’s beautiful eyes glowed with a strange light, and he seemed to be very interested in Yang Kai, and then said: “Well, during the battle between you and Li Minghai, carefully follow Lan. Auntie told me, this thing is very interesting.”

The speed of Jianmeng is very fast, or Luo Lan’s efficiency is very high.

Yang Kai stayed in Qingmu Palace for one day. On the second day, someone suddenly came to tell Yang Kai that it was Luo Lan who asked him to come over and talk about important matters.

This immediately reminded Yang Kai of the 100,000-mile land boundary, and naturally without delay, he followed the person and left the wing.

As the opponent turned left and right in the Greenwood Palace, after a short while, Yang Kai saw an ancient Jianxin in casual clothes, standing in a corridor, smiling and waving at himself.

The left sword serves Lingyue, and the right sword serves Dark Star separately behind him.

“Brother Gu!” Yang Kai stepped forward and clasped his fists.

“Brother Yang is still used to living?” Gu Jianxin asked enthusiastically.

“Extremely comfortable!” Yang Kai replied.

“That’s good. Gu is afraid of poor hospitality. Since Brother Yang lives in a comfortable place, I can rest assured.”

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“Well, Senior Luo asked me to go over.

“As you think.” Gu Jianxin winked at Yang Kai, hooked his shoulders enthusiastically, and said, “Come with me.”

Walking Above this corridor, it soon came to the end. A light curtain shrouded in front, making people unable to see the scenery ahead. It was like a water curtain blocking it. On the light curtain, there were countless rice-sized talisman seals And the pattern swims and shuttles like a fish, which seems mysterious and complicated.

Gu Jianxin looked as if there was nothing, and still walked straight forward, and ordered the left and right swordsmen: “You stay here, anyone who dares to approach, it’s not a matter of killing.”

“Yes!” Lingyue and Dark Star agreed and stopped.

And Gu Jianxin took Yang Kai directly past the light curtain.

With a flower in front of him, Yang Kai realized that he seemed to have come to another world.

There is no sound here, except for a huge spherical object, nothing else.

The diameter of the sphere is about ten feet in size. On the sphere, some ochre and aqua blue, green wood-colored irregular patterns are interlaced and reflected, forming a part of the surface of the sphere.

When Yang Kai arrived here, the ball was still spinning clockwise at a subtle speed.

And Luo Lan stood aside and greeted with a smile: “Little brother!”

“Senior Luo!” Yang Kai quickly returned the courtesy, but soon his attention was caught in front of him. The round ball attracted the past.

Neither Luo Lan nor Gu Jianxin seemed to explain the meaning, but looked at the changes in Yang Kai’s expression with interest.

After a while, Yang Kai showed a look of sudden realization, turned his head to look at Luo Lan and Gu Jianxin, and said in surprise: “This thing is the form of Greenwood Star after it has shrunk countless times?”

“Little brother, good eyesight!” Luo Lan smiled and nodded, “It is indeed the form of Green Jupiter after it has shrunk countless times. It is our sword alliance that spent a whole hundred years, dispatching countless warriors to survey the entire Green Jupiter The environment, measuring the size of the major areas, was made with great effort.”

“The map that the predecessor said yesterday, does it mean this?” Yang Kai thoughtfully.

“Yes!” Gu Jianxin smiled and nodded, “The map that Aunt Lan said yesterday refers to this thing, so I have to wait until today for Brother Yang to see it.”

“With this, it’s much more convenient.” Yang Kai tutted amazed, circled the ball, and soon he figured out what the various colors on the ball meant.

The earthy yellow color undoubtedly represents the land, while the water blue color is the sea, and the green wood color is the jungle.

There are a small number of other colors that are not tri-color, and they also correspond to some rare areas, such as swamps, deserts, and so on.

This method of the Sword League is a bit remarkable, it only takes a hundred years, and only such a powerful force can do it.

Look carefully again, on this sphere, there are many large or small city-like signs, which obviously means the place where the warriors settled in the green wood star.

With this, Luo Lan is much easier to manage Green Jupiter.

When Yang Kai was observing, Luo Lan took the initiative to explain to him, as Yang Kai expected, those different colors did correspond to different geographical environments, and depending on the color depth, you could also see something The degree of aura of heaven and earth in a place.

The lighter the color, the lighter the aura of heaven and earth, and vice versa.

After briefly talking to Yang Kai, Luo Lan said: “Because the little brother wants a place with a radius of 100,000 miles, not too big or too small, the palace also chose a few locations for You choose, of course, this is just some humble opinion of this house. If you are not satisfied, you can choose here by yourself, anywhere on Greenwood Star!”

Yang Kai moved slightly and clasped his fist: ’Senior’s kindness, don’t dare to disobey, please ask senior to give me some advice.”

“Little brother, don’t have to be so polite.”Luo Lan pursed his lips, stretched out his hand and flicked, the ball in front of it spun up quickly, and quickly froze again. Luo Lan pointed to a place and said, “This is the first place chosen by this palace for you.” Surrounded by mountains and facing the Ninghe River, the materials produced are fairly rich, and the aura of heaven and earth is relatively strong. There is a Ningcheng nearby that can be owned by the little brother.”

“A city? Is that good? “Yang Kai asked in surprise.

He just wanted a site that wasn’t barren. He didn’t expect that the other party would even give it to himself.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just a city. That’s it. “Gu Jianxin smiled.

“Yes, on the Green Jupiter, such a city has no ten thousand but eight thousand. The little brother can see it is its blessing. “Luo Lan also said with a smile. I don’t know what Gu Jianxin told her yesterday. Yang Kai always feels that Luo Lan’s attitude towards him has changed slightly today, and seems to be much more enthusiastic.

“If the little brother is not satisfied with this place, then take a look here. “Luo Lan waved his hand again, and the ball turned again. After the frame was frozen, Luo Lan pointed to one of them and said: “It’s not bad here. My palace has been here, the scenery is beautiful, the people are outstanding, and the beautiful women are prolific.”

Seeing Yang Kai’s indifferent appearance, Luo Lan immediately introduced him to the next place.

After introducing seven or eight places, Yang Kai still had nothing to say.

Strictly speaking, the places Luo Lan chose for Yang Kai are indeed quite good, the heavens and the earth are extremely aura, and they have considered all aspects, which can be described as thoughtful.

But Yang Kai didn’t seem to be satisfied with anything, which made Luo Lan a little puzzled, not knowing exactly what Yang Kai wanted.

“Senior Luo, is there a suitable place on the sea?” Yang Kai saw that she was about to introduce the next place, and immediately interrupted her.

“On the sea?” Luo Lan raised her eyebrows and smiled: ’So the little brother wants to live next to the sea! What do you think about this location?”

Half an hour later, Yang Kai walked out of that magical place with a satisfied look.

After some investigation and comparison, he finally chose a place called Double Shark Island.

This place can be said to be two islands or one, because they are connected to each other! When viewed from above, the two islands are like two sharks advancing side by side in the sea, and the images are vivid.

That’s why it is called Double Shark Island!

The area is very much in line with Yang Kai’s requirements, no more, no less, almost one hundred thousand li.

And half a million miles away from Double Shark Island, there is a city near the sea!

This island is relatively remote on Greenwood. Luo Lan and Gu Jianxin don’t understand why he chose such a place. After all, compared with the locations Luo Lan introduced to him before, double In addition to the great aura of heaven and earth, Shark Island doesn’t have any big advantages.

Yang Kai wanted to go near and far away, and to ask for second times, no matter how you looked at it, it was a loss-making business.

But since Yang Kai agreed, they had nothing to say.

In this way, Double Shark Island has become Yang Kai’s territory from now on. As long as the faction where Gu Jianxin is still in charge of the Sword League, no one can take Double Shark Island from him.

This is also Gu Jianxin’s promise to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t care too much, anyway, if the site was in his hands, if someone dared to grab it in the future, he had to first weigh whether he had enough weight.

On the second day, Yang Kai bid farewell to Luo Lan and Gu Jianxin, preparing to leave for Shuangsha Island.

Outside the Greenwood Palace, Gu Jianxin said a little guilty: “Brother Yang, Gu can’t take you there personally. This time I come to Qingmuxing, I also have important things to do. It’s really lack of skill.”

“You are welcome, Brother Gu. I still know how to get to Double Shark Island. Moreover, Senior Luo gave me this handwriting and token. It is very convenient to deal with things there, Brother Gu Don’t worry about it. “Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Gu Jianxin said: “That’s good. He smiled mysteriously again: “But Brother Yang, there are a few people who want to go to Double Shark Island with you, and I hope you don’t refuse.”

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Chapter 1779: Enclosure – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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