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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1780: Double Shark Island Read Novel

Chapter 1780: Double Shark Island – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1780: Double Shark Island

“Someone wants to go with me? Who?” Yang Kai frowned. He hadn’t heard any news beforehand.

Gu Jianxin looked aside, Yang Kai followed his gaze, and saw three familiar faces.

“Young Master Yang!” Yue Xi walked slowly and stood still not far away.

“Big Brother Yang.” He Zao He Miao also yelled out crisply.

Yang Kai looked at Gu Jianxin, who shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: “I have expelled them from the sword league. As the young leader, I still have this right.”

Yang Kai’s expression moved.

“Then I asked them what they plan to do in the future. They said they want to follow you, but they don’t know if you want to take them in.” Gu Jianxin added with a grin.

“Brother Gu’s kindness, Yang, thank you very much.” Yang Kai said sternly.

With his shrewdness, why can’t I tell that Gu Jianxin is doing him a favor? After all, I was on Green Jupiter, and I was just a lonely family member. Although he was strong, there were some things that were not convenient to deal with in person, and there was no competent manpower to assist.

But if the three masters and apprentices of Yue Xi followed him, the situation would be different. Some complicated and trivial matters can be left to them. If it is inconvenient for them to come forward, they can also let them do it for them.

The awkward situation that the three masters and apprentices Yuexi may encounter in the sword league in the future is also eliminated. As Yang Kai said before, after the Qin Qiyang incident, the three masters and apprentices are only afraid It is difficult to gain a foothold in the Sword League. No matter where you go, you will be charged with ungratefulness, and you will inevitably be pointed out.

Now that they have been expelled from the Sword League, this will not happen again.

Gu Jianxin was thoughtful, and it could be said that he tried his best to make a good impression in Yang Kaixin, and that’s why this matter was promoted.

For his kindness, Yang Kai naturally had no reason to refuse.

He raised his head to look at the three masters and apprentices of Yue Xi, and asked solemnly: “Are you willing to follow me?”

“As long as the son is willing to take in, Yue Xi is willing to serve the horse!” Yue Xi quickly replied.

“We do too!” the two sisters said in unison.

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“Well, from now on, follow me.” Yang Kai nodded.

“Thank you, son!” Yue Xi bowed a salute, her face overflowing with joy.

The ’little brother” Luo Lan has been standing next to him. Until this time, he inserted a sentence and said, “As for the ethereal crystals you need, I can’t get too many of them from this palace for the time being, but this The palace will try to collect it as much as possible. After a while, how about I have someone send it to you?”

“Then I will do my job.”

Before Yang Kai, after selecting Double Shark Island as his site, he asked Gu Jianxin and Luo Lan to purchase a large number of ethereal crystals, but this thing is really scarce, Luo Lan I can’t find much for a while, but with her promise, Yang Kai will be able to get some sooner or later.

After that, Yang Kai brought the three masters and disciples of Yue Xi to sacrifice the Star Shuttle. Left the Greenwood Palace.

Gu Jianxin and others watched Yang Kaiyuan go in place, and then returned.

I went to Double Shark Island, even if I used the space array on Greenwood Star It takes half a month.

Fortunately, Yang Kai has a token given by Luo Lan. With this token, the spatial arrays of the major cities are all open to Yang Kai.

Following the route set by Luo Lan for him, Yang Kai continued to use the space array, and finally arrived at Double Shark Island in less than half a month.

Although Double Shark Island is located. It is remote, but there is also a space magic circle that connects with the outside world. When Yang Kai and others appeared in the magic circle, the warriors who were responsible for guarding here immediately stepped forward and looked at them up and down. Then he asked in a routine manner: “You guys come to Double Shark Island, what do you do?”

Yang Kai glanced at him, and found that this man was only a martial artist in the third-layer Saint King, and the remaining martial artists who were responsible for guarding here were not high in strength.

From the level of these warriors, it can be inferred that the total strength of the entire Double Shark Island should not be strong.

He did not answer, but took out the token given by Luo Lan and shook it in front of the warrior.

“What is this?” The warrior’s eyes widened, with a blank expression on his face.

“Don’t you know?” Yang Kai frowned, “Well, don’t know. What is your island owner’s name and where is it? Take me to see him.”

The warrior He was shocked by Yang Kai’s aggressive questioning and domineering attitude. Although he didn’t recognize what the token represented, he also faintly guessed that Yang Kai seemed to have a good background.

I immediately converged on the previous carelessness, and replied suspiciously: “Zhu Liang, the owner of the island, dare to ask a few friends where they come from and know the lord of the island?”

Yang Kai did not answer. Yue Xi snorted coldly: “You can ask about the identity of my son? Don’t hurry up and lead the way!”

While speaking, he inadvertently released his own potential field, the warrior immediately changed his face. Realizing that these men and three women were not something they could contend with, they quickly made a gesture of invitation and led the way.

This is the advantage of having subordinates. Yue Xi can adopt a posture of bullying, in order to raise Yang Kai’s identity and status, and avoid some complicated inquiries.

Yang Kai cast a approving look at Yuexi, who pursed his lips and smiled.

The strength of Zhu Liang, the island master of Double Shark Island, is not high, only the first level of Void Returning Realm is cultivated. On such an overseas island, it is difficult to have some powerful warriors.

After Yang Kai showed the token and Luo Lan’s handwritten letter, Zhu Liang immediately surrendered to the ground, respecting Yang Kai as his master.

Shuangsha Island was taken over so smoothly, which greatly satisfied Yang Kai.

“Well, you will still be your island owner in the future. How did you manage Double Shark Island in the past, and you will manage it in the future. I will not interfere more. If you need to report anything, let me know Mrs. Yue will do it, and she will convey it to me.”

“Yes!” It seemed that he realized that Yang Kai could speak well, so Zhu Liang gradually became less nervous.

“Island Lord Zhu”

“Subordinates are here.” Zhu Liang responded quickly, “I dare not be the owner of the island. You can just call Zhu Liang’s name from now on.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly: “Tell me, what’s the situation on the two shark islands.”

“Yes.”Zhu Liang pondered for a while, seeming to be sorting out his words, and after a while he said: ’Shuangsha Island, covering an area of ​​about 100,000 miles, the island’s heaven and earth are good, but the materials produced are somewhat lacking. At present, the permanent population on the island is about 200,000 people. The cultivation level is generally not high, and the subordinates are not talented. Although they only have a return to the virtual level, they can be regarded as the strongest on Double Shark Island. In addition to his subordinates, there are three other Void Returning Stages, who are the deputy island owners and elders on the island. The subordinates set up a elders’ council to manage Double Shark Island together with several elders”

“Five thousand miles east of Double Shark Island, there is a city near the sea, my space on Double Shark Island. The law circle is connected with that city. To the west and south, there are a few dozen to millions of miles away, and there are several other islands. The situation is roughly the same as that of Double Shark Island. The relationship between the islands is fairly peaceful, and there are occasional contacts. The biggest danger here is the sea beasts. Every time the sea beasts raid, many people will die. However, if an adult sits here, I hope that Double Shark Island will be much safer and safer in the future!”

While introducing, Zhu Liang also slapped Yang Kai’s flattery without leaving a trace.

Yang Kai looked calm and noncommittal.

Zhu Liang continued. : “The biggest output of Double Shark Island and the nearby islands is the inner alchemy of sea beasts. Every year, many foreign warriors come to Double Shark Island and go out to hunt beasts.”

After half an hour Yang Kai had a little understanding of the situation on Shuangsha Island.

Overall, he is still very satisfied with this place, which is very suitable for his next plans.

It’s just that you have to choose a place here before the plan can begin.

Yang Kai decided to investigate it himself.

After letting Zhu Liang leave, Yang Kai greeted the three masters and apprentices of Yue Xi, and then used the envoy Xing Shuo alone to investigate the terrain of Double Shark Island.

This investigation took him eight days of work and traveled around the entire Double Shark Island.

In the end, Yang Kai chose an area in the southeast, which is close to the sea and the scenery is good. The most important thing is that there is a large open space with few traces of warriors.

Yang Kai found Zhu Liang again and asked him to recruit some warriors from Double Shark Island to build a palace for himself in that place.

He will naturally not let others work in vain, but will pay the holy crystal as a reward.

Will Zhu Liang refuse to allow such a good thing? Even if Yang Kai doesn’t pay Shengjing, he will do it properly for Yang Kai, let alone Yang Kai is so reasonable?

There are 200,000 people on Double Shark Island. Zhu Liang gave an order and casually recruited a thousand people to start construction work in the area chosen by Yang Kai.

The warriors started to work, and the speed was naturally extremely fast. Within half a month, a magnificent palace covering an area of ​​more than ten miles was completed.

Zhu Liang even paid for his own pocket, adding some furniture and decorations to the palace.

It wasn’t until this time that Yang Kai moved in with the three of Yue Xi.

The palace is very large, and it looks very quiet with only four people.

The three masters and apprentices Yue Xi didn’t know why Yang Kai built such a huge palace here, so it was not good to ask them, they just followed Yang Kai obediently and served them with all their heart.

It was night, Yang Kai called them into his room.

“The son called us over, what’s the order?” Yue Xi asked suspiciously.

“It’s nothing big, just sit down.” Yang Kai stretched out his hand and motioned.

After they took their seats, they said, ’Since you have chosen to follow me in the future, then I will not treat you badly. Let’s put it this way, I have a sect called High Heavenzong, and I am the lord. The rudder is on a very distant cultivation star, are you willing to join the High Heaven Sect?”

The three masters and apprentices looked at each other, then looked at Yang Kai, almost without thinking, nodded together. : “Naturally I am willing.”

“En. From now on, you will also be members of the High Heaven Sect.”Yang Kai smiled, “Zongmen’s rudder is far away, and it will be a short while, you are afraid that you will not have a chance to pass, but rest assured, one day, I will take you to see.” Ling Xiaozong will not be too weak in the future.”

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Chapter 1780: Double Shark Island – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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