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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1781: Luo Lan’s Visit Read Novel

Chapter 1781: Luo Lan’s Visit – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1781: Luo Lan’s Visit

Next, Yang Kai inquired about the techniques practiced by the three masters and apprentices Yue Xi and the secret treasures they used.

The three of them told them in detail, without any concealment.

Regarding the exercises, Yang Kai couldn’t give too many suggestions and opinions, so they could only let them explore and practice on their own. It’s a secret treasure, he is not stingy.

Yue Xi originally had two virtual-level artifacts, but they were all inferior-level virtual-level treasures. Although they could improve some combat power, they were also extremely limited.

Yang Kai handed his feather arrow and the formation that sealed the light-sharing cloud and sea formation to Yue Xi.

As his strength improves, these two artifacts are already a bit tasteless to him, they are the kind of things that are a pity to abandon and are useless.

Needless to say, the feather arrow is poured into the Saint Yuan, and once activated, it has a strong explosive power. Unfortunately, the Saint Yuan stored in this thing can only be activated twice. After two times, You need to charge the feather arrow again.

With Yang Kai’s current methods, there is no need to use secret treasures when encountering the Void Returning Third Stage, and the power of Feather Spirit Arrows is not ideal when encountering the Void King Stage.

It was just given to Yue Xi to enhance her strength.

The same is true for the formation that sealed the Light Splitting Cloud and Sea Array. For Yang Kai, it was of little use.

But if these two artifacts with peculiar effects are placed in Yuexi, it will be different. They can greatly enhance her strength. With these two artifacts, they can return to the first level of Void by Yuexi. In order to be enough to pose a life threat to the warriors of the three-tier realm.

Starting with two secret treasures, Yue Xi couldn’t help but be happy.

Although she has Qin Wuhui in the Sword League and follows Gu Jianxin, how can she get such a good thing? Yang Kai’s generous shots and rich net worth made her secretly shocked, but at the same time she was pleasantly surprised.

Yang Kai did not give the secret treasure to the sisters of Hezao Hemiao, because the two sisters had just received the secret treasure from Qin Wuhui. Those two virtual mid-grade scimitar secret treasures passed through them for a while. After exploring refining, I gradually figured out the method to use.

Two scimitars are combined into one to form a round blade. The quality of the secret treasure will also be comparable to the virtual top grade, and its lethality is amazing.

As many things as Secret Treasures, it’s not that the more the better, the more you can use it.

Yang Kai handed the two Ningxu Pills to Hezao Hemiao. Based on their current situation, they only need to accumulate for a while before they can hit the realm of the virtual mirror.

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In addition, Yang Kai gave the three masters and apprentices a large amount of holy crystals and spirit pills for cultivation, and sent them to retreat.

Next, Yang Kai began to arrange the super space array here, preparing to connect to the transfer station he had left before.

He deliberately selected the most inner palace as the place for the layout of the space magic circle.

Refining all kinds of materials with ease, the seal carving array, and the infusion of space power

A few days before and after the effort, a super space array has been formed.

The ethereal crystals in your hand are also exhausted with the arrangement of the magic circle! The number of ethereal crystals almost failed to meet the needs of the magic circle. Fortunately, Yang Kai was lucky, and there was nothing wrong with his calculations, so he could finally arrange the magic circle.

The divine mind was released, and after investigating the situation of the three masters and apprentices of Yue Xi, they found that they were still practicing in retreat. Yang Kai then set the holy crystal into the circle and activated the circle.

After a transfer, Yang Kai quickly came to the mine star.

At that time, among the underground ruins discovered by Yang Kai before, there was a brightly lit area, and countless figures of warriors were busy in it.

Yang Kai surprisingly discovered that there are not only the disciples of the High Heaven Sect and the Shadow Moon Palace, but also people from the Qiantian Sect and the Liuli Sect, as well as many warriors from the sect of the High Heaven Sect.

It seems that Ye Xiyun and others have stood firm here, so they let the warriors of other sects come to mine.

’Sect Master Yang?” Just as Yang Kai was observing, a surprised call came not far away.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, and found that the man was actually Mo Yu of Qian Tianzong!

’Senior Mo.” Yang Kai said hello with a smile.

“It really is Sect Master Yang.” Mo Yu was overjoyed, and hurriedly walked over, “I thought it was the wrong person. I didn’t expect it to be you. Where did Sect Master Yang come from?”

“Green Wood Star!” Yang Kai replied casually.

’Sect Master Yang!” Mo Yu looked admiringly, “If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid of being trapped in the same place forever by the Dark Star Warrior, but I didn’t expect to be able to be in various stars at will now I’m afraid that no one in the star field can achieve this feat except for the warriors of the Dark Star, right?”

“Ha ha.” Yang Kai laughed, but didn’t deny it.

The fact is true. There is no space array based on his space power, and it cannot support ultra-long-distance teleportation. There may be so few super arrays in the star field. It exists, but it is definitely something left over from the ancient times, and it is far from the stability and security that Yang Kai personally arranged.

When it is not a last resort, no one dares to use those magic circles.

’Sect Master Yang came here this time, did he find Elder Ye Da?” Mo Yu asked again.

“Well, where is the old man?”

“Come, I will take you there.” Mo Yu hurriedly led the way.

Dark Star, because of the rise of the High Heaven Sect, countless sects and families have been blessed by it. Not to mention the last time the Zombie Sect looted, it was the High Sky Sect and the Shadow Moon Palace who tried to turn the tide, just say this time, dry sky Zong also had a good relationship with High Heavenzong, so he had the opportunity to come to Mine Star to mine rare minerals.

Mo Yu and Yang Kai had a close friendship, so they were naturally very enthusiastic at the moment.

Soon, Yang Kai saw Ye Xiyun and Qian Tong who were sitting here somewhere in the ruins.

After learning that he is now in a cultivation star called Green Jupiter, and that he already has his own territory, everyone is extremely excited.

This means that the martial artist who has reached the limit on the Dark Star can finally get rid of the shackles of the law and try to sense the mystery of the Void King Realm.

Especially for Ye Xijun, she has been waiting for this day for a long, long time!

“When does the Great Elder want to leave?” Yang Kai looked at Ye Xijun and asked.

What surprised Yang Kai was that Ye Xijun actually shook her head and said, “I won’t be there for the time being.”

Yang Kai was silent for a while, and quickly reacted: “Because of Yang Yan?”

“Well! “Ye Xiyun lightly opened her lips, “If I really break through to the Void King Realm on the Green Jupiter, then it will be difficult for me to stay in the Gloom Star for a long time. The state of the Lord Qian is the best example. I want to wait for her to wake up, and then deal with her own affairs.”

“That’s it. “Yang Kai couldn’t persuade him.

Ye Xiyun has paid a lot for Yang Yan. The last time she had the opportunity to leave the Dark Star with Yang Kai, but because Yang Yan was still asleep, she chose Staying guards, this time for the same reason.

“That’s fine too. “Yang Kai smiled again, “Anyway, given the situation of the Great Elder, as long as the time is right, it shouldn’t be too difficult to be promoted to the Void King Realm.”

“You look down on me too much. “Ye Xiyun laughed at herself,” Throughout the ages, the Void King Realm has always been the highest realm of warriors. Numerous Void Returning Mirrors are stuck at this juncture. I can’t understand the mysteries in my life, and I have no complete assurance.”

Yang Kai smiled, knowing that Ye Xiyun was humble.

If Ye Xiyun was not sure about it before, now he is constantly absorbing the energy of the domain stone and realizing the magic of the domain field Ye Xiyun, at least 80% hopes that he can successfully break through to the Void King Realm.

“Anyway, I am coming back from this trip to tell you the news.”Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, “As for when you will go to Green Jupiter, just think about it yourself.”

“Don’t worry about this. When the time comes, the Great Elder and Brother Mo will definitely organize a group of people to go to Greenwood Star. “Qian Tong said with a smile on the side,” such a good opportunity, if you don’t grasp what you can do, even if you are promoted to the Void King Realm, it doesn’t matter that you can’t stay in the Dark Star for a long time. There will be no surprises for the stars.”

“Well, when you get there, someone will welcome you. “Yang Kai nodded, “By the way, you have been mining here for so long, have you found an ethereal crystal vein?”

“Nothing. “Qian Tong shook his head and said: “The old man, the elder, and Brother Mo, will also go out from time to time to investigate and search for the location of those mineral veins. Although this mineral star is extremely rich, the ethereal crystal vein has really not been found.”

Yang Kai didn’t report too much expectations. The matter of the ethereal crystal was just casually asked. Now he got the negative answer, so he was not disappointed.

After staying on the Mining Star for a long time and confessing, he once again passed the space magic circle and returned to the palace of Green Jupiter.

This time, it only took him half a day, so When he returned, the three masters and apprentices Yue Xi were still practicing in retreat.

The rest of the day was smooth.

Zhu Liang brought a few elders from Double Shark Island to pay a visit, mainly because they were familiar with each other, but it was not a big deal. After all, Shuangsha Island is already Yang Kai’s territory in name. They have to live on Yang Kai’s snort in the future. How can they be negligent?

Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to a few Void Returning Stages, and after a little hospitality, he sent them away.

He is waiting for news from the Sword League. He believes that the Sword League is a big force and will surely collect some ethereal crystals for him. As long as there is an ethereal crystal, Yang Kai can set off again and use the super space technique Array, covering the entire star field, when the time comes, the warriors of the dark star can go wherever they want to go. Distance will never be the barrier of the dark star warrior traveling in the star field.

Especially the Tongxuan continent!

Yang Kai is eager to connect Gloom Star with this homeland.

Unfortunately, there has been no news from the Jianmeng.

It wasn’t until a certain day two months later that Yang Kai, who was cultivating, received a report from Yuexi: “The Sword League is here.”

Yang Kai was very excited. Quickly got up, went to meet him, secretly looking forward to how many ethereal crystals he could get this time.

He thought that Luo Lan would send someone to hand over with him casually, but what he never expected was that the person who came was Luo Lan himself!

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