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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1782: The Lost Interface Read Novel

Chapter 1782: The Lost Interface – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1782: The Lost Interface

“Why did Senior Luo come here in person?”

After Luo Lan was invited to the palace and settled in the living room, Yang Kai asked.

“The little brother is a friend of the young master, I should come here personally.” Luo Lan pursed her lips and smiled, “Why, are you not welcome?”

“How dare you, seniors can come here?” , It really makes the humble house flourish.” Yang Kai said haha.

The so-called not going to the Palace of Three Treasures if nothing happened, he didn’t believe that people like Luo Lan would be idle and have nothing to do, and ran to him to see the scenery. As for the reason she gave, it was not a reason!

I’m just having a material deal with Jianmeng. Luo Lan can send any individual to deal with this kind of trivial matter. Why would she need her to come forward in person?

Yang Kaiyin faintly realized that Luo Lan had some other purpose when he came here, but the other party didn’t mean to say anything, so he didn’t know the right.

“You are very quiet here.” Luo Lan turned his head and looked around. In this palace covering an area of ​​ten miles, only Yang Kai and Yue Xi were living, and Yue Xi was the master and apprentice. The three of them have been practicing in retreat. It can be said that in the entire palace, only Yang Kai occasionally walks around.

In normal times, the palace is indeed quiet and silent.

“Why didn’t Zhu Liang find some servants?” Luo Lan asked, seemingly concerned.

Yang Kai laughed and said, “It’s not necessary. I will deal with anything by myself. Where can I get someone off?”

“Yes, it’s better to be quiet.” Luo Lan smiled. Then, suddenly said: “Well, this is the ethereal crystal that the little brother needs. Although this palace has already been collected by people, but you also know that ethereal crystals are still very rare. I don’t know if these quantities can satisfy you. Requirement.”

While speaking, Luo Lan took out a space ring, flicked his finger, and the space ring flew towards Yang Kai lightly.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to catch it, let out his spirit to explore it, frowning without a trace.

Luo Lan observed his words and expressions, and said in surprise: “Why? So many ethereal crystals, don’t the little brother still think there are fewer?”

Yang Kai hesitated for a while and nodded: “Not much.”

Luo Lan looked solemnly: “What do you want so many ethereal crystals for? This thing doesn’t seem to be used for refining space rings, right?”

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Yang He laughed openly, and did not answer.

Luo Lan seems to know that she has asked questions that shouldn’t be asked, and apologizes: “My palace is really curious, you don’t have to care. Well, if you wait for a while, I’ll call the main star. How long will it take?” Yang Kai asked.

“The main star is not close here. Even if it is collected, it will take time to send it. It will take at least a year, but I don’t know how many ethereal crystals can be collected over there.”

“Forget it.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

The ethereal crystals that Luo Lan brought this time are not many in a sense. However, there are not many needs for Yang Kai, because these ethereal crystals are at most only enough to set up a super space magic circle, and they can’t meet his needs.

If he needs to connect Tongxuan Continent and Gloom Star, at least two or three space formations will be arranged in the middle as a transit!

“The formation and difficulty of ethereal crystals, generally speaking, appear as the accompanying minerals of some mineral veins, and the number is scarce. However, I heard that in some spatial cracks, there are a large number of them. “The ethereal crystal” Luo Lan suddenly talked about irrelevant topics, and then said mysteriously and secretly: “Is the little brother interested in finding it by himself?”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and said with a smile: “This This is the purpose of the senior coming here in person, right?”

Luo Lan smiled and did not deny: ’Since you have seen through, then I have nothing to hide.”

“Senior knows where there is this kind of spatial crack that breeds ethereal crystals?” Yang Kai asked.

“En.” Luo Lan nodded, “I just don’t know if the little brother wants to go.”

“What if I say I don’t want it? “Yang Kai replied with a smile.

Luo Lan didn’t seem surprised, and said with a light smile: “Well, besides the ethereal crystal that may exist there, there is also a startling beast!”

“’Sky Shocking Beast?” “Yang Kai looked at him and let out a low cry, then stared at Luo Lan deeply, and said in a deep voice: “It looks like, Senior seems to know that I am proficient in the power of space. Did you learn it from Gu Jianxin?”

“If this is not the case, why do you come to the house in person? “Luo Lan smiled, ’Since you have used space power in front of the young master, you should guess that I will know it. There is nothing surprising about this, but you can rest assured that I know this matter, the young master knows, and will not Someone else knows.”

“It doesn’t matter if you know. “Yang Kai shrugged, “If I was afraid that people would know, I wouldn’t use space power to kill Li Minghai.”

Luo Lan was startled, and then smiled bitterly.

She couldn’t help but develop the illusion that the handle she held in her hand was shattered by Yang Kai’s few words, which made her feel very weak.

After pondering for a moment, he said in a serious tone: “Little brother, since you have cultivated space power and made achievements in this field, you must also know the effect of Jingkong Beast’s inner alchemy on you. This ancient alien beast that wandered through the void has long been extinct, but one survived where I knew it. If you can get its inner alchemy, you must be in the power of space. It will go further, not to mention that there is a great possibility that there are many ethereal crystals there. This is what you need. If I am not mistaken, you need ethereal crystals to cultivate the power of space, right?”

Yang Kai didn’t comment on her guess, and asked, “Where is that?”

Seeing that he finally showed a look of interest, Luo Lan’s expression was shocked, and did not directly answer, but said: “If I tell you, there is a higher realm above the Void King Realm, Do you think I’m lying to you?”

“No! “Yang Kai shook his head.

Luo Lan was stunned.

’Someone told me that martial arts has no peak!” Void King Realm will naturally not be the ultimate goal of the warrior. “Yang Kai explained casually.

’So that’s it!” “Luo Lan was relieved quickly. She thought that Yang Kai knew something terrible. It turned out to be just her own guesswork.

But in fact, Yang Kai knew it, but she didn’t say it clearly.

Luo Lan said again: “Whether the Void King Realm is the highest state of the warrior or not, no one knows clearly, except that there are legendary characters like the Star Emperor, so many of the Void King Realm thinks, There should be a higher realm above the king realm, and above the star field we are in, there is also a higher plane.”

“Why do you say that?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Because the place I told you may be the corner that was lost from that plane.” Luo Lan looked solemnly, “We call it the lost interface, the law there and the aura of heaven and earth. It is not the same as any cultivation star in the star field. But it contains countless opportunities, not to mention there are many precious cultivation materials there, and some people even brought out a medicinal material that surpassed the Void King level from it. This kind of medicinal material alone allowed his cultivation to go further. It is said that we, Void King Realm martial artist, will become very easy to practice there. If you are lucky, you may break through your own shackles and reach the next realm.”

“The lost interface?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

“Yes, the laws of heaven and earth there are more suitable for martial artists.”

“This place is where you want me to go?”

“Yes.” Luo Lan nodded.

’So, wouldn’t those three-tier Void Kings who are not born out of this world also pass there? In order to break through?”

“This is not true.” Luo Lan pursed his lips. He smiled, “After all, it is just a lost interface. Although it is separated from the higher-end plane, it belongs to the star field after all, and it is impossible to satisfy the third-layer virtual king to make a breakthrough. There was also a virtual king. I have entered the third-level realm, but the final result shows that there, they can’t get much growth in their cultivation. And how many third-level virtual kings are there in the entire star field? They are all old monsters that are out of the world, ordinary I won’t see it at all at that time.”

“There are two levels of Void Kings, right?”

“It’s possible.” Luo Lan nodded.

“Since this is a place for the Void King Realm to practice and practice, why are you looking for me? I only have the Void Returning Three Stages.” Yang Kai was puzzled.

“You, the Void Returning Three-layer Realm, you can’t take it with common sense, right?” Luo Lan asked in return, “I have never heard of the Void Returning Three-layer Realm that can kill you. For those who are strong in the Void King Realm, let alone the reason for the sneak attack, if the Void King Realm can be casually attacked to death, it is not the Void King Realm. I came to you, firstly because your own strength is not weak, you should not be a hindrance to me, secondly, I also have a place to use you!”

“With me? “Yang Kai thoughtfully, quickly understood: “The power of space?”

“Good! “Luo Lan nodded, talking to a smart person with an air of not getting tired, “That lost interface is filled with a lot of space cracks. Some of those space cracks are visible, some are invisible, and some even move. King Realm is also a great threat. Every time I go to explore the Void King Realm, someone will be swallowed by those spatial cracks. I don’t want to be a victim this time! Since you are proficient in the power of space, it should be easy to sense those space cracks.”

“I understand. “Yang Kai nodded,” But as you said, you bring a virtual mirror into it, is it okay?”

“What’s wrong with this. “Luo Lan chuckled, “Any Void King Realm who is qualified to enter it can take a person, and you will know when that happens, there will not be only you in the Void Returning Mirror!”

“There will be many more? “Yang Kai was surprised.”

“There won’t be too many, but since it is suitable for the cultivation of the Void King Realm, the Void Returning Mirror is also very suitable. Some people want to use that place to reach the Void King Realm for granted.”

All that was said, Luo Lan said: “The only information I know is this. I also want to ask my little brother to help me this time. Of course, this is also good for you.”

“Benefits come with risks.”

“You already have the cultivation base of the Third Stage of Returning Void at a young age. After practicing this way, don’t you encounter fewer risks? “Luo Lan chuckled: “Martial artist cultivates, fights against the sky, fights with people, fights with yourself, you should be determined and enterprising!”

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Chapter 1782: The Lost Interface – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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