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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1783: Facing Each Other Read Novel

Chapter 1783: Facing Each Other – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1783: Facing Each Other

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Yang Kai took a deep breath, pondered for a while, and said: Need to think about it.”

“This is natural. Anyway, there is still time. Please give me a reply after careful consideration.”

Luo Lan can say that, it is already very Showed sincerely.

Yang Kai said sternly: “Okay, please stay here for a few days, I will tell you in three days.”

“The palace will wait for good news. Now, if you can help me, I believe this trip to this palace will be a lot safer.”

Three days later, Yang Kai and Luo Lan left Double Shark Island together. Depart for Aoki Palace.

To be honest, the ethereal crystal bred in the cracks in the space that Luo Lan said before is not very attractive to Yang Kai. Although this thing is rare, Yang Kai only needs to run a few more. A cultivation star can still be collected anyway.

With the financial and material resources he currently has, he can already buy a large number of ethereal crystals, but it will take some time.

What really attracted Yang Kai was the startling beast that could travel through the void!

This ancient alien beast travels through the void and drifts in the cracks of space. Its inner alchemy is of great help to the power of space cultivation. Yang Kai’s space power training has faintly reached a bottleneck state so far, and the opening up of the mysterious realm beads has become extremely slow, but if you can obtain the inner pill of the startling beast, use it as the main material to refine it into a spirit. Dan’s words, that can give him a qualitative leap in the power of space.

Since there are no three-tier virtual kings in the lost interface, Yang Kai has nothing to worry about.

He is somewhat confident that he can escape from the powers of the two-tier virtual king.

So after three days of consideration, he still agreed to Luo Lan’s request and decided to go to the lost interface with her.

Before leaving, Yang Kai told the three masters and disciples Yue Xi to stay in the palace, and also told them that if anyone holds a warrior with a token engraved with the word “Ling”, suddenly Don’t panic when you appear in the palace, because they are all members of the High Heaven Sect, so they can be well received.

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Although the three masters and apprentices Yue Xi were confused, they couldn’t understand why someone suddenly appeared in the palace, but they didn’t ask much.

A few days later, Yang Kai and Luo Lan came to Qingmu Palace.

After arranging Yang Kai to rest, Luo Lan started the preparations. She will leave Green Jupiter on this trip. Naturally, there are many things to explain, and she also needs to make perfect preparations for entering the lost interface.

But this is not a matter for Yang Kai, he only meditates in his own wing.

Gu Jianxin is no longer here. According to Luo Lan, the young leader of the Sword League has already left one month after arriving here. Before leaving, he also repeatedly told Luo Lan to take care of Yang Kai carefully.

Time flies, one month later.

Yang Kai, who was meditating, sensed Luo Lan’s divine spirit call, immediately ended the retreat and opened the door to walk out.

Outside the door, Luo Lan was waiting. After seeing him come out, he lightly nodded and led the way first.

Outside the Aoki Palace, a virtual-class mid-grade battleship is ready. The two entered the battleship. After a while, the battleship began to march into the star field.

“The lost interface is located in a certain part of the star field. The entrance is wrapped in countless space cracks. Normally, it is impossible to enter. Only when the fluctuations of those space cracks stabilize a little, will there be a chance. Open the entrance. At that time, multiple Void King Realm powerhouses may need to work together to perform the secret technique. Let’s wait first, and we can enter when the time is about.” Luo Lan explained to him while leading Yang Kai to walk in the battleship.

“Do you know all the powerful Void Kings who entered there?” Yang Kai asked.

’Some people know, and some people have heard names even if they don’t. But I don’t know who will pass this time. The time to enter the Lost Interface is uncertain every time, so only those who get the news, And hope that those who can make a breakthrough will venture into it.” Luo Lan stopped in front of a wing and said: “You will live here for the time being. If you have any needs, just give us an order. We are almost the same. It will take a month to reach that place.”

Yang Kai nodded and pushed in.

Entering the wing, Yang Kai walked to the bed, sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes and adjusted his breath.

Nothing happened in a month, Yang Kai only spent it in meditation. Luo Lan did not come to him during this time, and the warriors of other sword leagues would not bother him.

It was not until a month later that Yang Kai felt the battleship stop.

Luo Lan’s voice sounded outside at the right time: “Yang Kai.”

Yang Kai’s figure shook, and people came to the door, opened the door, and nodded towards Luo Lan slightly. Then walked out.

The hatch of the battleship opened, and the two turned into streamers and rushed out.

After the two left, the warship sailed again and returned to the original path.

Standing in the void, Luo Lan looked left and right, recognized where she was, and then said: “Follow me.”

After speaking, he offered Star Shuttle. Lead the way first, and Yang Kai followed closely behind.

Two streamers, one in front and one in the back, gallop like thunder in the vast star field.

Yang Kai has been silent, following Luo Lan, avoiding the ubiquitous meteorites and starry sky storms in the starry sky.

I don’t know how long it took, he suddenly saw a white light in front of him. He looked up, and at an unknown distance, there was a circular object floating in the void. Among them, exudes a dazzling light.

Even if there is a long distance away, Yang Kai can feel the fluctuations of spatial power coming from there.

“That was” Yang Kai turned to look at Luo Lan.

“There is the entrance.” After Luo Lan saw the scene ahead, his expression was also relaxed. “It seems that we have arrived early. This entrance has not stabilized yet and cannot be opened for the time being.”

“The fluctuation of space power is chaotic,” Yang Kai said to himself.

“Can you feel it?” Luo Lan looked at him in surprise.

“You all know that I am proficient in the power of space, why can’t I feel it?” Yang Kai chuckled lightly.

Luo Lan’s eyes lit up: “It is indeed a wise choice to bring you here. At this distance, I can only feel that it is dangerous over there. Even if it is the third level of the Void King who wants to break through, I am afraid It’s also the end of a crushed body, I don’t know the specific situation. But Yang Kai, you must remember that you must not expose your advantage in front of other people, otherwise”

“I know.” Yang Kai interrupted her instruction, how could he not know the reason why everyone was innocent and guilty? If this advantage is really exposed, he is afraid that he will be targeted by all the Void King Realm.

Luo Lan nodded lightly, and continued to gallop forward with Yang Kai.

The closer you get to the entrance, the clearer Yang Kai felt. His eyes gradually revealed a trace of excitement. Originally, he came with Luo Lan on this trip. The goal is the inner alchemy of that startling beast. But he didn’t want to have just arrived here, he had gained something.

Others can only feel the danger at the entrance, but Yang Kai can feel the essence of the power of space from it. The chaotic power fluctuations are for him to absorb and comprehend, making him and his own power of space He could not help but give birth to a trace of understanding.

A few hours later, the two had arrived not far from the entrance.

Looking at it from a close distance, this entrance is about five miles in size and exudes a white glow, but in the entrance, there are from time to time a series of dark space cracks shuttle and swim, like a fish.

These swimming space cracks block anyone’s attempts to pass through the entrance, and are the most dangerous barrier.

Near the entrance, there are already a group of figures standing in the void. There are not many people, only seven or eight people. These people are obviously one step early, and most of them are alone. There are also groups of two, but the number is small.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to investigate too presumptuously, but with a casual look, he knew that these people were basically all powerful in the Void King Realm!

The location of their standing is very scattered, indicating that they are all from different forces and have no plans to join forces. Some closed their eyes and rested, some looked left and right, and their outfits were quite different.

When Luo Lan and Yang Kai stopped and showed their figures, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Elder Luo dare to come to such a place?” Not far from the left, a shrill voice suddenly came, with a hint of frivolousness in his tone.

Luo Lan frowned when he heard the words, and looked over there along the voice, his face changed slightly, and he said solemnly: “It turns out to be Elder Cui, why, where can Elder Cui come, Can’t this palace come?”

The warrior surnamed Cui laughed loudly: “Cui certainly didn’t mean it, but the Lost Lands are extremely dangerous. Elder Luo is not afraid of one accidentally falling into it.”

“Don’t bother, Elder Cui should take care of yourself.” Luo Lan replied impatiently.

When the two met, they were fighting each other like this. Obviously there was some grudge, and from their names, they seemed to be quite familiar. Yang Kai stood beside Luo Lan, observing his words and being silent. The language is just secretly inferring in my heart.

The martial artist surnamed Cui choked on Luo Lan, and he was not at all annoyed, and smiled softly: “Elder Luo, although there are some misunderstandings between you and me, after all, everyone is the elder of the Sword League. Now that you are here, how about joining forces? In this way, the safety of you and me are also guaranteed.”

“Elder Cui’s kindness, Luo Lan accepted it, but this palace is not alone this time. Elder Cui should invite someone else.” Luo Lan replied lukewarmly, and rejected the other party’s proposal.

Yang Kai’s expression moved, only then did he realize that this guy with the surname Cui was also the elder of the Jianmeng.

It seems that the opponent must be a member of the Sword League deputy leader faction, otherwise Luo Lan would not treat him so coldly.

The warrior surnamed Cui stared at Yang Kai thoughtfully, like a poisonous snake, his eyes closed and said: “This kid is Elder Luo, who? Why has the old man never seen him? Elder Luo Bring him here, do you want him to gain something from the lost interface, or do you expect him to break through to the Void King Realm?”

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Chapter 1783: Facing Each Other – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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