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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1784: You can’t see me… Read Novel

Chapter 1784: You can’t see me… – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1784: You can’t see me…

“I don’t need to tell you about my relationship with him? Elder Cui, are you talking too much?” Luo Lan looked at each other in disgust.

The warrior surnamed Cui chuckled: “Don’t tell me, why do you have to be so aggressive?”

As he said, he looked at Yang Kai surreptitiously, in a penetrating tone Said: “Boy, the Lost Land is very dangerous, but don’t die in it.”

Yang Kai gave him a slanted look, indifferent, and didn’t mean to answer.

This made the warrior surnamed Cui very annoyed, and Luo Lan was just stigmatizing him in public. After all, Luo Lan and him were the elders of the Sword League, and their strength was no worse than him. Layers also dared to be so defiant, and naturally let him find an excuse for the attack.

However, before he could find it difficult to develop Yang, a cold snort came not far away: “It’s a joke. If there is a dispute within your sword league, settle it early. What are you bringing here? Do you want the old man to be a referee for you, and the two will fight first? The winner stays, and the loser gets out!”

The person who spoke was wearing a sauce-purple robe, his face was fortitude, and his expression was not angry. Wei, an oppressive breath exuded all over his body.

When the Wuzhe surnamed Cui and Luo Lan heard this, their faces changed slightly.

Luo Lan chuckled: “Mr. Ni laughed, the concubine didn’t mean it.”

The warrior surnamed Cui also laughed: “Mr. Ni don’t care, I’m just joking with Elder Luo.”

“Huh! “Mr. Ni snorted coldly. He didn’t mean to put Luo Lan and Cui surnamed martial artist in his eyes.”

Luo Lan and Cui surnamed Wuzhe both looked embarrassed, and did not say anything anymore. It was Cui surnamed Wu who still stared at Yang Kai coldly, as if to remember Yang Kai’s appearance It’s the same in my heart.

I just came here just now, and I was targeted by a Void King Realm for no reason, which made Yang Kai feel very bad.

“That guy called Cui Hong, an elder of my sword league, and Li Minghai are friends of life and death, and both are members of the deputy leader faction. When you enter the Lost Lands, you must be careful not to leave me. If he dare not deal with me head-on, he will definitely attack you. “Luo Lan’s voice quietly spread into Yang Kai’s ears, explaining to him.

Yang Kai nodded without a trace, and asked quietly: “Who is Mr. Ni?” You all seem to be very jealous.”

“His name is Ni Guang and he belongs to the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce. “Luo Lan replied, “He has the cultivation base of the Void King two-level realm. Do you think I and Cui Hong are jealous?”

“That’s it! “Yang Kai was clear, and looked up at Ni Guang.

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From this look, I just met the sight of a person next to Ni Guang.

Yang Kai was startled.

The owner of the line of sight was smiling at the corners of his mouth, with a strange light in his eyes, staring at Yang Kai enthusiastically, his eyes bright.

Yang Kai looked bitter and almost cursed, he quickly turned aside his eyes, lowered his head, and covered half of his cheek with the gesture of holding his forehead with his hands, and muttered in his heart: You can’t see me, look. Without me, you can’t see me.

This is obviously a bit self-deceiving.

After Luo Lan came here, Yang Kai did not pay too much attention to the warriors who arrived here first. Until this time, he realized that Ni Guang was standing next to an old acquaintance of his own.

The jade tree of life is in the wind, with a long body and a fairer skin than a woman. It seems to be broken by a bomb, bullying Saixue, with a modest smile on his face, that smile is enough to make any woman do it. Crazy, even the man would look at him for a while.

He is holding a folding fan and looks suave. No matter what kind of young talent, he will have an inferiority complex in front of him. He seems to be born high!

He is simply synonymous with perfection!

Who is this guy if he is not the third master Xueyue?

The last time I met Xueyue was in the Imperial Garden. Everyone had a fight. Fortunately, with the closure of the Imperial Garden, Yang Kai successfully got rid of her entanglement, but didn’t want to come this time The Lost Land unexpectedly ran into her again.

But it’s not surprising to think about it. The Lost Land has both opportunities and risks. Although its existence is only known to a few strong people, the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, as one of the most powerful forces in the star field, is obviously Know the lost place.

This time, even a strong man like Ni Guang was dispatched, and it was understandable that he brought a Xueyue to experience.

Between the electric light and flint, various thoughts flashed in Yang Kai’s mind, allowing him to understand the current situation.

Immediately, he sighed, raised his head, looked directly at Xueyue’s eyes, and smiled at Xueyue with a gesture that a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.

Xueyue was stunned, as if she didn’t expect Yang Kai to be so bold. With Ni Guang by his side, he dared to look at him. She was a little annoyed and gave Yang Kai a vicious look. It is a kind of amorous feelings.

With the appearance of a handsome man who is now a talented person, she is a bit out of order to make such a gesture. People who don’t know the truth see it and think that something is wrong in Xueyue’s heart. But Yang Kai was very clear about her. Seeing her deflated, Yang Kai smiled happily.

The relationship between

and Xueyue, Yang Kai has been a little confused.

Say it is an enemy. Everyone has not reached the level of non-scoring birth and death. It is nothing more than that Yang Kai has mastered Xueyue’s biggest secret, and Xueyue wants to kill it.

But Xueyue didn’t really put the killing and killing off, even if he was chasing Yang Kai on the Rainfall Star, he still had enough energy to send only two weak warriors. Eventually, he was killed by Yang Kai.

Say friends. It’s impossible for each other to take pictures of each other and pierce each other.

The biggest possibility is that Xueyue feels that Yang Kai has taken a lot of advantage, so Fang is angry and wants to teach him a lesson, so that he can remember more, but her life is still saved by Yang Kai. Yes, Xueyue is also in a dilemma when it comes to the two choices of gratitude and venting, very embarrassed.

Yang Kai didn’t know how to deal with her relationship, Xueyue was also confused.

It would be fine if she was an ordinary woman, but she happened to be the successor to Io, the president of the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps in the future Xueyue will become the helm of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, and the identity of a woman will certainly not be able to support her standing at the top of the Chamber of Commerce!

The secret she has hidden cannot be exposed!

The eye contact between the two of them is naturally not hidden from the powerhouses of the Void King Realm here. Luo Lan glanced at Yang Kai in amazement and asked in a low voice: “Do you know that young man? Do you know he is? Who?”

“I know, and I know.” Yang Kai nodded.

Luo Lan said in amazement: “You have such a wide range of contacts?”

Luo Lan only heard of the famous Xueyue Sanshao, but did not see him. She could recognize Xueyue at a glance, entirely because Ni Guang’s attitude towards Xueyue seemed to be very humble.

Ni Guang is also a powerful and powerful figure in the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, but he has a modest attitude towards a three-tiered state of return. Who else can let him do this besides Xueyue?

The ordinary Mirror of Rebirth doesn’t even have the qualifications to meet him in person, and standing by his side will only make promises.

Furthermore, Xueyue’s appearance is the same as the rumors, enough to fascinate thousands of sentient beings, men and women, young and old, to kill! Even someone like her couldn’t help but take a few more glances after seeing Xueyue.

“Are you friends?” Luo Lan asked again.

“Hehe” Yang Kai didn’t know how to answer this question anymore, he hesitated for a moment and said, “I have some trouble with her.”

“Entanglement” Luo Lan’s heart sank, subconsciously thinking that there might be some hatred between Yang Kai and Xueyue. If this is the case, then his situation is not good.

When the two were whispering here, Ni Guang and Xueyue seemed to be talking about something. As the two exchanged, Ni Guang kept looking at Yang Kai, and seemed to be interested in him. Looks like.

Yang Kaixin is secretly bitter, and he doesn’t know what Xueyue said to Ni Guang. If he speaks ill of him behind his back, Ni Guang might be here to shoot himself.

Thinking about this in his heart, he told Luo Lan secretly and told her to run away when the chance was bad, and stop thinking about the lost place.

How dare Luo Lan not agree? I also regretted dragging Yang Kai over. If she was alone, although the danger increased greatly, she wouldn’t be targeted by someone before she even entered. It was Cui Hong alone. She was not afraid, but Ni Guangyi The difference is that the cultivation of the two levels of the Void King is enough to make Luo Lan retreat.

There, Ni Guang’s conversation with Xueyue seems to have come to an end, and the two levels of the Void King’s strong eyes are staring Looking at Yang Kai, a pair of eyes burst out with a substantive divine light, as if to look deep into Yang Kai’s heart.

Yang Kai stared at Xueyue without speaking.

Xueyue smiled innocently, opened the folding fan in her hand, and gently shook it twice, like a gentleman.

During her confrontation with Yang Kai, she seldom saw Yang Kai’s deflated appearance. Now, with the help of Ni Guang’s power, Yang Kai can’t tell the suffering, and Xueyue’s heart is very happy!

“Young man, do you want to come to the old man?” Ni Guang suddenly asked.

As soon as this statement came out, all the experts of the Void King Realm scattered around were startled, and they all looked at Yang Kai with weird expressions and looked up and down.

No one knows why Ni Guang would suddenly invite a Void Returning Three-layer Realm martial artist, and this martial artist came with Luo Lan from the Sword League.

This shows that the act of digging a wall makes everyone unpredictable.

If Yang Kai is strong enough to rival Ni Guang, it is understandable that Ni Guang wants to form a personal alliance and explore the lost land together.

But Yang Kai is just a three-layer return to the Void, what can Ni Guang like?

Yang Kai didn’t expect things to develop like this. He thought that Xueyue would say bad things about him in front of Ni Guang, so that Ni Guang could teach him a lesson, so when Ni Guang sent out the invitation, he She was also taken aback for a moment, and looked at Xueyue suspiciously, wondering what she was doing.

Xueyue smiled triumphantly, still shaking the folding fan in her hand, as if she was here to see the scenery, her expression on her face was unpredictable.

Damnable woman! Yang Kaixin cursed secretly.

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