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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1786: The strong like a cloud Read Novel

Chapter 1786: The strong like a cloud – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1786: The strong like a cloud

“Deal?” Yang Kai frowned, “What deal?”

“You don’t really forget, right?” Xueyue looked at him and sneered: ’So, it seems that you were just flirting with the enchantress of Dichen at the time, and you don’t remember what I said.”

Yang Kai curled his lips: “Why do I smell a sour smell?”

“You don’t have to worry about it!” Xueyue yelled angrily.

“However, how do you know that she is Dichen’s? You even inquired about her information later?” Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at her.

’So what?” Xueyue raised her chin slightly and snorted coldly: “The kind of shameless demon girl, besides from Dichen, where else can it come from?”

“Also I’ve really inquired.” Yang Kai said to himself, “Forget it, don’t mention this, I remember the deal you mentioned.”

“Just remember. What about that thing?”

“You said the things in the stele?”

“Not bad!”

Yang Kai frowned slightly, he naturally remembered the scene at the time, and remembered himself and Xueyue Transactions between. Xueyue said at the time that as long as the stone tablet in the stele was handed over to her, the grievances between her and Yang Kai would be wiped out, and he would never trouble him again.

At that time, Yang Kai also agreed, but before he could hand over the Shipai to Xueyue, the Emperor Garden was closed without warning, resulting in the failure of that transaction.

Later, Yang Kai learned that what was hidden in the stone tablet was a secret technique—Star Refining Jue!

That is the origin of refining the stars, making warriors the supreme secret technique of the star master. Little Senior Sister Xia Ningshang was able to refine the origin of Tongxuan Continent with the Saint King Realm. In addition to the reason why Tongxuan Continent was declining to the west, there was also a great contribution to Refining Xing Jue.

Otherwise, based on Xia Ningshang’s cultivation at the time, he might not be able to successfully refine the original power and become the star master of Tongxuan Continent.

This is undoubtedly a secret technique that is enough to alarm the entire star field and make the star field strong to set off a bloody sea wind. The value is immeasurable.

It’s fine if you don’t know the existence of Lianxing Jue, but now Yang Kai already knows it, naturally it is impossible to hand it over easily, even if the opponent is Xueyue.

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The relationship between the two is still a little unclear. How could Yang Kai give this secret technique to her casually?

“Do you know what is recorded in that stone tablet?” Yang Kai asked rhetorically.

“I don’t know!” Xueyue shook her head.

“You don’t know if you want it?”

“Although I don’t know what is recorded in it, I know that it is the key to my father’s promotion to the third level of the Void King. ! So I must get it!”

“President Io?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

Xueyue’s father is naturally Io, the president of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce. Yang Kai has heard of this big star, but he has never seen it before. He knows Io. He is the powerhouse of the Void King’s two-layer realm, but he has never been able to break through the barrier of the three-layer realm. This is the case. Io, backed by the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, is not an existence that can be underestimated.

“Yes, so I hope you can give me that stone and let me pass it to my father!” Xueyue looked at Yang Kai sincerely.

“How can you be sure that the things recorded in it will definitely allow your father to be promoted to the third level? You don’t even know what that thing is for.”

Xueyue smiled. “My Hengluo Chamber of Commerce has passed on for so many years, and there is always some information that others don’t know. I don’t need to tell you about this.”

Yang Kai nodded, thinking in his heart.

In a sense, Xueyue is right. The Star Refining Jue may really be the key to Io’s promotion to the third level. After all, with the identity and background of the veteran Void King Realm of Io, if you cooperate with the Star Refining Jue, you may not be unable to refine the star origin of a cultivation star. Once successful, with the feedback and nourishment of the star origin, he will definitely be able to go smoothly. Break through promotion.

Of course, there are bound to be some unavoidable risks, which may be the end of the world.

Want to understand this, Yang Kai was also secretly surprised by the information held by the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce. The Star Refining Jue was sealed in a stone stele in the depths of the Emperor Garden. Before breaking the stone stele, Yang Kai didn’t even notice that there was anything inside, but the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce knew in advance.

“I hope you can give me that thing!” Xueyue looked at Yang Kai sincerely, “Even if it’s a rubbing copy, it doesn’t matter. The stone tablet records some kind of The secret technique, right? I don’t want the Shipai body, I just need you to make a copy of it.”

“I need to think about this.” Yang Kai thought for a while and replied.

“No problem.” Xueyue readily agreed, “But before that, you have to act with me.”

Yang Kai laughed: “There is Ni Guang here. I don’t think it’s possible to leave you.”

“Who knows, you are very slippery. If you are not careful, you will run away.” Xueyue snorted, “That’s why I Let Uncle Ni invite you.”

This is Xueyue’s main purpose for Ni Guang to bring Yang Kai! The moment she saw Yang Kai arrived here, Xueyue knew that the mission she hadn’t completed that year had ended.

“Now that you have said it, let’s go back first. The entrance may be opened after a short time. When you enter it, don’t run around. Xueyue warned uneasyly.

“I see.”

In a short time, the two returned to the vicinity of the entrance again. Ni Guang still closed his eyes and rested. Luo Lan also stood aside and waited quietly. Seeing the two reappear, Luo Lan just nodded slightly. Did not ask much.

“Xueyue. “Yang Kai suddenly leaned to Xueyue’s side and yelled softly.

“What are you doing?” “Xueyue was a little nervous inexplicably, and frowned, “Can you not stay so close?”

Yang Kai glanced at her strangely before saying: “Who are the people here, do you know?”

Xueyue said: ’Some know, some don’t.”

“Do you know this person?” “Yang Kai winked in one direction as he said.

Xueyue quietly glanced over there, and found that the Void King Realm powerhouse over there was wrapped in a cloud of black energy. I couldn’t see his face at all, the black air was twisting like a living thing, and there was an extremely uncomfortable breath that made people shudder.

“I haven’t seen it or heard it.” Xueyue shivered involuntarily, and whispered back, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know Is it my illusion, he seems to care about me very much.” Yang Kai frowned.

Xueyue was surprised. Of course, she would not think that Yang Kai was being sentimental. Yang Kai’s strength was not weak. If someone really had him, he would definitely have some feelings. Since he said that, the strong man wrapped in black energy must be really in him.

As if to confirm Yang Kai’s statement, when Xueyue secretly observed the other party, from the black air, there was a strange laughter, which was extremely harsh.

Xueyue couldn’t help turning white.

“This person is dangerous, don’t provoke him.” Ni Guang suddenly opened his eyelids and said softly, his expression serious.

“Uncle Ni, what is this person’s background?” Xueyue asked.

“I don’t know.” Ni Guang shook his head, “I know that none of the Void King Realm powerhouses can match this person. But the old man can detect that he is very strong, maybe he is not in the old man. Below.”

’So, he is also the two-level virtual king?”

“Whether it is a two-level old man can’t judge, unless he works with him.”Ni Guang said slowly, “Anyway, you don’t want to provoke him. This is evil, it should be some evil practice.”

“I understand. “Xueyue nodded obediently.

Next, in order to prevent Yang Kai from provoking someone who shouldn’t be provoked, Xueyue carefully introduced him to the origins and identities of the Void King Realm powerhouses present, and was present. There are more than a dozen people in Xueyue, and Xueyue knows 80% of them. Sometimes she doesn’t know two or three and can make some guesses.

Yang Kai remembers the appearance and identity of these people one by one. Just in case.

Outside the entrance, everyone is waiting quietly.

From time to time, there are new virtual kings arriving here, looking for a place, closing their eyes Rejuvenate.

About three days later, a bright streamer suddenly appeared in the distant starry sky. The streamer showed a purple glow, extremely dazzling.

When this purple light appeared, Ni Guanghuo opened his eyes, staring deep into the direction the purple light came, and snorted coldly: “This old man is here too.”

He seemed to see the person at a glance. Identity.

“But it’s okay, he’s here, it’s almost done. “Ni Guang said again.

The aura contained in that purple escape light is extremely powerful, and it is not under Ni Guang at all. It can be seen that the person here must be a powerful person in the two-layer virtual king. Aware of this, the faces of the Void Kings who came here before on the first level changed slightly, except that the figure wrapped in the black air still made a strange laugh, not caring, but the laughter was creepy.

After a short while, the purple light fled to the front of the crowd not far away, the brilliance dissipated, revealing the two figures wrapped inside.

Both of them are of the same burly and sturdy figure. They look like they were carved out of a mold. They also have long purple hair, which is draped over their shoulders, looking unrestrained and unrestrained. Stand alone.

These two people look like brothers.

But if you look closely, you will find that this is not the case, because there is a big gap between the cultivation bases of the two. One of them has the two-level virtual king, while the other has only the three-level return to the virtual realm. Xueyue and Yang Kai are in the same realm.

After the figure appeared, the eyes of the two were stunned, looking around, and together they turned their attention to the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce.

Ni Guang meets the eyes of the strong two-layer Void King

The eyes of Xueyue collide with the three-layer Void-Returning Martial Artist

No one shows weakness, who He didn’t flinch, everyone’s expression was calm and gentle.

“Hahaha!” The sky-shaking laughter sounded, and the purple-haired strong man of the Void King two-tier realm laughed, looking extremely bold, “Let you wait a long time, I will come It’s a little late.”

“No one is waiting for you, Zilong, you still like being affectionate so much! Ni Guang sneered.

“Well, I thought Brother Ni, you wish I could come over quickly.” “Zilong smiled.

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Chapter 1786: The strong like a cloud – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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