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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1787: The Lost Land Read Novel

Chapter 1787: The Lost Land – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1787: The Lost Land

“Without you, this entrance can be opened, but you need to wait for a few more people.” Ni Guang said lightly, “But you are here, so there is no need to wait.”

“In that case, let’s do it.” Zilong smiled.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Yang Kai immediately knew the identity of the person who came.

That purple hair has the cultivation base of the Void King’s two-level realm, and it is the owner of the purple star, the purple dragon!

Understand this point, and the identity of the other person will be revealed-Young Master Zixing, Zidonglai.

Yang Kai could know that Zidonglai was coming, or it was because Gu Jianxin inadvertently said it. Gu Jianxin mentioned Zidonglai and Xueyue side by side, naturally acknowledging Zidonglai’s powerful strength.

These three young Toshihiko are the most famous three in the entire star field! Because the three of them represent three different big forces, and they are all future successors of these three forces.

Below them, there are also many powerful young generations who are well-known.

Such as Xu Binbai, the disciple of the innocent lord, such as Shan Qingluo on Emperor Chenxing and the heirs of several demon lords, but the name is not as loud as these three.

But it is undeniable that the future star field will be dominated by these people.

Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of grievances Zi Donglai and Xueyue had, or it was just that the younger generation was eager to compete with each other. Anyway, when the two of them met, they both showed an expression of eagerness to try. It seems like I can’t wait to play a game here.

But it’s obviously not a good time right now.

The arrival of the purple dragon allowed the opening of the entrance to be executed, so Ni Guang and the purple dragon took charge of their actions and called on all the powerful in the Void King Realm to start their efforts.

After a brief discussion, the Void King Realm powerhouses on the scene scattered one after another, each choosing a location close to the entrance, waiting intently.

“Then let’s start?” Zilong cast his gaze on Ni Guang and asked inquisitively.

Ni Guangwei nodded slightly, and the next moment, the majestic Holy Yuan in his body suddenly burst out, forming complex marks on both hands, and then, one hand pointed forward.

A beam of energy visible to the naked eye shot out from his hand and poured into the white circular entrance.

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Zilong also laughed loudly, urging his own holy yuan and pouring into the entrance.

Other Void King Realm powerhouses have followed suit one after another. Even the guy who has been wrapped in black air without revealing his true face and coming from quite suspiciously did not mean to neglect at this moment, and cooperated with other people in action.

A humming sound suddenly rang out from the entrance that emits white light. The space cracks that were originally floating at the entrance seemed to be restrained by invisible power and froze in place.

And the entrance itself, as if turned into a bottomless pit, greedily and madly swallowed the Saint Yuan power of many Void King Realm powerhouses.

Everyone present, only Yang Kai, Xueyue and Zi Donglai, the three Void Returning Mirror Warriors who did not do anything, just watched from the wall.

After all, no matter how outstanding the aptitude of the three people is, how powerful the background is, there is still a gap between them and the Void King Realm. This kind of forcibly opening the entrance to the Lost Lands is nothing but a drop in the effort of the three. Instead of wasting their energy, it is better to retain their strength and deal with the possible dangers after entering the Lost Lands.

Time is passing slowly.

The expressions of every Void King Realm powerhouse are not easy, and they continue to pour the Saint Yuan into the entrance, causing them to consume a lot of money.

Fortunately, they have prepared a lot of spiritual pills to restore the holy yuan, and they are naturally using them all at the moment.

The level of cultivation is already clear at this moment.

In the first level of virtual kings such as Luo Lan and Cui Hong, each person’s face oozes fine sweat on his forehead, and his body trembles uncontrollably, except for Ni Guang and Zilong. Such a strong two-level realm can still remain calm.

More and more space cracks are fixed at the entrance, and with the infusion of the Holy Yuan, the fluctuation of those space cracks gradually dissipates, and there are faint signs of becoming stable.

Seeing this, Yang Kai probably understood how everyone would enter the lost place.

The facts are exactly as he had guessed. When the number of cracks in the stable space at the circular entrance emitting white light reached a certain number, Ni Guang suddenly shouted: “It’s okay!”

When the voice fell, all the Void Kings stopped one after another, each choosing a different space crack, turning it into streamer, and rushing into the mouth.

After they entered, the cracks in the stabilized space suddenly rioted and began to wander and shuttle.

Ni Guang and Luo Lan stood side by side and waved at Yang Kai and Xueyue. After they flew over, they each released the Saint Yuan, wrapped one in one, and rushed towards the biggest crack in space.

On the side, purple light suddenly appeared, and Zilong’s laughter came: “Brother Ni, I’m going one step ahead, you must not die in it!”

The words fall, Zilong took Zidonglai and disappeared in the entrance.

Ni Guang hummed coldly, and then rushed in.

In an instant, the emptiness that was originally well-known was empty.

After everyone disappeared, the entrance began to twist and change, and more and more space cracks emerged, gradually becoming more dangerous. It is conceivable that even if there are as many as before When the Void King Realm powerhouse came, there was no way to open the entrance again.

If you want to enter, you can only wait for the next opportunity, and I don’t know the year and month of the next opportunity.

After Yang Kai followed Luo Lan into the crack in the space, he felt a sense of weightlessness. It seemed that the whole person was falling toward the endless abyss, and his spiritual sense also felt great pressure. This It is the most obvious sign of space teleportation.

He can perceive that Luo Lan is working to resist pressure from all directions, but such transmission is nothing to him. After all, he is proficient in space power, and this kind of pressure from space power has long been accustomed to him.

The entire process of teleportation was very fast, almost immediately before entering the entrance, the next moment Yang Kai appeared in front of another world’s scenery.

The sky is dim, and there seems to be a chaotic power surging above it. There is no sun or moon, no stars, the earth is desolate and dry, no grass grows, and ravine-like cracks are cracked.

The place where everyone appeared was in the air, so as soon as Yu came here, he fell down involuntarily.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, and found that Ni Guang, Xueyue, and Luo Lan were all there.

It’s just that the others are not here.

This is also very easy to understand. After all, everyone did not enter this place through the same spatial crack. Each spatial crack should have a different transmission location corresponding to it.

Running the saint yuan, the four fell lightly downward, Ni Guang and Luo Lan both showed a relieved expression.

“Fortunately, I didn’t run into danger as soon as I came up.” Luo Lan said softly, better than Ni Guang, and nodded in agreement, feeling that he was lucky to wait for others.

The powerful Void Kings who have always entered the Lost Lands have not been smooth sailing. Not to mention that there are many crises that can not be resolved in the Void King, but they may be encountered when they just entered this place. The danger is enough to make ordinary Void King Realm exhausted.

In case of encountering a fierce monster, it may fall here.

There are many ninth-tier monsters here, and the tenth-tier monsters are as many as cow hair. There are even the legendary eleventh-tier monsters, the twelfth-tier monsters

but the luck of the four is finally good.

After falling, Yang Kai noticed the difference between this place and the star field.

The power of the laws of heaven and earth here seems to be extremely powerful. His holy origin and spiritual consciousness are not affected, but the power of the potential field is suppressed.

He tried to release the power of the potential field, but found that the power he could exert had been weakened by at least half.

Perceiving his movements, Xueyue said from the side: “No need to try, everyone is like this. Not only our potential field, but also Uncle Ni’s field will be suppressed. The rules here The power is powerful and profound, and has varying degrees of influence on the potential field.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, his expression slightly relaxed.

Ni Guang looked around and released his divine consciousness. After confirming that there was nothing that could threaten him, he turned his head and looked at Luo Lan and said, “Elder Luo, what are you going to do next?”

Luo Lan was startled, and said suspiciously: “Mr. Ni means”

Ni Guang pondered for a moment, and said, “Let’s put it this way, the reason why the old man invited you is because the three young masters wanted to As for the elder Luo, you are not considering this young man by his side. I have not yet entered this place before, and the old man is not easy to say clearly. Now that he has already entered, the old man wants to ask whether you will act with us next, or Act alone? But let’s say okay first, this young man must be with him.”

Although he doesn’t know why Xueyue insists on keeping Yang Kai, he knows Xueyue’s character well. Knowing that the three young masters will never aimlessly.

Since Xueyue wants to keep Yang Kai behind, it must make sense.

See Luo Lan pondering, Ni Guangdao: “If you are with the old man, your safety is bound to increase a lot, but the old man does not guarantee that you will get any benefits. If you are separated from the old man, although the risk factor is higher, If you can get something here, it would be worthwhile.”

This means that even if Ni Guang finds something good, he will not give it to Luo Lan, unless he needs Luo Lan. Lan cooperated, and finally distributed the benefits in proportion to the contributions.

“I understand.” Luo Lan nodded, “but I still want to be with you. After all, Yang Kai is the person I brought, so I can’t ignore her concubine.”

Dare to act alone without Yang Kai.

Before learning that Yang Kai was proficient in space power, Luo Lan was not even prepared to come to the Lost Land. Although she had already received the news, she was not entirely sure that she could survive here alone.

She also came here temporarily after knowing that Yang Kai was proficient in space power.

So she didn’t want to be separated from Yang Kai anyway.

Seeing her choice, Ni Guang didn’t show any unexpected expressions: “If so, let’s go together. Well, Elder Luo, what is your main purpose for this trip?”

Luo Lan glanced at Yang Kai, pursed his lips and smiled: “No special purpose, let it go.”

She didn’t dare to say anything about Jingkong Beast, otherwise, with Ni Guang’s shrewdness, she would definitely infer something.

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