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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1788: The past is like a dream Read Novel

Chapter 1788: The past is like a dream – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1788: The past is like a dream

After some discussions, a group of four people decided to find a nearby place to adjust their interest rate. After all, before this, in the process of opening the entrance to the Lost Land, both Ni Guang and Luo Lan It consumes a lot of money, and in a place where this kind of crisis is proliferating, they must maintain the best condition to cope with the dangers that may be encountered next.

Fortunately, there was nothing unusual nearby, Ni Guang led everyone into a ravine at will, hiding his body.

The ravines here are vertical and horizontal, with canine teeth intertwined, like a large or small canyon. After escaping below, looking up, you can only see the dim light coming from above. Here is at least a distance from the ground. Several hundred feet.

At the bottom of the ravine, the wind gusts and it is quite cold.

Yang Kai and Xueyue are full of energy, although the cultivation realm is not as good as the virtual king realm, but the strength is not weak, so they are naturally responsible for the protection of the law.

Ni Guang and Luo Lan each chose a position not far apart, took the pill, and sat cross-legged.

Yang Kai guards Luo Lan’s side, while Xueyue guards Ni Guang’s side, performing their duties.

The world is silent, everything is quiet, only the gusts of yin wind from the bottom of this gully enters the eardrums, adding a sense of horror.

Xueyue looks around from time to time, seemingly nervous.

No matter how advanced her cultivation is, no matter how powerful she is, she is always a woman, and she is instinctively afraid and wary of this environment.

Yang Kai looked indifferent. He simply closed his eyes and released his spirit to monitor the surroundings to avoid any accidents.

Time passed slowly. I don’t know how long it took. Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes.

He found that he was lying on a bed at the moment. The bed should be a wooden bed with a hard texture. Looking up, it is a simple roof, leaking air everywhere, turning around, the furnishings in the house are also extremely depressed, there is only one table and one chair.

This scene seemed familiar, Yang Kai couldn’t help showing doubts on his face, and his mind was hazy, making his thinking unable to be coherent.

He instinctively felt that something was too wrong, as if he had forgotten some important things, and tried hard but thought, but it only caused pain in his mind.

He can’t even remember what he was doing before.

He shook his head, got up from the simple wooden bed, then opened the door and walked out, stood outside the house and took a look.

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The memory in his mind came like a tide, Yang Kai I immediately remembered that I am now a trial disciple of the High Heaven Pavilion, but because I have been in the sect for almost three years, I have not fulfilled the sect’s requirements for cultivation level, so I have been unable to be promoted to an official disciple, and can only be a sect. To earn a living, while practicing, I hope that one day I can fulfill my wish and become a full-fledged disciple.

There is a broom outside the house. At this moment, the sky is not bright yet, it is the darkest hour before dawn.

Yang Kai laughed at himself, stepped forward, picked up the broom, and started the day’s work.

In front of the various roads of the sect, the Contribution Hall, the Hall of Trial Martial Arts, and the Hall of Martial Skills, Yang Kai was left busy, and all the roads were cleaned up. He was the lowest disciple of the High Heaven Pavilion. He is also the hardest disciple.

As the day lighted up gradually, many senior brothers gathered around Yang Kai, ready to challenge him.

In the end, a junior who was only capable of the fourth level during the Qi training period won the top spot, squeezed Yang Kai’s pain and left.

Lie on the ground, gasping for breath, feeling his weakness and physical pain, Yang Kai slowly clenched his fists.

As if consciously, his gaze shifted to look up to a big tree not far away.

On the big tree, there was a figure standing quietly, one foot on the crown of the tree, her face was hard to see, because her face was covered with a veil, and her figure was slim. Wearing a sapphire-like decoration on his forehead, his eyes are clear and innocent, as flawless as clean water.

Yang Kai looked at her quietly, feeling inexplicably that this woman seemed to be very important to him, but he didn’t understand why he had such an idea.

Only for a moment, the masked woman shook her body and disappeared.

The disappearance of the woman made him feel a little pain in his heart, as if he was caught by a hand, making people breathless. Yang Kai shook his head, climbed up from the ground with difficulty, and picked it up. The broom on the ground returned to his cabin with difficulty one step at a time.

In the end, he failed to complete the requirements of the sect before the time limit, and he finally failed to become a disciple of the High Heaven Pavilion.

When he was expelled from the High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai just cleaned up silently. I took my own things, packed them into a small package, and went down the mountain along the road that I had walked countless times.

Standing in front of the mountain gate, Yang Kai looked back at the plaque inscribed with the three characters “High Heaven Pavilion”, stopped, his thoughts fluttering.

He is only fifteen years old now, but he is at a loss for the future.

Down the mountain, a group of seniors and sisters came, headed by one person, holding a saber in hand, with a cold temperament and a clear jade. The whole person is like an ice doll. The other people were surrounded by stars Gongyue, and the group of people talked and laughed, and soon came not far from Yang Kai.

Perceiving his abnormality, the leading woman stopped, looked at Yang Kai, and lightly opened her lips and said, “This junior, do you want to go down the mountain?”

Yang Kai turned to look. Go, after seeing the other person’s face, he couldn’t help being stunned slightly, and blurted out: ’Su Yan”

As soon as the words were uttered, Yang Kai was stunned, even though he had been in the High Heaven Pavilion for three years. This elder sister is familiar with her and has seen her sassy and heroic many times, but the two of them didn’t even say a word at all.

After all, the Grand Sister of High Heaven Pavilion is aloof, and Yang Kai is just a trial disciple, and there is too much difference in strength and identity between them, and they are not people who can talk.

He didn’t know why he suddenly called out the other party’s name, and he called it so familiarly, as if he had called it countless times. This name also seemed to make him dream of first name.

Su Yan’s eyebrows wrinkled, and there was nothing too much to express, but the few strong brothers and sisters who had been following him all the time cast contemptuous eyes at Yang Kai.

There was also a hot-tempered senior snorted coldly, and said unceremoniously: “The name of the big sister, you can also shout out!”

The voice fell, and suddenly he rushed to Yang Kai. Hit a palm.

The palm of the wind was strong, Yang Kai was directly lifted out of the air. After a few turns in the air, he landed on the ground with a touch of blood. The corners of his mouth overflowed with blood, and his clothes were covered in dust.

The physical pain Yang Kai was indifferent. He frowned and fell on the ground, lost in thought.

He doesn’t understand why he is like this. Everything here is familiar and unfamiliar to him.

A fragrant wind hits, and a pair of jade feet stays in front of Yang Kai. Not far away, Yang Kai looked up and saw Su Yan standing in front of him. The beautiful face and the awe-inspiring temperament made her look like a goddess.

“Sister, why bother with him!” The senior who had shot at Yang Kai before snorted coldly, with an unhappy look on his face.

Su Yan did not answer, but instead stretched out a hand to Yang Kai, seeming to want to pull him up.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment, put his hand in Su Yan’s palm, and stood up with strength.

The brother who had a lot of opinions on Yang Kai, his face was distorted, and he was half-dead with hatred in his heart. He never expected that Yang Kai would have a blind date with his sister because of a mistake opportunity.

Yang Kai stood dumbly on the spot, but Su Yan reached out and patted the dust on his body. At this moment, the everlasting coldness on her face disappeared.

The gentle appearance made Yang Kai startled, but he took it for granted.

“The outside world is very dangerous. As soon as the younger brother wants to go down the mountain, he set off as early as possible, be careful on the road, go early and return early.” Su Yan exhorted a few times and gave Yang Kai a deep look before turning to continue. Go in the direction of High Heaven Pavilion.

Yang Kai stood there and watched her leave, and his heart became empty inexplicably.

In the distance, there was a faint ridicule of the senior fellow: “Master sister, that fellow is a trial disciple who was expelled from the teacher’s door, and will not come back again. Don’t worry about him too much.”

“Why?” Su Yan’s voice came with an enlightenment, “He should be back.”

The beautiful lady’s figure drifted away, and finally became invisible.

Yang Kai’s gaze turned to the other side again. In that far corner, a senior lady in a green dress and tulle on her face stood quietly.

The noisy wind blew and moved her veil. Yang Kai saw her red lips wriggle and seemed to say something to himself.

But it was too far away, Yang Kai did not hear clearly, just when he wanted to speak out and ask, the senior sister disappeared.

In the end, he only knew the name of the senior sister.

Xia Ning Chang!

This may be a name that will make him remember for a lifetime.

Yang Kai picked up the package on the ground, turned around, and strode away.

Yang Kai didn’t participate in the battle of the Yang family in the Central Capital, because he was not strong enough to win too much help. Even if he participated, he was insulting himself.

The eldest brother Yang Wei successfully became the candidate for the next Patriarch of Yang Kai with his own extraordinary strength and network prestige, placing high hopes for the family and vigorously training.

Time flies, Yang Kai is eighteen.

His father Yang Yingfeng and his mother Dong Suzhu made arrangements for him to marry him. The other party was a woman from his mother’s natal family, which was considered a good match.

Yang Kai did not have many choices. His persistent pursuit of martial arts did not make him much gain. As the Yang family, at a certain age, he must make contributions to the Yang family—— At the very least, it should also breed offspring and keep the Yang family prosperous.

He married the woman smoothly and gave birth to children.

During the day, he worked hard for some businesses of the Yang family. At night, he returned to his mansion to enjoy the family pleasure. His wife was obedient to him, and his children were also obedient.

This is a very happy family.

But somewhere in Yang Kaixin, he was about to move for a long time.

He felt that his life shouldn’t be like this, he should have another opportunity and another earth-shattering cause.

He tried to disperse such absurd thoughts, but found that these thoughts contained cellar wine, which became stronger as they were hidden. Not only could it not be dispelled, but he also wanted to burst out all the time.

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