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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1789: The First Life Calendar Read Novel

Chapter 1789: The First Life Calendar – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1789: The First Life Calendar

Besides, there are also faces that Yang Kai has never seen flashed in his mind. There are men and women, old and young, although Yang Kai has never seen them. But he felt that he was very familiar with these people, and he could even call out their names.

Earth Demon, Ling Taixu, Chu High Heaven, Feiyu, Li Wan, Flying Arrow, Cangyan, Li Rong, Han Fei, Xueyue, Wu Yi, Ye Xiyun, Dai Yuan, Qian Tong

These people were entrenched in Yang Kai’s mind, and each of them opened their mouths and kept trying to tell him something, but Yang Kai couldn’t hear it anyway.

The days were passed without surprises and dangers. Yang Kai entered and stood without confusion, to half a hundred, in the sixtieth year.

In the ancient years, he is full of children and grandchildren, and his parents have passed away long ago. Everything has changed greatly. The only thing that hasn’t changed is those faces that have been flashing in his mind for many years.

These faces are getting clearer and clearer, and there are faint voices that can be conveyed into his vision.

A serious illness suddenly broke Yang Kai’s vitality.

Lying on the hospital bed, there was a loud cry from outside the room. It was the voice of a whole family of children and grandchildren. Yang Kai knew that he didn’t have much time.

The wife who has accompanied him all his life has long lost her former flowery face. At this moment, she is nothing more than an ordinary old woman, but at this last moment, she is still standing by the bedside, taking care of Yang. Open living.

This kind of life seems pretty good, right? Yang Kai thought weakly, looking at his wife beside the bed with muddy eyes, and decades of hard work made her also full of white hair.

Yang Kai forced a smile at her.

But what Yang Kai didn’t expect was that his wife who had been so obedient to him in the past had an indifferent expression at this moment, just looking at him with a pair of cold eyes.

“You” Yang Kai opened his mouth and spit out a word.

The other party heard a crisp and sweet voice, which was not the voice that an old woman should have. Instead, it sounded like a young woman’s voice: “Finally liberated. I have been dragged down by you for a lifetime. Until this moment, it is liberated!”

“Why do you say that?” Yang Kai looked at her suspiciously, eyes full of pain and disappointment.

“Then what should I say?” The other party sneered, ’Should I be thankful? If it weren’t for your Yang family’s big power, how would I marry in decades ago? You Yang Kai is nothing but an ineffective If you were not from the Yang family, I am afraid that you are not as good as an ordinary person. Even so, you have just wasted your life!”

“Is this what you think?”

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“Yes! Disappointed?” The other party still sneered, with a cruel smile, like a sharp knife, about to pierce Yang Kai’s heart.

Yang Kai laughed and closed his eyes.

The old woman sitting on the side of the bed smiled even colder.

Yang Kai suddenly said: “There are no dreams and no illusions. To be honest, you have done a good job these decades, but I know that this is just an illusion.”

“What “The old woman’s face changed drastically, she got up, looked at Yang Kai incredulously, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“At this time, you shouldn’t have to tear your face with me, cruelly Let me strike a blow at my satisfaction with this period of life, do I fall into despair?” Yang Kai opened his eyes again, his muddy eyes had long disappeared, replaced by gleaming eyes, sneered: “Even those outside The guys who are about to cry, shouldn’t rush in, take a good look at me, and count down whether I have been in these years, so that I can die, right?”

“How could you?” The old woman’s face was pale. Extremely.

“Why can’t I detect it? I was aware of it more than thirty years ago. This is not true, I remember everything I should remember!”

’Since I am aware, Why are you still so cooperative?” The old woman’s face was already grim.

“Hehe” Yang Kai smiled, sat up straight from the bed, and muttered: “Because I have never experienced this period of life. Since I have this opportunity, of course I want Experience it, this can also hone my state of mind, can’t it?”

Those familiar and unfamiliar faces that keep flashing in Yang Kai’s mind, those who keep wanting to be in his ears The words that sounded finally made him remember everything decades ago in this illusion.

Yang Kai was shocked at the time!

He didn’t know when he was hit, and he didn’t notice the existence of any enemies. He remembered that he was protecting Luo Lan and Ni Guang together with Xueyue, and there were no enemies around him. Trace.

This situation is too weird.

This shows that the unknown enemy, the power of the soul is so powerful that it is unimaginable. It can invade the sea of ​​consciousness without knowing it, tamper with your memory, affect your thinking, and let I forgot everything I should remember, and turned to believe in this life that was tampered with.

So he didn’t rush to do it.

Firstly, he doesn’t know who the enemy is, and it may not be appropriate to start rashly. Secondly, it is true that he has never experienced such a life before, and it is indeed very good. Of course, if it is this It would be best if the “wife” who accompanies him all his life can calm down to the end and send himself to death.

But at the last moment, she wanted to destroy Yang Kai’s rare and precious experience, making him feel desperate.

A person will always have only one life.

Second life is just an extravagant hope, and the matter of reincarnation is elusive and unreliable. Even if there is a reincarnation, who can reincarnate with the memories of previous lives and be a human again?

Yang Kai has experienced it once, although only for 70 years.

When his voice fell, the crying children and grandchildren outside also stopped in an instant. Meaningless crying, and then, there was a burst of ghost crying and wolf howling, which made people creepy.

The old woman sneered: “You think you can sit back and relax when you see through the illusion? You look at yourself too high. If you expose it sooner, you might get rid of this place, but in your mind, time is already It’s been so long, now you can never get rid of here, your soul will only sink here forever!”

“Really?” Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged, and he laughed: “Look. Looks like, you don’t have the ability to directly attack, you can only influence others by manipulating other people’s memory?”

This sentence obviously exposes the old woman’s ability, making her face change.

After all, if she had the ability to attack directly, judging from the current situation, the old woman would definitely not wait to be killed. She had already attacked, but her screaming screaming inwardly betrayed her lack of confidence.

“Let’s stop here, but I still want to thank you. The experience and experience in this life has really made my mind calm a lot, and I am more confident about impacting the Void King Realm.” Yang He smiled slightly.

His problem is that his strength has improved too fast. Since his cultivation, he has returned to the third stage of the Void in less than 40 years, and his strong strength must be coordinated with the corresponding cultivation of the character. Can live in enslavement, otherwise it is very possible to get confused in the process of cultivation.

This is his shortcoming.

But this experience has made up for the shortcomings in this area. No matter how long he has spent outside, his mind has spent at least 70 years here. The accumulated mind and nature cultivation base. Enough to meet the needs of his own realm.

He really wants to thank the other party for giving him such an opportunity.

This alone is enough to make him worthwhile, even if there is no gain in the following experience, it doesn’t matter.

Yang Kai intends to find a place to be promoted to the Void King Realm after leaving the Lost Land, and he has already chosen that place in his heart.

He has great confidence in breaking through the Void King Realm. Coupled with this experience, it will be a matter of course.

When Yang Kai’s words fell, the old woman who was looking upset on the opposite side was speechless. Suddenly, her appearance changed drastically, turning into something like black air. In the middle, there was an infiltrating roar, and then rushed towards Yang Kai.

At the same time, outside the room, there was also a lot of black air immediately followed, and rushed towards Yang Kai with teeth and claws.

Yang Kai let out a cold snort, his eyelids opened and closed, the Demon Eye of Exterminating World had already exerted its power.

The Demon Eye of Demon has the magical effect of seeing through the illusion, and it is the biggest nemesis of this illusion.

As soon as the magic eye came out, the entire world began to collapse, like a shattered mirror, this room, the entire Yang Mansion, and even the world of Zhongdu, all began to shatter.

And those black shadows that pounced on Yang Kai did not harm him at all. As he had guessed before, these black shadows had no direct means of attack, and everything they did was just triggering the illusion. Negative emotions in the hearts of people.

The black shadow passed through Yang Kai’s body and disappeared.

After a while, the illusion is broken.

Yang Kai returned to the real world.

Before he could react, a gust of cold wind hits behind him. In a hurry, he rolled forward, avoiding the attack from behind. After standing still, he turned his head and looked back.

He saw the kind of black shadow in the illusion, but this group of black shadows showed the appearance of a human form, without facial features, only limbs and shapes.

It seems that the previous illusions were all caused by this dark shadow, and Yang Xinzhong immediately understood.

At this moment, Sombra seemed to have suffered serious damage. After all, it used a secret technique to drag Yang Kai into the illusion. This secret technique was broken and it was also damaged.

Between roaring, the black shadow pounced on Yang Kai again.

Yang Kai waved a golden bloodshot and cut it towards the opponent. Unexpectedly, the unfavorable golden bloodshot had no effect on the shadow. It passed through its body directly without causing any effective damage to it.

Yang Kai frowned, Sheng Yuan burst out, and patted his hand to cover the sky.

The huge palm covered the black shadow’s body, and it did not affect it in any way.

After a brief hesitation, the dark shadow has already rushed in front of him.

“Golden blood thread is useless, Saint Yuan’s Secret Art is useless, it seems that only Soul Attack is useful for you.” Yang Kai sneered again and again, standing still without moving, but a bud suddenly appeared in his left eye. The lotus pattern to be put.

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Chapter 1789: The First Life Calendar – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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