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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1790: Escape Read Novel

Chapter 1790: Escape – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1790: Escape

The secret technique of growing lotus! Yang Kai’s most powerful soul attack method.

Faced with such a weird shadow, he dared not try any more, and he was a killer move.

The lotus flower pattern was fleeting, and the next moment it appeared in the black shadow’s body. The lotus flower began to bloom slowly, and the source of blooming power was the original power of the shadow!

The shadow suddenly stopped less than a foot away from Yang Kai, and then fell to the ground, howling continuously.

After the lotus flower bloomed, the black shadow had long disappeared. Instead, a black lotus was left in place, which immediately collapsed and became invisible.

It wasn’t until this time that Yang Kai had time to investigate the situation of other people.

Luo Lan was the closest to him. When Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, he suddenly found a humanoid black shadow standing behind this Void King level 1st level expert. This black shadow is the same as the one he wiped out just now. They are exactly the same, with only shapes and no weird presence of facial features.

At this moment, the black shadow seemed to be lying on Luo Lan’s back. From the position of its face, something like a sucker protruded through the back of Luo Lan’s head.

An evil force radiated from the black shadow body, affecting Luo Lan’s thinking, pulling her soul into the illusion.

It’s just that Luo Lan didn’t know what kind of illusion he was going through. Her delicate body was constantly trembling, her complexion changed endlessly, and the hair on her forehead was already wet with sweat.

“There is more than one!” Yang Xin was surprised.

He thought that the enemy attacking him and Luo Lan was the same dark shadow, but now he knew that in the depths of the earth, there was more than one such thing.

I can’t see Xueyue and Ni Guang in the distance anymore. The situation behind them is exactly the same as Luo Lan. They are all put on their backs by a black shadow, and something like a suction stick comes out of the black shadow’s face. Poured into the back of their heads.

No one noticed when these shadows attacked, because even Ni Guang was slapped.

But looking like this, I must have been in the same situation with them just now.

There was a gust of wind and wind around me, and the tragic voices were endless.

Yang Kai felt a sudden cold all over, turning his head and looking around, his complexion couldn’t help but change.

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At this moment when he was stunned, from the cracks in all directions, countless humanoid shadows appeared. As soon as these shadows appeared, they all turned their faces toward Yang Kai. Even though they had no eyes, Yang Kai still felt a sense of being stared at by countless eyes.

’So much!” Yang Kai’s expression really changed a lot.

Without hesitation anymore, he rushed towards Luo Lan, the power of the divine consciousness gathered into a spike, and bombarded the black shadow lying behind Luo Lan.

His soul power is so powerful that it is not inferior to a strong man like Ni Guang, so with just one impact, the body of the dark figure who attacked Luo Lan shook for a while, and its staring body seemed to be It has also become a lot bleak, as if the wounds are not light.

Wait until Yang Kai used the spirit to impact again, it unexpectedly howled and disappeared in smoke.

Yang Kai’s head loosened, and only then discovered that it is not difficult to destroy these shadows. With his spiritual power, two shocks are enough.

There are just too many of them.

The black shadow was destroyed, Luo Lan couldn’t help but screamed, and got rid of the illusion, opened his eyes and saw Yang Kai close at hand. Her eyes were still a little confused, and she should have not. Completely break free from the previous illusion.

Yang Kai shouted at her: ’Senior Luo, hurry up and wake up if you don’t want to die, and use spiritual power to deal with them.”

“They?” Luo Landai frowned, “They are Who?”

There is no longer any need for Yang Kai to answer. In the howling, many dark shadows rushed towards Luo Lan and Yang Kai.

Luo Lan gave a strange cry, and finally reacted with hindsight, stretched out his hand, and a short sword with no hilt, exuding bright light suddenly appeared in front of her, under her control. The dagger flickered up and down, and any dark shadows that were close to the dagger were killed by a single sword and turned into nothingness.

After all, she is a powerful person in the Void King Realm, and this dazzling dagger is obviously also a powerful soul treasure, driven by the power of the soul, it is the nemesis of these dark shadows.

Upon seeing this, Yang Xinxing loosened his head and shouted: “Hold on, I will wake up Mr. Ni and Xueyue!”

“Hurry up!” Luo Lan’s forehead Dense cold sweat oozes from above, even though it has only been a moment to fight against these dark shadows, she has already noticed the difficulty of the other party-a huge number!

Luo Lan fought and retreated, and rushed towards the location of Ni Guang and Xueyue together with Yang Kai. There were black shadows blocking them along the way, and they were all defeated by Yang Kai’s soul power.

Although he doesn’t have a magical treasure like Luo Lan, but his own spiritual consciousness cultivation is very strong, so the way he goes is also smooth.

After a while, he came to Ni Guang’s side, and the humanoid shadow behind Ni Guang made a violent shock.

After two times, Ni Guang was saved!

At the moment when Sombra was defeated, Ni Guang opened his eyes sharply, his eyes exuding monstrous anger, and his clothes were airless.

He stood up and shouted sharply: “Demons and ghosts dare to mess with the old man’s mood, and almost let you succeed!”

Looking at his posture, Yang Kai knew that he was better than Luo Lan. The situation is much better. At the very least, even if Ni Guang was recruited, he knew his situation in his heart. The reason why he hadn’t woken up by himself was definitely because he couldn’t get rid of it in the illusion.

After getting help from Yang Kai, he immediately regained his glory.

With a flick of the big sleeves, just listening to the sound of screaming, countless attacks shot away in all directions.

“Mr. Ni, these things are not afraid of the holy yuan or the secret treasures, they must be attacked by the spirits!” Yang Kai was stunned when he saw him, and quickly reminded.

“That’s how it is!” Ni Guang suddenly realized that as soon as he spoke, he spit out a round bead. As soon as the bead appeared, it immediately burst into light. Although the light was dazzling, it was extremely soft. The depths of the earth became bright as day.

And centered on that round bead, within ten feet of a radius, it is very delicate.

All the black shadows that rushed into the coverage of this light were distorted and changed. While screaming, the color faded and quickly dissipated.

This scene is like a piece of snow falling into the crater of a volcano, being evaporated without a trace in a very short time!

Upon seeing this, Yang Xin was happy, and he came to Xueyue’s side with a single stride, doing the same thing, killing the dark shadow lying behind Xueyue.

Xueyue’s situation is undoubtedly the worst. Although she is the young master of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, her qualifications are against the sky, she is young and has reached the level of cultivation of the third stage of returning to the void, but her heritage It is incomparable with the other three people present.

When Luo Lan was rescued by Yang Kai, although she was lost for a moment, she quickly figured out her situation.

On the contrary, it was Xueyue. After Yang Kai rescued her, she still closed her eyes, showing no sign of waking up.

However, the expression on her face is extremely weird. She has a smile at the corner of her mouth, and the whole person is extremely relaxed. The smile is full of happiness and sweet meaning, as if she is experiencing something in an illusion. Good thing.

“Xueyue!” Yang Kai put his hand on her shoulder, swaying and shouting.

After three or two times, Xueyue frowned and opened her eyes a little displeased, but when she saw Yang Kai standing in front of her, she suddenly smiled. She stretched out her hand and stroked the hair in her ear. The little woman made a full gesture, but she did this action in the image of a man. It was really unsightly and a bit nondescript. Fortunately, besides Yang Kai, Ni Guanghe Luo Lan was rushing to kill those black shadows, but no one noticed this detail.

She asked softly: “Are you awake?”

“Why did I wake up?” Yang Kai was confused and sternly shouted: “You better wake up!”

“Me?” Xueyue looked at Yang Kai blankly, her beautiful eyes full of happiness and sweetness gradually became sober, and immediately, as if she had finally recovered, she began to look around.

At a glance, Xueyue understood everything in an instant, and her beautiful eyes showed disappointed expressions, as if she didn’t want to wake up from the illusion just now.

“There are too many of these things, you can’t kill them, it’s better to go first!” Ni Guang yelled when Yang Kai awakened Xueyue, and when he spoke, the one glowed softly He threw the ball up into the sky, and he followed closely behind, shouting: “Follow me!”

“You go first, and your concubine is broken!” Luo Lan was pretty good, and was not in a hurry. Leave, but take the initiative to take on the task after the break.

Yang Kai nodded, reached out and grabbed Xueyue’s arm, and flew her upwards. Luo Lan followed.

A group of four people, flying at a very fast speed, want to escape from this place of right and wrong.

The black shadows below are chasing after them. In the cracks in all directions, more black shadows are constantly rushing out, each of them howling, emitting a kind of energy similar to the impact of the soul. Fluctuations, this kind of attack is invisible and invisible. Although one or two lines are not powerful, they cannot be underestimated when they are gathered together. These energy fluctuations affect the souls of the four people, impact the sea of ​​consciousness, and seem to drag the four people into the bottomless abyss again.

However, under the power of the secret treasures of Ni Guang and Luo Lan, they couldn’t get close at all, and they were killed one after another.

Carefully, Luo Lan, who was in charge of the post-breakup, exclaimed: “This is”

The next moment, she hissed and yelled, “Go!”> There was a panic in her voice, as if something bad had happened.

Yang Kai took a break from his busy schedule, and when he looked back, he was shocked.

He saw the countless black shadows below, and in the process of pursuing them, they started to fuse, and the black shadows gathered like water droplets in a certain place, and in the blink of an eye, they formed a huge and incomparable human form. The black shadow, and with the addition of those little black shadows, the big black shadow continues to grow bigger.

It seems that its head is above the sky and its feet are on the ground. This posture alone gives people a strong sense of oppression.

With only three breaths before and after, this huge black shadow took shape.

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Chapter 1790: Escape – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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